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  1. Dascombe

    [Event] A.N.T.M.A.N 2.0

    A plume of smoke and the chugging of a machine inside bursts to life as a distant machine upon Tordala lights up a vibrant green colour. It would seem that Gizwhip seeks a team to embark upon another 'dive' on a perilous mission! He asks that those wishing to do so arrive at his workshop on the 1st of next month at 19:00 hours!
  2. Dascombe

    [Event] A.N.T.M.A.N 2.0

    Rumours begin to circulate once more that the A.N.T.M.A.N 2.0 machine has been recharged and that the tinkmaster seeks another team to venture forth! It seems the machine will be ready by the 23rd of this month at 19:00 hours! Those wishing to embark on this quest should arrive to the tinkmaster's workshop in lower haven near the Sotoran graveyard by this time! Somewhere in the town of Tordala, a light on a machine flicks to green and makes a short burst of whining noises before going silent again but the light colour change remains.
  3. The Stand at the Dead Acre The convoy was a short one. Five men on horseback with the esteemed Baron in the centre, four of Stormwind's finest soldiers they could muster as part of a diplomatic envoy for the Baron to be escorted to the township of Grand Hamlet from the ongoing construction works at Sentinel Hill overseen by Stoutmantle himself. The entourage made headway through the land deemed now under crown control as the final push against Van Cleef was made by a band of adventurers sent deep into the hearts of Moonbrook's sprawling mines beneath the southern mountain range. Idle chit-chat and casual conversation of politics turned to talk of war as the Baron regailed the men accompanying him with war stories from when he was a young man armed with a rifle in the first war with the Orcs. The atmosphere seemed to lighten as the heavily armed guardsmen preferred veering away from petty politics and listening to tales that they can relate to. 'Thunk' One of the riders behind had fallen backwards off his horse as they had approached the crossroads heading east to Duskwood. They thought it might have been drinking on duty or perhaps the heat of Westfall getting to him. That was until one of his comrades noticed a large bolt sticking out of his breastplate as the man choked on blood coming up from his lungs. "AAAAMBUSH--" the investigating soldier yelled before he too was felled by a large crossbow bolt which managed to go straight through the maille collar around his throat. The remaining two guardsmen dismounted as did the Baron who unslung his satchel and rifle from his steed. Armed and bearing shields the trio noticed over the southern hills there then came a large gathering of poorly-armed men: Defias renegades. One of the soldiers turned around to the Baron with the command to "RUN" but from the northern treeline came even more of them, cutting off their escape far away to the perceived safety of Sentinel Hill. "Who the blazes tipped them off of this damnable visit?" the Baron glared. The two soldiers shrugged as their shields clanged with the sound of bolts and arrows ricocheting off them and splintering. The trio made headway to the Dead Acre, a long since abandoned farmstead. In the centre of the field they took shelter behind an abandoned cart which provided shelter from the hail of projectiles bearing down on them but did nothing for the renegades now charging in an enraged frenzy bearing sword, axe and spear upon them. One of the guardsmen fell in a matter of seconds taking a few renegades down with him as he swung his hand axe around. The convoy was down to the Baron and one surviving guardsman who both ran into the farmhouse. The baron slapped his satchel onto the floor and took out two boxes of ammo... barely twelve rounds for what looked like a small army of over fifty defias renegades, several of whom perished taking down the third guardsman. Not very good odds even for a seasoned hunter such as the Baron. "Lock the door, stay quiet and keep away from the damned windows" the nobleman ordered. The guardsman complied and stood back but the walls were rickety with the plaster crumbling in many places. Silence for a few moments, only the sound of the Baron sliding a shell into his rifle... but this was interrupted by the sound of breaking plaster as a spear made its way through the wall and into the exposed calf of the guardsman who fell down to his knees in agony but not before he managed to smash the spear haft cleanly with his own hand-axe. The Baron discharged the rifle into the wall several feet ahead where the bandit was expected to be, there was a brief gurgle and the sound of a lifeless body hitting the hardy earth of Westfall. One bullet down... one bandit down... but the odds were not in their favour. He chambered another round and waited silently. There was the sound of a steel bucket outside being struck, presumably by a bandit's foot who hadn't noticed it. The Baron span around instantly and blasted another round into the wall which resulted in yet another bandit slumping over. A charge could be heard, the one employed by a mix of common thugs and political idealists turned renegade as he looked out the window and saw them charging over the field. The Baron hauled himself up to the top floor of the house where goods were stored and kicked through some of the thatching a hole large enough for his barrel and scope to stick out. One...two....three....four....five....six....seven...eight....nine....ten. With each shell that fell down to the stoney floor of the farmhouse another bandit met their end across the field... but on the tenth one he was careful. He waited until the remainder of the charging bandits had just crossed the path of a long-since disused harvest reaper which he noticed had been leaking oil... the final shot lit this trail of flammable liquid but it was too late for the bandits to cease mid-charge before the rusty construct erupted in the middle of the dead acre sending chunks of iron shrapnel in all directions. Those who were not killed instantly in the blast were most certainly fatally maimed or at least crippled. This however did not deter the rest of the renegades. "VAN CLEEF HAS A PRETTY PRICE UPON YOUR HEAD, BLUE-BLOOD" one of them yelled across the acre. He seemed far more heavily armed and armoured than his compatriots who had charged needlessly to their deaths but this didn't stop him from sending more thugs after the Baron. Baron West grumbled, more were coming. The final guardsman had clearly been cut in one of his arteries and had expired down below as the Baron blew the harvest reaper apart. He looked around swiftly and crawled through the thatching on the roof as the defias renegades closed the distance and broke down the door to the house. They looked around cautiously but to no avail. One went up the ladder that led to the loft and searched around: barrels of grain, opened medical supplies, and what looked like a knife-block at the back gilt with silver and bearing Queen Tiffin's bust on it as well as the date of the coronation... but it seemed to be missing the knives that went with it. The bandit who went up to investigate did not have time to blink as a commemorative kitchen knife found its mark at the top of his spine. The blade withdrew and the body slumped down on the floor of the cottage. The bandits below went eerily silent and drew out their crossbows and peppered the roof of the house with bolts which pierced through the loft floor. -SMASH- The Baron swung feet-first from the roof down into the cottage through the window, sending one of the bandits sprawling to the floor and with most of the wind booted out from his lungs, the others drew blades as the Baron brandishes his own pair of duelling knives. One of them was stupid enough to charge alone and was dispatched easily with a parry of a blade and the second knife entering his left breast. Two more looked at the Baron and charged simultaneously, he looked around for a split second and picked up a small coal shovel in a bucket behind him which disarmed both of them in a single swing but so too was he forced to drop his own knives to wield the shovel. What came next was a frantic case of fisticuffs with a firm blow landing on the Baron's jaw and another to his shoulder by the second bandit. As he span around in a brief daze he landed close to the fire and managed to pick up a fire poker with a hooked end to it for agitating the coals. As he got up in a singular swift movement he buried the fire poker into the skull of one of the bandits causing the other to flee in a panic only to find the door was locked shut. Other renegades who had by now reached the house heard the sound of fighting and all they witnessed as a sign of it finishing as the pleading for mercy before a spear end broke through one of the weaker planks of the door stained in blood and accompanying a violent coughing and gurgling noise. "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? YOU OUTNUMBER HIM, GET HIM!" the order screamed from the other side of the field. One of the new arrivals booted open the door, breaking the lock, only to witness several of his dead allies and a dead Stormwind guardsman... there was no sign of the Baron. The others filtered in silently until one of them caught a glance of the ladder leading up to the loft. Gesturing for the clearly green thief to go up and check the others watched in anticipation until they all began to hear a loud creaking noise, the sound of timbers cracking and groaning under excessive weight... -SMASH- ...as the grain silo outside the farmhouse smashed the cottage apart. Several of the bandits were thrown from the wreckage whilst some of them were buried under several tonnes of grain that began to spill out. Far back from the base of the silo the Baron grinned with his gun slung over his shoulder and a woodsman's axe in his hands. The bandits stood up through a haze of dust which rendered the air thick and hard to see through yet they saw the silhouette of the Baron. He made no attempt to raise his rifle but simply reached into his waistcoat for a gnomish lighter. Lighting his cigar and then lobbing it he managed to ignite the crumpled grain silo which erupted into a massive fireball sending splinters everywhere. With a burning farmstead, dead renegades everywhere, the entire acre was a ruinous landscape with naught but the Baron and the renegade's lieutenant running off into the distance. The baron chambered his last round into his rifle and took aim... _______________________________________________________________________________ The Next Morning... ________________________________________________________________________________ Citizens from Sentinel Hill arrived with members of the People's Militia, they were greeted with the stench of death as crows had already begun to feast upon the remains that littered the Dead Acre. Red from the face-masks that adorned their faces and red from the pools of blood that now seeped into irrigation channels and troughs intended for pigs to drink water from. The scene was as eerie as it was grisley. The four Stormwind soldiers were granted burials over at Sentinel Hill whilst the rest of the bodies were either buried in shallow graves or simply burned on the spot on crude pyres. Despite the militiamen knowing the Baron's presence there was no sign of his body but tell-tale signs of his presence with rifle shells littering the scene. The rumour of the 'Last Stand at the Dead Acre' would begin to circulate around the county, some more embellished than others but few bore witness to the entire scene unfold. ____________ Hi all. Got bored and decided to write a short story based on a short paragraph mentioned in Baron West's character bio. Anyone who's from Westfall in Unknown Shores is welcome to take most / some of this story as knowledge their character would be familiar with just as a bit of flavour text.
  4. Dascombe

    [Event] A.N.T.M.A.N 2.0

    Anti Neuron To Mass Accelerating Nullifier 2.0 Where: Opej'nor (Meet at Gizwhip's house in lower Haven) When: Wednesday 18th March, 19:00 server-time. Strict 2hr event 'cap' Who: Anyone on a neutral or above reputation with Haven. X5 player event max. Strongly recommended no less. Event Type: Mixed (Item gathering, NPC killing) GM Assistance: Dungeon Master Dascombe overseeing A quiet yet quick-spreading rumour would emanate from the workshop of the esteeemed Tinkmaster Gizwhip down by the new shorefront property in the neutral settlement. Likely instigated by the Tinkmaster himself, the rumour mentions that the mad gnome's A.N.T.M.A.N 2.0 device has reached a level of charge that will allow a team of adventurers to depart on an epic quest to retrieve the parts for the engineer's teleporter that will allow for escape from the Doldrums. Those who do not know of this particuarly perilous task may enquirer as to details from the Tinkmaster beforehand or they may just dive in and experience it for themselves.... regardless of the decision it is known that a number of seasoned adventurers have already perished on this seemingly mad adventure. And although he says he has lost a number of substantial engineering parts... few if any of the most seasoned explorers on Opej'nor can ever recall seeing such components whilst venturing through the jungle? Could the engineer be utterly mad? There is only one way to find out. OOC: Hi all, this thread will be used as a means of posting when there are 'dive' events into the A.N.T.M.A.N 2.0 DM campaign. ICly this represents the 'recharge time' it takes for the tinkmaster to get the machine running again for another 'dive' If you wish to speak with the Tinkmaster, please to drop me a message on discord and i'll log him for a chit chat. Depending on what you ask him you may be able to acquire information critical to the campaign. If you have not done so yet please ensure you have read up the event breakdown thread which stipulates some OOC conditions of the campaign. If you are for whatever reason unable to make this particular 'dive' then players who have not yet had a go get priority next time! Best of luck all!
  5. A.N.T.M.A.N 2.0 Salutations folks! Welcome to the DM campaign i'm running which although it doesn't really have a name as of yet I think throwing a name based on the machine players will be using in-game is appropriate. As a heads up i'll be looking to make this thread as spoiler-free as possible so that you are all pleasantly surprised by what you see in-game as its been worked on for quite a while now so we'll start off with a few pointers: 1.) No screenshots please This event is made so that everyone can participate in it regardless of level so please don't go posting pics of it in the screenshot thread to ruin the surprise. If you want to see what the campaign is like, get involved! 2.) No spoilers BY all means relay information to your fellow adventurers ICly but please don't go messaging each other on discord with what's been going on inside the campaign 3.) No harsh deaths This campaign (as most of my stories are) are based around creative out-of-the-box thinking. Ergo if you do something utterly stupid and careless you will face death or very serious injuries. This is the only 'warning' you will receive. 4.) No cross-contamination This campaign will contain an element of base-building and as such there is a means by which you can gather resources. That having been said there is a clearly quite IC reason for not bringing back a thousand units of Hardwood which -will- result in character death if you attempt it. The same also applies with anyone caught taking resources into the campaign. There are storage chests inside and outside the campaign for you to store things (as well as the bank NPC just outside the workshop) 5.) Take turns The campaign runs on a 'first come first serve' basis for 5-person teams of adventurers. That having been said the lead NPC has made it clear that glory is something best spread around rather than hogged so if you weren't able to get in on one 'dive' then form a group and try again! 6.) Craft and Combat Although combat will feature in this campaign, there are elements to it as well that will require base-building and problem solving techniques. In addition to this do not be surprised if those points you put in engineering you thought were useless turn out to be -very- useful after all! There is at least one puzzle in this campaign designed to test each non-magical skill set! 7.) Time Cap Each 'dive' into this campaign will be capped. This is due to my IRL sleeping habits needing cut back and also to prevent an event becoming a long drawn out early-hours bore fest. These are designed to be quick in-and-out campaign drops that folks can jump into on a short time frame. I'm looking at no more than 2hrs per 'drop' as a hard cap. 8.) Time Zones If you are in a timezone that makes it difficult for you to attend events regularly, please do inform me and I will make what provisions I can to arrange for a 'dive' on a weekend at a time suited to you. This is being ran on a 'no character gets left behind' basis 9.) Trial by Fire As many of you may be aware, this is my first campaign as a DM and am still getting to grips with the system and how it works. Conversely if you are new to Unknown Shores and are struggling with the systems please do say so and the pace can be altered to help you cope better. After every DM campaign I do is concluded i'll be running a feedback thread for players asking for what they thought was good and bad about the event and how it can be improved each time. Self-improvement is the best way to push forward with the server's general progression. If you have questions about how the event is ran or anything else of a technical nature, please comment below or message me on discord and i'll get back to you as soon as possible! Good luck, adventurers!
  6. Dascombe

    [Event] The Meat Feast II

    Where: Opej'nor (meet at the Jolly Otter) When: Wednesday 11th March, 20:00 server-time. Who: Anyone on a neutral reputation with Haven. -NO MAGIC USERS- Event Type: NPC killing / resource gathering GM Assistance: No GM assistance required Overlooking the township of Haven from one of the guard towers, one of the few places he can smoke without being accosted, the Baron grumbles to himself. "Many mouths to feed with more refugees turning up day by day and naught but a pig farm and a single field of wheat to sustain them... I suspect the Matron may have underestimated the numbers of this fledgling city..." Turning his back to the township, he then looks out across Opej'nor. The sun was fading over the horizon and a cacophony of sounds emenates deep from within the jungle... to the untrained ear it would be the general mix-mash of assorted jungle beasts rolled into a single amorphous background noise but to the trained ear the very scenes themselves would unravel. The sound of a feathered axebeak using its namesake tool to crack open walnuts The failed attempt of a panther to lunge upon an unsuspecting doe The deep and distant roar of a young devilsaur getting its first kill The Baron nods to himself with a mighty grin "The jungle always provides" And with that he slides down the ladder of the tower to the street level of Haven, pulling his cloak further round as he wanders down side-streets and alleyways but as he does so he passes numerous trappers, hunters, marksmen, rangers and even the odd warrior or thief to spread the news. Event Objectives Main Objective The Meat Feast Gather X300 [Meat Shank] to feed all those attending the feast. Bonus Objectives The Exclusive Diner's Club Kill at least one 'rare' beast The -other- White Meat Kill a gryphon Escargots à la Bourguignonne Kill at least 20 sturdy whelks for a signature Alteraci dish snail shells with wine and garlic butter. OOC: Hi folks Another event to go up, fortunately one that requires zero GM participation unless one is bored and wants to drop a surprise. The plan is for this to be a large-scale 'gathering' event for a follow-up event in Haven. For those who weren't there for it, this event in question is a follow up of one that was held very successfully last year in which hunters go out into Opej'nor and hunt beasts which are brought back to Haven for processing by the Baron who will, in turn, serve up a mighty feast! The follow up event plans to be a more sociable event where folks can gather up, sit down, have some grub and just chat to fellow players in a sociable setting, call it 'campfire' RP if you will but its something that everyone can get involved with regardless of gear or level. Even those wishing to attend this pre-event may do so as the beasts on Opej'nor vary from the small and nimble bandicoon to the massive and mighty Devilsaur! Regardless, they all drop meat so every bit of assistance is welcome!
  7. Dascombe

    [Event] The Trial of Strength

    Where: Meet at the Flamespire Bastion (adjacent to Haven) When: Friday 13th March (20:00 server-time) Who: Anyone on a neutral-or-above reputation with the Flamespire Clan Event Type: Combat / Gladiatorial / Spectator GM Assistance: Required ( @Elle to DM Stone Guard Tuhruk or another keeper if acceptable) Already with the announcement of the three trials for the next Doldrosh, the Flamespire Bastion seems to fill with an odd collection of sorts. Whilst normally filled with races that make up Thrall's New Horde... Humans, Dwarves, Elves and more also make their way in; citizens of Haven seemingly eager to observe the trials that are to be undertaken and not necessarily as a deeper understand of the Horde's political operations but rather many seem to be coming to witness as a form of entertainment with one or two entrepreneurs even setting up small food stalls much to the ire of some of the more staunch traditionalists within the Clan. Although the Clan was once strongly united under the single banner of the Flamespire, those within the clan have taken their sides of their preferred candidate out of the two wishing to become the new Doldrosh: Stone Guard Tuhruk, as stout as the mountain which the clan had called its home for so long and an immovable force to be reckoned with. Ragara Stormbreaker, few recall the Orc's previous given name after she took the moniker for defeating the elemental lord Huricanian in single-combat at the spirit's own behest. It sounds as though the fight may be a tough one but it is unknown as to how the show down may play out for the rules are not to be announced until the day of the fight by the clan's elder Gruk Charrbone... but two things -have- been made clear and that is the duel shall not be a fight to the death as once was typical of Mak'gora's in the Horde's past and that both of the nominations for Doldrosh can call in their stead a champion to fight on their behalf at the risk of losing support among some of the clan. Will the combatants be restricted to their strength of steel alone? Will magic be acceptable? Time alone will tell. The Elder of the clan bellows with a mighty voice for his age: "On the 13th of this hallowed month, our two fighters shall gather in the centre of the Flamespire Bastion for the test of wills as the twentieth hour in Haven is sounded!"
  8. Dascombe

    [Event] Catching Curious Critters

    Event confirmed for SUNDAY coming at 19:00 server-time! 150 animals is a lot so be prepared for this to potentially be a two-parter if it goes on for too long!
  9. Dascombe

    [Event] Fight for the Landing

    Event pushed back an hour to accomodate GM availability!
  10. Dascombe

    [Event] The Clan Calls

    Where: Meet at the Flamespire Bastion (adjacent to Haven) When: Saturday 29th Feb (19:00 server-time) Who: Anyone on a neutral-or-above reputation with the Flamespire Clan Event Type: Social GM Assistance: None required (unless wishing to DM NPCs who want to be Doldrosh) Within the thick blackness of the night rainfall began to pitter-patter down upon the joint settlements of Haven and the Flamespire Bastion, some of its settlers went inside but many continued to work and toil into the night. Mystics and shaman sought prophecies in the flames of bonfires, grunts stood guard at the gates and tested each other's feats of strength to pass the time whilst Elven scouts stood atop the walls eyeing the jungle canopy and floor for any bestial threats which might beset the clan's domain. Within one of the huts, the aging pyremaster Gruk Charrbone wrapped up Jorrog's preserved body in linens soaked in ointments and preservatives, part of his duty as one who cares for the dead. Afterwards he adorned the scout in his leather harness over the linens and placed his bow upon his chest before positioning his arms so that his hands may clasp the stave of the bow. He looked on with a sigh, in the corner of the hut were a number of other belongings to those who had passed away or simply disappeared; Tsolvia's staff lay in the corner. Bloodfury had left it on the peak yet the aging shaman had taken it with him during the Orc's exodus. Drok'thul's club. It was the only thing left of the Bastion's possessions that the fierce warrior had once had. And that tabard... he lay in the darkness at the back glooming. The shaman knew not what it was... a portent of evil omens? Or a sigil of hope? He walked forward and unveiled it, that crimson red colour and the Horde's symbol on it stood out as a stark reminder of what the clan had been through. He looked out the entrance of the hut outside, the glow of the tavern and the revelry from in belays the presence of Jorrog's body laying there lifeless. The shaman grunts to himself lowly "Time for a new Doldrosh to lead the clan." OOC: Ahoy folks It's been enough time to finally put this event up As many of you know, following the Long March event a few weeks ago whereby the entire Flamespire Clan upped-sticks and left the peak of Grom'Goshar to the safety of Haven. This marked the end of the Flamespire Clan as a player-led guild and the longest running and most active Horde guild on the server. That having been said, to paraphrase a certain Lordaeronian member of royalty: "There must always be... *thunder strike* a Lich King Doldrosh" To-whit this social event will include the following- A funeral ceremony. This funeral ceremony is to commemorate the loss of several members of the clan. First and foremost is the most recent death of the scout known as Jorrog who was one of two named combat NPCs who were part of the clan, he fell to a Sotoran knight's blade on the exodus to Haven (said knight remains in the clan's custody) The funeral also is to commemorate the loss of Tsolvia, Drok'thul and Dragor Bloodfury. Tsolvia fell at the hands of (supposedly) enraged water elementals who drowned her to death. Drok'thul and Bloodfury ended up retiring from the server and so their characters are MIA / presumed dead. Namings for the Doldrosh. This is the first step to what will likely be (based on past appointments of Doldroshes) a long and fairly drawn out process through which candidates for the title of Dolrosh (and ultimate rulership of the clan) put their names forward to be selected as leaders. In the past this has been exclusively players and whilst the staff stress they would prefer for player candidates to be the ones put forward chances are it may fall to an NPC given the lack of Horde players / potential candidates. We'll play it by the IC ear. Ultimately though this is not the -start- of the trials, these are but people putting forward their names to the Pyremaster so that their trials may be sorted out. As a new element to these trials, candidates may be able to select their own 'champions' to act in their steads to perform tasks so as to get the rest of the server involved with the appointment of a prestigious position which may have long lasting political consequences (for better or for worse) for the server. State of the Clan This will effectively be a 'where the clan is now and what we're doing'. Effectively due to the lack of Horde players it will be a chance for folks to basically get their hands on a lot of epic and legendary gear which has been gathering dust in the Grom'Goshar chest in exchange for completing certain quests.
  11. Dascombe

    [Event] Fight for the Landing

    Where: Meet at the shores of Kolai (Haytham's Memorial) When: Thursday 27th of Febuary. 8pm server-time. Who: Anyone on a non-hostile level with Haven or New Moonbrook Event Type: NPC clearance GM Assistance: Required In the distance of Kolai the sound of laughter can be heard as the bandits who now occupy Haytham's Landing laugh in revalry over their new territory. Little do they know in the distance they are being observed. Not by any of the Razorbranch who now lay deceased on the isle nor by the non-existant wildlife in the same state. Staring through his scope, Baron West surveys the encampment from the top of the temple upon Kolai counting their numbers with his hat by his side and a flask of brandy at hand. Nearby several of the Stormwind marines who served with Sergeant Jeremy Thorne erect a small 'encampment' of sorts to establish a 'listening post' to observe Haytham's Landing. The irony wasn't lost on the baron, the need to have a listening post to observe an outpost he had begun construction on so as to make sure Kolai didn't fall into the wrong hands... but at least it somewhat kicked the hive and brought these honorless thugs out from hiding. Just as one of the marines starts to get out a flint steel the Baron turns sharply and shakes his head "No fires, soldier. Can't risk having your position exposed. Remain up here and keep noise to an absolute minimum and light to even less. I want active reports on their movements and numbers and if anything changes. You've got enough rations to last you until the attack commences." The soldiers nod in response and go about their duties of preparing their small encampment as the Baron adjusts the sights on his rifle... it could be so easy to pick off the loudmouth and gobby one at this distance, lit up like a winter's veil tree as he brags something to his fellow thieves around the campfire... but not now... to do so would only alert the rest... "Bid your time hunter... and wait..." Event Objectives: Main Objectives: Reclaiming what was taken Reclaim Haytham's Landing either by killing off the bandits who have taken it over, imprisoning them, or chasing them away. Bonus Objectives: Interrogation time Capture at least one bandit to be taken to Haven for questioning Leader of the pack Kill or capture the leader of the bandit group if they appear Seeking motive Find clues to ascertain information as to the bandit's affiliation and reasoning for attack OOC: Welcome all This is an NPC clearance event for Haytham's Landing. For those new to the server, following Haytham's utter annihilation of the Razorbranch Trolls (bar those such as Sal'do who took over Drustgarde) the island was rendered absolutely desolate. Baron West took advantage of this and led a small skeleton crew of his own soldiers from New Moonbrook to establish an outpost there to watch over Kolai lest it fall into the wrong hands. Not too long after, the outpost came under attack by bandits who fortunately didn't kill any of the soldiers but West's men were forced to retreat to Haven where they recovered. Now with bandits controlling Kolai, there are no friendly eyes from any of the other factions in the Doldrums watching the previous home of the Razorbranch Trolls that could quite easily fall into the hands of any of the malicious groups within the Doldrums. It is worth pointing out at this stage that should the event go ahead with moderate success, this will lead to the follow up event which got shelved due to the bandit incursion:
  12. Admist the crowd gathered back to welcome Lady Springfield, a lone cloaked figure stood at the back of the crowd with a large rifle slung over his shoulder and a large grin upon his mustachioed face. "Well done, Lady Springfield." he mutters to himself. He observes sailors embracing one another on the shoreline. Fathers and mothers returning to families, lovers embracing each other for the first time in what may seem like years. He observes Lady Springfield walking through the crowd taking the time to talk to injured sailors bearing the marks of Razorbranch weaponry "Time may wipe them from history, but hatred can be a driving force to greater things" He reaches into his satchel and produces a small grotesque heart which appears to have undergone some basic taxidermy and preservation; Sal'do's heart. Looking on at the crowd, the leader of the Sotoran people pauses and there is a solumn moment as she approaches grave markers around the back of the Sotoran encampment in Haven "I will watch you from a distance, Lady Springfield, you may have now matured into a leader but your greatest test lies upon Sotoras. I shall see if you have what it takes to take the fight to what was once family, but do not forget you have friends and allies upon whom you can count." As he turns to walk away he makes one final look up at the crow's nest at the aft of the Tidesong... was someone up there? "Hrm. A trick of the light?"
  13. Dascombe

    [Event] Catching Curious Critters

    Although the siege of Drustgarde has been concluded, rumours would begin to circle that although the Baron wishes the isle of Kolai repopulated with wildlife, it seems that he is hesitant to do so whilst Haytham's Landing lies under bandit control. Those wishing to aid should consider the Baron's current bounty on this bandit group.
  14. Dascombe

    [Project] The Baron's Highway

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n30lcL19Ap5PKmahyZaVOWqWJQxGrc4KoMu4lK_7mQw/edit?usp=sharing For the nerds amongst you who enjoy numbers Construction on the High Hearth to Wizard's Enclave bridge has begun tonight and i'm keeping track of material costs to scare both me and the members of this community