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  1. Terra

    Unknown Shores Q&A!

    In the event that those guidelines exist, those are not for players to know, as it is does not act upon them and is considered Staff-Classified Information, similarly to how the general playerbase does not necessarily have all the details behind other systems or guidelines. I assure you, however, that your concerns are noted
  2. Terra

    Unknown Shores Q&A!

    Not necessarily. What that statement means is that, when an issue pertains to a staff member, it will be discussed privately amongst the current staff members. Other public issues, such as concerns for Haven's Logistics, or concerns for how some other things may be the way they are, are not necessarily going to be hidden behind a smoke screen. Do, however, bear in mind that there is no guarantee that you will receive an OOC answer, and you may instead just receive the old "FOIC". (As is explained better in our most recent announcement).
  3. Terra

    Saving face

    A post about the server's path, what we may offer and our expectations has been posted, alongside a Q&A Thread where people can ask for clarification on all kinds of issues or situations. Therefore, and due to the possible rule breaking that this post may transform into, this post is now locked. Feel free to ask for clarification in the Q&A Post.
  4. Terra

    Unknown Shores Q&A!

    As I am sure some questions may arise, be them through normal gameplay or other things (such as the tone of our community and what we offer) we have decided to make this thread on the forums, so that there is a more tangible place for questions that may otherwise get lost on Discord, were they asked there. The questions will be quoted and the original posts will be hidden after a while, so that other individuals may have an easier time finding out if one of their inquiries has already been answered. There are few things to bear in mind when it comes to this thread, other than the rules already in place: -This is a Q&A. This is not a post to discuss things or to bash someone. Feeding such behaviours will result in your post being hidden. -The purpose of this is to clarify our intents and other things that may be of general worry or curiosity to the general populace of the server. -Remember rule #1: Be respectful. Our Peacekeeping System is in effect across all our platforms, including this thread.
  5. Terra

    [Announcement] McDankus' Fiasco

    First of all, not "3 and a half weeks". It's been maybe… 2-3 days over two weeks. So, not three weeks, much less three and a half. As for being told "It's still being discussed", you have multiple times contacted me through Discord PM's, inquiring about the ongoing situation. Each of those times I have told you that it was still being discussed, but the issue was a bit tacky. I also told you that we would be releasing a more specific system to deal with future situations and after that we'd discuss it again. Needless to say, we aren't going to tell everyone how the current situation is unfolding, or what we're waiting on or how things are. You, McDankus, are good to know, but when there's no clear declaration being issued, I am not going to go divulging every single word we've talked about the matter. The thing about this is that those players realised their error and went quiet. McDankus, on the other hand, proceeded to try and keep the topic going after being warned to stop, and once he was banned he brought the discussion to PM's. So he escalated the situation, knowingly. Hence why his "punishment" might have been harsher than those. As for Dascombe's entire post (As I feel it is too much to quote it entirely): you are just posting your own assumptions and calling Elle a coward (Personal attacks), even though it's been said many times that he has internet issues that are out of his hands to fix. These assumptions and attacks is what has kept the issue ongoing, and keeps making Staff reluctant to unban Dankus. It -might- not be him telling you to post this, but these sort of actions (Not you posting in his defense, as that's perfectly normal, but the accusations and personal attacks) also have consequences against his image. I do, however, understand the issue that stems from the ticket backlog considering a few of them are for big stuff and without Elle's intervention the other Keepers can't do anything about it. Sadly, it is not I (The Curator) who has word on it. All that I can say about it is that I'll try to get some things going on later on today if Elle's ISP hasn't done their job by then.
  6. Terra

    Peacekeeping System

    Users' Privacy In the event that any of the players desire to know why something was the way it was, they might be given some transparency, but not all. An example so that it is better understood: Player A is banned. People are outraged, and they ask why this was so. They might be allowed to know that he was banned for harrassing people OOCly, but the victims of this harrassment or what it entailed are not to be divulged by Staff.
  7. Unknown Shores Peacekeeping System The intent of this document is standardizing the usage of warnings and punishments, and so that we may better categorize and deal with actions that have broken the rules. Please be aware that OOC behavioural guidelines apply on every platform, whether it is Discord, the Forums, or in-game channels. With the inclusion of this system, being banned in-game also implies being forced the 'Revoked' role on Discord for the same amount of time. Issues that affect other players or the community as a whole will receive harsher punishments. As an example, a punishment for out of game hostility towards other players will be harsher than abusing architect to climb around a mob's aggro in game. Not all warnings will result in punishments, but warnings will be logged for future reference. In lighter cases, An informal warning will be issued for a player to cease unwanted behaviour. Persistance will result in formal warnings and punishments. In heavier cases such warning will be skipped and directly step to punishment. Interactions relating to warnings, punishments or unbans will be properly logged in the forums, in a private staff section. A summary will be added on a private channel in Discord. The purpose of these logs is so that Staff can review previous issues with the player, so that they may carry out a proper judgement. Punishment progresses as follows: 24-72h Ban 1-3 Weeks Ban 1-3 Months Ban Permanent Ban The amount of a punishment to start with will depend on the severity of the offence at hand, increasing with repeated incidents. The previously mentioned architect abuse would begin with a 24-72h ban, but repeated could move up to weeks or even months. The exact duration of these bans is up to Staff. Otherwise, something like hijacking a staff account would result in an immediate permanent ban. No matter the duration, the rulebreakers are free to appeal it, although there is no obligation to unban them, and the decision will mainly hinge on the severity of the infractions that causes the ban. Final Notes In order to emphasize an objective and fair judging, incidents that pertain to other communities previous to joining Unknown Shores should not be used as an extra reason to increase punishments. The decisional source for punishments will be properly logged material, to ensure that the player was warned and/or punished for the previous behaviour being taken in account.
  8. Terra

    [Announcement] McDankus' Fiasco

    This is still being discussed! I assure everyone it has not just been forgotten about!
  9. Terra

    Opej'Nor Lore

    The post has been extensively updated and reworked! To explain further: it is written as if it had been done by a Refugee or someone within the Doldrums, ICly. Therefore, what you might see might just be rumors, rather than the objective truth.
  10. Here, we present to you… the project guidelines! These guidelines and rules that we are about to present are to be used for player character projects. Some examples would include researching to get teleportation to work in the Doldrums. Perhaps you are aiming to make a special type of cannon ball? Basically, anything a player would like to do that isn't mechanically represented, but does require time and effort to be invested. These are to help promote RP more on the player than the Keepers hand holding them, and allows staff to keep track of things better. Payboxes can still be used, but they should no longer be the primary resource for projects: RP should take the spot, instead. The Project Guidelines Players are meant to make a thread, either publicly or privately on the forums. Public ones go into the journal section, and private ones into Staff contact (NOTE: THE TITLE CAN BE SEEN ON THE "TOPICS" SECTION OF THE FORUMS. BE AWARE OF THIS IF YOU WISH TO MAINTAIN TOTAL ANONYMITY). It is the players' responsibility to post any documentation related to the project for Keepers to handle. Any checks, emotes, conversations, sumaries of what happened… are all aceptable. But these need to be available in the forum posts. If a player does complete a project publicly, it will also be publicly known that the project has been completed. For example, Staff will make a rumour about it, giving the PC credit for it. This is done so in order to encourage posting less sensitive things in Public, so potential players see that things -do- go on. There won't be any negatives for keeping things private. These threads should have the 'Project' Tag. Players may ask DMs 'plausibility' questions. These are OOC questions you may ask to avoid getting your time and the DM's wasted. Here we have some extreme or simple examples, so that you may get an idea. Player: "Can I control the Old God and make him dance for everyone?" DM: "You really don't think that's possible for any single person." Player: "Can I raise a few skeletal dogs to be my friends? :3" DM: "That's plausible, but you'll need to learn how, before you can do it." Player: "Can I tame this raptor and make it my mount?" DM: "Currently, Shores does not allow mounts in any form." PC Knowledge Levels A PC's IC knowledge comes from several factors. Even a profession would allow a character to understand things naturally. For example, a level 45 Mystic would understand that runes need to be altered to deal with the mana drain The Doldrums has and know how to alter it, whereas a level 15 mystic would only know that runes need that alteration, but not know how it needs to be done. Knowledge may also come from things learnt about in events, discovered in the world, or however the overseeing keeper thinks. If applicable, it might even come from a character's background! On the topic of the plausibility questions mentioned previously, you must not expect an outright OOC answer, but, rather, a light nudge or some hint that might help you. Here is another such example! Player: "Can I build a submarine?" DM: "That's not a bad idea, but you are going to need to experiment with it, and learn the best methods over time." Here is an example of how one such project could go (Redacted to prevent Lore Leaks):
  11. Terra

    [Announcement] McDankus' Fiasco

    Reason for Dragor's Dissapearance has been updated, as the current one is what the player himself has requested.
  12. Terra

    [Announcement] McDankus' Fiasco

    As I am sure there is bound to be discussion, please do remember to keep it civil, as we will obviously be looking at it. I also warn that, while you are free to argue and discuss however you may (And everyone is encouraged to do so, freely), right now the chances of the verdict being modified are slim. Again, do be aware that no one is required or needed to share anyone else's opinion or sentiment. EDIT: I have also been made ware of the fact that some individuals have also gossiped/talked about the player in question in a manner that could be considered malicious. Please refrain from doing so in public channels: it is against the rules.
  13. Hello. It is I, the Curator, with a long overdue post. I do hope you all can forgive my tardiness, for I write this making use of the universities' internet as I do not currently have at my home. Without further ado, let us dip into it. As for the title, it is just how I have been naming the entire situation, and it is in no way meant to depreciate any part of it. Needless to say, every person has an individual opinion on the matter, but what follows is the… consensus… reached by staff. McDankus' Fiasco - Official Staff Stance The individual known as McDankus, player behind the character "Dragor Bloodfury", Warlord of the Doldrums Horde, has been banned from the server for three months, after which he can appeal to be unbanned, and will be talked to, to see if he has reflected upon the actions which brought this unto himself. Next, we will review parts of the rules which he has broken. These all can be found in the proper post under "Server Information", in the forums, under the name of "Rules and Regulations", though we will do so by going to the end of it, where it directly states "Do's and Don'ts", in order to prevent what may constitute as different "headcanons", or way to perceive things. "Be respectful to one another". "Do not cross OOC and IC" "Do not exacerbate OOC Drama or willfully start it" "Keep discussion civil" Now, to breach these points all at one, if we may, instead of going at them one by one. McDankus first expressed his doubts about Halfpoint Haven having more than 100+ NPCs. He pressed for an OOC clarification, at which point Elle stated classic catchphrases such as "You are not owed an OOC explanation." or "If you don't like it, there's an uninstall button." After this, the discussion kept getting less and less civil (With elements being hostile towards non-staff that was using the entire topic to joke about, even) , so Elle issued a warning: "Stop the topic, or you will be banned for 72h". At this point one/some of the elements decided to, in fact, log out and cool down. Dankus, however, tried to keep talking about it, and was therefore banned for 72h from the game, so he could cool off. Then, instead of deciding to leave for a while to calm himself, he continued to try to argue the thing on Discord. While I can not, as the time of writing this, recall exactly what transpired, he ended up kicked/banned from Discord too, without following the proper punishment procedure. By this point, -I- believe he was still on a 72h ban. After being kicked out of Discord, however, he brought it to PM's, directly calling Elle a "petulant child". He also sought after Varen in PM's, trying to argue the case. While, of course, I am not exactly privy to the discussion carried out in these, that (those?) insults and general behaviour is what earned him a permanent ban. Later, due to some elements of staff discussing the situation, the ban was reduced from perma to a 3 month ban which he can appeal at a later date, as it has been stated. From an IC PoV, Dragor seems to be gone off to deal with some private errands. No one knows where to, or for how long. Those with events/storylines/interactions pertaining to Dragor Bloodfury are greatly encouraged to contact the Keepers and try to work a solution, as they are innocents and should not suffer because of the ban. I do hope you can forgive me for not being clearer, as I have written this in the middle of class, and thus can not make use of my full resources to dig up specific quotes and information. Hopefully, when I get internet again I will be able to update the post and make it better. When I do so, I will make a post further below where I will also explain -what- I have updated.
  14. Because if so, you can easily dispel it by simply right-clicking!