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  1. Dascombe

    [Event] Catching Curious Critters

    Although the siege of Drustgarde has been concluded, rumours would begin to circle that although the Baron wishes the isle of Kolai repopulated with wildlife, it seems that he is hesitant to do so whilst Haytham's Landing lies under bandit control. Those wishing to aid should consider the Baron's current bounty on this bandit group.
  2. Dascombe

    [Project] The Baron's Highway

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n30lcL19Ap5PKmahyZaVOWqWJQxGrc4KoMu4lK_7mQw/edit?usp=sharing For the nerds amongst you who enjoy numbers Construction on the High Hearth to Wizard's Enclave bridge has begun tonight and i'm keeping track of material costs to scare both me and the members of this community
  3. Dascombe

    The Flamespire Clan

    The End of an Era The night gathers as a mournful procession makes its way to a large stone slab within what is now being dubbed as the 'Flamespire Bastion' adjacent to Haven. Although the body is not lit, timber is stacked up around the slab along with phials of sweet-smelling ointments and perfumes in preperation for the Orcish funerary rite. Bundles of verdant hibiscus and other dried herbs in an array of colour are bundled up amongst the firewood as well. The remains of the scout Jorrog lie upon the granite plinth with an array of other artefacts. But in addition to this are a number of other items, symbolic in nature. After the rest had placed their items upon the pile the pyremaster himself, Gruk Charrbone, hobbled forth with a large rag stowed under his arm which he unfurled into a large Horde tabard which he hung across the firewood on display. Many would, had they not seen him already, make a rather well educated guess that this large item of cloth belonged to Dragor Bloodfury who had torn it from his chest on the peak of Grom'Goshar in defiance of the Horde... it would seem the aging pyremaster had kept it for another time. He turns around spotting the crowd gathered before him; Hozen, Sin'dorei, Shu'halo, Orcs, Trolls and Goblins alike.... "We have lived here long enough to call these isles home. Many of the Orcs amongst still recall our shattered homeland of Draenor, the dusty plains of Durotar or even our enslavement in the human lands of Azeroth. Yet we come from many far off lands. These verdant jungles, deadly though they are, are our new home now. Wherever we take our people will become our home as we are blood kin tied to one another regardless of what happens. That is why I could not allow so many of our kin to perish upon the slopes of Grom'Goshar, at least here we still have one another to seek solace in." The elderly pyremaster looks down at the crowd.. there are older faces scarred by the trials of war who have seen untold horrors before even venturing into the Doldrums... and there are younger faces, fresh and full of hope. "I grow weary with age, my time is coming where I may no longer be of this world. It is time for new blood to take up the reins of the Flamespire Clan, it is time for a new Doldrosh to lead this clan into a bright future to safeguard its people from the pains and prejudices of the old world that still linger here seeking to eradicate us or bind us in eternal servitude be it by fel-curse or iron manacles. With Bloodfury gone and many of the clan's previous champions also gone it is time for fresh blood and fresh ideas to enter the clan; our Sin'dorei bretheren who were betrayed by the humans and so fell to the allure of the fel, our eternal Shu'halo kin to whom we share a bond stronger than the maker's steel, the Trolls to whom we share an immeasurable love for battle, our Goblin kin who bring new ingenuities to the clan, the mischievous Hozen who are not to be underestimated, the wise and somber Pandarean who have taught us much in such a short time, then there's our Orcish brothers and sisters who may not have witnessed our homeland in its shattered state or at the height of its majesty but have grown up hearing the shaman's tales which live on in their memories... these are all what make this clan. We embark now onto a new chapter of the clan with a new Doldrosh to lead us into the future." ________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi folks With the Long March event concluded, the Flamespire Clan now reside on the south-western edge of Haven in what is already becoming known as the 'Flamespire Bastion', an immense fortification which is not as grand as Grom'Goshar once was but is far more heavily fortified to ensure the survival of the clan. Further to this, the 'Flamespire Clan' as a player-entity is now effectively finished. This is in most part due to server activity hitting a lull where even when the server was highly active there was only a smattering of 'Horde' players (true of most servers) As such, the clan will effectively revert back to NPC control with my character 'Gruk' retaining an advisory rule as of when the new Doldrosh is chosen and until his storyline is concluded. At any point in the future when server activity makes a sharp rise again if any players would like to take up the Flamespire Clan as a guild entity back into player hands again do please drop me a message and I can reveal some advice as to how the clan has operated in the past and a few other tidbits (including access to the guild resources) The post will come up soon but basically to get other non-FSC players involved, players will this time round be able to become 'champions' of candidates for Doldrosh so as to help them succeed, effectively adding a highly political element to the clan as players step forward to push for their particular favourite to rule over the clan. Admittedly this is a sad day for the clan but as they say: the show must go on! I'll wait for Elle or another member of staff to confirm such but any isolated 'Horde' players are welcome into the Flamespire Clan's holdings (pending new Doldrosh's rules) should they wish to have a 'Horde'-orientated base from which to operate. If players wish to get involved with the clan (possibly as a means to cement themselves into becoming Doldrosh in the future?) then it will be up to the staff to decide such.
  4. Dascombe

    [Event] The Long March

    Where: Meet at the base of Grom'Goshar (Tower bonfire) When: Friday 7th Feb. 20:00 server-time. Who: Tordala. Anyone on a neutral-or-above relationship with Grom'Goshar (PM if unsure) Event Type: NPC escort GM Assistance: Non confirmed yet. Required. Deep into the flickering night of the jungles of Opej, the central peak of the isle was alight with flame backlit by the eerie glow emenating from the peak's lava pits. Bonfires and torchlight dotted the side of the mountain like a rash of fireflies. Those of the isle who would gather materials and hunt on the eastern side of the peak (amidst the bandit outbreak) would hear the sound of smithing well into unsociable hours, heavy drinking as well as warriors practicing fighting each other in the fighting ring. But all of this would soon change. By now many would be aware of a number of rather dubious letters left at Grom'Goshar beyond the signs of its elven rangers or troll spearthrowers seemingly delivering threats from beyond the grave; Opej the Awakened. Doubly threatening would be various parts of the Orcish warlock once known dearly to the clan as Zorku. His head and one of his limbs have been recovered and yet each letter seems to grow more demanding from the mutated beast Opej Ogrecrush who has laid his claim on Opej'nor and demands that the peak, the island's highest point, be his throne. Normally this would not deter the steely will of the Sin'dorei, Orcs, Tauren, Trolls and more upon the peak however a vision from their Doldrosh Dragor Bloodfury revealed that Opej Ogrecrush would assault the peak in a final confrontation with Bloodfury who saw the clan's champions dead at his feet... all but him who desired nothing more than his warrior's death. With the clan's champions and its Doldrosh either dead or missing, it has fallen upon the now-aging pyremaster Gruk Charrbone to secure the future of the Flamespire Clan. Aching and crippled with age, the elderly shaman is no match for Opej's forces and the twilight's hammer who he seems to have sided with. Even the peak's advantageous ascent would be folly as the clan has no champions to rally behind. But with Tsolvia's death there is somewhat of a silver lining. Bloodfury's vision saw her perish upon the peak with the other champions of the clan and only Bloodfury survived. With Bloodfury and Drok'thul missing and Tsolvia having fallen at the hands of rampaging water elementals, it is clear now to the wrinkled farseer that this prophecy can be subverted. The bulky peon by the name of 'Pik' had already begun dismantling the settlement wagon by wagon to be relocated to near Haven. The farseer has made an arrangement with Baron West that the Orcs and their kin will be granted safe passage by the southern edge of New Moonbrook's walls provided there is no clear hostility displayed. The worrying bit comes from the bandits that now plague eastern Opej'nor... and worse still the Orcish warlord's forces themselves should they decide to attack the clan. Warhorns sound from the peak, not to signify battle but a calling... a summoning. Event Objectives Main Objectives: Bloodfury's Legacy Successfully ensure that the Flamespire Clan's combatants from Grom'Goshar reach the new den in Haven with at least 5 combatants (warriors, shamans, scouts etc) surviving. Bonus Objectives: Ook the Dooker Have the Knucklebranch Hozen make it to Haven without a single Hozen killed. You have my bow Ensure Jorrog the scout survives. AND MY AXE Ensure Stone Guard Tuhruk survives OOC: Hi folks This is an event open to almost all players on the server who have had at least a basic interaction with the Flamespire Clan and even newbies who wish to get involved! Event details are as above, it is worth noting that many have already been approached with helping the clan and I will take this chance to point out that as the Flamespire Clan will, after this event, cease to operate as a player guild that there are some very lucrative rewards for those who successfully help the clan with reaching Haven. In addition to this, whilst the Flamespire Clan will no longer operate as a -player- venture for the time being (due to the departure of many of the Horde players), the clan will likely continue to live on as an NPC faction. One of Gruk's final tasks will be to appoint a new Doldrosh. Any questions don't hesitate to drop me a message on discord (dascombe) or even a PM here on the forums
  5. Dascombe

    [Event] The Grand Haven Market I

    Update: Given the presence of 'preexisting' market stalls at the market, the first FOUR (bar Timothy West who has his own) vendors to book their places at the market will be granted usage of one of the plots bearing a stall already. Folks who get one of these stalls are more than welcome to add architect objects to them for the market day as long as, with the others, they are cleared out after the event.
  6. Dascombe

    [Event] The Grand Haven Market I

    List of Stalls- Baron West's Opej Charcuterie Vendor Type - Food The legendary hunter himself will be on hand throughout the day selling food made from creatures roaming the lands of Opej'nor! Got the hankering for some bandicoon sausages? How about some sharptooth raptor pâté? There will be something for every budding carnivore be they simply wishing to put on a feast to impress or seeking food capable of rejuvenating and restoring vitality and fatigue! Samples will also be available!
  7. Where: Haven Market Square (in front of Daydra's shop) When: Saturday 11th January 21:00-23:00 server-time. Who: Anyone currently not banned from Haven Event Type: Merchant / Economy / Social GM Assistance: Not required unless they wish to DM NPCs wanting to buy goods. A crier would make their way around the Doldrums from High Hearth and Grom'Goshar to Tordala and Hafthor's Keep bearing the colours of New Moonbrook yet upon their arm would be a band bearing the colours of Haven "To the esteemed denizens of the Doldrums! By decree of Baron West of New Moonbrook and bearing the authority from Matron Mel of Haven there is to be held a Grand Market within the township of Haven! This shall be upon the 11th day of January at 9 tolls of the bell in the evening! Those wishing to attend will be required to pay a fee of ten silver pieces upon entry to the market and a sum of 25 silver pieces should they wish to erect a stall, all proceeds from this venture shall go towards the people of Sotoras currently residing in Haven who have lost much at the hands of the vile Razorbranch Trolls! Unless merchants already own or rent a spot within the marketplace, a plot shall be put aside for the duration of the market with attendees bringing their own stall. It is required that any who wish to set up a stall for such an occasion should contact Baron West with details such as who shall be manning the stall and what goods are to be plied! Any questions of the occassion should also be directed to the Baron!" After his announcement, the crier would roll up the parchment he read from before making his way to the next town with a pair of burly guardsmen flanking him. OOC: Ahoy folks A nice new-year's event to get you all into the swing of things and encourage some mercantile RP. The event is being held at Haven's marketplace: Those wishing to set up stalls are required to drop me a PM either via the forum or through discord with who is running the stall and what is being sold. Please please please try to focus on something special rather than just being a junkyard salesmen trying to make a quick few silver off any old crap you have in your bags, i'd strongly advise either using one of the existing RPG professions or perhaps even Gryphonheart Items (the blue backpack icon on your screen) if you are competant with it. Those wishing to attend as merchant you will be granted a designated plot and you'll be allowed to come decorate it as you see fit on the day of the event so you've got hours beforehand. If you already have an arrangement with Mel to rent a plot there then you may do so as and when you see fit (as Tim has done in the above screenshot) The event entry fee is 10 silver for attendees and 25 for those pitching a stall with all proceeds to be donated to the Sotorans after the event. Any questions, drop me a line! - Dasc
  8. Dascombe

    [Notice] Warding the Walls

    A number of notices appear to make the 'rounds' around the Doldrums, specifically they are put up on public noticeboards (where allowed) in Haven, New Moonbrook, Tordala, Egtown, Hafthor's Keep and High Hearth. "To those whom it may concern. My name is Baron West. I write this notice to seek out those skilled in the arts of runecraft and warding. Specifically I seek those who are able to magically ward structures with defensive magics, something I am not particularly well versed in. Those who have been by the settlement of New Moonbrook will notice the mighty settlement walls which offer substantial protection to the citizens who I am charged with protecting. Whilst it will take nothing short of an army of ogres to bash these walls down, they are susceptible somewhat to powerful magics which would be capable of blasting the walls apart as though a siege engine would. As such I seek to pay well those who would be capable of warding the entire walls of New Moonbrook to be highly resistant to any offensive magics employed against it. Those willing to undertake this task should either come visit or write a letter to Baron West of New Moonbrook and have a runner bring the message to the settlement east of Haven. - Baron Timothy West of New Moonbrook"
  9. Dascombe

    [Project] The Baron's Highway

    Updated. Highway has come a -LONG- way now. As it currently stands a fair few roads have been added to now and many have yet to be named. Naming of these will be done by Baron West and will be done on a basis of the following (in no particular order) Based on those who donate to additional construction / structures along the segment of road to be named (rest stops, lights, better roads) Likely to be named after dead or alive characters who have a prominent impact in the area. As Eg has made a few structures along the route, i've added a segment into this thread on buildings, towns and other structures along the route made by players as well as info about them such as the function of said structures, weather they are publicly accessible or not and whereabouts they are.
  10. Where: Opej'nor (meet at Haven) When: TBA. Event date / time announced following completion of Siege of Drustgarde event Who: Anyone except those affiliated with Kolai, Sotoras or the Twilight's Hammer. Event Type: NPC Capture GM Assistance: Can be done without GM assistance. GM's able to observe / make requests for RPG checks if needed. It has been nearly two weeks since a blinding flash was visible from the Razorbranch home of Kolai, those who scurried over to the island found naught but silence from a land now devoid of life. Slowly but surely it would become apparent to his many friends and allies of Haytham's sacrifice to wipe out one of the greatest threats to life in the Doldrums but in doing so the land has been rendered barren and lifeless. Those who arrived found scenes of trolls, raptors, panthers and all manner of aquatic life stuck in a state of suspended decay. Neither 'dead' nor seemingly 'alive' but at the same time unreviveable by conventional means. It would seem though that the settlement of New Moonbrook have taken advantage of the opportunity presented to them and set up 'Haytham's Landing' as an outpost upon the isle to watch it for other more hostile opportunists. The problem is, although they are able to rely upon fish for sustenance and occasional supply drops by Baron West himself, there are no beasts to hunt and no herbivores of any sort. Although many would be quick to dismiss their importance, the wildlife upon Kolai kept overgrowth of vegetation in check whilst the predators ensured that the herbivores did not decimate the local flora. Perhaps Haytham may have been overzealous in his actions? Who can judge what the man's thoughts were at the time or his motivations, what was done was done and it was up to those who survived to live up to the governor's legacy. Amidst a large gathering of hunters, trappers and rangers in Haven, the Baron stands atop a podium to address the crowd "All you who have gathered here, hear me out: Kolai, whilst open for the collection of resources, is barren! Hunting there is moot for there is naught to hunt! As honor-bound hunters it is our moral duty to solve this dilemma! Therefore, as soon as the siege of Drustgarde is over, I invite you all to participate in a grand hunt of sorts for what many would call 'mediocre' beasts; bandicoons, deer, lizards and more! We'll repopulate Kolai firstly with the more docile beasts of the land to allow them time to repopulate the isle before ultimately capturing some far more hunt-worthy predators and reintroducing them to Kolai! We shall make it, once more, a hunter's paradise!" The Baron grins, many of the hunters seem confused at the idea of incapacitating beasts rather than outright killing them. Although some seem concerned with how they do this, many others seem to light up in joy at the idea of a new hunting experience! Event Objectives: Main Objective: Critter Conundrum Capture at least 150 herbivores in total for transport to Kolai Bonus Objectives: The Bandits of Kolai? Capture at least 30 Stripetail Bandicoons for transport to Kolai Karma-karma-karma-karma-karma chameleon Capture at least 30 Spiked Lizard for transport to Kolai Behold: MOTHRA Capture at least 4 moths for transport to Kolai Doe...a deer... a female deer Capture at least 10 deer (does) for transport to Kolai A 12-pointer! Capture at least 10 deer (stags) for transport to Kolai Bananna Control Capture at least 10 Opej'nor monkeys for transport to Kolai The Big One Capture a breeding pair of Direhorn for transport to Kolai Capturing the Unknown Capture a previously unseen species of herbivore from Opej to relocate to Kolai* *This one requires the event to have a GM monitor. OOC: Hi guys As many of you may know by now, Kolai is lifeless bar a handful of New Moonbrook troops and a rather troublesome warlock hiding there. With absolutely zero wildlife hanging around there, i'm willing to bet that its only a matter of time before the staff swoop in and remove all those tasty hunting nodes that many of us like to use our trapping skill on to acquire Soft Material. As a result the idea of this event is a two-parter. The first one will involve gathering herbivores and other critters from Opej'nor (and possibly the Isle of Menhirs) and relocating them to Kolai. Once this has been done there will be time given for them to repopulate and grow on the isle before another event is hosted where we take over some bigger more predatory animals over to control the herbivore population effectively making Kolai self-sufficient; The herbivores are kept in check by the predator population and the predator population will not be able to overgrow based on the herbivore population. Due to the nature of current BBEG's, this event will not take place until the Siege of Drustgarde has reached a conclusion.
  11. Dascombe

    Haytham Francis Kendrick

    Well this looks a bit silly now
  12. Ahoy one and all! As many of us are already starting to feel the bite and chill of winter be you in an NA or EU time-zone or anywhere else in the world on this server, we look towards spending time with our families and friends outside of the Doldrums (the only -true- way we can escape!) Given we are fast approaching this festive season, it came to my mind the other week that there are few if any objects in the architect system that allow for individuals to spread a bit of festive cheer around the various settlements and campsites in Unknown Shores. Due to this I am making the following available to players with the conditions attached below as a thank you from the staff (us) to the players (you) and hoping that you have a wonderful Winter's Veil in real life as well as in-game: Players can make a ticket request for seasonal decorations for their base / campsite in the Doldrums. Restrictions are as follows: Can only be requested for settlements / campsites that have existed since November 20th. Due to the climate of the Doldrums, no items with snow on them can be requested (Unless suitable means to provide snow are present. Eg: you have a frost mage) These items are free however they will be removed around the 4th / 5th of January. These items serve purely as decoration and as such offer no IC 'advantage' Players will be served on a first-come first-serve basis and added to a list which will be worked down gradually. Please look up and ideally itemize what you are after using the wow.tools link (See below). The more easier it is to read and understand your request, the quicker I can build it and move onto the next one. When making a ticket requesting seasonal decorations, specify wishing to speak with the 'BUILDER' in your ticket. Please use the following means to identify what objects you are after. This can be found pinned to the top of the 'architect requests' channel on the server discord:
  13. Dascombe

    [Event] Jungle Regicide

    Where: Meet at the entrance of Drustgarde When: Wednesday 16th October 9:30pm 10:30pm server-time Who: Anyone except those affiliated with Kolai, Sotoras or the Twilight's Hammer. Horde & Scarlet Crusade welcome. Event Type: Boss fight GM Assistance: @Elleconfirmed DMing. Multiple GM-approved items are to be used both during and prior to the fight For many months the denizens of both Drustgarde and Grom'Goshar would have likely had to put up with the unholy roars of what is likely to have been the mighty devilsaur who gave birth to the Golveldbarad or 'Thunderstomp' as he would name it. The creature, huge and monstrous as it is, had somehow become afflicted by the fel-taint left behind when someone had carelessly slain a fel-corrupted crab by the pond previously named 'The Sanctuary' For months it had gone unchallanged, left to obliterate the wildlife across south-eastern Opej'nor uncontested, unchallanged, unopposed. Click The sound of the rifle safety flicking off would now be a familiar sound to not only many keen trappers on Opej'nor but also to a number of warriors, adventurers and explorers who had embarked on quests with the 'Mad Baron' of Opej'nor. He stood by the entrance of New Moonbrook with a crude cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth as the rain lashes down heavily upon him and the gathered hunters nearby: Orcs, Draenei, Elves, Dwarves, men and women of every colour and creed all sharing a single thing in common: the urge to hunt. "Listen up all of you!" The baron yelled to those present. A number of paladins, mages and even heavily armoured warriors were amongst those present. "Today is the day we pack our bags, clean our rifles and fletch our arrows! Come next week, Queen 'Methrine' or 'Feltooth' as i've called her will be dead. Those of you who survive this venture will take home with you a trophy from the beast as a sign of your worth as hunters of this untamed land! Should any of you perish: your names will go down amongst the great hunters of Azeroth and you shan't be forgotten!" A few unnerved faces look up at the Baron who swaps from a grim look on his face to a large grin "Of course I do jest! No hunter goes into such a foray unprepared! I have with me traps designed to help us in defeating this beast and possibly the most powerful venom known in the Doldrums of my own making which will cripple the beast and make hunting it a less threatening venture! If we do this right then we all get to come home with our hearts filled with glory and our bellies filled with Devilsaur steaks!" OOC: Ahoy folks As a quick parting gift before I disappear for nearly a month (wedding present to myself) I think its about time a certain blight on Opej'nor got the Black Golem treatment. Thats right, on the date above we'll be going to attack it, now for the sake of it I shall point out we have a few items at our disposal which we intend to use: 1.) [The Scepter of Rezan] - The plan is to use the scepter to pacify the devilsaur to allow the party's healers a chance to expunge the fel taint from the creature. 2.) [The Baron's Venom] - A very potent venom nearly 6 months in the making from nearly every single poisonous or venomous creature on Opej'nor with a few little 'extras' added. 3.) [Spiked Trap] - A huge wooden trap rigged up to a large steel spike, the intention is to lure the Devilsaur into its path to deliver a huge strike that will give the attackers an advantage in the fight
  14. Dascombe

    [Project] The Baron's Highway

    Added 'first step road' between Haven and New Moonbrook to the list of highway segments completed
  15. Dascombe

    [Event] The Grand Doldrums Auction II

    Items Up For Auction Star Item [mystery item] "this mystery item will be announced once every other item has been sold, this is one not to be missed!" Unknown item. Keeper made. Starting bid: 5000 silver Seller: haven Item recieved: yes Deposit paid: yes 200 silver [Broken Shards] "Shards of ancient crystalline wood which once formed part of a powerful highborne relic. How it has ended up in Haven's hands is a mystery to many." Trinket. Unknown Effect. 'Possibly Useful' Starting Bid: 5000 silver. Seller: Haven Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 200 silver _____________________________________________________________________________ [Book of Spells] "A rather modest tome, upon an initial glance one would perhaps remark this as being no different to any other withered leather-bound book in a noble's book collection but this thing simply -oozes- magical energies. It is likely that this book has been 'retrieved' from the depths of Devon's Library." This item contains high-tier spells relating to the server's own hidden 'spellbook' utilized by the GM's. Starting bid: 4000 silver. Seller: Haven Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 160 silver [Stone] X2300 "Rock hewn from the tallest peak of Opej'nor: Grom'Goshar. There is enough stone here to build a mighty fort, a castle, or simply a large wall to ward your settlement off from attackers!" Gathered Resource Starting Bid: 4000 silver. Seller: Flamespire Clan Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 160 silver [Hardwood] X1000 "Tropical hardwood gathered from Opej'nor, perfect for constructing barricades and palisades!." Gathered Resource Starting Bid: 3000 silver. Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 120 silver [Power Crystal] X2 "An object which radiates with pure power. These can be used in advanced rituals or incantations as a power source in the Doldrums where access to such power is unreliable." Gathered Resource. Used in spellcraft / rituals. Crafting Component. Starting Bid: 2500 silver Seller: Haven Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 100 silver [Big Sandwich] X10 "Big, fat, juicy sandwiches freshly made. Enough filling and thickly cut bread mean that after gobbling these down they will give you the energy to continue cutting wood, mining ore, training for combat or even crafting items for a little bit longer!" Single-use item. After 1hr, restore 10 productivity. Starting Bid: 1500 silver Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 80 silver [Fish Flesh] X1000 "A vast quantity of assorted fish both salt water and fresh water as well as an abundance of shellfish and other crustaceans. Perfect for putting on a gigantic banquet or as bait for bigger fish at sea." Gathered Resource. Used primarily for provisioner Starting Bid: 1750 silver. Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 70 silver [Sturdy Metal] X100 "Tough metals harvested from deep within the various isles of the Doldrums. Used by all manner of professions." Gathered Resource Starting Bid: 1500 silver Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 60 silver [Unstable Hearthstone] X2 "Powerful and legendary objects back in Azeroth. Although they work they only do so to a lesser extent due to the magical fluctuations in the Doldrums. Very useful for getting yourself out of a dangerous situation!" Single use item. Teleports you to another location. In combat costs 12 energy and requires a turn to build up. Starting Bid: 1000 silver Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 32 silver [Exquisite Metal] X50 "Exotic metals of varying types from around the land. Very in demand by experienced armoursmiths and weaponsmiths" Gathered Resource Starting Bid: 1000 silver Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 40 silver [Bag of Rats] "An oddity amongst oddities. This seemingly ordinary bag allows the owner to open it and release five rats to run amok once a week. Beyond the creation of these vermin there is nothing magical or extraordinairy about them." This item allows the spawning of X5 rats once a week. Requires GM ticket to use. GHI item. Starting Bid: 1000 silver Seller: Nazrin Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 20 silver [Soft Material] X50 "An assorted mix of mageweave, knothide and other fabrics or leather. These are in high demand by both architects for curtains and tent canvas as well as outfitters for clothing and armour!" Gathered Resource. Used in multiple professions. Startind Bid: 1000 silver. Seller: Drustgarde Item Recieved: Yes Deposit Paid: No 40 silver [Major Retraining Tome] "A book used frequently by the mages of Dalaran to forget magical spells and relearn new ones in quick succession!" Single use item. Refunds your character exp and fully resets your character. Starting Bid: 800 silver Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 20 silver [Bottled Magic] X6 "Raw magic bottled within finely crafted vials. This can be used for a number of crafting applications but also " Weapon enchantment. 30% chance on healing with a spell or buff to restore 1 energy to the target. Starting Bid: 800 silver. Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 32 silver [Bracers of Armour] "An enchanted pair of bracers. Rumour has it that these simply washed up in an unmarked supply chest with no known provenance and ended up as part of Silverscale's treasure trove and was eventually claimed by the Palm Rats following the destruction of Silver-Eye. These grant the user immense dexterity and strength and are extremely difficult to destroy, allowing the user to effectively parry with them." Cannot be worn with Armour. Applies 'Nature's Armouring' to an invisible chest armour slot. Starting Bid: 800 silver Seller: Nazrin Item Recieved: yes Deposit paid: yes 16 silver [Robe of Useful Items] "Legend has it that this robe was a creation of Devon the Simple's however this is merely a rumour and there is little to nothing beyond the strange magical properties of it to suggest such. Regardless of its origins, the item's very name suggests its properties: one can produce six items per day consisting of a dagger, a bullseye lantern, a mirror, a pole, hempen rope and a sack. A must-have for any dungeon adventurer!" Magical robe that produces six items per day. The items are non-magical and if the previous iteration isn't 'lost' then they do not come back. Produces a dagger, a bullseye lantern, a two-by-four-foot mirror, a ten foot long pole, fifty feet of hempen rope and a sack. Starting Bid: 750 silver Seller: Nazrin Item Received: yes Deposit Paid: yes 15 silver [Floating Boat] "According to records from the seller, this strange boat washed up on the shores of Sotoras prior to the undead calamity which befell it with a simple note pinned to the mast bearing a magical incantation. Upon being spoken the boat folded up and could be 'unfolded' again at will!" Architect Item: Boat. ICly it is a wooden box attuned to a magical word which, when spoken, unfolds into a boat suitable for approx 5 humans. Starting Bid: 700 silver. Seller: Nazrin Item Recieved: yes Deposit Paid: yes 14 silver [Sustaining Spoon] "Make no mistake, although this may seem a regular spoon made from horn, it can fill any empty vessel with a thick, pasty gruel that is capable of feeding up to four humans a day! It is unknown where this came from, a few settlers in Haven theorize that it may have been a simple kitchen implement which belonged to a magus performing research on Tordala until his dwelling blew up in a freak accident and infused the spoon with a food conjuring spell!" Does not produce Boiled Food or any Provisioner Food. Can be used to alleviate damage caused by food shortages in settlements. Starting Bid: 600 silver Seller: Nazrin Item Recieved: yes Deposit Paid: yes 12 silver [Rune of Anger] "A rune intended for a weapon, this empowers the wielder to inflict greater damage in the midst of even the most crowded of melees" Weapon enchantment. 5% physical damage increase Starting Bid: 500 silver. Seller: Azyria Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 30 silver [Cleansing Totem] "A totem believed to have belonged to a wandering Tauren shaman who once lived in the Doldrums in its early days. Despite numerous attempts many provide conflicting descriptions of this individual and some begin to wonder if this individual was an apperition or if they even existed at all. What is certain however is that the totem and its powers are most definately real and are useful in certain life-or-death situations!" Enchanted totem capable of cleaning 5 cubic feet of any 'grimy' substance such as spilled bodily fluids, food not kept in a vessel and dust. Also useable on substances of a magical nature (EG: forsaken blight / fel blood) Starting Bid: 500 silver Seller: Nazrin Item Recieved: yes Deposit Paid: yes 10 silver [Rugged Timber] X500 "Rather simple timbers used for constructing a wide array of buildings as well as for constructing weapons." Gathered Resource. Used in multiple professions. Starting Bid: 500 silver. Seller: Drustgarde Item Recieved: Yes Deposit Paid: No 20 silver [Secrets Of Metallurgy Vol.2] X3 "A rather sought after copy of a rare volume. Another copy of this book sold at the last auction and yielded the owner a pretty penny or two, these are highly demanded by budding miners and armoursmiths across the land!" This item increases your armoursmithing and prospecting skills by 3 each. Single use. Requires 95 prod to charge. Starting Bid: 400 silver. Seller: Baron West Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 16 silver [Nat Pagle's Guide to Xtreme Anglin' Vol.2] "A rare edition of a book written by the fishing legend himself: Nat Pagle. With step-by-step guides on finding good fishing spots to cooking extravagant meals with your catch! This is a must-have for any keen angler or provisioner!" This item increases your provisioner and fisherman skills by 3 each. Single use. Requires 95 prod to charge. Starting Bid: 400 silver. Seller: Rothan Ghosthide Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 16 silver [Hardwood] X100 "A rather in-demand item used heavily in architecture! Can be used to set up palisades and give you an enclosed and moderately defended camp at the drop of a hat!" Gathered Resource. Used in multiple professions. Starting Bid: 300 silver. Seller: Drustgarde. Item Recieved: Yes Deposit Paid: No 12 silver [Superior Mixed Armour Upgrade] "What's better than a simple iron mail undershirt? Thats right, one made of THORIUM! Same properties as the mixed armour upgrade in this auction but far greater!" This item grants 18% slashing resistance and 18% piercing resistance permanantly on a chest token Starting Bid: 200 silver Seller: Drustgarde Item Recieved: Yes Deposit Paid: No 8 silver [Troll Ceremonial Burial Wrappings] "One from the auctioneer himself! This set of burial wrappings was retrieved from what is now known as the 'Bloodlord's Crypt' on the isle of Opej'nor. After much study it is believed that these unused wrappings are part of a formal troll burial wrapping set indicated for someone of medium status within Troll society. These are a genuine item and are going to be mentioned in the next issue of the Explorer's Digest!" Epic boots, rare gloves and an uncommon shirt to imitate Troll mummy wrappings Starting Bid: 200 silver. Seller: Grettik Gritbeard Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: n/a [Mixed Armour Upgrade] "A simple iron mail undershirt to be worn under your garmets. Quite handy for surprising would-be assassins and generally useful for combat in all walks of life!" This item grants 9% slashing resistance and 9% piercing resistance permanently on a chest token. Starting Bid: 100 silver Seller: Drustgarde Item Recieved: Yes Deposit Paid: No 4 silver [Sigil of Rejuvenation] "A rather simple sigil retrieved from the arcane creatures now plaguing Opej'nor. According to the runes written upon it this can cause healings or enchantments in combat to bless their target with renewed vigor." Weapon enchantment. 30% chance on healing with a spell or buff to restore 1 energy to the target. Starting Bid: 80 silver. Seller: Rothan Ghosthide Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 3 silver [Sigil of Affection] "Another sigil with a rather strange blessing upon it. This causes strikes that land to occasionally heal not only the attacker but also the target. The oddity in this enchantment is likely explained due to the fact it was also recieved from the strange arcane monstrosities on Opej who seem to harbour from an equally chaotic plane." Weapon enchantment. 20% chance to heal 40 health to your target and yourself when you deal damage. Starting Bid: 80 silver. Seller: Rothan Ghosthide Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 3 silver [Rune of Sorcery] "There's no messing around when it comes to the writings on this particular rune, the crackling energies from it are clearly there to empower magical blasts emenating from the weapon that is carved with this rune!" Weapon enchantment. +5% magical damage. Starting Bid: 80 silver. Seller: Rothan Ghosthide Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 3 silver [Light Buckles] X150 "Light Buckles washed up on the beach in crates or salvaged from ruined campsites. Makes good use for tents and outfitters clothing!" Gathered Resource Starting Bid: 80 silver. Seller: Timothy West Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 3 silver [Glass] X200 "Sea glass washed up on the shore or simply pried from shipwrecked galleons upon the shores of the Doldrums" Gathered Resource Starting Bid: 80 silver. Seller: Timothy West Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 3 silver [Stone] X200 "Top quality masonry stone gathered by labourers deep within New Moonbrook's mine. Perfect for that start to a wall around your settlement or the foundations to a home-away-from-home" Gathered Resource Starting Bid: 80 silver. Seller: Timothy West Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 3 silver [Recipe: Mass Produce Cloth Major] "A simple set of instructions on how to craft a large amount of cloth padded jackets, shirts or other sorts of formalwear or robes!" Outfitter Recipe Starting Bid: 20 silver. Seller: Timothy West Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 1 silver [Recipe: Owl's Potion] "A recipe for a potion designed to grant the imbiber enhanced ingenuity and willpower so as to cast spells with more power whilst also granting them the energy to do so for a short time!" Provisioner Recipe Starting Bid: 20 silver. Seller: Timothy West Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 1 silver