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    • Found within the poorest slum district of Haven, amongst the maze-like warren of narrow streets, ramshackle buildings, and dark alleys, Isesi has found a table from which to conduct a friendly game of poker upon. Scratched and scrawled into the noticeboards up and down Haven, the following message can be found:  Ya heard it here first people, Poker! Survival in the Doldrums is tough and hardening, here be your chance to escape that harsh life and make a king, or queen outta’ yourself! You will have the chance to make so many silver coins that it should be made ILLEGAL!  Be speaking with Isesi for more information. OOC: This Sunday (8PM GMT+0), on a table somewhere in Haven a game of poker will begin. Buy-in: TBD
    • If the guy was banned for being toxic, but was being a contributing role player - then why don't you just ban him from the forums and discord, but keep him able to remain with his character in game and IC. If he misbehaves in game as well, you can always ban him from there as well. We recently had a discussion about character killing in discord. If you can make a "sacrifice" by not killing a character at your feet to hopefully contribute to a better narrative, why not give the guy a chance to do the same if he only broke ooc common courtesy rules and not role playing fundamentals?   EDIT: I read posts above about people leaving over the toxicity of people like McDankus and Dascombe. I find that hard to believe, I'm not sure if I remember McDankus, but Dascombe is one of the best role players I have met during my time, and he always brings a hella lot of reasoning and constructive criticism during an argument/debate.
    • The fact that staff actually implemented the permanent ban for something so minuscule in the first place is pretty contemptible, though reducing it to three months is ever-so-slightly better.
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