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    “May ya always find friends in low places.” - Jani High Priest: Kuz Mayor: Eg Eg and Kuz, the Cult’s founders, are wholly and utterly convinced that The Doldrums is the realm of Jani. What else could it be? Jani is the Loa of the discarded, and everyone here is discarded by the rest of the world, stuck forever in Jani’s Realm under her protection, where only the worthy will ascend to become True Junk. Even the land itself is cast out by the rest of Azeroth, random seemingly disconnected islands forgotten by anyone but its denizens. It only makes sense that this is where Jani makes its home. Voodoo plays a large part in being a Jani devotee, but anyone can make a sacrifice to Jani as long as they have some junk to give or an orphan to give some food to. The guild focuses heavily on the worship of their deity and all things that come with this worship. Current Location: The Port After a series of tumultuous up-and-downs, the first ever port on Opej’nor is officially back in the hands of its original creators and founders; Eg and Kuz. The Port is the home of the Cult, though any non-Cult members are welcome to use The Port as much as they want; everyone is welcome. Currently facing a refugee crisis, Flotsam is not in its best condition; ridden with Fugie Disease, rat infested and with low food stores, it’ll need all the help it can get. The Loa of Discarded Things, Master of Minions, Patron of Scavengers, The Saurid Lord of Thieves and the Collector of Secrets. Many names describe this Lesser Loa who takes the form of an Anklebiter. Anywhere a pile of trash and debris is found, one can also find the essence of Jani- and perhaps even the manifestation of the Loa herself if the junk is adequate. Those ignored or mostly forgotten about are blessed with Jani’s protection; The poor, downtrodden, orphans and homeless. Jani, a purveyor of loot and trash, is hardly picky about her sacrifices. Everything from broken ship wheels to bottles of expensive wine to the Ashbringer itself are accepted as proper sacrifices in the Loa’s name. Very much like the rest of her prodigious pantheon of peers, Jani is every bit as fickle and very much a trickster. Despite the extreme loyalty the Cult might demonstrate, they could still be teased with various misadventurous scenarios equal to the amount of blessings they receive. Big Goals Gather a loyal Cult of followers. Build a religious site to devote to Jani. Summon an avatar of Jani into the Doldrums. Grow the power of Jani within the Doldrums through rituals and dedication, so that she may fight once again against the malevolent forces that have grown rampant in Her Domain. Little Goals Go on quests for Loot in the name of Jani. Get a trash caravan going where we go around the other settlements to collect their trash like literal garbagemen. Other smaller goals that emerge naturally from trying to achieve the bigger goals and other roleplay. HIGH PRIORITY GOALS Refugees! They need food, they need shelter, they need medical attention! Figure out what exact illness plagues the refugees and attempt to cure it. SOLVED (for now) Recruit healthy people to help out in Port Eg. Being a Jani devotee comes with a certain mindset and outlook on the world, accompanied by habits and little rituals common amongst the Cult. This is a small list of some of them, which is likely to grow as we develop. Compulsive Scavengers Jani followers are likely to see worth in almost anything they can pick up that looks discarded or lost. From interesting looking sticks to legendary swords found in the sand, it all gets picked up and considered a blessing. A lot of what they find ends up in the Trashpiles they dot around the place. Trashpiles Where Jani followers exist you will find their Trashpiles. Created to be shrines and altars to Jani these heaps look to other people like just stacks of trash, but they hold Jani’s presence within them. They can be any size, shape or worth. Sacrifices Jani loves loot. Most would say the shinier the better, but all trash is considered equal in the Patron Scavenger's eyes. Because all the refugees and others arrived onto Jani’s domain via the ocean, it feels natural to toss loot back in as thanks to Jani for bringing us together and invoke Her protection. Autonomy Being proud to be a part of a community of people who might commonly shout “Trash Tribe” in a show of comradery, mostly entails that one has no real qualms or pride about themselves. Members of the Cult of Jani are free to practice their own desires and goals, and experience equality amongst everyone else from lowly refugees to the High Priest and beyond. High Priest Kuz Self-Proclaimed High-Priest Kuz, benefactor, has jumped at the chance to use Eg-town as a wellspring for the beginnings of a group dedicated to worshipping the Loa. The island beset on all sides by a wide ranging pantheon of Higher Powers, mostly all sinister, has him pressed to introduce one to the island that actually represents the common ‘fugie. Mayor Eg Mayor Eg, co-founder of the Cult, has been a fixture in creating piles of junk in the Doldrums, responsible for the biggest one of all; Egtown. While not a troll and thus not having a direct connection to the Loa, he is still highly respected as a speaker on All Things Trash due to his contributions to clutter. Trash While most people would imagine a rank named ‘Trash’ to be the lowest in an organisation, in the Cult it is anything but. The Mayor and High Priest exist as a superior rank, but their roles are for organizational, diplomatic and educational purposes only. The two believe themselves to be equal to any other full member of the tribe/cult/coterie of dirty denizens. These are the meat of the cult. The numbers that make up the followers to the Patron of Trash and Loot. Their devotion is paramount to what blessings or interactions they receive from Jani, and thus are as impertinent as any other. One attains this rank after doing their initiations. Clutter The rank one gets upon completing the first and easiest trial of becoming a Jani Cultist. This is the first step on the road to being Trash, and most dedicated people won’t take long to ascend. While the Cult follows a Loa, which are strictly Trollish gods, we don’t discriminate based on race. We feel that of all Loa Jani would be most open to letting other races worship her. Saying that, while we technically accept all races we don’t expect all races to be very interested in this and will look pretty hard at certain races (Draenei or Nelves to name a few) before letting them join, both IC and OOC. People can join the guild through one of two methods: Already a Cultist You start out as a cultist and skip all the roleplay that comes with becoming a trusted member of the Cult. This comes with a bit of a condition that you have to play a loyal follower, since otherwise you wouldn’t be trusted and we’re assuming you went through the joining process. This is likely to be a refugee that lived in Egtown and got influenced by Eg and Kuz’ constant preaching. Recruited through roleplay You get invited In-Character (or ask) to take an initiation ritual and begin your journey on the path to becoming Trash. There’ll be several initiation rites you have to go through. *NOTE: It’s entirely possible to become a Jani cultist without being in the guild. Any character can believe in and worship Jani without leaving their own guild! Current Pledges: 5 - Sladicus - Locket - Intoxicated - Sprongle - Roz “One mon’s trash be another mon’s Loa.” - Jani
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    Goldwolf Cartel is a small organization which is lead by Greed the goblin, and is under Grom'Goshar's protection and authority, effectively making it a Horde-affiliated cartel. The difference between the two guilds will be that goblins and various Horde workers will focus on setting up a trading post and dealing with all those who come to it. We'll be focusing on constructing, gathering, crafting and overall tinkering with the system, and to create a Horde settlement/trading post which can act as a hub or trading center for players. This serves as an opportunity for those who wants to play goblin, as such seems lacking around. It's also a way to create a larger Horde community, should the guild succeed. Goals Short Term -Establish Goldwolf Trading Post in Opej'Nor. -Recruit Horde refugees as working force. -Establish ties with factions existing in Opej'Nor. Long Term -Become center of trade for the Horde in the Doldrums. -Expand Goldwolf Trading Post into a town and rename it. -Massive profits. -Big gains. Accepted Races and Classes Goblins, orcs, tauren, trolls, undead and blood elves are all welcome into the guild. All classes are welcome, however we'd like to not have TOO many edgy casters around. Members Greed - Boss Rules of the Cartel The cartel runs by pretty simple rules. Don't backstab the cartel or any Horde groups for that matter, don't keep artifacts of incredible power around(such are to be passed on to Grom'Goshar) and don't hoard resources, give them times to re-emerge. It's an unspoken rule that in order for trade to flourish, there mustn't be too much or any conflict with other factions or guilds. While the cartel is under Dragor Bloodfury's supervision and by extension the Horde, we're not a fighting force, nor will we only focus on being that. We'll sometimes go on adventures to gain resources and whatnot, but we won't seek out conflict too often. It's expected of the members to give the materials they collect to the leadership, then after that we can hand out resources to what's needed. While we can't enforce that materials are to be handed over, we'd appreciate it as it'll let the guild progress as a whole, instead of an individual. Closing Statement I haven't lead a guild in a while now, so it'll be a bit slow in the start maybe. But if people want to play goblins and create a guild that can support all members, then maybe this is a cool idea. I'd also like feedback on the idea below, if that'd be possible. Thanks for the read.
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    A notice would go up unusually quick around various noticeboards in the Doldrums, specifically those within Silver-Eye and around the settlement of Egtown with one or two leaflets strangely enough being nailed to the Horde and Alliance ruins on the Last Battlegrounds... The notices reads:
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    hey, so i wanted to address the issue that coins are seemingly inflated and rather useless at the current moment, therefore i've come up with a suggestion that may or may not help just that. this regards the npcs that sells the gathered resources outside of the inn in silver-eye, such as rugged timber and simple metal -decrease the price of imaterials from 25 to 15 each -cap the amount being able to be purchased to 5 every 48h -make a single rare material from every profession available for purchase once every 72h for the price of 35-45 silver now i may look myself as a god but i am nowhere near that, therefore i wished to know you people's 2 cents on this matter
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    Join us tonight for the annual celebration of Hordefall at 10PM ST tonight! A range of events shall be held. Diving games, archery contests, brawls, duels and finally a feast! Those of you wishing to join us for this momentous occassion, be sure to show up at Drustgarde!
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    Through trial, tribulation and turmoil the Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, Elves and even the Forsaken of Grom'Goshar have stood tall against adversity and all the threats that Opej'Nor has come to throw at them. As the moons rise and fall to herald a month passing, Bloodfury's advisor Gruk Charrbone has called for a great feast to be held on the thursday of this week to celebrate a month since the Grom'Goshar warband formed. A feast where all races of the Horde are invited to drink, eat and be merry in a land where there is little to be merry for except for survival against the elements! Food will be devoured in abundance, wine and grog shall flow like rivers as the warriors best each other in friendly wrestling matches observed and refereed by the just Blood Paladins, the hunters compete to see who is the best shot and the warlocks and magi conjour magics to dazzle and impress those attending. Whilst all this is going on Gruk and the other shamans shall be telling stories and whispering tales with compelling and apt morals for the New-Bloods to learn from and for visitors to recall their ties to the Horde. This is an announcement for a medium-scale social event that we are simply referring to as the 'Feast of Survival'. This will likely be a monthly occurrence starting on Thursday this week at around 9pm server-time. The event will involve anything non-combat and non-political. Politics are left at the door for this one and the only fighting to be had will be friendly 'banter' and duels demonstrating skill and honor. It will be stressed that this is a HORDE only event. Non Grom-Goshar Horde races are allowed to attend however Alliance / Neutral races will be turned away (Pandarean disallowed, Goblins allowed for clarification) Folks are welcome to arrange their own form of celebration at the feast, those who are skilled in making crazy GHI items to wow and stupify are implored to visit, folks are even welcome to attend on Horde character 'throwaways' If any Keepers wish to pop along on a Horde NPC to do some conjuring tricks etc with GM commands they are more than welcome, let us know and we'll clear a space for you to perform!
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    That basic intro video got me more interested than anything in Battle For Azeroth, go figure.
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    The flames licked the top of the pyre. No sooner than the pyre had been lit, the meager bloodied wraps belonging to the Troll known as 'Ekh' were consumed by the flame and reduced into a fine powdery ash. The congregation had gathered around... Orcs... Trolls... and a single solitary human paid their respects as the Pyremaster danced and worked his magic, filling the air around the pyre with a wonderful smelling aroma which brought a momentary dizzying high to those observing, causing the fire to spark and dance in a plethora of colour. Several offered their condolences and paid their respects at the pyre Dragor made a formal speech, getting uncomfortably close to the pyre and announcing his sorrow for the loss of a Troll's life on Opej'Nor. Friandir of the Ironbound stepped forward, remaining relatively silent yet tossing in a small mana shard which caused the flame to erupt in a vibrant and colourful blue and purple for a short moment. One of the Grom'Goshar new arrivals known as 'Runok' simply poured a bottle of Orcish rum onto the flames, causing a brief billow of black smoke as he stood by solumnly and finally Vizari stood up and began to dance and sing in a sorrowful voice... not quite harmonized and not quite a wail, a grieving cross between the two to sing the tale of a friend now fallen. The group had paid their respects and the pyremaster, despite his age, continued to dance with vigor and gusto, chanting in a primal and gutteral Orcish dialect passed down through the centuries from clansman to clansman until he alone held the sacred Orcish cremation rites He thought to himself for a moment, seemingly lost in his entranced state "I did not know him, I heard of him through only rumor... he was a menace yes, an irritance perhaps... but none deserved a death like this... none deserved to be left forgotten and unburied in this jungle..." As the fire began to die down, the Orc reached over with three ceramic vessels, each carved with Ehk's story upon it in Orcish writing with a few pictoral scenes. "He was like so many of us... lost... confused...worried...scared... likely driven mad by what he'd seen, perhaps by what he had caught a glimpse of in the future?" The pyremaster knew that this Troll possessed some shamanic ability "Perhaps he saw a portent of things to come and simply could not handle it? There was no malice nor cruelty in what he did or said..." One was handed over to Vizari who stood silent and simply nodded with thanks at acceptance of the urn. The remaining two were handed over to Friandir, one for himself and another for the Troll at the port known as 'Kuz'. "Innocent in his own way" Gruk thought with a deep sigh, the wind picked up the small amount of ashes unable to be gathered from the pyre, they blew across the darkened night sky and the whitish grey glimpses of ash seemed to merge in the distance with the stars "Neither hero nor villain"
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    The Great Ocean Hunt Following the informal establishment of the organization known as 'The Hunters', Baron West and Onihir Coldflayer have set their sights on one of their first major trophy targets. Spurred primarily by the madness in Baron West's mind, the duo have sought out the fierce beast known as the 'Kraken', this creature has been spotted on at least two occassions by the Orcs of Grom'Goshar close to the 'Black Finger' in addition to the Kul'Tiran men of Drustgarde who have spotted the beast swimming close to their small island off Opej'Nor. The two men have split up with Baron West acquiring bait and equipment for the hunt and Onihir Coldflayer looking for eager hunters wishing to participate in the great hunt. The one thing the two are severely lacking is a boat.
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    Glory to the Old Ones. Let their greatness wash away all the sinners, Let their glory burn all the maggots within the cesspits of Azeroth. The Hour of Twilight nears.
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    It had been some time since Grom'goshar had ascended the New-Blood Ragara to the position of Scout. Now, with many more wolves joining the pack, many sought to prove themselves in the eyes of the Horde and the Warleader. It would now be time for more pups to ascend, due to their bravery and determination to ensure the best interests of the Horde and Grom'goshar. Zorku, Kha'id and Kathrom would be henceforth called by the Warleader, to await a ceremony and Blood Oath in order to ascend from the rank of New-Blood, to a more suitable position. All denizens of Grom'thar would be requested to attend this celebration, and to support their brothers in their triumphs. The ceremony would take place on the last day of the week at nightfall, around the campfires of Grom'thar. It would be here that they would be reborn, in blood and iron. This is an announcement for the promotions of Zorku, Kha'id and Kathrom, for their work and dedication to the guild! The event will take place at Grom'thar on Sunday 29th at 9PM ST!
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    Nice Avatar 😱😨😬😬
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    Totally forgo showing the base stat someone possesses. For an example, if I have 10 ingenuity and and I do .rpg check and roll a 5 it currently shows 15 (5(2d5 + 10). Given the ability to easily metagame and abuse that knowledge that I have 10 ING just show the total of 15. Avoid also showing the outcome of the 2d5 given any sensible person's ability to just use subtraction to find one's attribute total.
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    Yo', been a while since I've done anything active in the roleplay scene, or even in the writing scene in general. Some might remember me under a different nick (Kairac) during very old phases of Epilogue/Prologue/Legacy/OtherServersICBAtoName, but all in all, I do remember some of the names I've seen pop up whilst I was creeping around the forums. I'm glad to see this community is still alive, as this community has been a stable pillar of decency and civility, an escape from a world in which everyone is shunned by everyone and backstabbing is done at breakfast, lunch and dinner by the people you care for and love. Still, no reason to demoralize or be different, be true to yourself and the stars will align at one point, I keep saying. Though, waiting for them to align takes ages and I'm kinda tired. Beating off the bush here. I'd like to give the roleplay scene a chance again, as I do remember it fondly in my teenage years and into the early 20's (I'm 23 now, turning 24 on the 27th). Although I used the roleplay scene for the very worst of reason (to deny depression), I finally realised that when I wrote about it on the forums and someone said that its a sad way to see roleplay. I'm all grown up now, and I see roleplaying as a medium in which young, aspiring (or even old, who cares?) writers can improve their skills, get feedback and be an active part in a story with a common ground. I've been doing some reading lately (something I just refused to do while in high school due to teachers demanding it. F**k authority!!!), and I realised how dumb I was to just wave it away as if its 'stupid' to read. Reading through 'Shogun' by James Clavell I started remembering how deep into my imagination I can go and I remember how fondly I used to love it (still do). I'm a bit rusty and in the dark here, as I haven't properly roleplayed since 2015 or so, and even then it was in SWToR and everyone met the cancerous RP community of SWToR stereotype at one point. I hope to fit in this community and environment you've set up well, and if you've got some forum links I should check out do let me know.
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    My two copper on this: Silver is a bit of a shit currency as it doesn't have much in the way of sinks at the moment. On previous servers there have been pleanty of options to 'sink' coins whereas current the amount of silver increases massively with very few sinks. The only ones I know of are as follows: Boat travel (most people ignore and go for the fatigue cost Resources traders (as stated above, the cost is so high most people go with players Occassionally as a cost in events when dealing with certain NPCs The currency only has value, as stated above, when players attribute value to it. It's also worth pointing out that an insane amount of players can be spotted afking in-game and (do please correct me if I am wrong here) from what i've seen it continues irrespective of the AFK tag Lets also throw into the mix that there are vast amounts of players who, by now, will have a huge amount of silver due to their massive amount of playtime, this messes around with trading costs drastically and makes it obscenely difficult for new players to make use of silver even if there are some people out there using it. Right now most traders will not accept silver unless it is for GHI objects (I am one guilty as charged here) and they will happily pay silver to -BUY- resources but will always insist on trade when selling resources. Personally I reckon there should be a finite yet trackable amount of silver in-game as well as something such as the 'Silver-Eye Mint'. The value of Silver deteriorates as the amount in-game increases. An initial 'starter' sum of silver should be inserted in-game either through a 'float' sum for a few player traders or even as quest rewards. Having experimented with this back on Legacy using a GHI currency I can vouch that it works very well. Folks are more obliged to use the currency when it has a value and when they know it is a rare commodity and not one they simply need to afk for an hour for (or go crack open a couple of chests) I personally would like to rectify this by holding an auction once a month with valueable / rare items with the only medium being used as silver. Furthermore, the organisations on Silver-Eye (Silverscale company?) could be doing a lot more with silver... extorting people and doing things such as providing 'up and coming' business opportunities with things like loans and other nice little touches such as 'kraken insurance' for your ships and vessels. TL:DR Lots of scope for silver Needs to be limited Needs to have more 'sinks' to reduce the amount present on the server Needs more action on the part of both staff (NPCs doing auctions with rare recipies / nice loot etc) and players (player-ran auctions, goblin insurance companies etc)
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    We do need a way to increase the value of the silver coin. Currently we operate on the trust system. The way most modern currencies work. A dollar is only worth a dollar because we trust that it can be spent in order to obtain something of it's value, and the silver coin is exactly the same. U-S should work off of some variation of a gold standard, when countries worked off of the gold standard their money could be exchanged for gold through the government and therefore it was backed by a highly sought after material. Currently the silver coin is only valuable because we say it is, and there isn't much proof of that, especially given the allowance we receive each hour. The two can't really work at the same time though the allowance is a smaller fish and perhaps a necessary one. We do need something valuable that we can exchange silver for that has a set value to the community. It doesn't necessarily have to be a gathered resource either. It could be something RP related that people would enjoy like approved spell visuals or something that aid in RP. I know I for one would like to pimp out ny characters with neat sparkle hands and wouldn't mind saving up for the coolest ones. I'd even slave away for hours providing a comprehensive list of the best ones. Also maybe base game enchants for the particle effects alone. Want a fancy flame blade? That'll be one thousand silver, sir. This preserves the crafting good economy being in the hands of the players and adds value to silver. The problem every MMO has with currency is inflation, and it's money sinks that fix that, gruesome as that term may be. The other way is premium currency but ho boy are we not going there. Hello blizz, we are being good, no scary papers please :^) Premium objects independent from crafting might work as well. Luxury items that couldn't be crafted and had to have been pilfered from wrecks by shady black market goblin types. But that might be a stretch. Spell effects and weapon effects might be a better fit. Thoughts? Also I am in the field (army shit hoo-ah) so don't expect me to be super fast in responses. I'm just in between shooting shit.
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    The stone. Its power. Its fate. None could grasp it without greed. It could not be hidden. A home was given to it, instead. One, despite its vile nature, could not equal the vileness those of Opej'Nor spew. I regret my decision in that it now serves as the heart of a construct; a construct that can be demolished, destroyed, and salvaged from. They will take it. Decisions. Choices. Failure. A crushing realization. They do not intend to make the hard choice. They too make one of greed. Bloodthirsty, vile. They have lied to my face. I will rectify that mistake. Trust. Honesty. Loyalty. All that remains. The currency of life on these isles. So easily given, and so easily stolen. I have few I trust, though I have betrayed the trust they return me. Lies, deceit. Less they know, the safer they are. I fear they will not see that if these lies were exposed. But I must make the hard choices, so they do not feel what I do - nothing.
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    The Pit of Souls Somewhere in the Doldrums there is a pit, this pit has in the Shadowlands been carved out as the domain of an entity which draw in the souls of the dead. The majority of souls, especially the more powerful, are eventually taken here. While within the Shadowlands as spirits, arcane magic is impossible to perform, the light refuses to answer your call and your body is ethereal and cannot affect much if any change to the environment. Calling on the Shadow is effective, but cannot bring you out of the Pit nor can it be used to communicate with those still alive outside the Shadowlands. The Mechanics. ■ Player spirits are always drawn into the Pit, NPCs are looser and up to the discretion of the DM. Player characters are assumed to possess 'powerful souls', relatively speaking. ■ Attempting to bring a spirit back would first mean to create a temporary breach into the Pit and call that particular spirit out. This runs the risk of releasing other souls trapped within the Pit. Creating a breach is difficult and requires someone familiar with the Shadowlands in particular or with Shadow magic in general. To create a breach for the Soul of someone trapped in the Pit to escape into the Shadowlands, a ritual must be held that requires the caster possessing something of personal significance to the deceased. This ritual is dangerous and the consequences may be dire even if successful, before it can be cast knowledge of it must be acquired. ■ The Souls of the Dead may attempt to break out of the Pit, the mechanics of which are revealed to those who have died. ■ Communication with a (player) soul that has escaped the Pit is a ritual which requires some power (10 shards of mana or equivalent) and a DC14 Willpower check. This can only be done by Priests, Shaman and Necromancers, characters that ought to have this sort of knowledge. If several people, of those classes, work together, the DC is lowered by 1 per character successfully rolling the DC14 Willpower check. If successful the communicating players may speak a short phrase which is conveyed across the veil. The spirit may then offer a short reply. If successful the communicating players may speak a short phrase which is conveyed across the veil. After the first reply, before each new one, the casters must again succeed a DC14 Willpower Check or the connection will be severed. This ritual can only be cast once a week. ■ Resurrection is a difficult process, one must first acquire the knowledge of how to create several necessary reagents, and then of the ritual of resurrection itself. These reagents require masters of their respective crafts.
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    Well joined in now. Myself I am Julie.
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    I'd be really interested in more variety. I had the idea to make an apothecary character, but the potions available never struck me as something a morally questionable dead fellow would desire to make. The addition of throwing potions and potions with bizarre and unlikely effects would be nice. I want to make a potion that makes someone projectile vomit poisonous spiders at their enemy, god damn it!
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    hi, yes. This is a fantastic idea. This will bring peace garbage to Opej.
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    Word would begin to spread around the various settlements on the Doldrums that were part of the Grom'thar Summit. Warleader Bloodfury would call for a trial of the elf known as Castien. He is to be trialed for the following charges: - Aiding in the attack of the troll Ehk, and carrying out his murder. - Attacking two members of Grom'goshar whilst in the midst of combat against raptors. With the announcement of the trial, the Warleader asks for witnesses to step forward and testify against Castien, and to defend him. Those who step forward will be given the chance to either aid in the defending of Castien, or his prosecution. The judges to be partaking in the trial are as followed: Dragor Bloodfury - Representing the Horde Eamane Mythglancer - Representing Neutral Parties Antonio Barcelos - Representing the Alliance The trial will be in Port Sabela, with members of the towns guard and Grom'goshar acting as enforcers. Those who cause disruption and violence will be dealt with by the correct authorities swiftly. The trial will take place tomorrow in the evening at nightfall. OOC: The event will take place at 9PM ST at Port Sabela. As this is to be a fairly beefy event in size, I would implore that those partaking do not disrupt the event so it can go smoothly.
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    Keepers also sometimes give out GHI items that have some sort of relevance to the plot or how the fights will go (one such item is a source of a lot of turmoil ICly and was unwittingly used to bring an unspeakable horror into reality. So keep an eye out for that stuff). I'm going to be spending some time coming up, working on viable rewards and such with the the council as I hammer out more customs dungeons and shit.
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    BLACK FINGER Far above the sea, far above the peaks of Opej’Nor, far above the wings of the flapping gulls about Silver-Eye Island- Black Finger towers above them all. Carved from dark rock and standing over the Doldrums, it imposes itself as a grim monolith to an ancient dark architect. Crowning the dark obsidian, a spiked fortress rests, casting it’s long shadow over the dark seas below. There is no place more menacing or unnerving in all the Doldrums. Haunting on it’s own, the near-unapproachable pillar has only a few places where a ship might find purchase- with the main approach a debris littered beach where a ship and dock now lay in ruin. It is uncertain who or what such things were established, but the question come as the rise draws ever higher to an abandoned, eerie camp- with aged designs of yet another unknown force. This threatening place seems unnaturally quiet, the sea is calm, the waves are few, and the creak and groan of the rotting dock is muted. Few remain for long, stories of shadowy drifters in the night, people disappearing, and violent dreams seem to chase any mention of Black Finger. Most people say it’s best avoided. Major Characters The Masked Woman - No one knows her name, but everyone seems to know that the only person willing to go to Black Finger is a mysterious woman in black. She doesn’t talk details, she won’t ask for anything, but she is a traveler who ferries people between Kolai, Black Finger, and Opej’Nor. What else could you ask for? Notable Locations Nameless Port - Decidedly simple in design, the Nameless Port and the ruined ship and debris among them were burned down very recently. The wreckage and the crew are littered on the nearby shores as some garrish warning. Abandoned Camp - The ruined and neglected camp on the beaches leading up from the Nameless Port. The Abandoned Camp lays littered with half-done chores, skeletons, and wrecked bedding. It looks like the scene of an aged ambush. Darkstar Camp - Lingering near the long platform at the top of the singular rise near the Black finger, Darkstar Camp appears as some leftover of a slave market, a staging area, and a resting place. Although there is no formal presence as of late, most people would recommend not lingering long. It’s said the occupants of the camp are never far. The Black Fortress - Enigmatic and ancient, the Black Fortress sits atop Black Finger, looming high above the Doldrums. No one is known to have gone in or out, although some have tried. It stands as some miserable giant that casts an eerie shadow across the misty seas of the Doldrums. Notes Isolated and haunting, Black Finger is dominated by shards of obsidian, brackish sand, and dark waters. With only a single spot developed other than the Black Fortress, few places are accessible. A simple, sandy beach with signs of destruction and death. Resources are few, but it is said that much of the docks and the camp nearby are rich for salvage. It is rumored that the island suffered no damage from the Shattering whatsoever.