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    wait is this a thing?

    holy fuck its Shun again I think I still have you on skype... there's a blast from the past.
  2. This sort I think the theme of the server is that if you want to look good, you earn it. What inclination do people have to peruse that nice gear in the crafting system if they just wear their flashy looking starter gear? I disagree with making characters 'look good' in the start in terms of mid-high status gear, I do however agree with having more variety in terms of what tatty kit is available. There's an abundance of trash items available without including things like tuxedos.
  3. Diverging off topic here briefly but I think this is an issue due to the fact that the RPG system updates so frequently and has new additions added to it so often that any 'guides' or information dumps quickly become out of date. It would be handy to have a member of staff with not too much workload or with a spare hour or two to compile current and up to date list that can be edited in the future. Back on topic: More grey items would be nice. Honestly one of the more pressing issues I currently find newbies querying is the amount of plain everyday items (rolling pin, chefs hat etc) that are rare. This is something that could be rectified if more folks got in contact with Skippy or if it's made clearer that there's a process by which item rareities can be changed.
  4. Honestly i'd argue that the starter set is sufficient in terms of what is offered. Keep in mind folks who are making new characters are literally rolling refugees who have washed up or crash landed in the Doldrums and aren't going to have attire suitably fitted. Otherwise folks will see little or no point in engaging with the crafting system or working towards that 'first' set of clothing (a nice personal milestone I enjoyed on US) Regarding the bit i've highlighted in red, is there evidence to suggest this is even the case or is it purely anecdotal?
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    Server Toxicity

    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Let’s make it clear what this place is about, and hold no illusions to keep people who want something else. This is the place we're building, we're the DMs, and we own the house. You come in, don't even bring snacks, and request to change things to suit your views. When told that something isn't going to happen, that you have to work towards things following our rules, the option of changing how it works isn't in your hands. People have been quite able to talk, discuss, and try to improve what the server is about. And in the end, if we agreed, things changed. If we didn't, they didn't change. Berating, insulting, and continuing such behaviour only serves to make people bitter, angry, and not want to deal with any of it. Patience is not unlimited, and as much as Elle can be an Angry Texan™, it isn't without rhyme or reason. You're placing the problem on Elle, but the problem isn't Elle. Because Elle's "crime" is to not have given up like the other keepers who had to suffer through dealing with this behaviour. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sorry Varen but you've just gone completely off your rocker with this. Any delusions people may have had of you being the quiet innocent one who 'just wants to code' in the corner have just gone tumbling out of the window. We come in and don't even bring snacks? What the hell is this server without its players? There are countless people who are not on staff who bust their balls trying to think of new ways to change the server for the better and suggest innovative new ideas, new systems and engage with the staff but frankly it's one dimensional. You're a good coder, Varen, don't get me wrong... but this just reeks of arrogance. There are many who either have never been on staff or who have been part of staff briefly who have contributed to the server's advancement as a whole and for you to come out with this is... i'm lost for words now. Edit: OP has been edited, seems there's been some communication errors and phrasing could have been better (it now is). Check the OP in the above link to re-read it.
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    Server Toxicity

  7. The soon to be announced new Haven troop armour? Hi guys. This thread has come about after some long standing criticism (which has resulted in the ban of a member of this community) about the logistics of Haven with a specific focus on its troop deployment and logistics. The information used in this thread can be gleaned from the below google documents link which I spent the best part of a day compiling in direct violation of the server's fabricated "NO OOC AT ANY TIME" rule which people tell me exists but seemingly does not appear in the forums or any other capacity without a trace... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M8D_BYrKNrFnVckSNu9RtZL17VZdQ_SSDJVmdwez3H8/edit?usp=sharing Anyway... onto the chunky stuff. We can see clearly from the above document that although Haven does not have 100+ troops as it constantly meme'd however a total of 83 combatant troops (correct at the time of writing) does make them one of the more powerful factions in the game currently accessible (possibly just below Kolai, Sotoras and the Zandalari trolls and -maybe- the pirates of the Atoll) Shockingly this total of 83 troops comes to a total of -just- under 1999 CR, the Combat Rating used to judge NPC strength. I do not have Smoulderon's CR at hand but I am sure that it is significantly higher than what he managed but this is 14 times higher than the Tyrant Queen devilsaur who patrols SE Opej. This also comes to a total of 83 rare weapons / armour used for these NPCs in terms of tokens. If the same rule is being applied to players this would double it to 166 rare tokens. Furthermore to this these NPCs currently have a total of 8 bunk beds to live in at Haven's barracks. Given that the majority of housing in Haven is empty and available for players to rent (another failed initiative) rather than buy this means that unless Haven has been digging underground for the past 2-3 months to build a huge underground bunkhouse, these NPCs do not have anywhere to sleep. This is in direct contrast with Drustgarde which has a dedicated bunkhouse for its guards and allows them somewhere to rest. "But what about Drustgarde's numbers" i hear you cry. Don't worry They're next. But back to Haven. We have a huge number of troops here which, if mandatory conscription was employed and a militia made available from the current Haven Citizen numbers (71 of them) it would boost the total CR for Haven up to 2,425 at a minimum. But what does this mean in its entirity? Well we cannot make remarks on Haven troops being fed or paid as that would frankly be something IC that should not and cannot be made available to players (something I disagree with as its a GM'd faction but thats a story for another time) however a total of 79 of our troops here have no way to sleep and do not have their housing reflected. This is odd considering this is a server which apparently hammers on and on about the 1:1 scale of it and the fact that numbers reflect what they are. As a result i'd like to see one of the following happen: 1.) Haven troops are given appropriate and 1:1 per troop housing. This can be more bunkhouses, more tents, or cramming some hammocks into unusued buildings [PREFERABLE] as this bulks up Haven a bit more to reflect its IC numbers. 2.) Haven troops get angry and pissed off with their poor living conditions and either go on strike, rebel or simply quit [NOT PREFERABLE] as this may cause some upset in more ways than one but may be a good RP opportunity. I've heard a few people talking now about Haven reaching an almost 'city status', frankly with these sort of numbers it should be if it was reflected in-game. During my tenure as builder I ensured time and time again that things were accounted for in terms of numbers and logistics and this led to some nice places that actually look like they accomodated the numbers they were made for.
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    [Issue] Haven Troop Deployment

    So are we expecting to see enough beds for over 80 troops? That's going to require a lot of world editing even if you consider the amount of beds that come with bunkhouses. Reason for my reservation is the latest set of housing was about 5 player houses and a trading outpost (which isn't that much when you think about it) This needs some densely packed housing akin to something Bonkle is capable of. Alleyways, cellars, highs and lows.
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    [Issue] Haven Troop Deployment

    So thats the world editors being blamed?
  10. Dascombe

    [Issue] Haven Troop Deployment

    "It's my way, or the highway." If you want to choose who your DM is, you should move to play at another table. Elle didn't come up with that sentiment. We did, together, speak of what the aim of the community is. What the goal of it is, what it's trying to foster. What we're offering. You do not have a right to demand changing that. This is our free lemonade stand, and no matter how much you want orange juice, we don't have it. Well that's this thread wrapped up indirectly with a "No"
  11. Where: Meet in Haven. Event will be -just- outside Haven. When: Sunday 9th of June. Time TBC Who: Any race, any non-hostile (twilight hammer etc) faction, any classes welcome. Event Type: Social / Educational GM Assistance?: None required however GM's are welcome to intervene, event is aimed at being a non-combat event. If say some of the townsfolk of Haven wish to come and learn survival skills a GM is more than welcome to DM this aspect of it. Within the township of Haven, a relatively quiet and bustling day is interrupted by the all-too-familiar yelling of Baron West as he pierces the hum-drum with a yell surprisingly -NOT- about selling wares "HEAR YE HEAR YE, PEOPLE OF HAVEN! The Hunters of Opej shall be hosting, this coming sunday, an event teaching YOU, the people of Opej, how to better survive in the wilds of this untamed land. Everyone from beginners to seasoned hunters are welcome, you'll be taught everything from how to peg out a tent to safely drinking sea water all the way to fashioning bandages from common plant matter and what vegetations contain high amounts of fibre! For professional tuition in how to survive on the isle of Opej and beyond, some of our professional huntsmen and trappers will be on hand to give you one-to-one MENTORING sessions! It does not matter if you are a new recruit to the Haven Guard looking for something exiting to do or if you are a citizen of the Doldrums looking to gain an advantage to surviving that little bit longer in this land! Come one come all and learn something today!" And with that the Baron marches off seemingly into the sunset, leaving the citizens, guards and travelers of Haven to ponder if they fancy learning skills in survival from Opej's one-and-only big game hunter and madman extraordinaire Event Objectives Main Objective King of the Jungle Ensure that either at least three NPCs leave the event with better grasp of survival OR three players leave the event with a better grasp of the RPG system and knowledge of how to survive Opej'nor ICly. Bonus Objectives: Passing On Knowledge Successfully RPG mentor X3 players attending the event. Succeeding at the first hurdle Everyone successfully erects a tent I am the god of hellfire Successfully extinguish a campfire lighting attempt that has gone wrong ((This is an event with a primarily -SOCIAL- focus but its a chance for other characters from non-survival backgrounds to learn some survival stuff ICly. HOWEVER there are a few members of the [Opej Hunters] who will be there hopefully with some prod saved up to do some MENTORING through the RPG system so if you are a relatively low level-ish character from whatever background (warrior, paladin, mage, rogue, doens't matter) you can pick up some IC skills in survivalist that will translate to exp points. This is not however a -free- service and the members of the Opej Hunters present will charge based on how much they value their productivity points. Do please note that as it is a non-combat / non-dungeon event there will unlikely be any loot at all, however that does not mean there aren't goodies up for grabs especially if a GM drops in Most of this stuff will be emote based but there will be a few occassions where rolls may be requested. This is not a life-or-death event and so risk of character death / injury is absolutely minimal / nonexistant.))
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    [Event] Survival of the Fittest

    Event on hold for the forseeable future
  13. The Opej Hunters The lands of the Doldrums are an interesting sort, all sorts of people found their way to all the different isles from backgrounds such as craftsmen, architects, soldiers and mystics. Amongst those people came the hunters, those who thrived on the thrill of the hunt and the glory of the kill. The jungles of Opej'Nor were the ones that attracted these people the most, for the prey on the other isles was arguably more docile, not worthy of the 'hunt' Devilsaurs, rocs, panthers, tigers, gorillas and many more, each one more fierce than the last. Out of this trapper's paradise has arisen 'The Hunters', an exclusive group that gets it's thrills not from coin, not from discovering arcane magics, but from the joy of the hunt. The Hunters may have originated from all walks of life and different races yet they find solace in the loading of a gun or the knocking of an arrow to take down their prey. Although they may not practice a code of 'honor'... there are similarities between their philosophy of the hunt and the Orcish philosophy of war. Respect for that which you kill. Respect for that which kills you. The group seek to traverse the wilds of Opej'Nor for their fame and glory Heirarchy The Gathering The gathering consists of three individuals who organize the hunt, deal with internal matters of the group and cast votes based on the desires of the rest of The Hunters. They are usually full time hunters with no particular allegiance to other factions and dedicate themselves almost wholly to the hunt. If one of the Gathering dies they are ceremoniously buried according to their will and another is chosen from the ranks of the 'Hunters' -'Baron' Timothy West (Human Nobleman) One of the less sane and strongly pro-Alliance member of the ruling body known as 'The Gathering', he is a staunch traditionalist and detests most members of the Horde races on the grounds of them being nothing but barbaric savages. Although he has this deep-set distain of the Horde, he is known to turn an eye to them when proved wrong about their savagery on the odd occasion especially towards Blood Elves who he considers 'no damn different from High Elves or Night Elves, they're all dagger ears' In recent years he has mellowed somewhat in his stance on the Horde, although deep rooted prejudices remain he has warmed to the presence of Orcs, Trolls and Tauren on the isles though his attitude towards Elves remains somewhat hunchanged. Position Vacant Position Vacant Seasoned Hunter A 'seasoned hunter' of The Hunters is one who has dedicated a far greater time to their trade and has taken down a beast of monstrous proportions usually with the killing blow. For this there is a feast and celebrations are held when someone truly achieves the rank of 'Hunter'! In the lodge and amongst their peers they are given the respect that is due and they wear their trophies with pride. Bloodied The bloodied are simply members of The Hunters who have completed their first worthy kill, they are considered with some respect by their peers and are granted access to the 'Lodge' -Aziphael - High Elf Hunter Unbloodied The unbloodied is just as it sounds, it is the initial rank into The Hunters and irrespective of hunting experience they are considered to be 'first time' hunters until one of the three on the ruling 'Gathering' have witnessed them hunting a worthy pray. Whilst not quite treated like 'dung' they are not seen as 'true' hunters until their ascension to 'Bloodied'. Until an 'Unbloodied' has been promoted to 'Bloodied' they are not allowed access to the 'Lodge' -Jalut - Tauren Hunter -Zaniah - Troll Hunter -Grotga - Orc Hunter -Laelia - Worgen Hunter -Eg - Gnome Hunter Deceased Sometimes even the best of hunters slip up and find themselves with a loaded gun taking aim only to find a raptor leaping upon them from the tall grass. It happens to the best of us, yet here is where the names of The Hunters who fell live on forever more. Onihir Coldflayer - Believed deceased Shadowclaw Panthers are one of the more commonly hunted within the group, highly prized for their velvety fur Goals The primary goal of The Hunters is to hunt down some of the biggest, deadliest, fastest and most elusive creatures on Opej'Nor for little more than glory and trophies. (It goes without saying that this group has a high and frequent risk of death associated with it, we don't sit at home whittling spoons) The secondary goal is the construction of a 'Lodge' (as the guild title suggests) which will act as a sort of 'base of operations' for the group and openly and freely welcomes those who are members of the group. The lodge also intends to act as a recreational place for the hunters as well as somewhere to put all of our trophies on display. The last and final goal of the the group is to ensure a suitable hunting ground for all. That means the group will actively ensure that trapping spots are not decimated and will take action against those who overhunt their hunting grounds (they likely don't care about salvage, prospecting and timber etc) and any who corrupt the wildlife in any way, shape or form. Although The Hunters go on their own hunts, they can be called upon for a small fee to their organization for their expertise in tracking and eliminating pray be it taking part or providing expert advice. The patron saint of hunters himself: Hemet Nesingwary. Although far from the Doldrums he is what many of The Hunters aspire to be. The Hunter's Code The hunter's code is a stricly adhered to code of conduit kept to by the hunters which is changed only by a majority rule of the Pack 1.) Ensure a clean kill of any pray, never prolong their deaths. 2.) Never overhunt your hunting grounds. 3.) Never intervene with a hunter's kill 4.) The Hunters are joined together in the thrill of the hunt. When someone intervenes on one of our hunter's prey they intervene on -ALL- of our prey. 5.) When asked by others to hunt a beast, it is customary to waive most or all of the fee if the prey is considered a worthy challange! 6.) Hunt for food, but when hunting for the thrill of the hunt ensure it is prey worth hunting! Those hunting bandicoons for trophies shall be eternally shamed! 7.) Magic is frowned upon unless what you hunt uses magic. 8.) If an animal wounds you, do not use magic to heal your wounds after the hunt! Rest and bandages suffice and the pain teaches you respect for the kill. 9.) No Hunter is to hunt prey around the area known as the 'Pond' (Previously: The Sanctuary), all hunters are to do their utmost to protect this area from both man and beast who would seek to disrupt its serenity 10.) If any of The Hunters are found to have dishonored the code, they face abandonment, shaming and being stripped of their trophies by decree of the Gathering. The Trophy Room The trophy room lists (upon construction of the Lodge) the more impressive and 'collective' trophies of the group. Whilst credit for the trophy may be ascribed to whoever landed the killing shot or blow they are considered a 'group effort' and are therefor collective trophies of The Hunters *LODGE IS NOT YET BUILT* The Devilsaur, a mark of prestige amongst The Hunters, those who attain one of it's teeth or eyes gain undying respect from their peers Recruitment The Hunters recruit entirely IC and entrance to the group is by invitation only by one of the Gathering. This is done by a form of 'headhunting' and -asking- to join will likely have you turned away. The hunter's choose their kin, not the other way round.
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    [Group] The Opej Hunters

    Update Aziphael has joined The Hunters as one of the Bloodied having shown skill in mowing down an entire swarm of the Virmen Eg and Laelia have joined as Unbloodied
  15. Dascombe

    [Announcement] McDankus' Fiasco

    It slaps of cowardice that Elle has magically disappeared because of this (allegedly due to being out of work) The screenshot are there, plenty of people were online, and danks will have access to what was said during the altercation in PM's. Elle is not the one who was banned here (sadly) it was dankus. For elle to conveniently disappear at this point smells of staff trying to pull a loophole where by Elle appears either at the end of the 3 month ban or damn close to it. Its coming up to 1/3rd of the ban now and this is nothing short of being daft. It'll take less than five minutes to comment on here by Elle and I keep seeing him pop up on discord. Likely the US discord / forum equivilant of putting your head above the ramparts to see if that sniper is still there. Not only is this frankly immature display hampering any resolution to this problem, it also means Elle is shirking in his duties as Head storyteller and there being outstanding tickets because of it (I partly blame elle's inability to delegate for this) Sort yourselves out
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    [Event] The Rat Trap

    Where: Meet in Haven. Event is in 'The Rat Trap' When: Sunday 2nd June 6pm server-time. Who: Any race, any non-hostile (twilight hammer etc) faction, hunters only with the exception of up to 3 'warrior' RPers max and a single healer (priest / medic focus but others welcome!). Event is capped at 8 people. Reason for this is dungeon size, event manageability and ICly for the fact that fights will be in a confined area. Event Type: Dungeon crawl GM Assistance?: Optional. All we require is the boss in the 'Rat Trap' dungeon set up as well as any relevant DM kits in place. After a small break in activity from the group known as the 'Opej Hunters', the whispers seemingly return. The same faces, the same -types- of people, the same outcasts and gunslingers pick up the call. In the distance around various points of Opej deep beyond the jungle line a clarion call sounds from a huntsman's horn causing both animals to flee their ambush places and keen hunters to sniff the air and look up. Rumour begins to circulate amongst the same circles that the esteemed 'mad' Baron of Opej seeks to call the hunters to arms once more to utterly and completely wipe out a foe thought to have been placated: the Virmen of Opej. Deep within the den known as the 'Rat Trap', Baron West and his gang of hunter comrades reached their ruler Snaggletooth and forced him to bow to their skill and to no longer assault the fledgling town of Haven. It would seem that in recent weeks the disgusting creatures have not only broken their promise but also increased their numbers and the scale of their ferocity. This calls for vengeance, an utter annihilation of the creatures. Much though it pains the Baron to bring death upon an entire species on Opej, the Virmen simply breed and consume far too fast for their own good and the greater good of the isle, encroaching upon the watering holes and grazing spots of many other wild beasts of Opej. The call goes out once more for hunters to gather their arms and to bring their weapons be they spear or bow, axe or gun, to bare upon the foul creatures that threaten the balance of all things upon this isle. ((Hi folks. This is a sort of continuation of a previous event where Baron West and a group of Opej's initiate hunters breached the den of the Virmen to annihilate them but in fact came out with a promise from their leader to cease all future attacks on Haven. This was proven to be a brazen lie due to the increased movements towards the town and the vast increase of the creature's numbers. The plan is: no survivors. The Hunters of Opej are to go in and utterly exterminate every last one of the beasts for the greater good of the island as a whole. Newcomers are welcome as are 'new rolls' on alts etc.))
  17. Dascombe

    [Event] The Rat Trap

    Event completed Participants were Timothy, Aziphael, Laelia and Mikturok The gang fought their way through the Virmen den known as 'The Rat Trap' and were almost defeated by Snagtooth's entourage but were saved by Aziphale's quick skill with a bow. Snagtooth was defeated and the spoils of his people were looted. Furthermore the stockpiles of resources in clearly Human and Orc made chests were gathered up for as much as the group could carry and, upon leaving, these goods were returned to the good people of Haven where it was announced that the Virmen scourge was dealt with. I hope that those who participated get an increased 'rep' with Haven. Thanks to all those that came!
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    [Event] The Rat Trap

    ((Event is starting now, late joiners whisper 'Timothy' in-game))
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    [Announcement] McDankus' Fiasco

    Staff answer to this please, its getting tiresome and frankly its putting a lot of RP on the backburner on the premise that Dragor -might- come back. Answer now please
  20. Dascombe

    [Event] The Rat Trap

    ((A reminder folks that this event is on tomorrow, come give this type of RP a go on any hunter character ideas you may have stowed away in the back of your mind. Timothy's offering free mentoring to those who are new hunters that join these events.))