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  1. Sevencix

    Architect Tweak Additions

    i hope this doesn't drown out since I REALLY WANT THESE ADJUSTMENTS
  2. heya thanks for the feedback!! as said i just simply want a bit more selection on the starter zone, just because you start out with nothing doesn't it mean you shouldn't look dandy as hell as a hobo - what kind of hobo would have blue leather/cloth even, that's a thing too i can see your points but i disagree with keeping the amount of items like they are since i think making your character look good is a very critical part of creating a new character!!
  3. As title says, the selection is very limited and I'd imagine that if someone had more than like, 2-3 armor sets that looks DECENT they'd be less inclined to leave based on that. Maybe even add a starter pack for new accounts or something, but the first part is the essential one to my argument!!!
  4. Sevencix

    [Issue] Haven Troop Deployment

    for the sake of consistency @Dascombe, i used to play faelian who upgraded some sotoras infantry to sotoras heavy infantry, for me to do this it cost me one uncommon major plate token - this was the decree of elle i'm still very much neutral on the matter, except the faction war y'all know who i'm siding with there
  5. Sevencix

    [Player Complaint] - Dascombe

    maybe explaining what happened in the encounter would help us all, dascy and greggy
  6. "This defies logic." said Faelian, in the process of drawing a mathematical calculation in the sand that most people wouldn't be able to grasp from just glancing it. A poor guardsman, who had unfortunately been placed near the main gate of Port Drustgarde. The dwarven guardsman spoke up when the silence had become too unbearable. "Wot yer be meanin', Elf?" he asked, somewhat without passion for the subject. An awkward amount of time passed before an answer was spoken, as Faelian did his very best to draw two, straight lines under the result of his equation: "Winter Veil", decorated with more question marks than socially allowed around said result. "You see, we're in the middle of a nightmare which contains cultists, trolls, an unnatural amount of women and even worse - now Winter Veil. There has got to be a connection." Faelian uttered, as he threw the stick carelessly over his head, to the very misfortune of another guard placed too near him. "This has to be connected. To everything. Call me mad- but I think this little Suzzy is trying to deceive us, trick us into Twilight Hammer service." He said, and this time the dwarf allowed the awkward quiet to last just a little longer. Just thirty more minutes until his shift was over. But he was unsure if his sanity would survive for this long. Faelian continued, either not grasping the social cue, or just completely dismissing it. "I suspect she may be in the same game that keeps us here. These people cannot be trusted. And they will be put under heavy suspicion." Faelian noted as wind blew away his maths, which made less sense the more you looked at it. This however removed Faelian's attention from the matter, he did have something to do, after all. As he ventured back to the anvil - WHICH STILL HAD NO FORGE, HE WAS ACTUALLY USING A TORCH TO HEAT UP THE METAL, AMAZINGLY ENOUGH - and continued making armor for the guardsmen of Port Drustgarde. "I'll get my revenge. for you not giving me Jurilia back, Greatfather Winter. Mark my words." The dwarf sighed with relief. It'd be that elf that drove him insane, before any cultists did.
  7. great to hear, good job hey, you could essentially only allow level-ups on stuff that ran off productivity and then allow people to use fatigue to get mats but not get exp if you're tired you ain't learning hey, i can understand the latter two, but just because you're hard at work with a map, that shouldn't mean you're unable to sit down, share a funny thought, talk with people, just generally show you're present it's the simple things like that which gives someone presence, which i really suggest y'all to pick up alrighty, i'll go plague them would it be too far of a stretch to ask if the community could be involved in this? if one could make a community meeting and run through some points that'd be released before said meeting? should be easy enough to organize, and hopefully people will behave a bit more than they usually do
  8. @Elle heya i feel like the response is a bit "too" defensive, as there's a clear issue that often times you just don't really see too many dms doing... anything i can understand being busy, but if people don't write application to ease the workforce, just reach out to individuals i would apply if i wasn't so unhappy with the system, the setting, etc., so you can completely dismiss this if you'd like, but i'd like to say that it can be done with enough effort, it's just about being persistent enough to hire people i'll even offer to ask some of the people i know if they wanna dm if you ask me to, even i should know quite a few
  9. Hello, international champion in bad role-playing here. So I've returned to play on Unknown Shores for a week now, simply because I didn't feel like finding a phase on RPH and my own server is down at the moment. This isn't to shit on Unknown Shores, nothing about this thread is no matter how much some "epic memesters xd" will try to bend it into a contest about calling staff retarded in the most creative way. But, if Unknown Shores wasn't my only choice, I wouldn't really be here or have started here again. So I'd like to help. By offering suggestions and opening what could become a friendly debate, you know, before people start to flex their egos. I'll divide this thread up in chapters, because I want to be an author, so might as well roll with that theme. And for good measure enjoy some creative titles of said chapters. Thanks for the attention. Chapter I: New Beginnings and Why They Suck Here The most observant of those on this server will notice I already brought this up. And while Silver-Eye has of this thread been fucking flexed on by a big Ancient Black Dragon from Forgotten Realms(which somehow uses fire instead of acid), this is more about the starting zone. Entering the zone will tell you two things. One, which is in contrast to the nature of this thread, pretty fucking amazing. It shows you how the server works, how the system works, how to give coins to a jew and how to pick out your targets for an epic victory royal gank. But, on the other hand, you're welcomed into a single-player experience. There's nobody around. That may be a negative impact, because places such as Role-Playing Heaven have a spawn filled up with people spamming unfunny 4chan memes. But there's people. A second issue is also the outdated Oblivion reference that allows you options which can completely rip you off. Right now, you can choose to be a "soldier" and gain 90 combat EXP. 90 COMBAT EXP. Other options give you profession increases and whatnot, which is purely, logically better options. That is, if you know that much of the system. So right off the bat, this needs to change, quickly. The next part of the issue here is the fact that you can go to ports and whatnot around the little world, but... Nearly nobody resides around them. Once again, you'll be met with a complete single-player experience. Since nobody plays enough near these docks and landings. So unless they know the damn gathering system, they'll wander off and log off. That's it. You've lost a potential player. End of the line. Only way to prevent this is for the player to be in the Discord and be actively engaged enough to ask for help on where to go. And that'll most likely be Menhirs, but I'll return to that in another chapter. Summed up, y'all need to have an adaptive starting experience. It needs to adapt to the changes, so make a flexible spawn. What you have right here with NPCs needs to be easily changed for future things to be implemented. And you NEED to expand that adaption to your spawn locations from the captain NPC. It needs to teleport people where there's active players. A little suggestion was made by me earlier, which can be found here. I tried to update the starting "jobs", what your character was and all that. Chapter II: Production of Mankind and Why it Needs to Change Perhaps the thing that upsets me the most with Unknown Shores is the damn productivity and how heavy an impact it has. As it stands, all there is to collecting resources, building a cool ass church or something, is grinding and time. You need to get the materials, which is based on chance and finding just the right zone, it's based on gray materials which cannot be focused with productivity. I repeat. I can literally not focus on mining stone instead of like, iron or hecking thorium. Which should probably be fixed, since it has infuriated a local tower-builder, from what I've heard. And apparently you can trade gemstones for stone and hardwood? I think? And after collecting the materials, you'll need the proper architecture level - AND THEN, THE PRODUCTIVITY TO MAKE SOMETHING. In this process productivity is linked to everything. Y'all really need to cut down on that shit, since right now I get three productivity a day and I'm linked to that productivity. Because there's no people around. I understand this system is handled for having more people working in it, but the state of truth is that there isn't. There's not enough players. There's me here in Port Drustgarde(sometimes with company but that'll pick up post-holidays) and then there's Menhirs. There's nobody else around, an economy can't work like that. So if you want the last people to not just call it quits because they're tired to productivity, you have a few options. 1) Increase gain of productivity throughout the day. 2) Make productivity able to be increased through an item or resting in a bedroll or something. 3) Make productivity a little less important, by say making gathering only take 1 or 2 productivity per tick instead of 3. Now I'd like to say these changes, if applied, should be temporary. Since they're not fit at all for a larger playerbase, should Unknown Shores ever attain that again, and should be lowered if that'll be the case. Do not dismiss this suggestion as "the economy will become fucked", it won't. Not for our current playerbase, which you really should focus on. Chaper III: The Absence of Gods, and the Question That Asks; "Are We Alone?" This ain't an insult. I promise you that from the depths of my heart. But Y'ALL ARE LIKE, FOUR ADMINISTRATORS OR COUNCIL MEMBERS AND WHATEVER, AND I ONLY EVER SEE VAREN AROUND. And don't get me wrong, I've tried to get my hands on some sweet Varen exclusive nudes for my shrine to him, but so far that hasn't been a possibility. I can get not playing on your own server, truly. But the fact that I never, ever seen the other three do anything that impacts me to my knowledge, makes me think a bit less of the three others when it comes to authority. What do you do? What are you scheming? Why are you in the position you're in? There's so many questions which I don't know the answers for, and I'd be willing to bargain that many others don't either. Give us some life signs my dudes, post in general chat, post some memes, damn even just log on and make a wacky .announce every now and then. Just show us your presence, because right now you're barely visible to us. Y'all still ain't getting no shrine dedicated to you, that rights belongs to and will always belong to Varen. Chapter IV: The Law Which Dictates the Physical Realm, a System of Possibilities So you've a pretty advanced system for combat, I'll say that. Good job, if I had the same knowledge and dedication as you had, I'd probably make my own system, alas I don't. And I am also wishing for the sweet embrace of the apocalypse so that I may finally rest, so I'll probably never get around to it. The ambition though, blinds something that I wish it wouldn't. Overview. The system's abilities are kind of... Repetitive. And boring. Let me give you an example. You're a warlock. You're a master of unholy magic, you've bent it to your will - and for good too, fuck it. You're a nineteen years old human female warlock, chaotic good. Let's roll with that. Upon becoming a warlock, you gain SPECIAL CLASS ABILITIES. Five spells, five powerful spells that can impact your enemies at high velocity and heresy. Your choices are... Curse of Exhaustion. Your enemy's next attempt to move or flee will FAIL! And then-... Wait, there's nothing more...? Uhm. Right, sure-- wait this is just Terrify but without the essence... Right, there'll be better choices! Curse of Agony. You inflict your target with such agony that you deal DAMAGE OVER TIME, SCALING WITH YOUR WILLPOWER- wait this is just corroding magic... W-Well, the more aggressive sounding spells will surely be more interesting! CHAOS BOLT! YOU DEAL DAMAGE, MADE BY FELFIRE TO AN ENEMY!-- wait is that it, uhm this is like.......... all other attack spells... huh... FEL ARMOUR! YES, I CAN SHIELD MYSELF WITH MY UNHOLY POWERS, WHAT AN ABILITY! It also heals me, great! Oh, of course I can't use Divine spells, that makes sense! Wow, this spell has a lot to offer, surely the last one will be-- shadow bolt. you deal damage. So you'll spot a pattern here. There's no creativity in these spells. No quirky side effects. No advantages. It's black and white. And it's honestly put, plain boring. I'd HEAVILY recommend making spells with more flavor. And hell, if you even need inspiration, I made my own Pen and Paper-inspired system on tales with tons of spells but not too successful, you're free to copy and take inspiration from there if you're unsure where to start. Or even Dungeon and Dragons 5e's spells(to this one I'd like to note, however, to not look at the cantrips too much. They're designed to be simple to understand to start out with, look at spells from level 1-5 or something). Overall, just make the abilities impose more flavor! Please, the selection is SO MUNDANE. I'll always help out if I'm asked, if my pale, little opinion is worth anything. And then there's martial abilities. Popular systems like DnD 5e even suffers from this issue, and right now I feel like all I'm doing as Faelian the Former Farstrider is doing is quick attack, full attack, quick attack, full attack, o shit my hp low BETTER ENRAGED REGENERATION, since there's not really much to do. I've picked up a longbow lately and that's fun. I'd love if you could experiment with clever martial abilities that are STILL VIABLE, that can impose fun conditions just like spells can. Chapter V: A Story Told Hollow - a Story Unknown BRUH SILVER-EYE JUST GOT DESTROYED, GREAT, PROGRESS IN THE STORY! Though that's like, the only thing of note that has recently happened besides trolls crowding my material collection zones(fuck that by the way, shitty ass trolls is getting what's coming to them), and the rest has just been... Nothing. I see there's a few people holding DM ranks, but the last time a DM actively did something concerning me, the big bad enemy guy literally hit 0 HP, and I shit you not, proceeded to run the fuck away. Where a player would've been prone. They literally had enough power to run. That's railroading, the act of shoving a desired outcome in front of player action. It's. Never. Good. But that's a tale the one who shan't be named has been taught already, or I dearly hope so at least. So all around me is nothing - I don't know if it's because of my timezone but nothing is happening. No effort to keep the story driven. No effort to tell a story. I role-play to immerse myself in a world where my actions are reflected upon the environment, which the only way it does right now is when y'all find that one spot you love gathering in is fucking desecrated. By yours truly. Regardless, you really, REALLY, need to have a heavier influence on the world, finding someone AFKing? Summon a bird NPC, make it swoop down and land on a character's shoulder. It's a parrot! It's lost at sea as its vessel has been destroyed, it needs a new owner! Does the player take ownership of it, sell it, give it to the child who came running along and went "yo nibba that's fucking sick", what do they do? Who cares, because what the character does here gives the player an ability to immerse themselves, to put depth to their character, to see what goes on in their head. And that's just a bird landing. It could be anything! Get creative boys and girls, and again, I'll always be willing to help if I'm asked. But just make the world alive, no grand storyline is needed for it. Chapter VI: An End - and a New Book Being Written I've done what I felt I needed to do, I wrote down my complaints and I hope they'll be processed seriously among staff and council. I've done my very best to make it be as friendly as possible, but in case I didn't make it entirely clear - in my opinion, you NEED to change your ways, otherwise this server will go Abyss, Chronicle, Legacy, dead. It'll be a select few RPing in Tordala, and even then that might end. Who knows. But, from one server owner to... Like, four of them, please don't fuck up. We need more unity and less aggression on the WoWRP Private Server scene. -76 Edit: Chapter VII: I forgot something. This won't be terribly long, but. You need to re-evaluate rarities. Rare RPG tokens should be better than Uncommon RPG tokens, just as they should be better than Common RPG tokens. There needs to be a sense of progress. There isn't. Right now you just offer unique choices instead, and it doesn't work that way. Go watch any video about game design on the matter and they'll tell you the same. In WoW, the more you level up, the more abilities you get, and you get more powerful.
  10. Sevencix

    coins and shit

    could you enlighten me on some of the ideas you have regarding these services players can't provide? since if my suggestion would be allowed, i'd recommend allowing one to spend silver instead of productivity to craft an item, of course the amount of silver that can be used a day should be limited in any case maybe just add in a new series of recipes too that does quirky stuff
  11. Sevencix

    coins and shit

    one could argue that some trade with silver is better than none, the way i view it currently is that coins are simply a hollow economy as it stands we are too small to have an economy where people agree something is worth like irl, therefore it is a necessity to offer services with coins more widespread
  12. Sevencix

    coins and shit

    hey, so i wanted to address the issue that coins are seemingly inflated and rather useless at the current moment, therefore i've come up with a suggestion that may or may not help just that. this regards the npcs that sells the gathered resources outside of the inn in silver-eye, such as rugged timber and simple metal -decrease the price of imaterials from 25 to 15 each -cap the amount being able to be purchased to 5 every 48h -make a single rare material from every profession available for purchase once every 72h for the price of 35-45 silver now i may look myself as a god but i am nowhere near that, therefore i wished to know you people's 2 cents on this matter