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    • Retirement?! Bah! I'm too old for that! Posts have appeared on noticeboards across the Doldrums, the Captain is looking for a trained armorsmith and weaponsmith! He speaks of payment to those trained enough to aid him! (Must be able to make Uncommon atleast.) Progress: The Captain has already been approached by someone offering to make atleast the required armor. However, depending on if anyone else approaches him with a better deal or not will determine if he gives the bid over to the current craftsman.
    • Occasionally noticed pop up around the Doldrums. An enigmatic and odd old paladin of some power posts 'Quests' around the Doldrums offering rewards, opportunities for glory and occasionally his own expertise to those who complete these honorable quests for the betterment of the Doldrums. Below is a complied list of ones currently available and those completed.     A Muggy Arrival: Arriving in the Doldrums after a shipwreck on the island of Opej'Nor, the old veteran was mugged by a group of crazies oddly led by a sane man. Some of his possessions were stolen. He offered a silver reward to those that greeted him when he managed to arrive in the Port of Drustgarde.  Resolution: Drustgarde managed to acquire the items of the Captain and put down a bandit ring. He offered a modest sum of silver in exchange and also aided the paladin Ulriech overcome corruption from the void. Status: COMPLETED   Help! A Raptor stole my mind!   After moving to a new outpost called 'Halfpoint Haven' the Captain ended up holding off a raptor pack, led by an incredibly intelligent raptor. However, not even a mighty paladin of the Light can protect everyone by himself. A few refugees have died in these attacks. The Captain has offered anyone who can show him proof of the leader's demise a reward of a Thousand Silver. Progress: The hunter, Timothy has approached the Captain and said to take up the offer. He has been looking for a few experienced hunters to aid him. However, a man of honor, the Captain may not be very patient if another attack happens and hand the reward to whoever completes the task first. Status: ONGOING...     OOC: This is merely a list of quests that would be posted around various notice boards, a public record of those completed and a general summary of what happened IC and rewards given, without giving out much information. The purpose of this is to give players an easy resource to access and see and also allow me to be a tad lazy and not find every noticeboard to post the quests to. I will update and pretty this up over time. If you wish to speak to the Captain either PM me on the forums or make a ticket on the server's official discord!
    • Hello Community! I’m sure you have all noticed a shift in the server as of late. This is a brief update to let you all know that the entire staff team is currently working on various issues across the server which include:  Gathering feedback from players and creating a plan to address recurring points is being put in place. Organisation of storylines, lore and Keepers and looking at ideas to make things more immersive  using tools such as the Dmkit. Balancing of the RPG system. Looking towards putting together a plan for advertisement once current issues have been worked through. We have a new island in the works courtesy of Bonkle which we are all excited for. While this will be a fun and interesting addition in the new future, we don’t want players to feel like any progress they make will be hindered or disregarded, so please continue to roleplay as you would. Some more information and screenshots will be released regarding this soon! The dev server is currently up and a patch is being worked on to be released in the next couple of weeks. This will address some issues already raised by the community. It will include: Experience gain overhaul. Training - A new command to gain XP rather than buying it directly. Mentoring - The chance for new players to be “mentored” and gain experience. Progression overhaul - Attributes will be capped and you gain a point to spend for an attribute at  specific XP thresholds. Professions - Profession recipes will give exponentially more XP for high prod recipes. Gathering nodes now show which materials they will yield rather than a rarity. Above is a snippet of the full notes which will be released along with the patch. If you have any feedback, suggestions or need any help with anything on the server feel free to contact me. Please make sure you also check the forums for updates and information.
    • His voice sent sparks of lightning across Opej His rage summoned winds which tore even great trees from their roots His blade cut through the very winds themselves   He is the Scion of Storms... and Az'ekyel is his name.   The first encounter with the elemental was during the trials of Zorku and Ragara, whilst the former simply offered him magical scrolls as a gift (one he accepted gracefully), it would seem that the latter's offer of weapons from slain enemies was not enough and had engaged the elemental lordling in single combat. Despite his speed and agility, the soon-to-be Warleader was quicker even than a personification of the winds! Dodging each swing of his lethal axe as he daggers found their mark within the overlapping plates of his physical elemental form. Eventually the battle subsided with Ragara emerging victor, the clan's pyremaster Charrbone felt privilaged to have been able to witness such a glorious battle. Rather than be angered, the elemental scion laughed with a roar that changed the winds into a more gentle and welcoming breeze, stating that he had not had a fight with a mortal like that in a long time and that he offered Ragara his blessing.   The time would come later when Ragara would return not as a packleader, but as Warleader.   Summoned, the scion decended from the sky and parlayed with the Warleader... it would seem that the fight had left him humbled and proud to have been bested in battle, to which he stated that if Ragara and her followers were to build him a shrine, her enemies would become -his- enemies as he joins Grom'Goshar in battle.      
    • Following a local rumour from Egtown, Baron West made headway for the newly establish 'Halfpoint Haven' where he sought out the local folk hero known only as 'Captain'. Upon arriving, he found out that rather than bringing hides as part of some minor task, it would appear that a local pack of raptors have attacked the settlement and gone so far as to kill two of the refugees who live there. After coming to the conclusion that the Opej Basilisk has caused no fatalities (yet) the Baron declared that he will bring proof of the death of the packleader to the Captain so that the local refugees might sleep easily. However this was no simple raptor, the Captain elaborated and stated that the packleader of these raptors was not only bigger and deadlier but worse it was intelligent, something about the captain's tone suggested worry to the Baron... strange considering the apparent strength of the man. The baron insisted half of his cost would be waivered for a trophy from such a worthy kill... but he also insisted on the other half being relinquished if the Captain revealed to the Baron who he was and his real name... on account of the Baron's suspicions of the man. Regardless of the outcome... the Captain made clear that this raptor and its pack would be too much for the Baron alone who must now seek to put a crew together to hunt the raptor... but despite having scrapped his fee the Captain stated he would pay any crew that the Baron brought along to kill the creature. The Baron set out into the jungle in the dead of night... but even darkness and the heavy snowfall would struggle to deter him from finding the tracks he was after... but before long he realized that the raptors were not heading -straight- back to their lair... but seemed to be criss-crossing and doubling back on themselves... quite clearly under instruction from this 'intelligent' raptor which had a MUCH bigger print left behind.   The seasoned hunter simply lit a cigar from his silver case   "Clever Girl"
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