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    [Event] Jungle Regicide

    Where: Meet at the entrance of Drustgarde When: Wednesday 16th October 9:30pm server-time Who: Anyone except those affiliated with Kolai, Sotoras or the Twilight's Hammer. Horde & Scarlet Crusade welcome. Event Type: Boss fight GM Assistance: @Elleconfirmed DMing. Multiple GM-approved items are to be used both during and prior to the fight For many months the denizens of both Drustgarde and Grom'Goshar would have likely had to put up with the unholy roars of what is likely to have been the mighty devilsaur who gave birth to the Golveldbarad or 'Thunderstomp' as he would name it. The creature, huge and monstrous as it is, had somehow become afflicted by the fel-taint left behind when someone had carelessly slain a fel-corrupted crab by the pond previously named 'The Sanctuary' For months it had gone unchallanged, left to obliterate the wildlife across south-eastern Opej'nor uncontested, unchallanged, unopposed. Click The sound of the rifle safety flicking off would now be a familiar sound to not only many keen trappers on Opej'nor but also to a number of warriors, adventurers and explorers who had embarked on quests with the 'Mad Baron' of Opej'nor. He stood by the entrance of New Moonbrook with a crude cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth as the rain lashes down heavily upon him and the gathered hunters nearby: Orcs, Draenei, Elves, Dwarves, men and women of every colour and creed all sharing a single thing in common: the urge to hunt. "Listen up all of you!" The baron yelled to those present. A number of paladins, mages and even heavily armoured warriors were amongst those present. "Today is the day we pack our bags, clean our rifles and fletch our arrows! Come next week, Queen 'Methrine' or 'Feltooth' as i've called her will be dead. Those of you who survive this venture will take home with you a trophy from the beast as a sign of your worth as hunters of this untamed land! Should any of you perish: your names will go down amongst the great hunters of Azeroth and you shan't be forgotten!" A few unnerved faces look up at the Baron who swaps from a grim look on his face to a large grin "Of course I do jest! No hunter goes into such a foray unprepared! I have with me traps designed to help us in defeating this beast and possibly the most powerful venom known in the Doldrums of my own making which will cripple the beast and make hunting it a less threatening venture! If we do this right then we all get to come home with our hearts filled with glory and our bellies filled with Devilsaur steaks!" OOC: Ahoy folks As a quick parting gift before I disappear for nearly a month (wedding present to myself) I think its about time a certain blight on Opej'nor got the Black Golem treatment. Thats right, on the date above we'll be going to attack it, now for the sake of it I shall point out we have a few items at our disposal which we intend to use: 1.) [The Scepter of Rezan] - The plan is to use the scepter to pacify the devilsaur to allow the party's healers a chance to expunge the fel taint from the creature. 2.) [The Baron's Venom] - A very potent venom nearly 6 months in the making from nearly every single poisonous or venomous creature on Opej'nor with a few little 'extras' added. 3.) [Spiked Trap] - A huge wooden trap rigged up to a large steel spike, the intention is to lure the Devilsaur into its path to deliver a huge strike that will give the attackers an advantage in the fight
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    [Notice][Bounties] New Moonbrook Current Bounties

    The latest 'round' of bounty posters from New Moonbrook seem to depict a rather smartly shaven knight in black plate. The poster itself reads: "Wanted Dead Sotoran false knight by the name of 'Sir Reginald' Wanted for the kidnapping of multiple Alliance marines as well as open bombardment of Haven. This false knight is responsible not only for kidnapping Alliance soldiers but also piracy, inciting war and affiliation with a faction openly practicing necromancy upon Alliance soldiers. The full list of charges by Baron Timothy West and the settlement of New Moonbrook are as follows: Piracy Inciting war Performing necromancy upon Alliance soldiers Kidnapping Multiple counts of murder This so-called 'knight' was last spotted fleeing Haven in a badly damaged frigate which had sustained cannon fire from New Moonbrook cannon crew. It is known that in the middle of the conflict his leg was blasted off making him a very distinct target for those who seek to claim this bounty. Those with information pertaining to this false-knight's location should report this information to the leadership of Drustgarde, the Captain of Haven and Baron West of New Moonbrook. As this villian is affiliated with Sotoras and has assaulted not only Alliance vessels but also the port of Haven, those claiming the reward for this bounty may also wish to consider approaching both Haven and Drustgarde for additional rewards for they also will likely wish for the demise of this individual. Currently the false-knight's blasted leg is in the possession of the Elves of Tordala who are attempting to scry his location on behalf of the arcanist 'Elle', those seeking out where the pirate may be found should start with the Elves. A sum of 35 gold pieces is offered for 'Sir' Reginald's head. Additionally there is a substitute rewards for the following individuals: 'Sir' Alistair the Forsaken Death Knight. Currently has an outstanding bounty on his head from Haven due to threats made against the settlement. Should he be the one to return with this head then although no promises made, Baron West will lobby on your behalf for the bounty on your head from Haven to be rescinded or substituted for a lesser punishment. Priestess Emily of the Scarlet Crusade Currently banned from entering New Moonbrook due to affiliations with the Scarlet Crusade. Should she be the one to return the false-knight's head then this will be considered sufficient proof of the intentions of the Scarlet Crusade within the Doldrums and it will be understood that their normally overzealous attitude to non-human races may have voided - the Scarlet Crusaders of High Hearth will be considered 'neutral' to New Moonbrook should they deliver the false-knight's head. Arcanist 'Elle' of the Isle of Menhirs Currently banned from entering New Moonbrook due to reckless usage of a magical artefact and attempting to arrest Baron West on a false charge of theft of aforementioned artefact. Should the arcanist be the one to return the false-knight's head then her ban from entry into New Moonbrook shall be rescinded."
  6. New Moonbrook

    [Notice][Bounties] New Moonbrook Current Bounties

    A number of bounty posters are printed on a rather plain recycled parchment found commonly in the Doldrums, upon this one stands a fierce hooded looking Dwarvern woman in dark cultist-like robes with flaming incantations present. These letters make their way to major settlements but unusually for something marked with the Baron's signature it also appears in the city-ruin of Tordala. The poster itself reads: "WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE. Warlock of unknown name hereby referred to as 'Heinrich's Bane' Wanted for the murder of Captain Heinrich of the Alliance Combined Arms Brigade and an unnamed Kaldorei sentinel of the same aforementioned brigade. This warlock was found responsible for the summoning of a demonic succubus which slew and took the form of Captain Heinrich of the Alliance before also slaying a member of the brigade, culprit is wanted on the following charges by Baron Timothy West and the settlement of New Moonbrook: Impersonating an Alliance Captain Magical influence over Alliance soldiers Two counts of murder High Treason Falsifying documents Inciting war Alliance soldiers under the command of the Captain were found to have been enthralled by the demon until it was slain by heroic adventurers from Drustgarde and Tordala. Upon the elimination of the demon, a warlock believed to be a Dwarvern Female was found escaping the scene using a hearthstone. Those with information as to the location or whereabouts of Heinrich's Bane should report to Miss Mythglancer of Tordala, Governor Haytham of Drustgarde or Baron West of New Moonbrook. It is currently known that this Warlock escaped justice from the scene of her crime via the usage of an Unstable Hearthstone. Although it has been some time since the incident, inquiring amongst the citizens of Haven may reveal her whereabouts. A SUM OF 25 GOLD IS OFFERED FOR THE WARLOCK'S HEAD A SUM OF 50 GOLD IS OFFERED FOR THE WARLOCK BROUGHT ALIVE, GAGGED, BOUND IN ANTI-MAGIC MANACLES AND DISARMED TO NEW MOONBROOK TO BE SUMMARILY EXECUTED"
  7. New Moonbrook

    [Notice][Bounties] New Moonbrook Current Bounties

    More bounty posters appear, this time specifically only on the isle of Opej'nor once again on recycled parchment with an image of a rather cocky looking human bandit. As with others, this bears the signature of Baron West The poster reads: "WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE. Two members of the bandit gang known as the 'Rat Pack' Wanted for the waylaying and robbery of a citizen of New Moonbrook. Known members of this gang consist so far of a duo: a human and a mag'har Orc, the latter believed to be armed with a gun. They are believed to operate as part of a larger group. These criminal pigs were spotted close to the Trailblazer settlement at the foot of the Wizard's Enclave Tower in south-eastern Opej'nor. These bandits are wanted on the following charges of: One Count of Highway & Armed Robbery One Count of Conspiracy to Commit Grand Theft Rewards are as follows: A SUM OF FIFTY SILVER FOR EACH OF THESE TWO BANDITS SLAIN. PROOF TO BE BROUGHT WITH THEIR HEADS. A SUM OF ONE GOLD AND FIFTY SILVER FOR EACH OF THESE TWO BANDITS BROUGHT TO NEW MOONBROOK ALIVE AND IN CHAINS TO FACE PUNISHMENT FOR THEIR CRIME A sum of five gold pieces will be rewarded to individuals who come forward with substantial information on this 'gang' known as the Rat Pack that leads to the utter dismantlement of aforementioned gang.
  8. This thread contains a list of all current outstanding bounties issued by New Moonbrook. As it currently stands the bounties are visible only at the New Moonbrook settlement noticeboard however they can be found out through word of mouth by those who are not usually allowed entry (Horde races, those with outstanding arrest warrants or those with the bounties on their heads) Current locations of New Moonbrook bounty noticeboards: New Moonbrook Further information on the below bounties can be ascertained from Baron West or anyone operating in a position of seniority within New Moonbrook.
  9. Dascombe

    [Project] The Baron's Highway

    Added 'first step road' between Haven and New Moonbrook to the list of highway segments completed
  10. New Moonbrook

    [Event] The Last Spike

    Where: The Baron's Highway between Haven and New Moonbrook When: Wednesday 2nd October 19:30 server-time. Who: Friends and allies of Haven / New Moonbrook Event Type: Social GM Assistance: Brief (single object moving) Following the initial discussion of the construction of what would be dubbed 'The Baron's Highway', it would seem that the first segment to be constructed would be between the settlement of New Moonbrook and Haven. This track-way allowing wagons, carts and other means of transport not suited to the uneven jungle ground to move easily will now allow for ease of trade between the two settlements and later ones when the highway makes its way around Opej'nor. As part of this, a ceremony is to be held with dignitaries from Haven and New Moonbrook to celebrate the completion of the first segment of the highway. The main element of this ceremony is to compose of the hammering of the 'final spike', a solid gold carpentry nail to signify the official opening of the highway and the symbolic connection between the neutral and alliance settlements. Of course, no ceremony of this caliber is complete without alcohol, music, merriment and food! So an open invitation is expressed to all friends, allies and neutral trading partners of both New Moonbrook and Haven to attend the ceremony.
  11. aprettybigdeal

    RPG System v4 Updates

    First update! This is picking up sort of mid-stream, but hopefully it'll make some sense anyhow. This update deals with identifying role identities for expected retail-inspired builds, and using a three-point gradient 'role chart' to start the process of turning a build from a loose concept into something actionable. So, we're aiming for using a perk tree for character creation and development in v4, and otherwise going classless with the system. This means that, from a player perspective, you build your character by looking through the perk tree, and making choices to obtain the abilities and advantages that fit with how you envision your character. But from a design perspective, we have a bunch of things to consider to make something that seemingly simple actually happen and work well. The first thing we have to consider is that while players will definitely want to make their own unique builds and come up with cool combinations of perks, there are also players who will want some kind of a baseline to work from, and the retail class specs are a great starting point for that. And for us, they can actually give us an avenue for starting to design the perk tree, since--if we know we want to accommodate retail specs (within the constraints to which we can)--we know we have some 'pre-set builds' to design as our templates. Structure is good! But retail specs weren't designed with a classless 'free-form' character creation and development system in mind like how our perk tree is shaping up. So what we have to do is figure out how to 'convert' a class-based design into a classless design. And for that, we use a 'role chart.' Basically, what a role chart does, is it allows us to first identify what capabilities/responsibilities are common to different specs and builds, and use those to identify major, overarching roles. And then we can use those roles as axes on a chart, to loosely categorize builds, and 'reverse engineer' them into collections of perks. I know it sounds complicated--and it is. But it's a necessary process to try to make sure that, for instance, a mage you build to be a certain kind of mage, actually performs and feels like they're that kind of mage. It allows us to build baselines and have a conceptual foundation to work from so that we know that something built to be a certain way should function correctly, instead of having the pitfalls that earlier versions of the system have had. So, let's look at the current version of the role chart! Kind of a lot going on there visually, but it's actually pretty simple to understand. Our three main axes of the role chart are Control, Attack, and Support. At the top-left, the main capabilities/responsibilities (or 'verbs') of an axis are listed. These are conceptual more than mechanical, and act as guiding concepts for developing abilities and perks. For example, classic 'DPS'-focused abilities serve the 'Eliminates Enemies' verb, and so are more heavily found in roles which are higher up the Attack axis. For any given build, the more (and more fully) it exemplifies a given axis's verbs, the higher it should be on that axis; for example, the more a build does the things listed under the Control axis, the higher it should be on the Control axis. Pretty simple, right? Each section of the chart pertains to a certain classification of a role. At the top right, the 'guide' shows what the generally expected balance of a role should be, given its place on the chart along a given axis. We then name these roles in a way which makes them consistent and understandable: Any role which has no (or very little) influence from more than one axis, is considered a 'Pure' role on that axis. For example, a role which is all or nearly all Attack, is considered a Pure Attack role. Any role which has a meaningful but not high degree of influence from a secondary axis (or two) is considered a 'Flex' role on its primary axis; for example, a build which is mostly Control, but has some amount of Attack, is considered a Control / Attack Flex role. Any role which has a high degree of influence from a secondary axis (or two) is considered a 'Hybrid' role on its primary axis; for example, a build which is strongly Support, but has a high amount of Attack, is considered a Support / Attack Hybrid role. And finally, a role can be both Flex and Hybrid. This relates to roles which are strongly mixed and adaptable; for example, a role which is strongly Control, but has meaningful amounts of both Attack and Support, is considered a Control Flex Hybrid role. So now, we have a terminology and a classification method to start reverse-engineering retail builds, by plotting them on the role chart. This lets us know what the balance of abilities and perks we design for that build should be, so we don't--for example--design too much healing for a DPS build, or too much CC for a healer build. From there, we can start breaking down retail builds and using these guidelines to identify key mechanics which make the build unique and special, how those key mechanics feed into the build's role balance, and what kinds of abilities and perks we should design to express those key mechanics. Right now, everything is still in the concept phase, but what this lets us do is go from nebulous ideas of what a build could be, to start narrowing down and identifying what actual actionable things we can design that can bring these builds to life. These can then be plotted onto a work-in-progress perk tree in the appropriate places, and we can start toying around what what a player could make out of those building blocks, and add, remove, or revise things as necessary. The end result--hopefully--being that players who want to make reasonably retail-faithful familiar builds, as well as those who want to take a traditional build and tweak it, and even those who want to make experimental and original builds from scratch, can all choose from the same broad selection of perk options in the perk tree, and have fun finding the combination and style that works best for them. To finish up, let's look at an example retail build breakdown, with the Shadow Priest. I want to emphasize that this is not finished work, and was only created as an example of how a build breakdown could be written up to be useful from a design perspective, and that not all of the things contained in this example are likely to be retail-accurate; I just spun this one off the top of my head to illustrate the method. The actual in-depth retail build breakdowns are slowly underway by people who know retail way better than I do! But hopefully, this should give a glimpse into how builds are being classified, broken down, and turned into ability and perk concepts at this stage of development. Whew, a lot of stuff in this update! Stay tuned for more as work on v4 continues!
  12. aprettybigdeal

    RPG System v4 Updates

    Hey, everyone! In an effort to not lose these updates on v4 progress, I'm starting a topic here for posting them. Following this message will be v4 updates as they happen!
  13. Dascombe

    [Event] The Grand Doldrums Auction II

    Items Up For Auction Star Item [mystery item] "this mystery item will be announced once every other item has been sold, this is one not to be missed!" Unknown item. Keeper made. Starting bid: 5000 silver Seller: haven Item recieved: yes Deposit paid: yes 200 silver [Broken Shards] "Shards of ancient crystalline wood which once formed part of a powerful highborne relic. How it has ended up in Haven's hands is a mystery to many." Trinket. Unknown Effect. 'Possibly Useful' Starting Bid: 5000 silver. Seller: Haven Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 200 silver _____________________________________________________________________________ [Book of Spells] "A rather modest tome, upon an initial glance one would perhaps remark this as being no different to any other withered leather-bound book in a noble's book collection but this thing simply -oozes- magical energies. It is likely that this book has been 'retrieved' from the depths of Devon's Library." This item contains high-tier spells relating to the server's own hidden 'spellbook' utilized by the GM's. Starting bid: 4000 silver. Seller: Haven Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 160 silver [Stone] X2300 "Rock hewn from the tallest peak of Opej'nor: Grom'Goshar. There is enough stone here to build a mighty fort, a castle, or simply a large wall to ward your settlement off from attackers!" Gathered Resource Starting Bid: 4000 silver. Seller: Flamespire Clan Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 160 silver [Hardwood] X1000 "Tropical hardwood gathered from Opej'nor, perfect for constructing barricades and palisades!." Gathered Resource Starting Bid: 3000 silver. Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 120 silver [Power Crystal] X2 "An object which radiates with pure power. These can be used in advanced rituals or incantations as a power source in the Doldrums where access to such power is unreliable." Gathered Resource. Used in spellcraft / rituals. Crafting Component. Starting Bid: 2500 silver Seller: Haven Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 100 silver [Big Sandwich] X10 "Big, fat, juicy sandwiches freshly made. Enough filling and thickly cut bread mean that after gobbling these down they will give you the energy to continue cutting wood, mining ore, training for combat or even crafting items for a little bit longer!" Single-use item. After 1hr, restore 10 productivity. Starting Bid: 1500 silver Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 80 silver [Fish Flesh] X1000 "A vast quantity of assorted fish both salt water and fresh water as well as an abundance of shellfish and other crustaceans. Perfect for putting on a gigantic banquet or as bait for bigger fish at sea." Gathered Resource. Used primarily for provisioner Starting Bid: 1750 silver. Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 70 silver [Sturdy Metal] X100 "Tough metals harvested from deep within the various isles of the Doldrums. Used by all manner of professions." Gathered Resource Starting Bid: 1500 silver Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 60 silver [Unstable Hearthstone] X2 "Powerful and legendary objects back in Azeroth. Although they work they only do so to a lesser extent due to the magical fluctuations in the Doldrums. Very useful for getting yourself out of a dangerous situation!" Single use item. Teleports you to another location. In combat costs 12 energy and requires a turn to build up. Starting Bid: 1000 silver Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 32 silver [Exquisite Metal] X50 "Exotic metals of varying types from around the land. Very in demand by experienced armoursmiths and weaponsmiths" Gathered Resource Starting Bid: 1000 silver Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 40 silver [Bag of Rats] "An oddity amongst oddities. This seemingly ordinary bag allows the owner to open it and release five rats to run amok once a week. Beyond the creation of these vermin there is nothing magical or extraordinairy about them." This item allows the spawning of X5 rats once a week. Requires GM ticket to use. GHI item. Starting Bid: 1000 silver Seller: Nazrin Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 20 silver [Soft Material] X50 "An assorted mix of mageweave, knothide and other fabrics or leather. These are in high demand by both architects for curtains and tent canvas as well as outfitters for clothing and armour!" Gathered Resource. Used in multiple professions. Startind Bid: 1000 silver. Seller: Drustgarde Item Recieved: Yes Deposit Paid: No 40 silver [Major Retraining Tome] "A book used frequently by the mages of Dalaran to forget magical spells and relearn new ones in quick succession!" Single use item. Refunds your character exp and fully resets your character. Starting Bid: 800 silver Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 20 silver [Bottled Magic] X6 "Raw magic bottled within finely crafted vials. This can be used for a number of crafting applications but also " Weapon enchantment. 30% chance on healing with a spell or buff to restore 1 energy to the target. Starting Bid: 800 silver. Seller: Azyria Dawnbinder Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 32 silver [Bracers of Armour] "An enchanted pair of bracers. Rumour has it that these simply washed up in an unmarked supply chest with no known provenance and ended up as part of Silverscale's treasure trove and was eventually claimed by the Palm Rats following the destruction of Silver-Eye. These grant the user immense dexterity and strength and are extremely difficult to destroy, allowing the user to effectively parry with them." Cannot be worn with Armour. Applies 'Nature's Armouring' to an invisible chest armour slot. Starting Bid: 800 silver Seller: Nazrin Item Recieved: yes Deposit paid: yes 16 silver [Robe of Useful Items] "Legend has it that this robe was a creation of Devon the Simple's however this is merely a rumour and there is little to nothing beyond the strange magical properties of it to suggest such. Regardless of its origins, the item's very name suggests its properties: one can produce six items per day consisting of a dagger, a bullseye lantern, a mirror, a pole, hempen rope and a sack. A must-have for any dungeon adventurer!" Magical robe that produces six items per day. The items are non-magical and if the previous iteration isn't 'lost' then they do not come back. Produces a dagger, a bullseye lantern, a two-by-four-foot mirror, a ten foot long pole, fifty feet of hempen rope and a sack. Starting Bid: 750 silver Seller: Nazrin Item Received: yes Deposit Paid: yes 15 silver [Floating Boat] "According to records from the seller, this strange boat washed up on the shores of Sotoras prior to the undead calamity which befell it with a simple note pinned to the mast bearing a magical incantation. Upon being spoken the boat folded up and could be 'unfolded' again at will!" Architect Item: Boat. ICly it is a wooden box attuned to a magical word which, when spoken, unfolds into a boat suitable for approx 5 humans. Starting Bid: 700 silver. Seller: Nazrin Item Recieved: yes Deposit Paid: yes 14 silver [Sustaining Spoon] "Make no mistake, although this may seem a regular spoon made from horn, it can fill any empty vessel with a thick, pasty gruel that is capable of feeding up to four humans a day! It is unknown where this came from, a few settlers in Haven theorize that it may have been a simple kitchen implement which belonged to a magus performing research on Tordala until his dwelling blew up in a freak accident and infused the spoon with a food conjuring spell!" Does not produce Boiled Food or any Provisioner Food. Can be used to alleviate damage caused by food shortages in settlements. Starting Bid: 600 silver Seller: Nazrin Item Recieved: yes Deposit Paid: yes 12 silver [Rune of Anger] "A rune intended for a weapon, this empowers the wielder to inflict greater damage in the midst of even the most crowded of melees" Weapon enchantment. 5% physical damage increase Starting Bid: 500 silver. Seller: Azyria Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 30 silver [Cleansing Totem] "A totem believed to have belonged to a wandering Tauren shaman who once lived in the Doldrums in its early days. Despite numerous attempts many provide conflicting descriptions of this individual and some begin to wonder if this individual was an apperition or if they even existed at all. What is certain however is that the totem and its powers are most definately real and are useful in certain life-or-death situations!" Enchanted totem capable of cleaning 5 cubic feet of any 'grimy' substance such as spilled bodily fluids, food not kept in a vessel and dust. Also useable on substances of a magical nature (EG: forsaken blight / fel blood) Starting Bid: 500 silver Seller: Nazrin Item Recieved: yes Deposit Paid: yes 10 silver [Rugged Timber] X500 "Rather simple timbers used for constructing a wide array of buildings as well as for constructing weapons." Gathered Resource. Used in multiple professions. Starting Bid: 500 silver. Seller: Drustgarde Item Recieved: Yes Deposit Paid: No 20 silver [Secrets Of Metallurgy Vol.2] X3 "A rather sought after copy of a rare volume. Another copy of this book sold at the last auction and yielded the owner a pretty penny or two, these are highly demanded by budding miners and armoursmiths across the land!" This item increases your armoursmithing and prospecting skills by 3 each. Single use. Requires 95 prod to charge. Starting Bid: 400 silver. Seller: Baron West Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 16 silver [Nat Pagle's Guide to Xtreme Anglin' Vol.2] "A rare edition of a book written by the fishing legend himself: Nat Pagle. With step-by-step guides on finding good fishing spots to cooking extravagant meals with your catch! This is a must-have for any keen angler or provisioner!" This item increases your provisioner and fisherman skills by 3 each. Single use. Requires 95 prod to charge. Starting Bid: 400 silver. Seller: Rothan Ghosthide Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 16 silver [Hardwood] X100 "A rather in-demand item used heavily in architecture! Can be used to set up palisades and give you an enclosed and moderately defended camp at the drop of a hat!" Gathered Resource. Used in multiple professions. Starting Bid: 300 silver. Seller: Drustgarde. Item Recieved: Yes Deposit Paid: No 12 silver [Superior Mixed Armour Upgrade] "What's better than a simple iron mail undershirt? Thats right, one made of THORIUM! Same properties as the mixed armour upgrade in this auction but far greater!" This item grants 18% slashing resistance and 18% piercing resistance permanantly on a chest token Starting Bid: 200 silver Seller: Drustgarde Item Recieved: Yes Deposit Paid: No 8 silver [Troll Ceremonial Burial Wrappings] "One from the auctioneer himself! This set of burial wrappings was retrieved from what is now known as the 'Bloodlord's Crypt' on the isle of Opej'nor. After much study it is believed that these unused wrappings are part of a formal troll burial wrapping set indicated for someone of medium status within Troll society. These are a genuine item and are going to be mentioned in the next issue of the Explorer's Digest!" Epic boots, rare gloves and an uncommon shirt to imitate Troll mummy wrappings Starting Bid: 200 silver. Seller: Grettik Gritbeard Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: n/a [Mixed Armour Upgrade] "A simple iron mail undershirt to be worn under your garmets. Quite handy for surprising would-be assassins and generally useful for combat in all walks of life!" This item grants 9% slashing resistance and 9% piercing resistance permanently on a chest token. Starting Bid: 100 silver Seller: Drustgarde Item Recieved: Yes Deposit Paid: No 4 silver [Sigil of Rejuvenation] "A rather simple sigil retrieved from the arcane creatures now plaguing Opej'nor. According to the runes written upon it this can cause healings or enchantments in combat to bless their target with renewed vigor." Weapon enchantment. 30% chance on healing with a spell or buff to restore 1 energy to the target. Starting Bid: 80 silver. Seller: Rothan Ghosthide Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 3 silver [Sigil of Affection] "Another sigil with a rather strange blessing upon it. This causes strikes that land to occasionally heal not only the attacker but also the target. The oddity in this enchantment is likely explained due to the fact it was also recieved from the strange arcane monstrosities on Opej who seem to harbour from an equally chaotic plane." Weapon enchantment. 20% chance to heal 40 health to your target and yourself when you deal damage. Starting Bid: 80 silver. Seller: Rothan Ghosthide Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 3 silver [Rune of Sorcery] "There's no messing around when it comes to the writings on this particular rune, the crackling energies from it are clearly there to empower magical blasts emenating from the weapon that is carved with this rune!" Weapon enchantment. +5% magical damage. Starting Bid: 80 silver. Seller: Rothan Ghosthide Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 3 silver [Light Buckles] X150 "Light Buckles washed up on the beach in crates or salvaged from ruined campsites. Makes good use for tents and outfitters clothing!" Gathered Resource Starting Bid: 80 silver. Seller: Timothy West Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 3 silver [Glass] X200 "Sea glass washed up on the shore or simply pried from shipwrecked galleons upon the shores of the Doldrums" Gathered Resource Starting Bid: 80 silver. Seller: Timothy West Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 3 silver [Stone] X200 "Top quality masonry stone gathered by labourers deep within New Moonbrook's mine. Perfect for that start to a wall around your settlement or the foundations to a home-away-from-home" Gathered Resource Starting Bid: 80 silver. Seller: Timothy West Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 3 silver [Recipe: Mass Produce Cloth Major] "A simple set of instructions on how to craft a large amount of cloth padded jackets, shirts or other sorts of formalwear or robes!" Outfitter Recipe Starting Bid: 20 silver. Seller: Timothy West Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 1 silver [Recipe: Owl's Potion] "A recipe for a potion designed to grant the imbiber enhanced ingenuity and willpower so as to cast spells with more power whilst also granting them the energy to do so for a short time!" Provisioner Recipe Starting Bid: 20 silver. Seller: Timothy West Item Recieved: Yes Deposit paid: Yes 1 silver
  14. ´╗┐ Uncle Brann wants -YOU- to open up your wallet and spend spend spend! Where: Egtown When: Monday 14th October 19:00 server-time Who: Anyone on non-hostile terms with the Palm Rats Event Type: Merchant / Economy / Spend your gold you fuckers GM Assistance: Required GM required will be the one who is 'monitoring' or observing the event venue in question. If there are other keepers who DM other factions who wish to have faction reps / leaders come along and bid they are welcome to do so if they wish / are able. "COME ONE COME ALL, RARE GOODS AND ODDITIES FROM AROUND THE DOLDRUMS TO BE ACQUIRED!" "Welcome one and all, my name is Grettik Gritbeard: local eccentric and archaeologist! To those of you who know me, welcome! To those of you who don't: i'm the author of the well-known Explorer's Digest and organizer of the first Grand Doldrums Auction as well as being a veteran archaeologist of this land! It is confirmed that the Palm Rats of Egtown will be hosting the event! So how does an auction work? Well for those of you who are curious, there are a few ground rules I will lay out below on this here poster: We are guests at Egtown, any trouble makers will be dealt with on the terms of the Palm Rats. No bidding what you can't afford. All payment is required following the auction and non-payment will be dealt with -harshly- If you wish to bid when the auctioneer announces the next 'raise' in the bid, simply wave at them and they will acknowledge your bid back There will be a 'starting' bid on each item based on it's perceived value. Scrying bids will be allowed. One of the Palm Rat Evokers will be on standby with a scrying orb to take long-distance bids anonymously (to all bar the Palm Rats and auctioneer) Postal bids will be allowed. If you wish to make a set postal bid on an item simply state the item you wish to bid on and the amount. This is a gamble for you -may- win the item without having to be present (and thus receive same anonymity as a scrying bid) but on the flip side you may end up putting in a 2000 silver bid on an item that does not go further than its starting bid of 50 silver. Postal bids are to be received in advance and will be returned if it is outbid. The postal bid shall be announced at the -start- of the item in question's bidding proceedings. An auction fee of 8% of the final sale value of the lot will be deducted at the end of the auction. A refundable fee of 4% of the 'starting' bid of an item is required. If your item secures at least one bid then this 2% fee is refunded instantly. Those wishing to put an item up for the auction are required to have the item's description sent to Grettik Gritbeard as well as the lot delivered to him by no later than 6pm on the 7th of this month. Items after this time will not be made available for auction. This is to grant time for people to prepare their wallets and to establish starting bids for all items. If you are coming purely to spectate rather than bid, there will be seating for bidders and seating for spectators. Bids made from the spectator stands will be ignored. Advice for those new to the art of bidding: Be wary and size up the opposition, don't always go for the big prizes as that is what most others will, you can pick up some real bargains where other people are not bidding. Try to anticipate what other people are after and price them out of the game early You can bid on an item you don't even want just to rack up someone else's coin purse... but be warned: they may pull out and leave you with a cost for something you don't want! Putting an item up for auction? If it's common, try to have a lot of them in bulk! If it's rare, try to add a history to it or emphasize its usefulness / status! The more information on items the better! Don't forget, as the auctioneer gets a cut of the final price they will be trying their best to ramp up the value of your item! Should any of you have any questions or queries, do get in contact with Grettik Gritbeard. A letter can be sent addressed to him to Hafthor's Keep south-east of Haven and south-west of New Moonbrook upon the Isle of Opej'nor."
  15. Elle

    Settlement Rules

    Settlements are hubs of activity and large groups of people living and working together daily. For a player created, and run settlement, however, we have a few guidelines one must adhere to. Settlements require at least three active players. Settlements established before this post's original date are exempt from this. You must also have 4 worker NPCs, and 3 Guard NPCs at the least. Settlements must have at least one active player within 45 days. If there is no player activity in the settlement leadership roles, it will default into the Keeper Team's hands. Players will be unable to step right back in and take their previous positions in a settlement after being inactive for 45 days. The form below must be filled out. You can post it publicly, or in a private section of the forums. This is the bulk of the criteria, as it is information the keeper team needs to be able to handle your settlement at all. Once all criteria is met, a member of the keeper team will give the thumbs up to settlement status. This means NPCs may be given their own generic dialogue, quest and merchant NPCs may move in, aswell as some unique ones. You will also be given your own guild tag and such. Beyond this, there are not many 'benefits' for making a settlement, other then for the joy and desire to create RP around it. Keep in mind, NPCs are their own characters, and they may come and go from your settlement normally. Some of this criteria may change, depending on server population and major changes to the server.
  16. New Moonbrook

    New Moonbrook

    Job Opportunity Job Title: Tobacco Farm Manager Race Requirements: n/a Class requirements: n/a Other Requirements: level 20 in woodlander Job Type: Merchant / RPG business management´╗┐ Salutations, citizens of New Moonbrook and Beyond! As the lumber mill stands newly constructed and the sound of steel striking stone echoes from the mine we contemplate our next move in terms of production at the settlement. It is somewhat of a personal vice of mine however it is quite clear that there is a demand out there for tobacco which is about as rare as hen's teeth as it washes up maybe once in a blue moon and as a result of this we have just finished construction on a somewhat modest farm immediately outside the main garrison of New Moonbrook dedicated to the growing and production of premium Opej'nor tobacco. With other operations busy, the settlement is looking for a manager to run this Tobacco farm to roll in the savoury fragrance of Opej'nor tobacco leaves for those who desire them! Perks of the job include: Full day-to-day authority of running the business in question. Limited command over guards stationed in / around said businesses. Free lodgings within the farmstead. 2 gold pieces a month. Authority over direction of business and operations within it. A pouch of tobacco a day for personal use free of charge. Responsibilities include: Ensuring materials gathered are deposited within the settlement's stores. Workers are happy and looked after. Ensuring business is sufficiently protected from threats. Selling tobacco on the market in Opej'nor to nearby settlements such as Egtown, Drustgarde, Haven and the Flamespire Clan. Should you wish to take up this position within New Moonbrook then do contact Baron West at your earliest convenience. Questions regarding the job are welcome.
  17. New Moonbrook

    New Moonbrook

    Job Opportunity Job Title: Lumber Mill / Mine Manager Race Requirements: n/a Class requirements: n/a Other Requirements: level 20 in either prospecting or woodlander depending on business applied for. Job Type: Merchant / RPG business management Salutations, citizens of New Moonbrook and Beyond! As work continues on with the settlement the mine is in full swing producing ample amounts of stone for the construction of defences for New Moonbrook however we have now completed our Lumber Mill. As Baron West is currently managing operations in the Mine, the settlement is looking for a manager for either the New Moonbrook Lumber Mill or the New Moonbrook Mine for the Baron is capable of managing either one but can only manage one such structure at a time! Perks of the job include: Full day-to-day authority of running the business in question Limited command over guards stationed in / around said businesses Free reign to carve out a subterranean office or sleeping quarters within the mine. Seperate dwelling available above ground for Lumber Mill. 3 gold pieces a month Authority over direction of business and operations within it. Responsibilities include: Ensuring materials gathered are deposited within the settlement's stores Workers are happy and looked after Ensuring business is sufficiently protected from threats Should you wish to take up this position within New Moonbrook then do contact Baron West at your earliest convenience. Questions regarding the job are welcome.
  18. New Moonbrook

    New Moonbrook

    Following a discussion with the esteemed Baron of New Moonbrook, it would seem that due to the dissolution of the Leo-Lupus Pact that Corporal Jeremy Thorne and his entourage have returned to New Moonbrook along with their cannon. The Corporal has made it clear to the Baron that he has no intention of being a petty law-enforcement officer, something which has been relegated to the New Moonbrook guards, but rather a soldier. And so he and his men have been positioned around the settlement's gates along with New Moonbrook guards who will enforce the settlement's laws whilst the Corporal and his men fight off any hostile forces which currently seem to consist of a large amount of arcane anomolies appearing from a rift on the north-eastern side of New Moonbrook Those in or around the settlement would notice that the brigade's crimson cannon pointed directly towards the rift
  19. Dascombe

    [Project] The Baron's Highway

    Segments of Highway Completed- New Moonbrook <---> Egtown New Moonbrook <---> Haven (First Step Road) In Progress New Moonbrook <---> Zan'Watha Embassy
  20. Elle

    NPC Changes

    As many of you are likely aware, an announcement was made a few weeks back about changes coming to NPCs, specifically, play owned ones. Due to real life time limitations and my own school work, I've been slower on getting this out then we wanted. What we are doing, is changing both, how the keeper team handles NPCs and how players interact with them. Up to this point, recruiting NPCs has required a keeper ticket, where then a keeper DMs the interaction with the end goal being the recruitment of said NPCs to work for the player character. This has put a severe strain on our small team, as it ends up requiring us to be rather lack luster in the name of consistency, and fairness, while respecting a player's ownership of the NPCs, like a building or possession. This has led to a great deal of NPCs feeling lifeless and generic. The major change, for players to understand, is recruitment will now work much differently. If a player character wishes to start a business, or recruit workers for one, instead of seeking out the NPCs, or going to a place to 'shop' for specific races, you will work with a 'help wanted' system. This means, you will post a 'help wanted' poster up in the Doldrums. This can be done with our writables, through the architect profession, or noticeboards. Once this is done, a player may then make a keeper ticket to notify us of the placement and its location(s). The ticket will be closed when a keeper has checked these posters, and logged its contents for the team. When a keeper has time/npc are available looking for the work, they will approach a player character, either at an agreed upon date by the keeper and player, or when the keeper next catches the player on. The interaction will be DM'd out and if the NPC agrees at the end, they will work for the player. However, another major difference, is currently, once an NPC is 'hired' by a player character, be it guard, or worker for a business, they have been treated as 'possessions' of the player. This will change, while not every NPC will be given a unique name, they will all have goals, ideals, morals and opinions tied to them. And their general attitude for the player character they are employed by aswell. What does this really mean for our players? Well, this means that if you hire a group of devout, naaru-fearing draenei and they hear you summoned a gaggle of imps, and took up warlocktry, the draenei may decide to quit. This is in an effort to make consequences for a player character's actions, and for NPCs as a whole to feel more 'real'. Starting from this point forward, all NPCs who work for a player will follow this. Meaning, once their information has been logged, your character's actions will have positive or negative consequences. NPC behavior, once owned, will apply to ALL NPCs, including those in settlements. Speaking of settlements. We are going to also be rolling out some new rules for them as well. These will apply only to PLAYER run settlements. A post will be made in the guild sections of the forums with a more detailed outline on all the rules and information we will require from players. We will also have requirements for a place to become a settlement. Current player run settlements will be grandfathered in, meaning they will maintain their status. The requirements, as a quick preview, will be... 1) A settlement must have at least three players active in it. 2) There must be one business present in the settlement. 3) There must be four workers for the business. 4) The settlement must has at least three, NPC guards. 5) The players must fill out a form with required information for keepers on the settlement. Once these requirements have been met(again, the rest, including the form, will be in another post.)the 'place' or 'camp' or 'base' of the player characters will become a settlement. This will change how recruitment works. Based on the information filled out, NPCs will randomly approach settlements. Either looking for work, a place to stay or live. Notices to 'move to X town' will be automatically removed by staff in other settlements, unless said settlement specifically allows it. Again, this will depend on NPCs in the Doldrums, as well as keeper time. To give a quick example, a group of elves recently arrive in the Doldrums. Highborne, use to posh, comfy living conditions. They hear of a town that has a bathhouse, and being dirty, uncomfortable and miserable, they go there. But, along the way they are accosted by some danger, and a group of gnomes save them. The gnomes hear of their plight, and say, that while they do not have baths, they have working plumbing, and warm showers. A few of the highborne go off with the gnomes to check this out, finding a likely warm source of water more appropriate, while the rest continue. Then, those who went with the gnomes, find out the showers broke a week ago and still are not fixed. Maybe they stick around for a bit to see if they are fixed, or feeling lied to, leave to rejoin their friends. Once they do, they find the bathhouse was a lie, and leave again this time deciding to form their own camp and try to eek out a comfortable living. Of course, it could be simpler or more complex. Perhaps a group of desperate dwarves demand a player proves their ability to ply them with decent alcohol, or a group of humans wish for swords to defend themselves. These both can incur more people to a settlement, and things player character do can incur them leaving. To summarize our end goal with this method, we wish to make the world feel alive, while also releving the keeper team from handling bog-standard work during the hours we have to DM, and hopefully freeing up time for more interesting events and things to be done, both for players who wish to pursue building settlements and businesses or not. I would also like to state that NPC upkeep for workers or guards, will still remain as -silver-. The reason for this is ease on staff and a consistent, fair upkeep cost for all players. In-Character, this silver can represent food, clothing, weapons, armor, mead, or your character is paying the NPC in. And to wrap this up with a revival and addition rather then just a change... we are going to be working on adding in quest giver NPCs, merchants who sell Common Request Tokens and adding dialogue to your average citizen NPC. I'll break this down a tad below. Quest Givers - Anyone who has been on shores from its initial launch in the summer of 2018 may remember there use to be an orc on Menhirs who asked for mana shards and rewarded silver. For all intents and purposes, it was a repeatable, daily quest. I used this idea during the Razorbranch Invasion event chain. We'll be bringing this back, and trying to make it a little more interesting. Each settlement that we are able to, will have a quest giver that is looking for something different and rewards different things. Some will be much like the orc I mentioned, wanting an item for silver. Some may send you off to a more dangerous task, and ask for proof of your deed for something greater. We will be starting small on this, to test it out and see where we can go with it. The idea is these are tasks that need to/can be regularly done in an In-character sense. So, if you do one of these, it is valid In-character, even if someone else did it too. Basic Gear Merchants - This is something I've been wanting to add for awhile, merchants who sell items for silver. Specifically it will be common request tokens. This allows newer characters and players the ability to earn some better looking cosmetics without the need for finding a player crafter. We are starting with commons as they are not something a player can specifically craft in the current professions. If it goes well, we may continue down this path, we may not. NPC dialogue - During the time Silver-Eye was around, all the NPCs in it had dialogue, some of it amounted to 'screw you' or 'go away', but it set the tone for how the NPCs in Silver-eye were. We plan on working to bring this back. These last changes will be rolling in as we complete them. We'll make announcements in the discord as we get them out.
  21. Dascombe

    [Project] The Baron's Highway

    Location: Opej'nor Players / factions currently involved: Timothy (New Moonbrook) Type of project: Construction Fairly simple (albeit costly) project, the idea is to begin construction on what will become known as the 'Baron's Highway'. Although it won't be a road in the Goblin sense of something you can go drag racing down, it'll be a wooden pathway effectively making a large circuit around Opej'nor. The intended path is as follows: On this map are the following: White blob - Haven Blue blob - New Moonbrook Brown blob - Hafthor's Keep Turquoise blob - Egtown Yellow blob - Zan'watha Embassy Orange blob - Flamespire Clan Green Blob - Drustgarde Purple blob - Wizard's Enclave Red Blob - High Hearth The path will start from New Moonbrook and head east in a clockwise motion through the thick of the jungle and form a crossroads halfway to the point where it'll split off in a cross towards both Grom'Goshar (specifically: mag'gol) and Drustgarde. From here it will head south skirting around the pond and giving a wide berth to the Tyrant Queen before heading uphill towards the Wizard's Sanctum path. It will diverge here and head up a steep slope constructed from a wooden staircases and fortified so that it doesn't rot all the way up to High Hearth. At this point the projected route would be along through the western jungle however due to the swarm being there currently that part will take a bit of a delay in construction. Once safe to do so the route will join up with Haven on its western side. The project will be 100% architect-built and as such will require a metric fucktonne of rugged timber. If anyone wishes to donate to this project they are able to as either individuals or factions. Those who donate SUBSTANTIAL amounts of timber to it will have segments of the highway named after either them or their faction depending on what is discussed with Tim ICly. The plan will be to predominantly make use of the X8 rugged timber road planks in the construction plans as the bulk of this however lighting will also be required as will foundations for any tricky bits of terrain and staircase elements which are reinforced for more uphill parts of it. The ultimate aim for this is for people to be able to get a wagon to circulate the entirity of Opej'nor without encountering difficult terrain as well as giving a route by which factions can patrol with their guards. Who knows, in the future there may even be neutral 'rest stops' along this route and it may also provide an anchor point for any future settlements to build up to. Although this is a player initiative done through architect, if anyone wishes for this to be world edited in and do the legwork, do give me a shout as it would be nice to get the major contributors to this road in on such for suggestions.
  22. New Moonbrook

    [Guild Alliance] The Leo-Lupus Pact

    In the twilight hours of the previous night, the clansmen of the Flamespire Clan would observe the venerated clan elder and stand-in for Bloodfury: Gruk Charrbone as he walked towards the now looming Alliance fortress-settlement of New Moonbrook with but a single torch in his hand Likewise from the other side of the engagement, a click of a safety catch being flicked on on would pierce the eerie silence from atop the Alliance garrison as one of the moons catches a glint off the Baron's rifle scope as he turned to greet the new arrival. The guardsman, forever uneasy and still wary of the Orcs, would allow him to pass to meet with the Baron, it is all too clear that the two share some sort of burdened dislike of each other that overcomes even the animosity of the leo-lupus pact that they have met to discuss. Hours would pass, one or two of the guardsmen in New Moonbrook would even find themselves patrolling closer to the garrison in order to eavesdrop but to no avail. Eventually the piercing ray of sunlight arose from the tall spires of Blackfinger almost iconically to herald the news that would follow these dark days of distrust. As quietly as he arrived, so too did the red robed figure of the elder shaman depart from the settlement of stone and lion-blazoned banners only for the next day to start spreading news: The news seemed to be delivered in a number of formats, more commonly was word of mouth through traders and merchants likely eager to resume trading between Haven and the members of the Leo-Lupus pact but also there were a number of small flyers distributed amongst the major settlements of Opej Nor written in both Orcish and Common: "To the denizens of Opej'nor. After much deliberation and discussion with the two leading figures of the Leo-Lupus act, we have come to the decision that the pact be dissolved. This is in due part to the heroic and quick-thinking actions of Matron Mel who selflessly came to the defence of both New Moonbrook and the Flamespire Clan with little to no regard for her own safety. Because of this members of the Pact and also Haven's town guard were able to effectively come together to dispatch a substantial force of arcane monstrosities which arose in the new market square. As a result of the dissolution of the Leo-Lupus pact, the previous rules surrounding the pact shall be rescinded to result in the following: Both parties to the pact will immediately open up all trade and co-operation insofar as they agree as individuals with the settlement of Haven. Members of Haven will be welcome into either the Flamespire Clan's hold or the settlement of New Moonbrook in accordance with both faction's laws. Unless in violation of aforementioned laws they are to be considered guests and treated as such. Co-operation with any faction or organization aiding Haven will also resume. Relationship with Haven will secede back to a 'neutral' state. As part of this it is worth noting that both New Moonbrook and the Flamespire Clan will be treating the Scarlet Crusade encampment near the southern zeppelin crash site with caution until such a time as they discard their colours and any association with the Scarlet Crusade or they prove to both New Moonbrook and the Flamespire Clan that without a shadow of a doubt they pose no threat to either faction or others on Opej'nor. Tactics and weaknesses of the 'Swarm' as have been recorded by Baron West of New Moonbrook are to be retained until such a time as either the [Bloodstone of Opej] is handed in for safekeeping to the Wizard's Enclave tower under the watchful eye of -all- factions of Opej'nor or until Haven put out an official warrent for the arrest of the magus known as 'Elle' on the grounds of allowing the escape of the swarm queen and for attempting to have the Baron arrested in Haven outside of their jurisdiction. Due to the nature of current threats on Opej'nor, warriors at the Flamespire Clan and guardsmen at New Moonbrook are to not open fire on either faction's members unless attempting a forceful entry to the settlement, violating the settlement's laws or displaying clear and hostile intent. Should hostile forces attack either settlement, the other will likely come to the other's aid for mutual benefit. Ambassadors for all three factions will remain in place for the purpose of encouraging co-operation between such at gatherings or in absence / unavailability of leadership." All copies of the document are hand signed 'Elder Charrbone' - written in animal blood, and 'Baron Timothy West' - written in ink with a quill. A footnote appears at the bottom of the text: "Due to the apparent absence of The Captain in either diplomatic matters or even coming to the aid of other settlements, New Moonbrook officially recognizes Matron Mel as defacto leader of Haven"
  23. Dascombe

    The Flamespire Clan

    Settlement Name: The Flamespire Clan Leader(s): Dragor Bloodfury (Gleader, inactive) Gruk Charrbone (Elder - Shaman / mystic leader, Interim leader) Drok'thul Goresnarl (Bastion - Military leader) Tsolvia (Ruler of Mag'gol - offshoot settlement) Leader Positions and Powers: Dragor Bloodfury - Doldrosh. Overall leader. Total power. Gruk Charrbone - Elder. Oversees mystical / shaman stuff and oversees elemental shrines and dealings with the powerful elemental spirits on the peak. Drok'thul Goresnarl - Bastion. Oversees training of troops, troop deployment as well as equipping them. Slight overlap with Gruk Charrbone in terms of training Shaman combat NPC Tsolvia - Ruler of Mag'gol. Oversees building work and general welfare of the clansmen. Important NPC: Stone Guard Tuhruk Jorrog Grivak (Navigator) Zig-zig (Chief of the knucklebranch) Population: TBA NPC Distribution: TBA Laws: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gJb97-kcD7LWvPTTg2ougRm_2Ou_S9Mkp5_Z783ueAI/edit?usp=sharing (In Progress) Housing: 16 beds Care: TBA
  24. Dascombe

    [Event] The Doldrums Convocation

    A notice appears to go around most major settlements "To those concerned. The Doldrums Convocation many of you have heard of has been postponed until such a time as a suitable venue can be established. This is due to Egtown recently becoming an abode filled with morally duplicitous individuals and as such is not a fit domain for ambassadors, diplomats and other dignitaries to discuss important issues. Furthermore it has come to my attention that no-one else has mentioned they are attending. - Baron West"
  25. Where: Haven When: Wednesday 18th Sept 19:30 server-time. Who: Leaders / Ambassadors of all factions bar Twilight's Hammer, Kolai and Sotoras Event Type: Social / Politics GM Assistance: Only required for NPC faction attendance (Zan'Watha etc) Discussions throughout three of the major factions of the Doldrums start to spread, those being: New Moonbrook, The Flamespire Clan and Haven. It would seem that following the respective faction's appointment of ambassadors to engage talks and discussions amidst the presence of the Leo-Lupus Pact, they have begun to have a dialogue regarding a number of issues currently plaguing the Doldrums. Seeking to take leadership in bringing a resolution to a number of these matters, the three factions have elected to convene at Egtown at a later date at what would be called the 'Doldrums Convocation'. At this convocation major leaders may attend or, in their absence, appoint an ambassador if neither are available. No more than two per faction may attend with the two consisting of (in order of preference) Leader of said faction, ambassador of said faction, or an appointed individual. Matters of discussion are as follows: Who has what in terms of powerful artefacts, the compilation of a list of what artefacts are under who's possession and what they are capable of The Golem beneath Haven The Twilight Hammer's current state and generally people keeping a watch at their respective bases A grave threat from Grettik Gritbeard The Swarm Information sharing on threats such as Kolai and Sotoras Those announcing the presence of the Convocation say that those attending are to stick to the topics to be discussed stringently with a small window of opportunity for 'other matters' towards the end. If anyone wishes for matters to be brought up they may contact Baron West beforehand with a letter stating what they wish to be discussed. Factions & Confirmed attendees: New Moonbrook- Baron Timothy West Flamespire Clan- Tsolvia Haven- Matron Mel Montague Drustgarde- Unknown Envoy Confirmed Attending Tordala- Eamane Mythglancer Ardanel Brightweaver Zan'Watha- The Explorer's League- Hafthor Bloodforge
  26. Dascombe

    [Event] The Salt Mire

    Where: Salt Mire. Starting at Hafthor's Keep When: Unconfirmed Who: Grettik Gritbeard & those chosen from applicants Event Type: Exploration / Combat GM Assistance: Required (Antioch specifically) A few rumours begin to circle of local eccentric and archaeologist Grettik Gritbeard searching for an elite team of fighters (ideally with a healer too) to embark upon a perilous mission. Those who pry for further information find that the Dwarf has been tasked with recovering an ancient object from the mysterious isle of Salt Mire by the equally strange and enigmatic wizard known as 'Granthar'. Although the details are sketchy, those who press further would discover that the land is filled with exceedingly hostile creatures and as such the team that goes there faces much in the way of perils as they protect the combat-deaf archaeologist himself. As he walks from town to town announcing the venture, he asks that those interested send a letter of interest addressed to Grettik Gritbeard currently residing at Hafthor's Keep between Haven and New Moonbrook. He requests that those who send letters express the following: Name: Race: Combat Role (Healer / Fighter / Spellcaster / Hunter etc): Affiliations (Haven / New Moonbrook / Tordala etc): Combat Experience (Untrained / Veteran / Master etc): Any additional information to justify accompaniment: Those who embark upon this venture will not only be given the chance to explore some of the lesser known parts of the Doldrums but also will come across mysteries of a magical nature as this ancient object is unearthed. Current Party Members: Grettik Gritbeard - Dwarf - Archaeologist - Explorer's League - Untrained - Party Leader Wilson Delgan - Human - Archaeologist - Explorer's League - ???? - Second in Command Tsolvia - Pandarean - Fighter - Flamespire Clan - Master - Shield bearer, woodlander, cook. Drok'Thul - Orc - Fighter - Flamespire Clan - Veteran - armoursmith
  27. New Moonbrook

    [Guild Alliance] The Leo-Lupus Pact

    An amendment has been noted to the pact and spreads like wildfire through Grom'Goshar, New Moonbrook and word even reaches Haven. Following talks between Baron West of New Moonbrook, Tsolvia of the Flamespire Clan and Matron Mel of Haven, the following individuals are to be considered diplomats to / from the following settlements. Diplomat Ascor Holt - Diplomat from New Moonbrook to Haven Diplomat Tsolvia - Diplomat from the Flamespire Clan to Haven Diplomat Montague - Diplomat from Haven to New Moonbrook and the Flamespire Clan Insofar as the pact is concerned, Diplomat Montague is to be afforded the same welcome and guest-like statuses and comforts as is afforded to the respective diplomats of New Moonbrook and the Flamespire Clan, he is not to be harmed and will be allowed entry to the aforementioned settlements insofar is reasonable and will be offered protection by the aforementioned settlements
  28. New Moonbrook

    New Moonbrook

    New Moonbrook grows day by day! At the moment the tavern is taking a slight backlog in the final finishing touches (mainly some wooden parts to the top floor & decor) in order to focus heavily on defences: The Garrison is approx 15-20% complete with the initial laying out of the -first- settlement wall being constructed (a later palisade wall will be added to protect exterior assets) If anyone is interested in joining do note that as well as having a free tent space within the settlement there is also the option to get an additional building made for your own use based on your character. Are you a diplomat? An embassy will be constructed. A mage? Plans for a mage tower will be scrawled up. Mortar Crew Duo? A black powder store will be built. If you are interested in making a character for the guild, just drop Timothy West (Timothy in-game) a message to discuss any ideas for what you want to make!
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