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    • Hotfix 28/12/2018
      -Fixed businesses sometimes slowing down their output
      -Mystic randomcraft of medicine books now crafts 7 instead of 1 if it rolls for that result. Patch 3.1.1b - Worldedits
      Worldedit-only patch, use the launcher to download.
      Changes include player-owned buildings that have been completed so far, plus a few fixes and other map features like a few names on locations. Hotfix 06/01/2019
      -Fixed a crashbug involving using keys of objects that weren't loaded in the map.
      -Tweaked dodge calculation, slightly buffed back from the nerfs of oblivion.
      -Fixed a bug with weapons having -dam (slayer's etc) not taking weaponstones in account for their damage.
      -Fixed a GM command to set up businesses, new businesses won't think they need to catch up from a server downtime started in the 1970s. Hotfix 10/01/2019
      -Changes to MeleeAI engagement logic
      -Changes to RangedAI attack logic
      -Fixes for healing sigils/aegises, now they should do exactly what they say on the tin
      -Fixed display of ability forget times ##### Patch 3.12 ##### -Changed basic provisoner foods. No longer heal or restore fatigue, instead apply an 1h buff that mitigates fatigue buildup. Can stack up to 5 times.
      -Added the Cooking Campfire to Architect, contains basic food recipes. Basic food recipes cost no productivity, but have a small fatigue cost instead. They do not increase your provisoning profession.
      -Added boiled foods to Cooking Campfire: Will heal to 100% hp over 1 minute.
      -Added relaxing tea to Cooking Campfire: Will reduce an amount of fatigue over 5 minutes.
      -Added the Stone Well to Architect. Allows to produce 1 fresh water per 4% fatigue spent.
      -Added Rare Scrapping Kit. Costs 250s. -Increased drop rate of meat from many animals.
      -Lowered chance of cuts for very low damage amounts
      -Removed spamming of "tipsy" message.
      -Fixed some healing abilities not having a max distance out of combat
      -Fixed some abilities causing cooldowns when used out of combat
      -Removed a lot of "You can never use that item" from various items that weren't wearable for a reason or another. Report if you find more! -WIP: Working on the database side of the bulk orders, they will be released in a download-less patch in the next few days with proper patchnotes on how they work.
    • ##### Patch 3.11 ##### -AI Changes: 
         -AI will try to make best use of engagements when cleave is available
         -AI will try to disengage when trying to be ranged rather than stand around and wait
      -Slew of crashbug fixes
      -Fixed Judgement giving energy/health to wrong target Hotfix 07/12/18:
      -Fixed crash from having too many abilities
      -Surgery now can remove long-duration wounds Hotfix 08/12/18:
      -Fixed weapon enchantments not displaying a visual effect when applied.
      -Removed selling of non-junk to the exchange master.
        ##### Patch 3.11a #####
      -WoW healthbars will now display percentage of RPG health, both for you and others.
      -NPCs will now try to target (As in, wow target display) the last unit they used an ability on. (Go to interface->Combat->enable TargetOfTarget to make use of this) -Fatigue gain from fleeing greatly decreased
      -Fixed NPC hostility tag not updating correctly sometimes
      -Various fixes for states not reverting stats properly. Hotfix 14/12/2018:
      -Removed some old injuries for the ongoing effort to unify all the injuries to work with the same rules
      -Goodbye silver-eye, removed teleports from the defunct isle. Hotfix #2 14/12/2018:
      -Changed initial spawn location options for new chars: Drustgarde, Halfpoint, Menhirs
      -Dying now respawns you at the closest safe location available, with a few in Opej and one in Menhirs
      -Changed unstable hearthstone to teleport to Halfpoint Haven
      -Fixed Rotate To My Facing in Architect ##### Patch 3.1.1b #####
      -FieldMedicalTreatment now removes all Trivial injuries and up to 2 Minor Injuries
      -Book of Medicine changed: Changed functionality to use Field Medical Treatment on self when consumed.
      -Changed wound descriptions to specify if they're Trivial, Minor, Major, or Permanent injuries. -NPCs will try to face fight creator on fight start and track it.
      -Internal crash-fixes.

      Hotfix 20/12/2018.
      -Fixed Book of Medicine consuming cooked fish instead of the book to use field medical treatment.
      -Changed text in Mr Smith's spawn to remove reference to grave wounds
      -Internal fixes

      Hotfix 22/12/2018
      -Architect tables changs: 
       *They now show the recipe level on the recipe name in brackets. (Red if level too low)
       *Added multipage support, so we can have unlimited recipes in a category.
       *Alphabetical sorting.
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