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    • For anyone interested  
    • Hi, don't think I need to introduce myself but in short: I ran a pirate guild that progressed into a criminal cartel back on Legacy with my Goblin Maury Fizzletwix and I had great fun doing it.  Looking for people who are into pirate/criminal/goblin RP. Open to ideas. Don't really want to do a guild or whatever for now, mostly just get together as a group of misfits and take opportunities whenever, wherever we can aka Daggerfin Corsairs or your general goblin would etc.  DM me on Discord or reply here and we'll look if we can't figure something out and have some fun. I should note here that I'm not looking to disturb other people's RP, nor the server, or cause trouble purely for the sake of it persé.  No, I'm looking for people who genuinely enjoy RP'ing slice of life in this kind of character ICly. It's all about progression and honest RP. Don't care OOCly about rewards or gear or xp or whatever, it will be purely ICly determined and I'm also not too keen on 'planning for the future'. Basically, if you think you can have fun with having a character who may be a misfit and finds himself not always on the right side of the law, hit me up.    It will go without saying that this kind or RP most likely - will - endanger your character's life or existence. Be prepared to take that risk.  Also no ERP.   Holla at me yall
    • Hotfix 28/12/2018
      -Fixed businesses sometimes slowing down their output
      -Mystic randomcraft of medicine books now crafts 7 instead of 1 if it rolls for that result. Patch 3.1.1b - Worldedits
      Worldedit-only patch, use the launcher to download.
      Changes include player-owned buildings that have been completed so far, plus a few fixes and other map features like a few names on locations. Hotfix 06/01/2019
      -Fixed a crashbug involving using keys of objects that weren't loaded in the map.
      -Tweaked dodge calculation, slightly buffed back from the nerfs of oblivion.
      -Fixed a bug with weapons having -dam (slayer's etc) not taking weaponstones in account for their damage.
      -Fixed a GM command to set up businesses, new businesses won't think they need to catch up from a server downtime started in the 1970s. Hotfix 10/01/2019
      -Changes to MeleeAI engagement logic
      -Changes to RangedAI attack logic
      -Fixes for healing sigils/aegises, now they should do exactly what they say on the tin
      -Fixed display of ability forget times ##### Patch 3.12 ##### -Changed basic provisoner foods. No longer heal or restore fatigue, instead apply an 1h buff that mitigates fatigue buildup. Can stack up to 5 times.
      -Added the Cooking Campfire to Architect, contains basic food recipes. Basic food recipes cost no productivity, but have a small fatigue cost instead. They do not increase your provisoning profession.
      -Added boiled foods to Cooking Campfire: Will heal to 100% hp over 1 minute.
      -Added relaxing tea to Cooking Campfire: Will reduce an amount of fatigue over 5 minutes.
      -Added the Stone Well to Architect. Allows to produce 1 fresh water per 4% fatigue spent.
      -Added Rare Scrapping Kit. Costs 250s. -Increased drop rate of meat from many animals.
      -Lowered chance of cuts for very low damage amounts
      -Removed spamming of "tipsy" message.
      -Fixed some healing abilities not having a max distance out of combat
      -Fixed some abilities causing cooldowns when used out of combat
      -Removed a lot of "You can never use that item" from various items that weren't wearable for a reason or another. Report if you find more! -WIP: Working on the database side of the bulk orders, they will be released in a download-less patch in the next few days with proper patchnotes on how they work.
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