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    Daggerfin Corsairs

    Sorry to burst your bubble man but you're late to the party
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    [Group] The Hunters

    Following a local rumour from Egtown, Baron West made headway for the newly establish 'Halfpoint Haven' where he sought out the local folk hero known only as 'Captain'. Upon arriving, he found out that rather than bringing hides as part of some minor task, it would appear that a local pack of raptors have attacked the settlement and gone so far as to kill two of the refugees who live there. After coming to the conclusion that the Opej Basilisk has caused no fatalities (yet) the Baron declared that he will bring proof of the death of the packleader to the Captain so that the local refugees might sleep easily. However this was no simple raptor, the Captain elaborated and stated that the packleader of these raptors was not only bigger and deadlier but worse it was intelligent, something about the captain's tone suggested worry to the Baron... strange considering the apparent strength of the man. The baron insisted half of his cost would be waivered for a trophy from such a worthy kill... but he also insisted on the other half being relinquished if the Captain revealed to the Baron who he was and his real name... on account of the Baron's suspicions of the man. Regardless of the outcome... the Captain made clear that this raptor and its pack would be too much for the Baron alone who must now seek to put a crew together to hunt the raptor... but despite having scrapped his fee the Captain stated he would pay any crew that the Baron brought along to kill the creature. The Baron set out into the jungle in the dead of night... but even darkness and the heavy snowfall would struggle to deter him from finding the tracks he was after... but before long he realized that the raptors were not heading -straight- back to their lair... but seemed to be criss-crossing and doubling back on themselves... quite clearly under instruction from this 'intelligent' raptor which had a MUCH bigger print left behind. The seasoned hunter simply lit a cigar from his silver case "Clever Girl"
  3. Grettik Gritbeard Race: Dwarf Age: 185 Class: Archaeologist / Explorer Alleigance: The Explorer's League, Ironforge Languages: Dwarvern (Fluent), Common (Fluent), Gnomish (Passable) Additional Languages (X denotes useage of scriptures for translation): Titanic Script (conversational), Thalassian (passable, X), Highbourne (passable, X), Zandalari (poor, X), The Trio Grettik Gritbeard was born to a rather modest family within the thriving city of ironforge a good seventy three years following the War of the Three Hammers, a now distant memory in the minds of many Dwarves. As far back as the Gritbeards remember there has always been at least one sibling entering the Ironforge Army as a soldier and another joining the mountaineers... both prestigious positions that usually went to the eldest and most favorable of the siblings. Young Grettik however had two elder brothers: Dalofic and Gadmuk. The latter became a soldier at a young age clad in steel due to his skill with axe and shield whilst the former, ever skilled with firearms, donned his cloak and maille to become a mountaineer taking the fight to the trolls of Dun'Morogh, this left the young Grettik as the runt of the litter with little-to-no aspiration in life. Years would pass, almost destined to be a tedious hammer-striker at the Great Forge, his calling was answered as the formation of an organization known as the 'Explorer's League became known throughout the city of Ironforge following the discovery of a number of ancient ruins believed to hold the key to the secrets of their kin's heritage... no sooner had Grettik heard the rumour he ran straight to the newly renamed 'Hall of the Explorers' where he was one of the first twenty to sign up... to this day Grettik still keeps his membership card #19 on his person at all times as a sign of pride. The Explorer At War Years would pass, Grettik gained notoriety within the league for his unconventional excavation methods in addition to having sheer rampant good luck with finding fascinating ruins to explore... admittedly this didn't go as well as planned as many of his theories, many rather outlandish and extreme, rubbed many academics the wrong way who attempted to relinquish his membership by sending him on many more increasingly suicidal excavation projects to work on. He survived each one of them. Despite his almost divine level of good luck, such luck didn't seem to run in the family. His brother Gadmuk went missing presumed dead with the rest of the exploration league into outland whilst his other brother Dalofic went on a scouting mission into the depths of the cursed fortress 'Grim Batol' only to have their mangled remains found weeks later by a rescue team sent in to find them. Despite his parent's grieving, Grettik was still shunned seemingly as some sort of runt despite having achieved the rank of 'senior archaeologist' within the Explorer's League at such a young age and it was from this point on he cut all ties with his family and went off in search of adventure, choosing to be an archaeologist in the field exploring strange and wonderful places rather than sat in an armchair within Ironforge simply -talking- about it. As the Orcish menace ran rampant across the lands, it became increasingly apparent for a need to appoint individuals from the league to form a 'special' branch in charge of protecting potential sites of archaeological importance from being crushed by either Orcish boots or Human sabatons amidst the numerous wars stretching across the lands. Grettik was the member of the league appointed to oversee this task however a few budding archaeologists now taking up the profession in Stormwind expressed a desire to help. The long-lasting alliance between Dwarves and Humans was argueably never more apparent between Grettik Gritbeard and his human counterpart 'Wilson Wheeler', despite having severed his connection with family he found a friend in the human as the two made their way across Azeroth surveying the land as one supplied the ale around the campfire whilst the other sang and played upon his guitar. A Forgotten Land To Be Explored "Would you search through the lonely earth for me? Climb through the briar and bramble?" After Grettik and Wilson travelled across the land surveying ruins from Uldaman and Ahn'Quiraj to Eldre'Thalas and Azshara word began to spread of an ancient artefact resurfacing to allow the legion to reopen the dreaded 'Dark Portal' With the first, second and third wars behind everyone, it became increasingly apparent that a team representing the league would need to head through the portal to ensure a proper and accurate recording of artefacts relating to the ancient Orcish homeworld... rumours began to circle amongst senior academics in the league of a 'Horde' counterpart to their organisation being formed... seeing no time to waste both Wilson and Grettik volunteered to lead a small team into the shattered realm to record what they can... though deep down what Grettik sought was some sort of closure on what happened to his brother Gadmuk who supposedly died all those years ago. Barely two days into entering Outland, the duo came across the 'Sons of Lothar' from the expeditionary force, those who Grettik queried all informed him that his brother survived the destruction of the portal like many of them but rather than remain in Honor Hold he ventured north to Kirin'Var village with a scouting party to maintain communications with the village of magi. Weeks would pass before Grettik and Wilson would arrive there with their team but alas the village was all but destroyed by the forces of Kael'Thas Sunstrider with no sign of his kin or the scouting party sent from Honor Hold. The Roof Of The World "I'll be your treasure" Appointed 'Professor of Archaeology', the now seasoned Grettik and his equally experienced friend Wilson travelled north with the rest of the Horde and Alliance's forces into the Lich King's domain... only to find out that there were far worse creatures than demi-gods lying within the permafrost. The duo and their excavation team were instructed to rendezvous with Brann Bronzebeard himself. Despite numerous setbacks and encounters with the horrific forces that lay deep within Ulduar itself, they arrived to the forward base camp just outside the titan city's gates in the Storm Peaks. The human and the dwarf had come so far together over land and sea to explore the depths of the world and learn secrets of the gods themselves, the duo were determined for this discovery to be their biggest yet and to make their names resound throughout time as world-famous explorers. But as Wilson plucked the strings on his guitar in the base camp and began to sing... it would turn out not to be... Wilson's last song before he would perish in Ulduar The Imprisoned Horrors "I felt the touch of the kings and the breath of the wind" Where once Grettik was a level headed, studious yet fun academic, after the events of Ulduar he was no longer that same Dwarf. Forever looking over his shoulder and possessing an ever-present twitch, part of the Dwarf died that day in Ulduar. As Brann's forced loaded up their equipment, the base camp disassmbled and engineers made the finishing touches on the siege engines that would break down the main gates into the hostile facility. Grettik remained atop one of the siege tanks as a spotter whilst Wilson manned the gun, the men and women of the league laid a path of destruction through the Iron armies of Ulduar but despite this they were met with horrors both mechanical and ... something else All through their venture they felt something scratching at the back of their minds, tearing at the fabric of their memory as a thorn on a plant rips open flesh, some were more susceptible to this than others yet their soldiered on with Brann leading the expedition despite their numbers falling. "I'm waiting for you" It wasn't until they encountered a strange organic being a couple of stories tall where even glancing at it granted one a headache of immeasureable proportions, some of the weaked willed of the league proceeded to attack other members of the group and they had to be subdued or, in one case, killed in self-defence... the league were sorely mistaken when they thought they could banish such a monster who held their will in the 'palm' of its tentacled limbs, several were slain instantly and Brann ordered an immediate retreat but to no avail, many were lost in the rout and by the time they had ran through several corridors there remained only Brann, Wilson and Grettik... two un-named explorers as far as the younger of the Bronzebeard's was concerned... although they thought they were ahead of such a large beast it charged at a relentless and unnatural speed up the corridors, smashing stained glass windows depicting the stories of the titans as it did, but such a charge was short lived and the moment the trio thought they were in the clear a sound ripped through the air as though tearing through reality itself. "I'm with the ghosts of the men who can never sing again, there's a place follow me" Wilson dropped dead in an instant, the sharpened 'bolt' of void energies had gone straight through his neck and severed the top of his spine, killing him before he had a chance to blink. Grettik could only stand and stare for but a brief moment when he heard Brann screaming elsewhere. His eyes darted around and he realized he was lost in a maze... corridors leading down into access routes and open spaces filled with decorative urns or strange ancient consoles overgrown with dust and cobwebs... and deep inside the facility something reached out to him... not the creature from before but something much bigger... something which had entered his mind in his brief lapse of panic, something which assured him that it was his friend... he denied the voice, screaming for it to shut up as his only real friend lay dead in some forgotten corridor of a hellish prison. The Return of the Expedition The League's official report was that Grettik spent no more than a week within Ulduar whilst Brann fled to inform the leaders of the Horde and the Alliance of what he had found, though in his distraught mental state it likely felt like months as he scavenged through the facility's grounds for food and avoiding patrols of automated drones or Iron Dwarves... but in reality the true test was upon the Dwarf's mind which was shattered, torn and tossed around. Something was in here... something which manipulated him without the Dwarf realizing it. He would insist in later reports that he found food to survive as 'Wilson' had shown him where he stashed it, or that he had escaped a squad of Iron Dwarves through an access grate for mechagnomes which 'Wilson' had unscrewed for him. Grettik was eventually found shivering in an access chute close to Hodir's domain suffering the early onset of hypothermia, it would be almost four months later that he would finally be set on a wagon bound for Dalaran... but upon his return it would seem he had been gathering small nuggets of ore found in the deepest recesses of Ulduar, when he turned up to Dalaran he took this material to the forge and began to work it into a rather crude blade shape which ended up becoming his new shovel for archaeological excavation. Sadly many would see him speaking to it and calling it 'Wilson' constantly... many assumed this was some sort of post-traumatic stress... They were wrong. The last reported sighting of Grettik Gritbeard was him entering the portal to Ironforge from Dalaran... the Explorer's League have since confirmed to the Kirin Tor that the seasoned explorer never arrived. It is a shame they were looking in the wrong place...
  4. Dascombe

    [Group] The Hunters

    An OOC post for folks (hence red) A few people seem to think this is just a guide for Timothy West. It sort of is at the moment because he's the only hunter in the group. If you are interested in joining, roll a hunter (doesn't necessarily have to be the -class-) and get hunting and make a name for yourself, or at least express your desire to hunt big game in Opej within earshot of Timothy. Depending on how good you are (or Tim perceives you to be) will reflect what 'rank' you are in the group to start off with. Remember: This is not a guild, you can still be a part of Grom'Goshar, Drustgarde, Tordala or any other guild whilst also operating within the hunters as long as you stick to the code Cheers
  5. Dascombe

    [Group] The Hunters

    To Hunt a God Contorted and corrupt, twisting and torn, distorted and dangerous, this is what Baron West saw all those months ago when the nightmare, a product of the old ones, started to corrupt the beasts of Opej into horrific aberrations which bore little semblance of what they once were. Within her temple and domain, Death herself spoke to the baron: seeing fit to appoint him as her chosen champion... though the Baron did not realize it, he had been acting out her will all along with each kill he brought upon the isles... a rather grim and strange twist the huntsman thought. He came to learn the truth of the Four Horsemen who had recently plagued the isles, why they were here of all times and how they were unleashed. More importantly though, Baron West has previously dismissed this notion of a 'soul stealing being' as utter nonsense and the product of fairy tales caused by delirium from refugees drinking too much sea water, but the horseman of death made him see the truth in front of his own eyes... that this 'being' he had heard of was the cause for her grasp over the dead being loosened... that this -thing- grew evermore powerful with each soul held in its grasp in this foul place known as 'The Pit' "If the taint is destroyed, many things will be made possible. That [the freedom of souls] is one of them, yes. But do not think you can slay such a beast easily" the spirit of death warned The Mad Baron of Opej simply stared the spirit in the eyes "I do not intend to 'slay' it like I would a wounded doe. I intend to -hunt- it" he stated defiantly. Death's ghostly visage smiles eerily "Hunt an old god. Without a pause to your pulse. That is why I have chosen you to be my champion" Seemingly without a moment's hesitation, the Baron simply declared as if the old god itself were listening: "If it bleeds... we can kill it"
  6. Dascombe

    [Feedback] Keeper Events

    ^------- Scorpio's hit the nail on the head here. There's been quite a few times i've been wanting to do other events however because there's been a 'world ending' sort of apocalypse around the corner, everything else has naturally had to go on hold because it makes no sense ICly to go do minor tasks when there's something so big about to occur. It would be nice to see more common stuff happen. I believe there was mention a while ago of more self-determination amongst NPCs whereby they start springing up their own settlements and stuff? I mean take for example Tent Town and Egtown? How do the two communicate / exchange goods at all? I wouldn't mind betting now with the Sand Reaver threat gone there would be trials of refugees taking the beach (safest rout) to go between these two towns either to trade goods or simply to communicate with friends & family. As a natural and organic result of this perhaps have a small refugee 'outpost' appear half-way between the two that starts to ask players for help dealing with local issues? (IE: they are next to the sea but have little drinking water, bring them X10 fresh water and X other goods to make a water filtration system?)
  7. Dascombe

    [Feedback] Keeper Events

    I'm currently in the progress of sorta kick-starting some more player initiative stuff but I think at the moment there is (as APBD put it) too much going on: 1.) Kolai 2.) Twilight's Hammer 3.) Eredar demoness 4.) Volcano going overload And thats not to mention the defunct / dead / dying storylines that could really do with a wrap up: 1.) Blood of Opej Gems (I know quite a lot of players still have these in their inventories, the Black Golem is supposely powered by one) 2.) The Nightmare (Still got a fragment of it on Gruk) 3.) Sotoras (What have they been doing in the meantime?) 4.) Kolai (Not much happening bar that recent thing posted by Ingired) I think what folks need to realize is that there is -still- only a small number of players on US with a great many having not returned / not interested. A brief chat with a decent few has led me to realize that the talk of 'Ice Island' is fairly common knowledge now and quite a lot of folks are simply waiting for this change in scenery. In addition when you have the player base more or less split between Opej and Menhirs you basically have two 'sets' of storylines going on. Further to this, I think the eternal tie in with the 'Old Gods' still needs to tone down a bit. I get that in retail they are ultimately the 'BBEG' and 99% of bad shit happening can be led back to them but it doesn't have to be that way. I'm sincirely hoping that this 'four horseman' stuff happening now is something unrelated and completely it's own separate entity in terms of 'evildoer'. That having been said whilst I do like the look of the four horsemen as a 'standalone' threat, APBD has got a good point in highlighting the lack of 'mundane' villains. The one reason I liked the Opej Crystals storyline is because it put the threat of them in the hands of players: they were only really problematic when players started using them recklessly (which they usually do, a lot of us play careless characters!) and that is where the threat came from: players.
  8. Dascombe

    Hobo - The Hobo

    Hobo Race: Goblin Ag--- Woah woah hold up bud, what are you doing? No no no, stop that stupid 'format' nonsense, you want a biography? Sit down and let Hobo here tell ya the story! Alright... so a long long time ago way back when... 'war of the ancients'? No too far back you moron, lets go back to just when this 'Burning Crusade' thing happened... I already said -NO- to the 'war of the ancients'... oh for pity's sake: When the portal re-opened, got it? Back when if you were a Goblin like me you had a few options: strike it lucky and get rich as a trade baron, create some marvellous feat of engineering, or end up slaving away in the Kajamite mines along with the Trolls. Or you could win it big in the arenas! Guess which one ol' Hobo went with? Oh I was glorious, cutting down droves of my enemies, two versus two, three versus three, or even the lucrative five-versus-five arena matches! Arena fights were brill as you fought not just humans but Orcs too! Completely impartial as long as you cut down -everyone-! Of course this was back in the ways when being a warrior was good money, you waded in with strength galore and armour capable of granting you critical strikes that ended up with some beautiful decapitations across the arena floor. Years of doing meager quests for strangers paid off as I became stronger and stronger over the years! Yes yes, i'm getting to that bit, hold on I'm what you call 'old school', whilst all these chumps were off and about killing whatever big bad evil guy there was to be killed I was off slaughtering their buddies across the land, I was doing these 'arena' things before they were known as 'arenas'! Little hot spots from the Crossroads in Kalimdor to Tarren Mill in the Eastern Kingdoms, i'd be there in the middle killing anything that so much as had a heartbeat (or not in the case of the Forsaken, who am I to judge?) All that began to chance when this 'cataclysm' thing occurred. You see I was one of the ones on Kezan when some big black scaley thing flew overhead and blew up Mount Kajaro... I was in the middle of an arena fight as well for one of the big bosses on the isle! Well as pyroclastic flows blew past, me and my combatant continued fighting even as the magma surged down... it was at this point I sorta realized that if I didn't run now I wouldn't be able to fight anymore on account of being a mushy pile of hollowed out ash, that sort of this -really- puts a crimp on your PVP career. So I ran, got on the boat where I had to hand over all my arena prize money, problem is though that the boat got caught up in between some crossfire between Alliance and Horde ships, I got blown away from the blast and thought i'd drowned like many other of the refugees. Well that's where you're wrong buddy! But by the time I woke up and found out what was really going on I kinda wish I had died in that cannon blast: I ended up washed on the shore with -all- of my arena armour stripped off me... fortunately whoever robbed me had been courteous to leave me with two rather crude bandages and a pair of shorts to my name... but something about this island was strange, where once I could have ran up and down this entire beach on this jungle-island slaughtering everything for miles without so much as a scratch to my physical health, it now took me almost fifteen minutes to kill a crab which had managed to put me in a medically critical state. Somehow I had magically lost -all- knowledge of my fighting technique which had made me world-famous and worst of all: No-one knew who the hell I was! 'Hobo' is what the other refugees called me, on account of my constantly begging for cash to feed myself. I hadn't grown up with the knowledge on how to hunt: all I did was kill people and I got paid to do it in an entertaining way in a small arena, -that- is what kept me fed and clothed! Some of the more talkative locals who don't just stand there and stare into space simply answered my questions with 'Doldrums'... I mean what kind of response is that? I magically find i'm suffering from some sort of severe muscular atrophy where I can -just- muster the strength to fight off a seagull when before I was annihilating heroes who had fought the Lich King himself and all they can say is 'Its the Doldrums'? I may not be a wizard but there is no way that an entire chain of islands can project some sort of weird magical mumbo jumbo to suddenly make me, an all-time arena champion into a measly whelp who would likely die to a fresh adventurer out from Northshire Abbey... if that were the case why weren't mages using this magic on me in the arenas? Whatever, fact of the matter is i'm down on my luck, down on cash, down on any manner of strength or fighting capacity and more or less nearly naked. But ol' Hobo here has a plan... and as soon as I find who nicked my vengeful gladiator armour i'm going to rest their legs over a pier whilst lying face down and proceed to drop the largest boulder I can find on their calves. Appearan--- Woah woah, stop right there. 'Drop dead gorgeous', 'charming', 'chin chiseled from granite', that's all you need to put in here. ... Not foolin' you am I? Oh who am I kidding. Since landing on this crappy island i've become some sort of measly pen-pusher losing any muscle definition I had previously... not only that but there was some strange bout of disease not too long ago in Egtown which meant I look thinner than an Elven women looking to get on the cover of 'Rogue' magazine. The tattoos? Something back from my days fist-fighting in gangs on the mean streets of Kezan, kept ahold of them because well... tattos are hard to get rid of right? It's not like they just fit in an equipment slot like armour... Fair bit of face fuzz, cuts and bruises here and there... what do you expect from a refugee? Oh and my arm has recently been cut off by an Orc claiming to he the physical manifestation of war itself... small things like that get overlooked.
  9. Dascombe

    [Group] The Hunters

    The Daggerfin Recently, the esteemed Baron West has come across a rumour of a particular species of aquatic life which would make a wonderful addition to his mantelpiece of trophies: 'The Daggerfin' Described as a creature capable of swallowing a Gnome whole and luring in it's prey with a lantern-like appendage dangling in front of its mouth to lure prey to their doom. As the name suggests, this creature also has a large fin upon its back sharp enough to cut through steel wire and even rend apart the armour of the strongest of warriors whilst its teeth are certainly no less lethal: considered to be sharper than even sewing needles. There is a reason these denizens of Azeroth's seas are known in certain fishing communities as "caught the wrong 'un" as they constitute about 20% of deaths of fishermen in exotic locals such as Tel'Abim and Tanaris despite their rarity. But before the baron can seek somewhere to buy diving gear and reconfigure his gun to shoot darts underwater, he needs information on where the creature can be found.... "250 silver should be enough to get me that information."
  10. Dascombe

    [General Chat]

    Is it at all possible to get an in-game General Chat added? I ask this mostly for GHI related reasons (GHI sounds require Gen chat to be active apparently)
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    Je suis tres desolee, mon francais c'est tres nul. Deux biere brun sil'vous plait.
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    [Event] The Battle for Crystal Valley

    ((Event time changed to 21:30 ST))
  13. https://youtu.be/CNVomngq-Qc When: Friday 19th, 21:30ST ((Let us know if you are going to be late and you can be part of a 'reinforcement' wave!)) Who: Primarily Grom'Goshar and Drustgarde. Those who turn up ICly and ask will likely be allowed to participate. Where: Drustgarde / Egtown and then marching to attack positions The time had come Rumours had begun to spread of a horrific presence grasping its tendrils of influence around the section of Opej referred to by many as 'Crystal Valley' in an effort to control the powers that lie dormant beneath the steep-sided floors of the mystical region. Elementals, previously driven mad already by a malignant force, were now openly hostile and aggressively attacking all that moved and any sentient being that dared enter the area... and furthermore there have been numerous reports of a chained beating onyx heart tethered next to a large unnatural structure which had become known as 'The Spire' to many. Recognizing this threat, and in a prophetic manner, the Pyremaster of Grom'Goshar known as Gruk predicted the large rumble that struck the land as the Twilight's Hammer begun their labours within the valley, the Great Quarun mourned for the loss of his brothers and feared they would be fully enslaved if nothing was done. Worse still, some have begun to suspect there is a link between the rumblings in the ground and not only the volcano which erupted on the Last Battleground but also what the sailors of Drustgarde encountered beneath the waves with their Naga allies not too long ago. Seeking to put a stop to it, both Grom'Goshar and Drustgarde have come together to build bridges and begin the healing process to repair their alliance in order to combat the greater threat that could not only see Opej completely annihilated but quite possibly the rest of the Doldrums to follow soon after. Being a shaman and not a tactician, the Pyremaster has sent Stone Guard Ragara Irontooth with a combat plan to Governor Haytham so as to plan an attack that will see the cult of the Twilight's Hammer utterly annihilated and their plans routed so that the denizens of Opej can live to fight another day. Whispers on the wind suggest that the forces for this assault shall be gathering at the gates of Fort Drustgarde at night ((21:30ST)) on the friday in two days time. Given the gravity of the situation it would become apparent that even those not directly a part of either Drustgarde or Grom'Goshar may find themselves able to take a place on the battlefield if they speak with the commanders involved. Who knows what may befall the combined might of the Horde and the Alliance? The strength of the axe and the anchor? Who knows what might happen to Opej'Nor if they fail?
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    Builder's Workshop Teaser Thread

    Something wicked this way comes...