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    • @Sevencix They may be defensive, though I don't think that is the intent. As for the setting, I know a few people have expressed how restricted it feels in terms of DMing, and it isn't as bad as people think. It just takes a little creativity.   As for the work related issues and hiring people. I just made an announcement in the discord about hiring, as that is where all the current active players are. Though I'll probably throw up a post on the forums to. Generally speaking, staff positions aside council and management are up for application at any time. 
    • @Elle heya i feel like the response is a bit "too" defensive, as there's a clear issue that often times you just don't really see too many dms doing... anything i can understand being busy, but if people don't write application to ease the workforce, just reach out to individuals i would apply if i wasn't so unhappy with the system, the setting, etc., so you can completely dismiss this if you'd like, but i'd like to say that it can be done with enough effort, it's just about being persistent enough to hire people i'll even offer to ask some of the people i know if they wanna dm if you ask me to, even i should know quite a few
    • I want to say that we are doing the most we can and I can't speak for most of these points. ITs work I can try and -help- with but not something I can, do. Storytelling however...   Yes. I know that is lacking. Most of our team is incredibly busy with work and the times they can hop on, are the times when they are either extremely tired, or not when players are generally on.

      I've mentioned this several times in discord and I'll say it here. -My- biggest problem is hands. Creativity is very important for DMing and trying to work and come up with lore and story changes, and making the world feel alive is incredibly taxing on. I know both Varen and I feel overwhelmed, and we are doing our best. That said, you hit a lot of things on the head about problems here and I'm working on changing them from where I can to the best of my ability.   As for the event you speak about? Yes. I heard and I do not like that. I've constantly brought up from my time as a player to now, that the 'bad guy always getting away' is stupid and overdone and poorly executed band-aiding for a misstep in the planned story. I'm currently finishing up new keeper guidelines that should help fix this issue.   And of course, I am -always- taking Applications for Keepers. Varen and I can only do so much between the two of us, as far as heavy activity goes. And the best way to fix problems, is to help with them. Not pointing that finger at anyone in particular, but I am just saying. If you -can- help, but choose to only complain, well, then you have to learn patience, as I'm one mind and one pair of hands.   Thank you for the feedback, Sevencix. It is really appreciated and I'm sorry if our responses aren't satisfactory, but our lists are long, mate.
    • Quickly gonna answer as I'm a bit swamped with stuff to do! I'm sure it won't be a perfect answer, but I'll try what I can for now.

      Part 1:
      I moved the spawnpoints this morning so that they are only Halfpoint Haven, Drustgarde and the Menhirs port. That should make sure people spawn closer to people.
      The NPC really needs updating, and I do want to work it over, it's on my todo list. I want to actually math out the XP options VS the gather VS the rest so that they're as fair as possible.

      Part 2:
      This needs a lot of thought, but I'm gonna quickly go through an idea I had. *All of these are ideas I had to solve things, and needs investigating to think over how to solve*
      -Make productivity work as what makes you gain XP, while fatigue can be used to do work that won't progress the char but will still give you an amount of stuff. Essentially increase the types of things you can do but giving you the option to use a renewable resource for it. Needs thinking on how to balance it to not make it overwork.
      -I want to add farming that uses mainly that mechanic, giving new stuff to allow for faster fatigue removal and other effects
      -Tools specialised for the work that help you gain more of a specific resource you want (thanks Kogoshi for the idea too)
      -Need to rework how architect mats are gotten. Either some specialised tool or some command to just get those.

      I'm reticent to just change prod because a lot of things are keyed off the "value of productivity". And that just means more math.
      Part 3:
      Axis is hard at work at the new isle, Vrahn is on vacay till the 16th, Nostra's on leave for personal issues. 
      I am cri.

      Part 4:
      I'd love for the system to be more interesting. The recent addition of resistances was to try and help with that, as it gives some depth in how you can counter some stuff.
      If you'd like to propose some ideas, the BalanceTeam guys on discord are those to speak to. They're the ones in charge of all the mathymaths of combat, and throwing combat abilities at me to code.

      Part 5:
      I'll leave this part to answer to Elle, as I put 'em in charge of the Keepers team specifically to solve these issues *shoves work away yey*

      Part 6:
      *Hopeful speech about solving issues. I need to get back to work now*

      Part 7:
      We need to rediscuss some design on token rarities. One thing we've in the works is trinkets, too, which should add another dimension to equipment. They can even add new abilities!
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