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    Hi! I'm a roleplayer from France that apparently has to go to english speaking servers now to find any rp. Well, yeah, french wow rp is dead, i guess. Anyway, the concept and the system of US are both really cool and interesting. Trying them out while doing rp will definitely be fun! Sorry if my english is bad or anything, i guess i'm not the brightest with foreign languages lol Roleplay wise, i play mostly BE and HE. Can't wait to rp around here!
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    Zorku, of the Dragonmaw Clan Race: Orc Occupation: Warlock (Former shaman) Allegiances: Dragonmaw Clan, Grom'Goshar, Horde Languages known: Orcish, Common, Eredun Age: 31 (Image provided: 17) Another orc is born Zorku was born in Gorgrond, while most of the orcish clans had the blood curse in their veins. Despite the fel magics that permeated Draenor and his parents, he retained the characteristic gray skin and yellow eyes of what would later be known as the "Dragonmaw" clan, but the same could not be said for his rate of growth: even though he had not earned the green skin many other orcs carried, he did obtain the astounding rate of growth that many other orcish newborns carried, to fuel the war machine that was the Horde at the time. He went with his clan when it received the order to reach Azeroth through the Dark Portal, and there he first saw a thriving world, instead of the decaying one that was Draenor. War and peace He underwent the training any other orcish youngster would receive, but his call was not the one of a warrior. Although they had been overshadowed by the powerful energies of warlocks, there were still a few "rogue" shamans. And so, fascinated with the elements that thrived in Azeroth, he sought the training of one: he wanted to be a shaman of Earth and Water, to help his clan, protecting and healing. But his calling would not be heeded until after the second war: after Gul'Dan's betrayal while sieging Capital City, the Horde's loss forced the clans to scatter, and many orcs were captured. Zorku managed to escape to the Twilight Highlands with most of his clan, and him being around 10 years old, he began his training as a shaman, after a good part of the clan had forsook the teachings of warlocks and had begun to scorn and isolate them. Future Untold Isolated, the Dragonmaw Clan fended by themselves the Wildhammer Dwarves. They had lost their dragons in the aftermath of the Second War, and they'd been chased out of Grim Batol. The situation was dire, but they were orcs, and they were going to hold out until the very end, if need be. Years passed, and Zorku's connection with the elements deepened. His clan managed to fortify against the dwarves' attack, but so many years of fight had left a deep prejudice and mistrust against the stunted humans: if not all of his clan, Zorku developed one. But his world would eventually change completely one day. He was contacted by some of the few warlocks that his clan had left: they had chosen him to join them, soon after becoming 17. Although Zorku hadn't trusted them an ounce, whether it was truth or lies, they struck a deep wound within his heart: he would become a Warlock, but not to bring forth conquest: to protect his own people, as the demons were sure to come back one day. Waking up The fel had tainted him. He knew it. Perhaps not as much as others. Maybe it was his conviction, or maybe it had been the connection he'd previously felt with the elementals. It didn't matter. It was all gone now. The first days had been the worst, and from time to time, those days came back to him: a wracking feel of void where once the elemental powers were, that now only the fel and shadow energies could sate. His life had never been the same after that day, but his conviction remained clear. Most of the time, at least: he'd become a Warlock to protect his people, and protect them he would, even if he had to risk his life gathering materials or summoning demons. He'd learn Eredun, the demon's language. He'd learn to parlor and deal with demons. He'd learn to make them submit to him: that's why he'd become a warlock. He went to sleep after one of those days. He woke up elsewhere. A strange island in the middle of nowhere, where his magics didn't work properly. He felt less… void… He'd adapt and overcome.
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    Hello ladies and gents of Unknown Shores. You might have noticed things have been picking up lately, but I realize some things may still seem unclear and off, so I thought it was time to clarify what it is we're doing and how we'll be moving forward. 1. Systems : Varen has been working hard to update the RPG system running our servers, with more updates yet to come. We hope these new additions will add to the overall fun of actually participating in the system and address the concerns many of you have pointed out. You have been heard, fear not! What we can expect in the coming days: - An overhaul of how experience and progression of combat XP works, tailored to let lower-XP players catch up, those who've put in hard work so far to still bare the fruits of their labor and overall increase player progression across the board. -New additions to RPG professions to make each profession more individual and grant more benefits to the player putting in productivity into them across the board -A way to hire NPC's to "work for you" for massive projects requiring a lot of materials. Putting all those refugees you've been feeding to some work! -Balance updates yet to come.(edited) 2. Story: The story team has been working hard to address the feedback raised against the narrative on our server being unorganized and too focused on one thing. What you can expect from the upcoming storylines and events and generally the story part of the server as a whole: -A reorganization of the narrative and updates on the Lore of the Doldrums, how they function, which specific rules govern over them and all those questions you've been asking that have lead to confusion or frustration. -Many more minor events to influence the world and make it feel alive. This will be the main focus of all the Keepers, that and resolving player tickets. -The main narrative will be progressing at a regular pace as we strive to tie many loose ends created in times past through IC means. This means rather than solve things off-screen, we still want to get players involved in the resolution of these stories as many have invested a lot of effort in them. -Many and I mean many upcoming changes on the server setting as a whole, one meant to scale content based on the available population as to not have a giant swath of islands that are empty and lifeless. 3. Player Communication With the help of the newest addition to our team @Community Manager @Cudn we seek to greatly improve how the overall player base communicates with the staff team. We're all here to enjoy ourselves and communication is an integral part of making an enjoyable atmosphere. What we seek to improve in particular is: -Feedback and how it is addressed. -The general feel of the server, and which points does the player base think we can improve on the most. The means we will be going about this are several fold: 1. @Cudn Will be doing her best to make sure the entire team hears a complaint when it is raised. Systems related, player related or staff related, you have a voice both in the Staff team and the Council. 2. I will be holding Bi-Weekly Q&A's for any more delicate questions and concerns. While we always strive to listen to feedback and such, this will be a time where we set aside specific time ONLY for addressing these concerns and talking with the players on how to solve them. 3. Incentive for anyone to bring forth any ideas they have on how we can improve what is currently out there and make things more fun for everyone! 4. Clarity A major issue I've seen brought up in the past is people not knowing whom to turn to for what. Therefore I will outline the purpose and tasks of each member of the staff team. This notice will also be pinned and on the forum: @Antioch Anything regarding the current events, lore and narrative of the server. Tickets, events and general questions, don't hesitate to PM me. @Varen Systems, to be short. RPG combat, professions and the new systems we'll be adding, he's the guy to poke. @Cudn Community relations. Feedback and complaints in general. Have a problem with another member of the community, regardless if they are staff or another player? Think you've been treated unfairly - she's the person to turn to. @Keeper Tickets, minor requests or actions and reactions your character does in the world on the day-to day basis. Keepers are the main people who will be handling your tickets and the smaller scale story lines, so don't hesitate to contact them. Preferably through the ticketing system so we can all keep track of it. @Helper If you need anything minor helped with requiring GM access including: Help with bugs, XP transfer, Character retirement and so on. Again, preferably through the use of the ticketing system
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    The legacy of the Horde in the Doldrums continues... His name will not die. His sacrifice will always serve to show the way. Shackles once that choked the inhale of honor's breath no longer bind us. Can you hear his scream? A battle wail for the Horde: victory or death! We must remember his strength in the face of death. His dream, now made real. Dangers everywhere! Enemies seek to bring us back to the shackles. When we fight, think of he who did what must be done. Hellscream, forever! Background Grom'Goshar... a name in the Doldrums which once inspired fear in the hearts of its enemies and brought solace to the hearts of those it welcomed into its shelter. The warband lives on in the memory of its founder; the warrior Dragor Bloodfury, who came to the Doldrums and united the Horde into a single banner under the ideals of the warsong clan and taking after Grom Hellscream's sacrifice. The clan's banner bears the Warsong Clan's white teeth as a reminder of the warband's ferocity in battle and it's enduring fearlessness. Currently led by the clan's aged pyremaster Gruk Charrbone, the clan is in the process of selecting a new warleader to lead the Horde under one united force in the Doldrums to ensure the miseries inflicted upon it's people will never occur again. The warband is united as a pack of wolves, vicious and looking out for one another... but alone they are broken and mindless sheep easily picked off by the threats posed by the Doldrums. Though they are a fierce people from Orcs and Trolls to Elves and Tauren, they make up a varied and large melting pot of cultures all intertwined as they worship the light, the elements, the emerald dream and more especially in light of the cataclysm which has wrought havoc on the lands outside the Doldrums... though it has in recent months become apparent that the risks the outside world faces are very much alive and scheming within the inescapable Doldrums. In order to survive and persevere they must recall the lessons of Hellscream and do what must be done! Culture Whilst Grom'Goshar does take a vast amount of it's teachings and culture from the Warsong Clan which bears the pride of being -the- clan of the Hellscreams, the cultures making up Grom'Goshar are varied and numerous. From Shu'halo worshipping the earthmother to the Blood Knights praying to the Holy Light, the Shamans of Grom'Goshar call upon the reverence of the elements whilst its warriors call upon the wolf spirit of Lo'Gosh. New blood are expected to undertake trials of a sort to prove their worth in combat, this is often in the form of hunting a beast of equal strength which not only earns them their position as a grunt, mystic or scout but also grants them their own warpaint to wear into battle to terrify foes. Although weakness is seen as a negative trait in general especially amongst the Warsong, when the lights dim and hope is abandoned, the Horde of Grom'Goshar band together to protect even the weaker of their numbers from whatever threats lie out on these isles. Coming together as a family they protect one another for one life amongst the warband can make the difference. Grom'Goshar Heirarchy: Warleader- The undisputed commander of Grom'Goshar. The Warleader directs all operations performed by the warband and upholds the honor and dignity of the group and its members. As the warband becomes more prominant and known, the warleader may even become a 'defacto' leader of Horde interests within the Doldrums. The warleader is expected to be the public face of the clan, as such what he or she says or does can have lasting political implications. When the warleader is killed or goes missing, three trials are put into place to select a new warleader. Advisor- The warleader's wise council. Often the voice of reasoning and calm when tensions are frayed as well as able to deal with the warband's more 'magical' and mystical matters. They also on occasion serve as a diplomatic figure between Grom'Goshar and other groups. Packleader- Second in command on the field of battle on behalf of the warleader. The packleader aids with training and leading of warriors into battle when the warleader is not around or when forces need split. The packleaders come together as one to council the warleader on military matters. Mystic / Grunt / Scout / Peon- The 'bloodied' ranks of Grom'Goshar, each having taken a different path in life. Warriors, shaman, rogues, warlocks, druids, they all fall into these categories. Often asked to aid the warband in securing and gathering much needed resources they are ultimately foot soldiers carrying out war in the name of the warband to protect the Horde and its races. Though the terms above sound as such, there are variances allowed for different races. EG: A Thalassian Blood Knight will be referred to as a Blood Knight and not a 'Grunt'. These are to be considered 'categories' rather than actual ranks / titles. As with a Tauren they may wish to call themselves 'Grunts' or indeed 'Braves' New-blood- Fresh meat for the warband. Once these people were scattered refugees alone and lost, they are trained and encouraged to find their place within the warband so that they too may stake a claim in the Horde's glory! Restrictions / Regulations: As a Horde guild, there are a few restrictions that must be followed by anyone wishing to join, these are as follows: Horde races- The main races accepted by the guild are Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Goblins, Blood Elves and Forsaken. Pandaren are a case-by-case basis as MoP has not occured as of server timeline. Other races that may also have affiliation with the Horde in other expansions (Highmountain, Nightborne etc) are also on a case-by-case basis. These however are to be considered 'exceptional circumstances' Warlocks / Death Knights / Dark Shamans - Due to the guild being forged primarily around warsong / new-horde ideals, there is a strict policy regarding these classes. Whilst they can / may be accepted they will be scrutinized heavily more so than others. If they cause issues relating to their character class (EG: warlocks consuming souls of fallen guild members, death knights raises the corpses of Grom'Goshar grunts etc) then they will be dealt with harshly. Grom'Goshar Roster: Gruk Charrbone - Interim Warleader. Ragara - Packleader Zorku - Mystic OOC: The main purpose of the group is to offer a strictly Horde-based narrative to Unknown Shores and to provide a haven of sorts both ICly and OOCly to players of the Horde faction. Whilst the guild has a strong Warsong / Orc theme, the guild will accept anyone loyal to the Horde and welcome such with open arms be they a Forsaken deathstalker, a Goblin who worked for Gazlowe or a Thalassian Blood Knight seeking to restore order. The guild will focus on multiple themes such as war, culture and settlement RP. The guild is -NOT- to be used as an excuse for 'Red Vs Blue' styled ganking however that is not to say that the guild will be comprised of entirely pacifists. Anyone interested do feel free to throw a pledge along with your discord name and you can get an invite to the guild discord.
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    Few, if any, can truly say where he went. Some rumors say he grew mournful over the betrayal of those in Grom'Goshar who chose to side with the Twilight's Hammer. Others say thoughts of his family drove him to a suicidal grief. Others say he simply wandered off into the jungles of Opej with no provisions, allowing nature to claim him. A token funerary urn can be found upon the altar of the dead in Grom'Thar bearing Orcish runes on it in animal blood detailing Bloodfury's legacy in the Doldrums, though many would note it is empty. Regardless of how he died or where he went, Grom'Goshar was leaderless. The pyremaster and Bloodfury's close advisor Gruk Charrbone stood before the refugees and those gathered in Grom'Goshar "Many of you may be wondering where Bloodfury is or when he will come back... you have grown too reliant on one leader to take you by the hand. You are not sheep: you are wolves! Bloodfury may come back, or he may be scattered to the four winds... but he is not Grom'Goshar, -YOU- are Grom'Goshar: Trolls, Orcs, Shu'Halo, Forsaken, Blood Elves and Goblins. He may have gone but his legacy shall live on in you! In the coming weeks there shall be three trials for those who would stand to lead Grom'Goshar and to unite the Horde under one banner and family, in honor of his name these shall be named 'The Trials of Bloodfury', though be aware that these trials are not for the weak and faint ... and do not simply mistake weakness for physical frailty as there are tests in these trials that will test your will as a leader as well as your ability to swing an axe." He pauses for a moment, the gathered crowd of Grunts, Rogues, Mystics, Hunters and refugees give him their full attention, he unveils a large wooden board bearing a blood red painting of a hand holding an axe The Trial of Strength: The trial of strength will be a test of physical endurance and combat prowess. Any fool who mistakes this for a Mak'Gora and tries to treat it as such will be shamed eternally for their stupidity. Humans would call this a 'tournament', it is a bout of honor to see a warleader lead by example in the battlefield as such those engaging in this trial are able to use any weapon or armour they have at their disposal, though it is -NOT- a fight to the death and honorable sincerity will be noted in these fights. When all the candidates for warleader have been chosen, a time will be announced and I shall decide who shall fight who. Do however take into consideration that even the most valiant fighter who 'wins' the Trial of Strength may not nessecarrily become Warleader." He moves over to another wooden board in front of the crowd, removing the leather hide covering it to reveal a red painted open hand with a ball of flame hovering above the palm. The Trial of Will: The trial of will is a test of your mental will and your devotion to Grom'Goshar and the elements. Do not simply think you can fool the elements when it comes to this trial for they will look deep into your soul for any sign of deception. This trial involves making a public sacrifice to the elements of something personal to you, it can be anything you can think of but consider that someone who sings a song and performs a ritual for the elements may recieve more favour than one who simply dumps a sack of silver at their feet. The candidate for warleader must receive a blessing from the elements of water, earth and wind in order to prove that they are worthy." He moves to the final wooden board in the centre, dramatically unveiling the red painting of the profile of an Orc's head announcing something in profile The Trial of Wit: "Devotion to the elements and a strong sword-arm are not the only traits of leadership... charisma and the ability to invoke pride in your followers is equally important. The candidate with a powerful swing with an axe and the blessing of the elementals may fall short at performing a rousing speech to inspire the others in Grom'Goshar. The Trial of Wit is a simple one, the one who truely gets the crowd at Grom'Goshar shouting and yelling in support of the candidate is the one who succeeds. But keep in mind, not only will the crowd consist of refugees and others but it will also have your peers and subordinates in Grom'Goshar adding to the noise!" The crowd murmers, some seem interested at the notion of having an influence and say in who becomes the next warleader "Know that whomsoever becomes warleader, they shall have me as their advisor to guide them and offer council on important matters, you shall not be alone and you will have your followers to aid you in the times to come, call upon the strengths of all those who reside in Grom'Thar. As soon as three candidates for 'Warleader' have given me their names, I shall announce the time when no more candidates may put their names forward. Then the trials shall commence" A current list of the candidates for 'Warleader' go up on the noticeboard: Stone Guard Ragara Irontooth Lohn'Oshu Zorku ((OOC: These three trials are as follows: Trial of Strength - An elimination styled tournament using the RPG combat system to be ran over a number of days (depending on time availability of combatants) Trial of Will - A trial whereby the elements (puppeted by GM's) may offer quests or other such tasks for candidates to recieve their boon, a sacrifice may be accepted depending on the elemental's mood. There are three to appease: The Great Quarun (Earth), The unnamed water elemental of Grom'Thar (water) and the air elementals of Mount Opej (Air). Trial of Wit - Candidates will gather before a partial GM puppeted crowd and basically come up with their most rousing speech. Members of Grom'Goshar and those on friendly / accepted terms to enter Grom'Goshar may join the crowd and boo / cheer appropriately. Any questions don't hesitate to PM me!))
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    The Basics Through investment of materials and coin, players are able to initiate a resource-generating business in the Doldrums. This requires the Business-Manager to have found a suitable location for their project, and have the appropriate npc workers (or the coin to hire some). These businesses can be upgraded to yield resources of higher rarities and allow more concurrent workers. NPCs can be trained by an appropriate-level character of the related profession, increasing their yield, but also their required wages. To suitably direct the business, the Business-Manager must have a skill level high enough to manage their workers. Once a business is set up and built, as long as coin is provided, resources will be generated at a given rate and stored in a storage box on-site. Of course, running a business has its own risks: If you place a lumbering operation on Kolai, you may want to hire a few guards too. Just in case. Types of Businesses There're four types of businesses available: Workshops, Lumber camps, Textile-Farms, and Mines. Workshops Workshops allow the manifacturing of basic artificial components: Gears, buckles, enchanting supplies and glass, as well as refined medical plants. Lumber Camps Lumber camps allow the gathering and replanting of woods of all kinds, from paper-grade, up to building materials or enchanted timbers. Textile-Farm Textile Farms are farms specialised in nurturing animals for their leathers and wools, to then be refined in workable materials for everyday, or even uncommon, wear. Mine Mining operations gather resources from deep beneath, be it metals required to craft nails or weapons and armor, or Stone to build fortresses or simple homes. Workers Hired work comes in three levels of skill: Untrained, Trained, and Expert. Workers have different efficency levels in retrieving the materials depending on their skill. Higher skill costs more, but also produces more! Training work requires the Business-Manager to have a high enough level of the relevant skill. Trained: Requires skill level 20, and 25 productivity or 250 silver to be provided. Expert: Requires Trained Worker, skill level 40, and 35 productivity or 350 silver to be provided. A Trained level worker can be hired in silver-eye for 450s each, an Expert level worker for 700s. Workers hired this way still require someone with high level enough to direct them. Once hired, each worker can be assigned to work on one resource type for your facilities. They will provide the specified amount of materials every 3 hours, withdrawing the wage in exchange. Example: An Untrained Woodlander set to collect Rugged Timber will produce 2 rugged timber every 3 hours, at the cost of 5 silver. Material Tiers Legend
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    ----- Patch 2.10.0 ----- Every character will be .rpg reset by this patch! -Engagement Limit added: Players can engage up to 4 units, NPCS can engage 4+ based on their CR / if they’re bosses. -Cleave Limits added: Only 4 units can be cleaved in a single action. If an unit has more than 4 targets engaged, then the selected unit when cleaving is guaranteed, while the other 3 are random. Class Stat Changes: Racials: Draenei - Increases outgoing Healing by 10% -> 7.5% Item Changes: Added: Cloth Merchant’s Armor- Requires 2 Strength and 3 Ingenuity, 5% Physical Mitigation, Increases Initiative by 10 Hierophant’s Robes - Requires 2 Strength and 6 Willpower, 5% Damage Mitigation, increases Outgoing Healing by 4% Mana-Enriched Attire - Requires 3 Strength and 4 Willpower, 5% Physical Mitigation, 5% Magical Mitigation, Increases Outgoing Healing and Magic Damage by 4%, Reduces Dodge Rating by 2 Leather Wanderer’s Armor - Requires 3 Strength and 5 Ingenuity, 10% Physical Mitigation, Increases Hit Chance by 2 Assassin's Armor - Requires 3 Strength and 7 Dexterity, 5% Physical Mitigation, Increases Critical Strike Chance by 2% and Initiative by 5 Mail Infantry Mail - Requires 4 Strength, 15% Physical Mitigation, Increases Maximum Health by 35, Reduces Dodge Rating by 4 Bladed Mail - Requires 5 Strength, 10% Physical Mitigation, Increases Outgoing Damage by 5%, Reduces Dodge Rating by 2 Plate Knight’s Armor - Requires 6 Strength and 2 Willpower, 25% Physical Mitigation, Increases Incoming Healing by 6%, Reduces Dodge Rating by 6 Battleplate - Requires 8 Strength, 35% Physical Mitigation, Reduces Dodge Rating by 8 Changed: Falchion 12% Crit -> 16% Crit Sword of Kept Secrets Increased Magic Damage by Unspent Essence * 1.5% -> 1.75% Slayer’s Bow -45 Damage -> -25 Damage Flamespitter Will Scale 5.0 -> Will Scale 6.0 and Dex Scale 6.0 Sniper’s Rifle 0-10 Damage -> 20-40 Damage The Cannon 5-135 Damage -> 40-80 Damage Scale 4 -> Scale 10 Inventor’s Focal Wand Critical Strike Chance +2% -> +5% Enchantment Changes: Small Sigil of Refreshment: On crit, heal 25 -> 12 additional hp Sigil of Refreshment: On Crit, heal 40 -> 24 additional hp New Enchantments: Small Sigil of Peace -- 15% chance to heal for an additional 7 damage when you heal your target. Sigil of Peace -- 25% chance to heal for an additional 14 damage when you heal a target. ---Ability Changes--- Base Actions Quick Attack Mainhand Weapon Damage * 50% -> 45% Basic Attack Energy Cost 14 -> 15 Mainhand Weapon Damage * 100% and Offhand Weapon Damage * 20% Charge Essence Cost 1 -> 0 Rend Strength Scale 2.5 -> 2.0 Lasts for 6 -> 8 rounds Overpower Hit chance increase +4 -> +Melee Action Check / 2 Poison Strike Dexterity Scale 2.5 -> 3.0 Lasts for 4 -> 6 rounds Cleave Mainhand Weapon Damage * 105% -> *95% Attack Order Energy Cost 14 -> 15 Essence Cost 0 -> 1 Reduce dodge rating by 2 -> Melee Action Check/4 Point Blank Shot Ranged Weapon Damage *110% -> 120% Toxic Shot Dexterity Scale 2.5 -> 3.0 Lasts for 4 -> 6 rounds Battle Cry Energy Cost 6 -> 10 Increases Physical damage done by 2.5% -> 4% Increases Critical Strike Chance by 1% -> 1.5% Stacks up to 10 -> 5 Lasts 8 -> 5 rounds Rake Melee Action Check *250% -> 200% Lasts for 5 -> 7 rounds Pierce Lasts for 4 -> 8 Rounds Shatter Shot Lasts for 4 -> 8 Rounds ---Class Changes--- Warrior Last Stand - Removed Bloodthirst - Removed Heroic Strike - Removed Mortal Strike Reduce incoming healing by 50% -> 35% Added Abilities: Devastate (15) (Martial) Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * 30%, The Damage of this Attack is increased by 100% for Each Stack of ‘Pierced Armor’ on the Target, then Target Debuff, Reduces the Target’s Current Physical Damage Reduction by 25%, this effect stacks to a maximum of 3, This Effect Stacks With Shatter Shot- lasts for 8 Rounds, This spell can only be used if you have a Shield Equipped. Whirlwind (20) (Martial) Cleave Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * 100% and Offhand Damage * 50% as Physical Damage to all targets Engaged to you Enraged Regeneration (14) Essence (2) (Tactical) Self Buff, Restores Health Equal to 10% of your Maximum Health per Round, the Healing from this ability can not critically strike- lasts for 3 Rounds Recklessness (5) Essence (2) (Tactical) Self Buff, Increases Physical Critical Strike chance by 45% and Incoming Damage by 35%- lasts for 2 Rounds Paladin Crusader Strike Hit Chance Increase by 4 -> Melee Action Check / 1.5 Blessing of Sanctuary Energy Cost 10 -> 14 Holy Shock Melee Action Check * 475% -> 385% Judgement Restores 6 -> 8 health Added ability: Devotion Aura (8) (Divine) Party Buff, Inspires everyone in your party, reducing incoming Physical Damage by 5%- lasts until Cancelled, Can not be removed Hunter Aimed Shot Reduces Incoming Healing by 50% -> 35% Black Arrow Energy Cost 14 -> 12 Dexterity Scale 4.5 -> 2.5 Willpower Scale 4.5 -> 2.5 Lasts for 4 -> 7 Rounds Added Ability: Aspect of the Dragonhawk (12) Essence (1) (Subterfuge) Self Buff, Increases Dodge Chance by 2 and Outgoing Physical Damage by 12%, This spell can only be used if you have a Ranged Weapon Equipped- lasts until Cancelled Shaman Frost Shock: Removed Lava Burst Magical Action Check *750% -> 800% Windfury Weapon Lasts 5 -> Lasts 4, if cast on Self lasts 8 Added Abilities: Earth Shock (10) Ranged ( Wild ) Target Attack, Melee Action Check plus Magical Action Check * 200% Willpower as Magic Damage, than Target Debuff, Reduces Outgoing Damage and Healing by 5%- lasts for 2 Rounds Dispel Magic (14) Ranged ( Arcane ) Target Ranged Utility, Removes one Buff and one Debuff from the Target, Can not be cast on Self Druid Mangle Incoming Physical Damage Increase by 12%->10% Lasts for 7->8 Rounds Cat form Increase Damage Done by 10% -> 8% Bear Form Decrease Damage Taken by 10% -> 12% Treant Form Increases Outgoing Healing by 12% -> 10% Reduce Incoming Damage-> Reduce Incoming Physical Damage Moonkin Form Increase Critical Strike by 7% -> Increase Outgoing Damage by 7% Reduce Incoming Damage-> Reduce Incoming Physical Damage Added Ability: Barkskin (10) Essence (1) (Tactical) Self Buff, Reduces incoming Damage by 35%- lasts for 2 Rounds Rogue Hemorage Hemorrhage Lasts 5->7 rounds Now actually spelled correctly Added Ability Vanish Essence (4) (Subterfuge) Self Utility, Breaks all Engagements and Removes all Buffs and Debuffs Priest Power Word: Fortitude Energy Cost 15 -> 12 Devouring Plague Willpower Scale 4.5 -> 3.5 Lasts for 3 -> 5 Rounds Added Ability: Dispel Magic (14) Ranged (Arcane) Target Ranged Utility, Removes one Buff and one Debuff from the Target, Can not be cast on Self Mage Pyroblast Magical Action Check *975% -> 1200% Added Ability: Mana Shield (5) (Arcane) Self Buff, Consumes your remaining Energy and You receive Temporary HP equal to your remaining Energy * (Magical Action Check/2)- lasts for 4 Rounds, Sources of Temporary HP do not stack Warlock Chaos Bolt Magical Action Check * 875% -> 900% Curse of Agony Willpower Scale 3.0 -> 2.0 Lasts for 4 -> 6 Rounds Added Ability: Shadow Bolt (18) Ranged (Unholy) Target Attack, Magical Action Check * 1050% as Magic Damage Death Knight Hysteria Energy Cost 10 -> 14 Damage is Constitution * 4.0+15 -> 5.0+35 Lasts 3 -> 4 Rounds Death Strike Category Martial -> Unholy Energy Cost 12 -> 14 Mainhand Weapon Damage * 50% -> 60% and Offhand Weapon Damage *20% Added Ability: Plague Strike (18) (Unholy) Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * 120% plus Offhand Weapon Damage * 48% as Magic Damage, The Damage of this spell is increased by 8% for each Debuff on the target, to a maximum of 24% ---Magical Action Changes--- Buffs: Iron Skin Lasts 5 -> 6 Rounds Magic Barrier Lasts 5->6 rounds Sorcerer’s Attunement Willpower scale .3 -> .33 Ogre’s Attunement Willpower scale .3 -> .33 Scoundrel’s Attunement Willpower scale .3 -> .33 Mark of the Bulwark Scales by Willpower *4 -> 3.5 Lasts 4 -> 5 Rounds Mark of the Rager Scales by Willpower *4 -> 3.5 Lasts 4 -> 5 Rounds Mark of the Master Scales by Willpower *4 -> 3.5 Lasts 4 -> 5 Rounds Evoke: Holy Lasts 6 -> 8 Rounds Evoke: Shadow Lasts 6 -> 8 Rounds Evoke: Arcane Lasts 6 -> 8 Rounds Evoke: Elements Lasts 6 -> 8 Rounds Added: Arcane Brilliance (18) (Arcane) Party Buff, Inspires everyone in your party, Increasing Maximum Energy by 2 and Outgoing Magic Damage and Healing by 8%- lasts for 11 Rounds Attacks Arcane Jolt Energy Cost 8 -> 6 Removed: Restore 2 Energy Shadow Blast Willpower Scale 4.0 -> 5.0 Magic Action Check *625% -> 675% Divine Sheer Hit Chance increased by 4 -> Magical Action Check /2 Arcane Salvo Lasts 2 -> 3 Rounds Holy Strike Energy Cost 12 -> 14 Willpower Scale 7 + Strength Scale 7 -> (Melee Action Check + Magical Action Check) * 350% Fiery Burst Magical Action Check *850% -> 900% Lightning Rod Attack Magical Action Check * 600% -> 500% Cleave Magical Action check *800% -> *950% Lightning Bolt Energy Cost 14 -> 16 Magical Action Check * 525% as Magical Damage, The Damage of this spell is increased by 30% for each Debuff on the target, to a maximum of 60% ->>> Magical Action Check * 650% as Magic Damage, The Hit chance of this Ability is increased by Magical Action Check/2 Dark Vestiges Targets Missing Health *19% -> 21% New Ability: Shadow Lash (14) Ranged (Unholy) Target Attack, Magical Action Check * 525% as Magical Damage, The Damage of this spell is increased by 30% for each Debuff on the target, to a maximum of 60% --Debuffs-- Corroding Magic Willpower Scale 3.25 -> 2.5 Lasts for 4 -> 6 Rounds Unstable Magic Willpower Scale 5.0 -> 3.25 lasts for 3 -> 5 Rounds Mark of the Scorned Energy cost 8 -> 14 Reduces Incoming Healing by 50% -> 35% Lasts for 5 -> 6 Rounds Insect Swarm Willpower Scale 3.0 -> 2.25 Lasts for 5 -> 7 Rounds Engulfing Flames Category Wild -> Unholy Willpower Scale 3.0 -> 2.5 Lasts for 6 -> 8 Rounds Mounting Corrosion Lasts for 4 -> 8 Rounds --Improvised action-- Shove Energy cost 8 -> 12 Both Eyes Open Scales by Ingenuity * 0.9 -> 0.7 Lasts for 1 -> 2 Rounds, -1 For each Missing Eye 👀 --Non-Combat Actions-- First Aid: Removed Fight the Pain: Removed Misc/Fixes -Fixed Hunter’s Cranequin not counting as ranged weapon -Fixed some injuries not saving correctly when added/removed -Fixed profession books not being usable -Fixed common crash caused by wounded npcs
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    https://youtu.be/CNVomngq-Qc When: Friday 19th, 21:30ST ((Let us know if you are going to be late and you can be part of a 'reinforcement' wave!)) Who: Primarily Grom'Goshar and Drustgarde. Those who turn up ICly and ask will likely be allowed to participate. Where: Drustgarde / Egtown and then marching to attack positions The time had come Rumours had begun to spread of a horrific presence grasping its tendrils of influence around the section of Opej referred to by many as 'Crystal Valley' in an effort to control the powers that lie dormant beneath the steep-sided floors of the mystical region. Elementals, previously driven mad already by a malignant force, were now openly hostile and aggressively attacking all that moved and any sentient being that dared enter the area... and furthermore there have been numerous reports of a chained beating onyx heart tethered next to a large unnatural structure which had become known as 'The Spire' to many. Recognizing this threat, and in a prophetic manner, the Pyremaster of Grom'Goshar known as Gruk predicted the large rumble that struck the land as the Twilight's Hammer begun their labours within the valley, the Great Quarun mourned for the loss of his brothers and feared they would be fully enslaved if nothing was done. Worse still, some have begun to suspect there is a link between the rumblings in the ground and not only the volcano which erupted on the Last Battleground but also what the sailors of Drustgarde encountered beneath the waves with their Naga allies not too long ago. Seeking to put a stop to it, both Grom'Goshar and Drustgarde have come together to build bridges and begin the healing process to repair their alliance in order to combat the greater threat that could not only see Opej completely annihilated but quite possibly the rest of the Doldrums to follow soon after. Being a shaman and not a tactician, the Pyremaster has sent Stone Guard Ragara Irontooth with a combat plan to Governor Haytham so as to plan an attack that will see the cult of the Twilight's Hammer utterly annihilated and their plans routed so that the denizens of Opej can live to fight another day. Whispers on the wind suggest that the forces for this assault shall be gathering at the gates of Fort Drustgarde at night ((21:30ST)) on the friday in two days time. Given the gravity of the situation it would become apparent that even those not directly a part of either Drustgarde or Grom'Goshar may find themselves able to take a place on the battlefield if they speak with the commanders involved. Who knows what may befall the combined might of the Horde and the Alliance? The strength of the axe and the anchor? Who knows what might happen to Opej'Nor if they fail?
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    Something wicked this way comes...
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    Elle suggested I stick this on the forums, regarding making everything more user friendly, particularly the RPG system. One small suggestion I had that I did not see suggested or discussed by anyone was perhaps an addon that would automate the creation of macros, to a small or large degree. There are addons that exist for the game that create macros for various purposes, so it should be possible. It can be as simple as - You learn an ability, a macro is created to coincide with that ability. Perhaps with an icon already selected (You can of course customize it afterward), perhaps also the addon can populate your action bar with it (like when you learn new abilities, in retail). However, if it was literally just as basic as making a macro with the actual macro commands in it and nothing else was done, this would be a worthwhile investment/first version I think.
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    A sneak peek into Bonkle's magical* workshop: *Allegations of Bonkle beating magical world-editing fairies are completely unfounded and anyone found promoting such accusations will be sued for libel
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    Hobo Race: Goblin Ag--- Woah woah hold up bud, what are you doing? No no no, stop that stupid 'format' nonsense, you want a biography? Sit down and let Hobo here tell ya the story! Alright... so a long long time ago way back when... 'war of the ancients'? No too far back you moron, lets go back to just when this 'Burning Crusade' thing happened... I already said -NO- to the 'war of the ancients'... oh for pity's sake: When the portal re-opened, got it? Back when if you were a Goblin like me you had a few options: strike it lucky and get rich as a trade baron, create some marvellous feat of engineering, or end up slaving away in the Kajamite mines along with the Trolls. Or you could win it big in the arenas! Guess which one ol' Hobo went with? Oh I was glorious, cutting down droves of my enemies, two versus two, three versus three, or even the lucrative five-versus-five arena matches! Arena fights were brill as you fought not just humans but Orcs too! Completely impartial as long as you cut down -everyone-! Of course this was back in the ways when being a warrior was good money, you waded in with strength galore and armour capable of granting you critical strikes that ended up with some beautiful decapitations across the arena floor. Years of doing meager quests for strangers paid off as I became stronger and stronger over the years! Yes yes, i'm getting to that bit, hold on I'm what you call 'old school', whilst all these chumps were off and about killing whatever big bad evil guy there was to be killed I was off slaughtering their buddies across the land, I was doing these 'arena' things before they were known as 'arenas'! Little hot spots from the Crossroads in Kalimdor to Tarren Mill in the Eastern Kingdoms, i'd be there in the middle killing anything that so much as had a heartbeat (or not in the case of the Forsaken, who am I to judge?) All that began to chance when this 'cataclysm' thing occurred. You see I was one of the ones on Kezan when some big black scaley thing flew overhead and blew up Mount Kajaro... I was in the middle of an arena fight as well for one of the big bosses on the isle! Well as pyroclastic flows blew past, me and my combatant continued fighting even as the magma surged down... it was at this point I sorta realized that if I didn't run now I wouldn't be able to fight anymore on account of being a mushy pile of hollowed out ash, that sort of this -really- puts a crimp on your PVP career. So I ran, got on the boat where I had to hand over all my arena prize money, problem is though that the boat got caught up in between some crossfire between Alliance and Horde ships, I got blown away from the blast and thought i'd drowned like many other of the refugees. Well that's where you're wrong buddy! But by the time I woke up and found out what was really going on I kinda wish I had died in that cannon blast: I ended up washed on the shore with -all- of my arena armour stripped off me... fortunately whoever robbed me had been courteous to leave me with two rather crude bandages and a pair of shorts to my name... but something about this island was strange, where once I could have ran up and down this entire beach on this jungle-island slaughtering everything for miles without so much as a scratch to my physical health, it now took me almost fifteen minutes to kill a crab which had managed to put me in a medically critical state. Somehow I had magically lost -all- knowledge of my fighting technique which had made me world-famous and worst of all: No-one knew who the hell I was! 'Hobo' is what the other refugees called me, on account of my constantly begging for cash to feed myself. I hadn't grown up with the knowledge on how to hunt: all I did was kill people and I got paid to do it in an entertaining way in a small arena, -that- is what kept me fed and clothed! Some of the more talkative locals who don't just stand there and stare into space simply answered my questions with 'Doldrums'... I mean what kind of response is that? I magically find i'm suffering from some sort of severe muscular atrophy where I can -just- muster the strength to fight off a seagull when before I was annihilating heroes who had fought the Lich King himself and all they can say is 'Its the Doldrums'? I may not be a wizard but there is no way that an entire chain of islands can project some sort of weird magical mumbo jumbo to suddenly make me, an all-time arena champion into a measly whelp who would likely die to a fresh adventurer out from Northshire Abbey... if that were the case why weren't mages using this magic on me in the arenas? Whatever, fact of the matter is i'm down on my luck, down on cash, down on any manner of strength or fighting capacity and more or less nearly naked. But ol' Hobo here has a plan... and as soon as I find who nicked my vengeful gladiator armour i'm going to rest their legs over a pier whilst lying face down and proceed to drop the largest boulder I can find on their calves. Appearan--- Woah woah, stop right there. 'Drop dead gorgeous', 'charming', 'chin chiseled from granite', that's all you need to put in here. ... Not foolin' you am I? Oh who am I kidding. Since landing on this crappy island i've become some sort of measly pen-pusher losing any muscle definition I had previously... not only that but there was some strange bout of disease not too long ago in Egtown which meant I look thinner than an Elven women looking to get on the cover of 'Rogue' magazine. The tattoos? Something back from my days fist-fighting in gangs on the mean streets of Kezan, kept ahold of them because well... tattos are hard to get rid of right? It's not like they just fit in an equipment slot like armour... Fair bit of face fuzz, cuts and bruises here and there... what do you expect from a refugee? Oh and my arm has recently been cut off by an Orc claiming to he the physical manifestation of war itself... small things like that get overlooked.
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    As good as my english, we'll make it work ahaha
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    Builder's Workshop Teaser Thread Quick thread of builder's posting a few teaser shots of their current works. Discuss amongst yourselves, we won't tell you what it is Just so folks know builders are actually doing stuff right now! Nice and transparent for folks to get a 'behind the scenes' teaser peek
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    Deep, deep below Menhirs, a Man'ari, the Eredar servants of the legion was held captive. Finding a warlock fool enough to pick up a book, an anchor for her to reach out the rest of the Doldrums, her plan for freedom was pushed into action. Many who have spoken or dealt with the demoness have seen her as foolish, stupid, a minor inconvenience. But, now, two resident mages of the Doldrums lie in her clutches and other powers want artifacts buried with her. Is it by design of sheer dumb luck that now people stand ready to brave the depths of a prison for one of the most powerful of the Legion's servants? Either way, many goals and loyalties now converge on this place, so far below Menhirs. Date/Time Sunday 10/14 8pm ST. Starting Point: Island of Menhirs.
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    I will say that desiring parity of DPS across all classes is an unrealistic and frankly boring expectation and archetypes have much more to offer the system than their raw damage potential. Even DPS archetypes in this system do not need to deal the same damage provided the one that is weaker in that aspect provides sufficient support or etcetera in other capacities. Designing with this in mind also enables people to hybridize when design philosophy is not focused on damage. I will say, the argument that fighters deal more damage than wizards in other roleplaying systems at higher levels is incredibly flawed - the opposite is generally true. In terms of an actual suggestion, I would like more hybrid abilities. It's possible I do not understand the system enough and what I desire is already possible but, some abilities designed for, for example, melee healers would be nice! Don't limit it to Paladins either, let Shaman and Druid types get in on the fun. Maybe play around with the engaged mechanic, some sort of melee strike that deals limited damage but heals the next person engaged with the enemy for a significant amount when they land a strike, or fun stuff like that. Maybe a healing "cleave" where you hit the boss and it heals a number of other people who are also engaged with him. Also, let class specific abilities be flavorful, and not necessarily required for certain builds - though there may be a case to be made for them being optimal.
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    Protecting the Weak Although protecting the innocent and safeguarding the weak is not a particuarly high priority amongst the members of 'The Hunters', it does however cross their minds especially when doing so involves the hunting of two particularly nasty creatures no weaker than the Sand Reaver 'Naraxis' that Timothy West and a few budding volunteers slew the other week. The problem is, this time there are two of them, and these creatures operate almost like a hive mind if the Baron's memory of Ahn'Quiraj is correct, making them highly effective killing machines that work closely together. Word would begin to spread amongst the refugees of the newly formed 'Tent Town' and possibly even amongst those in Egtown itself that Baron West and his compatriots seek to slay the two sand reavers who have been attacking and killing refugees on the western coast that stray too far from their camp. "Tomorrow, at the zeppelin wreckage on the southern rise of Opej. Be there in the evening half way between when the bells strike 6 and the bells strike 7. You shall have your take of the beast's vile corpses afterwards, but consider that you are doing this to help the folks of Opej who are not as skilled at arms as you" ((Event at 6:30pm server time to wipe out two of the sand reavers posing a threat to 'Tent Town', meet at the zeppeling wreckage on southern Opej))
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    During one of the stormy nights a tree trunk of incredible durability and massive size has crashed into the sands of Opej'Nor not far from the northern end of the beach. Either arriving with it or climbing on top of it afterwards, a massive basilisk have made the iron tree it's gingebread home, feasting on the stone-hard bark and branches. Several insane cultists and naive explorers have approached the tree only to rapidly turn into crystals under the beast's gaze.
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    Good posts are lost to the ages on discord within a matter of minutes/hours. It scrolls far too fast to serve as the main delivery of information about the server. Being the primary method of contacting staff and submitting tickets and requests is also inefficient, since not every player is going to be (or should be compelled to be) on the discord server.
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    Going to take the @sander stance here, Discord is awful. It's fun for off topic banter that doesn't require an in-game party channel but honestly? Any information in it which isn't pinned or in announcements just gets washed away... forums are time tested and eternally useful.
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    https://i.gyazo.com/1b237e2c3a749be35846c6299d30285c.mp4 One from @sander's recent works