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  1. Dascombe

    [Event] Werk werk

    Where: Mag'gol village When: Wednesday 31st July 8pm server-time. Who: Flamespire Clan and allies Event Type: Labour / Work GM Assistance: Not required. Event will be self-DM'd. Keepers are of course welcome to come along an interact. The grumble could be heard from atop Grom'Goshar peak as the fiercely work-heavy peon Pik woke from his grog-induced slumber. He rolled out of his leather cot with a SLAM onto the compacted earthern floor of his hut and picked one of his teeth up which he had knocked out. Another shiny glowing day in the worklife of a peon... but his work orders now grew more intensive and more complex with scores of jobs needing done and only one Pik to do them. He may stand a great deal taller than many of Bloodfury's fiercest warriors but at the end of the day he is but one Orc.... or is he? An unusual expression of determination lit up the Orc's face which only added to the confusion when a number of the Flamespire Clan's most seasoned warriors had gathered around the campfire to tell war stories, drink grog and sing... the burly Peon leered over them. "PIK TIRED, PIK DO ALL WERK. WARRIORS SIT AND DRINK GROG. PIK HAVE NO TIME TO DRINK GROG. PIK TOO BUSY BUILDING. ELDER GIVE ORDERS TO PIK. PIK GIVING ORDERS TO YOU. NO MORE GROG, NO MORE SING-SING, NO MORE JOY UNTIL YOU HELP PIK WERK. YOU COME HERE TOMORROW WHEN AXEBEAKS STOP SQUARKING OR PIK GET MAD." The Orcs look confused, this may be the first time many of them have seen a Peon -angry- nevermind giving seasoned warriors work orders. Was it the fierce determination? The confident stride? Or simply abject confusion and terror at social norms for Orcs collapsing around them? We may never know, what we do however know is that Pik is swinging his gusto around to complete a great many of the Doldrosh's outstanding work orders, in this case: it involves the construction of earthern defences, ramparts, trenches and other means of defending against the bug swarm should it attack as well as cutting down every tree within distance of the village of Mag'gol Time will tell to see if the peon's ham-fisted threats work. Event Objectives Main Objective: Hellscream's Legacy Successfully fell all trees in front of the Flamespire Clan's Bastion in true Warsong style Bonus Objectives: My Axe Cannot Cleave Fleshless Spirits Cut down so many trees that the ire of Opej's forests is invoked TIIIIIIMMMMBEEERRRRR Cut down a tree that squashes a hostile beast Honey for the Horde Acquire a swarm of bees from a tree to start production of honey in the clan
  2. Dascombe

    Builder's Workshop Teaser Thread

    Ahoy folks, its that time again, coming at you with some teaser-ey goodness in the form of stuff that the builder team is currently working on for the keepers to keep ya'll on your toes.
  3. Dascombe

    Baron West - The Huntsman

    Update: Having revisited this profile i'm going to be editing it drastically in the coming days to change both his current traits to reflect his current stance and skills as well as add a bit more to the storyline so far of Tim
  4. Dascombe

    [Event] Reaving The Reavers

    Bit of a delay but cheers for the event folks! Fun though it was, none of the objectives were completed, in fact we may have failed to preemptively destroy the biggest threat now known to Opej'nor!
  5. Dascombe

    [Notice][Bounty] The Rat Pack

    More bounty posters appear, this time specifically only on the isle of Opej'nor once again on recycled parchment with an image of a rather cocky looking human bandit. As with others, this bears the signature of Baron West The poster reads: "WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE. Two members of the bandit gang known as the 'Rat Pack' Wanted for the waylaying and robbery of a citizen of New Moonbrook. Known members of this gang consist so far of a duo: a human and a mag'har Orc, the latter believed to be armed with a gun. They are believed to operate as part of a larger group. These criminal pigs were spotted close to the Trailblazer settlement at the foot of the Wizard's Enclave Tower in south-eastern Opej'nor. These bandits are wanted on the following charges of: One Count of Highway & Armed Robbery One Count of Conspiracy to Commit Grand Theft Rewards are as follows: A SUM OF FIFTY SILVER FOR EACH OF THESE TWO BANDITS SLAIN. PROOF TO BE BROUGHT WITH THEIR HEADS. A SUM OF ONE GOLD AND FIFTY SILVER FOR EACH OF THESE TWO BANDITS BROUGHT TO NEW MOONBROOK ALIVE AND IN CHAINS TO FACE PUNISHMENT FOR THEIR CRIME A sum of five gold pieces will be rewarded to individuals who come forward with substantial information on this 'gang' known as the Rat Pack that leads to the utter dismantlement of aforementioned gang.
  6. A number of bounty posters are printed on a rather plain recycled parchment found commonly in the Doldrums, upon this one stands a fierce hooded looking Dwarvern woman in dark cultist-like robes with flaming incantations present. These letters make their way to major settlements but unusually for something marked with the Baron's signature it also appears in the city-ruin of Tordala. The poster itself reads: "WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE. Warlock of unknown name hereby referred to as 'Heinrich's Bane' Wanted for the murder of Captain Heinrich of the Alliance Combined Arms Brigade and an unnamed Kaldorei sentinel of the same aforementioned brigade. This warlock was found responsible for the summoning of a demonic succubus which slew and took the form of Captain Heinrich of the Alliance before also slaying a member of the brigade, culprit is wanted on the following charges by Baron Timothy West and the settlement of New Moonbrook: Impersonating an Alliance Captain Magical influence over Alliance soldiers Two counts of murder High Treason Falsifying documents Inciting war Alliance soldiers under the command of the Captain were found to have been enthralled by the demon until it was slain by heroic adventurers from Drustgarde and Tordala. Upon the elimination of the demon, a warlock believed to be a Dwarvern Female was found escaping the scene using a hearthstone. Those with information as to the location or whereabouts of Heinrich's Bane should report to Miss Mythglancer of Tordala, Governor Haytham of Drustgarde or Baron West of New Moonbrook. A SUM OF 25 GOLD IS OFFERED FOR THE WARLOCK'S HEAD A SUM OF 50 GOLD IS OFFERED FOR THE WARLOCK BROUGHT ALIVE, GAGGED, BOUND IN ANTI-MAGIC MANACLES AND DISARMED TO NEW MOONBROOK TO BE SUMMARILY EXECUTED"
  7. Dascombe

    [Event] Reaving The Reavers

    Where: Ruined twilight encampment west of Haven When: Wednesday 17th July 8pm server-time Who: Anyone on a non-hostile level with Haven due to proximity of Haven forward base camp Event Type: NPC clearance GM Assistance: Not essential but would be appreciated for highlighting any burrows present or if one sand reaver looks like its going to morph (see objectives below) In the late of night due west of Haven, the guards keeping watch over the ruins of the Twilight camp would become familiar with the eerie clicking and skittering noises that now permeated the night as well as the day Sand Reavers. Horrific multi-legged monstrosities with pincers capable of cleaving an Alliance steam tank in two and with chintenous plating as strong as the aforementioned tank, these things are a challange and not to be taken lightly. Sat on a rocky outcrop looking over the skittering beasts was Baron West, a bowl of hot stew bubbling beside him on a low campfire with its flame concealed from any would-be onlookers "Look at them, skittering around consuming corpses of cultists... and after what happened that one time at Drustgarde all those months ago I know that if these things are left undisturbed one of them will morph into a queen and that is when shit will -truely- hit the proverbial Gnomish fan... especially when it lays a clutch of thousands..." He sits back for a moment, memories of the Sand Reaver Siege of Drustgarde came flashing back to him.... He looks eagerly and carefully at rocks as the moon catches their marble tops and the light of the moon reflects off the still Doldrums sea... "one... two.... three... four" he mutters, counting the armoured killing machines with distain He sighs deeply, putting out the fire and pouring the stew into a corked flask before sliding down a vine from his concealed position and skulking off back to Haven "At least Drustgarde were prepared when a Queen Sand Reaver appeared on their doorstep and had a huge number of troops and heroes there, I somehow think that Haven would be wholly unprepared for such a battle... best call in the troops I reckon..." Event Objectives: Main Objective: Feeling Broody? Kill the Sand Reaver that looks as though it is about to morph into a queen Sand Reaver. Failed - Sand Reaver Queen was spawned Bonus Objectives: Eviction Notice Have the means to, and successfully burn out any Sand Reaver burrows that may be in the area. Failed - No burrows burned Biting off more than you can chew Successfully defeat two or more Sand Reavers in a single engagement with no-one incapacitated. Failed - Reavers were slain one-at-a-time (Timothy also incapacitated) Clean Sweep Successfully defeat all four Sand Reavers with no-one incapacitated. Failed - Total of three Sand Reavers slain, fourth one (egg form) successfully hatched. Timothy also incapacitated.
  8. Dascombe

    Architect Tweak Additions

    Hey guys. Real quick one for those who are architects, i'd like to recommend the following additions if they are possible: 1.) The addition of 0.01 movement increments. This is possible on GM accounts and to my knowledge it goes smaller than that (not tested how much smaller though), its a handy little tool as i've noticed that lining up objects with others can cause minor clipping issues that can't be solved to the up-down-left-right nature of the movement system and so it would certainly benefit the movement of objects to a finer level. This is especially the case for -VERY- small items such as foodstuffs, cutlery, plates etc 2.) The option of 1.0 and less item scales. This allows for things such as statues or tiny little tweaks such as setting out a map with Alliance and Horde banners scaled down on it as miniatures. The reason I suggest a downward scale rather than a upward scale is to prevent people scaling up wall pieces to monstrous sizes to prevent higher wall coverage.
  9. Dascombe

    A wild Kitteh joined

    *Cracks whip*
  10. Dascombe

    [Project/Journal] The Treant's Gardening Project

    I got ya fam:
  11. Dascombe

    [Event] The Embers of Life

    Addendum: missed a couple people off
  12. Dascombe

    The Flamespire Clan

  13. Dascombe

    [Event] The Embers of Life

    Event concluded! Wonderful turnout, thanks to all for coming! For the purposes of GM tracking, the following characters made the following offerings to the spirits of the midsummer festival should GM's wish to act on these sacrifices (for better or for worse) at a later date: Alistair - Ebon Blade Insignia Dragor - Morkash's Ashes Mel - Pretty Pebble Mikturok - X50 glimmering gemstones, two mugs of wine and a superior stone of flames (Superior Weapon Upgrade) Rothan - His own decapitated horn Treant - An Ancient Seed Eamane - Eamane's Business Card Volruk - His Mag'Har Tabard Montague - Ten Gold Coins Gruk - Ceramic vessel that once held Smoulderon's heart Drokthul - His old axe
  14. Dascombe

    [Event] The Embers of Life

    Where: The Den of Flame (Grom'Goshar Peak) When: Friday 5th July 20:00 server-time. Who: Any race or non-hostile faction. (Due to current events, any Twilight cultists caught sneaking in will be summarily executed via a torturous burning display as part of the festivities) Event Type: Social / celebration GM Assistance: Required only for the sporadic spawning of various flame spirits joining in the festivities and a special task for the evening's entertainment (PM'd in a ticket). GM's welcome to intervene and join in though. Flames licked the twinkling light sky in Haven as fire dancers and many others performed dazzling tricks of the light in amazement of the population on this midsummer's eve. Traditionally in the past and outside the trapped realm of the Doldrums, the celebrations are performed for a number of reasons but always in the same two weeks... some Kaldorei in the forests of Ashenvale celebrate it as part of complex lunar cycles marking the seasons and is generally seen as being in opposition to the Lunar festival which is more commonly celebrated however their Sindorei kin in Silvermoon celebrate it the fire festival ferociously as a totem to their cultural prosperity that the ever living flame provides. The Dwarves celebrate the festival to mark the ritualistic replacement of more oil lamps (usually family heirlooms) for their deep mining excavations across Khaz'modan whilst the Shu'halo see it as another aspect of the earth mother in their culture. The Orcs though? To the Orcs, the fire festival crosses over with a similar festival held in the valley of Shadowmoon known as 'Aka'Reth', the blessing of the flame. Although many of the Orcs hold a place in their hearts for festivals of a spiritualistic nature, this was as important as breathing or drinking water to the Pyremasters and Blademasters of Draenor with many travelling from across the land for many months just to arrive in time for the festivities. The elder Orcs would gather children and adults alike and tell stories of the brave accomplishments of warriors or of sage tales with a lesson to be learned at the end, some of the more artistically inclined sculpted great statues that would be torn down at the end in commemoration of the destructive nature of the flame... but what many of the more martially inclined Orcs turned up for was the famed 'blademaster duels' An arena in the centre of the festival would be built just for this occasion where positions of the moon and stars would be engraved into the floor along with various Kalimag runes, you could always spot the newcomers to this festival when their eyes light up in surprise at the clash of swords which causes the blazegrease to ignite and form a spectacular display of colour, light and combat prowess all rolled into one. It is an occassion that many Orcs would remember fondly, be they finding a life partner in the glow of the campfires or simply inhaling the incense totems constructed by the clan shaman to enhance the senses to a level indescribable in mortal tongue, there was something for everyone at the Aka'Reth festivals. Prior to the dark portal's opening, the festival was an evolution over thousands of years warning Orcish clans of the deadly nature of winter that everyone but the Frostwolves grew fearful of as it ate food supplies and slew many dead on high mountain passes... in tales told by shaman this evil biting cold would be personified by an anthropomorphic spirit. It would be years later when the Orcs settle in Azeroth that this being once thought of on another world by shaman in lucid dreams would turn out to be a very real and very deadly threat. And so the people of the Doldrums gather and celebrate a time honored tradition to many for a multitude of reasons. However it would seem that the Orcs of the newly named Flamespire Clan have extended an informal 'invitation' of sorts for denizens of the Doldrums to come celebrate with them in a place dominated by the flame where a malicious spirit of fire in service to the old ones was vanquished by the very same denizens of these isles. The word spreads that this celebration upon the peak will be treated with full Orcish hospitality including cooked food hunted by the clan's hunters and brewed Orcish grog strong enough to give a steam tank engine a kick-start. Though the invitation is welcoming, it does warn that those attending will be searched at the base of the peak and required to discard their weapons to ensure that any twilight cultist that tries any smart ideas is quickly cleaved by seasoned veterans of the peak. "This desolate peak is tarred as a place of death and mire Let us now spark the embers of life"