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    Dev-Blog: Shores Renovation

    WORLD EDITING In today’s dev blog, written by our mapper Oracle, we will be delving deeper into the ongoing world edits and how they come to be. During the initial stage of development after the server went down back in July, there was a lot of back and forth about what should happen. When we discussed what kind of changes Opej’Nor should see, what quickly came to light is that the current state of the island lacked incentives for players to fully explore it, as it largely looked the same wherever you went. We want the island to be capable of offering diverse locations and experiences, in short, each location should have its own theme and purpose, which in turn gives players a reason to seek them out. A few meetings later, we had drawn up a rough map with several zones that we wanted the island to have. We went through several Blizzard maps and made a compilation of various environments that we liked and could roughly fit the themes we envisioned. World edits could finally start properly at this point. I began the process by preparing palettes of objects, as picking the correct pieces to build with is just as important as the building itself; this ensures that the chosen assortment of objects look good together and that the identity of the zone remains consistent. The images above are the result of several biome tests I worked on inside Noggit, where I put my palettes to the test. They were done on a new developer island created specifically for this purpose, that way I did not have to worry about interfering with existing islands by experimenting there. Once I was satisfied with the outcomes and felt I had a good grasp on how I wanted each zone of Opej’Nor to look, I could finally get to the meat of the actual work. That is where I had to make some difficult decisions, such as: how truthful do we want to remain to the original shape of the island? After weighing the pros and cons of several options and discussing them within the team, I felt it was better to do a complete reimagining of Opej’Nor, rather than trying to work around its existing limitations. A reason for this decision is a desire to introduce more vertical level design on the island, which was simply not possible with how horizontal (flat) it was before. During this process, I kept my eyes out for any landmarks that looked recognizable and left them in the same relative position on the island, so that players will still have some parts they can recognize from the older version of the island. For example, while exploring you will still be able to find the ruins of Drustgarde. High Hearth and Haven are where you would expect them to be as well, with some minor landmarks that can be recognized within the areas between them. ⠀ Several tools were created to ease the pains of development as well. Through these tools I was able to do most of the terrain sculpting in Blender, which allowed me to sculpt the general shape of the island in a matter of days rather than the weeks it would have taken me in Noggit. After that, the map is imported back into Noggit again, but still remains very barebones as it lacks any terrain textures and objects to decorate it. ⠀ Above, you can see a rough breakdown of the steps I took to put the settlement of Haven together. In essence, I start with the skeleton and move the biggest pieces into place before continuing on with the detail work. Once all the work in Noggit is done, the final step is to choose a skybox for the area, which will determine the in-game lighting, which you can see in the last image of the video above. ⠀ In this video, it can be seen how an area of the Opej’Nor Wilds came together and shows one of the ways through which I introduced verticality to the island. My vision for this area is of a place that feels overgrown, conveying that nature itself is in charge here and civilization has been left behind. You could even go as far as to call this a sub-zone of the Wilds, as I created several areas within the larger zone with their own distinct look. Even now, many areas remain unfinished and on others work has yet to begin. World editing is a constant iterative process, where you try to see if something looks good, and of trying something new if it does not. Sometimes this even results in the creation of a new sub-zone, just like the one above. ⠀ Before I leave you, you can see a few more in progress areas in the last video. These are much rougher in nature and very much unfinished, but I hope that by breaking down two areas I have given you an idea of what can be expected. As a final note, any questions regarding world edits may be directed towards @Oracle (me) in #public. If you are afraid that I might have missed an area that felt important to you as a landmark, feel free to notify me as well and perhaps I will find a way to have it represented on the new map.
  3. Varen

    Dev-Blog: Shores Renovation

    The Upheaval: Date: 06/27 Year: 30 Shortly after the rediscovery of Pandaria on Azeroth, the Doldrums underwent drastic changes and its denizens were given reminders of how dangerous the islands could be. Those living on Opej'Nor first noticed the rising of the tide, which was a strange occurrence in itself as the Doldrums had no natural tide. They could only watch as floods slowly swept across the coastline, threatening to swallow both Egtown and Haven's port and forcing those living there to abandon their homes. Thanks to the efforts of Haven's guard and the Palm Rats, panic was kept to a minimum, though reports of looting still occurred. As things began to settle and fear gave way to curiosity, Opej'Nor was suddenly rocked by a massive quaking of the land. Once more panic had to be contained as the sturdy earthworks of Haven buckled and gave way, burying whatever remained of the now flooded port. As Egtown began to collapse into the sea, a deep rift tore open, swallowing the shanty town before ripping through the heart of New Moonbrook all the way to the foot of the mountains. High Hearth saw cliffs shear away, toppling the iconic zeppelin into the ocean. Believing the end was upon them as they bore witness to the cliff face creeping closer and closer to their encampment, the Scarlet Crusaders mustered what supplies they could and fled for the safety of Haven. In the aftermath, the various powers and people of the island scrambled to aid each other however they could, but it wasn't until the Scarlets arrived at the gates of Haven that the magnitude of what had happened could be realized. What appeared to be a marshy island with fungus as tall as the highest treetops of Ashenvale had collided with Opej'Nor. Some reported that it must have been the mysterious island of Salt Mire, but so few had ever been to the island it was just speculation. What all agreed on was that it had moulded into Opej'nor, twisting the jungle and absorbing it into the mysterious bog. These events were only the beginning of the changes that would sweep across the Doldrums. This is the first blog post revolving around the events that happen to the Doldrums during the shutdown. We'll be periodically releasing these as more events are finalized.
  4. A few more updates on what's been going on behind the scenes! On the mapping front, we're using new tools that allow our resident Mapper to sculpt terrain features directly in Blender, before moving everything in noggit for detailing. This increases the speed and quality of what can be done far beyond what noggit alone could achieve. As of right now, Haven is fully complete, and we're now working on the 'Wilds' biome, which lies between New Moonbrook and the Drustgarde ruins. We've also decided on going forward with the implementation of V4, which will result in a complete overhaul of the current RPG. Gathering, Crafting, and Combat will all be vastly different from what Unknown Shores has had since it originally launched in 2018, so look at this space for more updates on what that entails as we finalize the design documents for it. We're putting our entire mapping focus on a full rework of Opej'nor, and new large scale additions, which all come with a far higher quality than any map we've had. This means reworked and wholly new biomes, topography and creatures, greatly increasing the breadth of experience in exploration and adventuring. With skilled use of the new tools we've built for editing, we'll have a map that rivals the best in the private server scene! We'll soon be working on a post detailing the lore of what led to such huge changes to the Doldrums, so stay tuned for that. Above: Old Opej'nor VS new in noggit, with the different biomes highlighted. And in other news, we've managed to get rid of the launcher, with a bespoke solution for 7.3.5 that allows us to have a tiny client, meaning that any updates needed will be automatically done when the client is launched. This will also generally be faster than what the launcher had before, and allow us to make new patches in an even easier manner, something we're using to good effect during development.
  5. Varen

    Temporary Shutdown

    Unknown Shores will be going offline for a few months, starting from the 1st of July. We will be working on much needed fixes to our management style and the available content on the server. Shores has been up continuously since its launch in 2018, weathering tumultuous episodes that other servers would have closed under. Thus, it has accumulated many issues that need cleaning up both mechanically and story wise. We have chosen to go through this temporary shutdown in order to give us time to do more than apply some band-aids. During this downtime we’ll be working with temporary extra staff on revamps and additions to our islands for people to explore and roleplay in, as well as adding to and changing existing content to come out with the 7.3.5 update. As stated before; we're not just looking to place band-aids over old wounds, we are looking to remedy them and seek to give you, the players, the experience that you deserve. We will also seek to begin the highly suggested advertising campaign, create a brand new website, a new wiki board, and revise the role of the forums we currently have. We aim to keep the community informed with regular updates, showcasing the new systems being coded, teasers for the new areas to explore and the new opportunities that players will have available to them. We recognise that the server has been a daunting experience for new players and we seek to mitigate these issues by the time the server relaunches. We want this to be a community that welcomes both veterans and fresh faces to our story. We’re also looking to hire more people to have a larger staff pool when we reopen, so if you’re interested, do contact us! We look forward to welcoming you all back again soon and look forward to giving you our first progress report in the coming weeks!
  6. Dascombe

    [Projects] The Extent of the Alliance

  7. Location: The Doldrums Players / factions currently involved: Timothy (New Moonbrook) Type of project: Construction / Politics Project number two related to New Moonbrook. With Alliance influence slowly but surely spreading throughout the Doldrums, the time has come for the once-fledgling settlement to consider its political influence throughout the land and this will come in the form of constructing embassies in the major settlements across the Doldrums. These embassies will operate very much in a similar light to how most modern day embassies will: Hosting dignitaries for meetings, meals and general gatherings to foster relationships between the Alliance and the host faction. Acting as Alliance territory within said settlements to allow extradition (if nessecary) of criminals or those who consider themselves falsely accused of other crimes. Recruitment centres for the Alliance Hotpoints for political interaction be it prisoner exchanges or trade deal certifications. And more! Each embassy will consist of and require the following as a bare minimum: Permission for construction from the relevant faction Structure extent (and Alliance territorial markers) specified X2 Guards X1 Ambassador (player or NPC) Embassay meeting room Lobby Kitchen Armoury Panic room Lodgings for 6 individuals Architectural styles unique to the host settlement This project will, as with The Baron's Highway be 100% architect built and the only staff presence needed will be for permissions acquired from factions led by NPCs. Otherwise it'll be down to the political machinations of players who run factions. Conversely this thread is intended to track, log and observe the progress of Alliance embassies operated by New Moonbrook. Should any individual wish to build an embassy of their own within New Moonbrook territory
  8. Elle

    Story Team Changes

    Hey, everyone. We just wanted to update you guys on some fundamental changes We’ll be making to the Story team here. Recently, Varen and I had a discussion about Shores and reoccurring issues the server has been having. We came to the conclusion that one big issue is how the server presents itself, versus how it runs when you get in-game. In other words, the server presents itself as a sandbox, but when players get in-game they experience a setting where Keepers are required for a significant amount of your progress. It is our intention to correct this discrepancy, and part of this correction will take place in the form of a restructuring of the story team. Moving forward, Keepers and Dungeon Masters will be replaced and redefined with the new roles of Loremaster and Dungeon Maker, respectively. While the exact details of these roles are still being fleshed out, we'd like to give you a preview of how they will work. As it currently stands, Dungeon Masters are very much what you would expect. In the style of a Tabletop RPG, a Dungeon Master creates campaigns or series of events and conducts it to a conclusion. Similarly, Dungeon Makers are exactly what you would expect from the name. Dungeon Makers will be granted access to a set of tools that allow them to create dungeons and exploration based areas for players to find and experience without the need of Keepers or staff oversight. Random encounters, puzzles, dungeons, and other quests are all a part of what Dungeon Makers will be able to create for their fellow players. These can be one off events, such as an encampment of bandits that, once cleared, will stay cleared. Alternatively, this could be a repeatable thing such as a dungeon full of Virmen. There is a lot of potential and flexibility in the tools Varen has made for us. The content we will be rolling out with the 7.3.5 update will showcase some of what these tools can do. This system is not without its flaws. You won't be able to interact with these dungeons as you would a Keeper led event. We acknowledge these flaws and at present, do not intend on ending staff led events altogether. Rather, this is an important step that will allow us to move towards a more sustainable model for the Doldrums. One focused on exploration, adventure, and true player control over the world. As we work to provide more content for the players, we hope that we can lessen player dependence on the limited staff that we have, while keeping things fresh and interesting.
  9. Dascombe

    [Project] The Baron's Highway

    Updated. Highway has now completed i'd say about 3/4 of its 'loop' around Opej'nor. The newly created settlement of Shimmerpond Village is now connected to Haven with a large length of the highway on the western side of the isle. This is soon to be connected up with High Hearth up the ascending mountain slope to the old zeppelin crash site. Work on the bridge has taken a big pause whilst I reassess the construction m ethods as it seems its gone a bit cock-eyed in its alignment and may warrent it being stripped down and remade.
  10. Dascombe

    [Event] The Baron's Banquet

    The Baron's Banquet Where: New Moonbrook. Banquet Hall When: TBA Who: Specific individuals by invite-only Event Type: Politics GM Assistance: No GM assistance required unless certain NPCs wish to attend (PM for more details on discord) The baron sits at the largest chair on the sprawling table. Although it now lies empty and as barren as the chairs that accompany it, he pictures vividly a cornucopia of dishes and delights from across Opej'nor and dignatries from across the Doldrums. He sits, scrawling with a large goose feather quill and penning multiple scrolls before sealing them with a red candle perched conveniently nearby. Although they are sealed, the seals are ultimately broken when they are delivered to their respective settlements and pinned to town noticeboards for all to see: Tordala "To Councillor Dothrel of Tordala. I write to you with a formal summoning to a banquet here on Opej'nor within my hall here in New Moonbrook. This will be an opportunity for all gathered to speak their minds of matters of politics and the great questions that plague these Doldrums. All dignitaries will be provided with food and wine and whilst I do not wish to dwell too long on matters of a tactical nature, there will be opportunities for the various interested parties attending to relay their own knowledge collectively unto others. As you are well versed in matters of politics and have made frequent visits to inspect New Moonbrook, I have taken it to request your presence as the dignitary of Tordala. In addition to yourself you are allowed to bring one additional individual from Tordala of your choosing however it is requested that they are to be silent during speeches and talks at this banquet unless you deem what they have to say to be of importance. Courtly attire is requested of those attending. I would be grateful if those representing Tordala would attend wearing something in a colour of a dark magenta. Weapons are disallowed however your companion may have a side-arm on them should you wish. Individuals are to refrain from bringing armour. Should you be unable to attend, please do let me know and you shall be more than welcome to appoint your own replacement to attend (said individual is entitled to a companion to accompany them) I look forward to hearing from you. - Baron Timothy West of New Moonbrook" High Hearth "To Priestess Emily of High Hearth Your writing lessons appear to be coming along very well and I have seen a noticible improvement in their texts, for that I am eternally grateful. I, however, write to you of another matter. I shall soon be hosting a Grand Banquet here in New Moonbrook for a number of dignitaries from around the Doldrums. You can consider this a formal invitation for yourself and your choice of a single companion. Food and wine in abundance shall be laid out over which individuals can speak of matters relating to the Doldrums. It is my intention to highlight a few matters that require some attention from other interested groups as well as to see if we can't find some answers to some of the bigger questions here in the Doldrums. Courtly clothing is of course a must for those in attendance. It would be greatly appreciated if you (and your companion) could attend in something of a deep crimson colour. Weapons are disallowed in the banqueting hall however the companion you bring with you can have a side-arm if they so desire. I know you are extremely busy a woman training your men upon High Hearth and further expanding your holdings so if you cannot make it you are more than welcome to appoint someone to attend in your stead, such an individual can of course take a companion with them. I look forward to your attendance as well as your input into the matters at hand - Baron Timothy West of New Moonbrook" Shimmerpond Village "To Yumiko Snowbloom of Shimmerpond Village I greatly appreciate the most recent conversations we've been having, I sincirely hope your new arrival is doing well and coping with the perpetual madness that is the Doldrums (not least to say of Opej'nor alone!) I would like to present you and your fledgeling settlement an opportunity of sorts. I am hosting a Grand Banquet at New Moonbrook for individuals from around the Doldrums who represent some of the major factions and groups therein. I would like to extend an invitation to yourself and a companion of your choice. I know not much of pandarean custom however consider this a 'courtly' attire as we humans would refer to it: formal wear with no armour however your companion is welcome to wear upon their hip a side arm (such as a knife, short sword, hand axe or similar) should they wish. This is an opportunity to show off wealth, prestige and political clout should you wish it. I know you have a large amount of building work to do so if you find yourself struggling to make time to attend this banquet you need only let me know and appoint yourself a replacement to attend in your stead. They are of course still entitled to bring a companion along following the previous terms. Should you have questions about human customs of this nature or anything else, do not hesitate to write to me... and before I forget: I would be most appreciative if both yourself and your chosen companion could attend in attire of an emerald green colour! I look forward to seeing you. - Baron Timothy West of New Moonbrook" Haven "To Matron Mel of Haven I hope you are well, I have not seen much of you at all in these past few months. Doubtless you're either tending to the farm as of late or are still constructing all matter of machinations as usual. As the defacto leader of Haven in these matters, I would like to extend to you a formal invitation to New Moonbrook for a Grand Banquet. I know you appreciate being kept in the loop with regards to matters political and military so I think this is a fitting time and place to do so. In addition to yourself, you (as well as the other dignitaries) are welcome to bring a second person with them to act as a companion. I would like to request that such individuals keep their thoughs to themselves when talks of serious matters are taking place unless they have something to say that you decree to be of importance. As it is a courtly affair, I would beseech you to wear attire of an ardent white colour as is befitting a representative of Haven (your companion also) and to refrain from wearing armour or weapons. Your companion however is more than welcome to bring in an inconspicious side-arm should they wish to. I know many nobles with their pages back in Stormwind used to possess knives and short-swords crusted and gilted with shimmering gemstones from across the seas in dazzling displays of wealth. Should you have queries, do not hesitate to send a letter my way, Matron. - Baron Timothy West of New Moonbrook" Dawnbinders "To Master and Lady Dawnbinder. It has indeed been a while since I have seen you two, I feel as though a catch up over a flagon of ale in the Jolly Otter is of course a stern remedy to such an injury to the soul! But I digress, I write to you both for a more important matter. Nay it is not just Vaxandris's wages which he has still to collect (I jest, I am keeping tabs on this) but rather one of a political nature. I will be hosting a Grand Banquet at New Moonbrook to discuss matters of politics and what will doubtless also decend to military matters (such as that of certain bandits problems) for individuals to discuss and perhaps some sort of action will aspire! I would like to ask that both of you attend if you can. If either of you cannot then the other is welcome to bring with them a single companion. This is a courtly affair so I will have to ask that weapons and armour are left behind (discreet side-arms such as daggers and short-swords are however allowed as I know many like to walk around with very ornate ones). There will be wine and food in abundance to feast upon whilst we talk of all sorts of matters that are on many individuals' heads, there is scarecly a good opportunity for such an occasion to arise and I thought it was time to amend that! I know you two are very busy so should you not be able to make it in your entirity then do please let me know at your earliest conveniance. And before I forget: as stouthearted citizens of the Alliance I would like to request that you both wear an azure blue attire at this banquet. Yours faithfully - Baron Timothy West of New Moonbrook" OOC: Ahoy peeps Some of you on previous servers may recall a number of various 'House of Nobles' events. One such event I ran a while back (can't recall if it was Legacy or something earlier) ran on the basis of the crowds judging noble's attire as they came in to have an impact on their political clout. Although there won't be crowds of pages and courtesans, there will however be your fellow players at this event. I have specifically given clothing requirements to the different dignitaries for a few reasons. Firstly its to get you out of your comfort zones of wearing armour all the time and to actually look up some clothing in game that looks like something that nobility would wear! This is your chance to wow and impress your fellow players using what is effectively going to be just 'Cloth' and 'Leather' clothing. This is a mix of general political RP but also an attempt for players to get some server-based direction going. Many of you will recall the old Grom'Goshar summits that occured ages ago: Although these usually fell into a horrific IC bitchfest, it was handy to hear what other players in other guilds were up to ICly and to ultimately force a direction and generate player-alliances and trade agreements. This is likely going to shoot me in the foot as there will be no formal 'arrangement' or 'lists of questions' to be followed. It'll simply be relatively free-form with the host (Baron West) likely stepping in slapping a silver tankard down on the head of the table to get a particular discussion point across. I will however like to stress one final point: Yes, this event is invite-only. The event is specifically invite only to the people who are deemed by Baron West ICly to be 'people of note' who have engaged with New Moonbrook. Without revealing too much: its people who the Baron view as friends, allies or compatriots of some kind or another (what self respecting nobleman invites plebs he hates into his hall?) so if you wish to be granted an invitation to the next Banquet then you have one of two methods: 1.) Become a person of note and interest to the Baron 2.) Become a person of note and interest to one of the Baron's invitees and be brought in as their 'companion'
  11. Dascombe

    [Notice] Opej Defenders

    A number of notices end up on noticeboards in Tordala, Haven, High Hearth, New Moonbrook and the expanding settlement of Shimmerpond Village bearing Baron West's handwriting: WANTED: PARTY OF HIGHWAY FIGHTERS By decree of Baron West, this notice hereby serves as a request for adventurers to heed a 'call to arms'. Specifically I seek a party of at least four willing to undertake a 'guard duty' of sorts in protecting the Baron's Highway from all manner of threats that would seek to bring commerce and communication between the various factions on Opej'nor and beyond to a grinding halt. The requirements for such a party is as follows: Essential: One individual to act as 'leader' of this appointed group. At least one individual from one of the 'Horde' races. At least one individual from one of the 'Alliance' races. Some seasoned experience in fighting on Opej'nor (('Veteran' level exp)) Individuals on at least a 'neutral' basis with High Hearth, Shimmerpond Village, Haven, New Moonbrook* and Tordala. Desired: Group comprised entirely of combatants (see below for 'supply drops'**) Different skill sets per individual within the group. As part of this arrangement you will not be working directly -FOR- Baron West, New Moonbrook or the Alliance however the Baron will see to you being heavily supplied** with provisions, armour, building materials for outposts and an initial pay settlement until a wider 'taxation' policy can be agreed with other settlements. *Horde individuals within this party may be subject to a special badge to allow for reports on highway attacks to be delivered to New Moonbrook. Primarily the group will be tasked with keeping the roads clear with bandits and hostile beasts however should there be an agreement between all settlements on Opej'nor with regards to 'Highway Law' there may be laws issued for them to enforce. Parties interested in this should seek out Baron West at New Moonbrook to discuss arrangements for initial supply caches to be deployed. - Baron Timothy West of New Moonbrook OOC: Hi peeps. A quick offer of 'interest' which is specifically aimed towards new players who join Unknown Shores. As the Baron's Highway (see the above link) nears completion, its come to the Baron's attention that with the bandit presence to the east having been culled (but still remaining) that the entirity of the highway will effectively need 'policed' or 'guarded' Very much in a similar vain to the Adventurer's Guild that previously existed this is aimed to be a small gaggle of individuals who effectively operate independant of any one settlement on Opej'nor and grants the following opportunities: 1.) Not tied down to any one settlement. A good opportunity for a group of individuals who like to wander and explore. 2.) Supplied and backed up by Baron West. No need to worry about food buffs, medical supplies or even building materials with the Baron on hand to assist (and likely other players too) 3.) A drop-in drop-out opportunity with no long term commitment required. Effectively this is an offer of a small guild / group idea should individuals wish to take it up. It is however more aimed towards new players joining Unknown Shores!
  12. Dascombe

    [Event] A.N.T.M.A.N 2.0

    The communication machine starts whirring and after a small put-put of smoke, it springs to life and starts flashing an emerald green colour on its warning light. Meanwhile over on Haven, the rather tired Tinkmaster appears to have left his workshop with a large amulet that projects his voice "Greetings denizens of Haven! As many of you have seem quiet lately, the A.N.T.M.A.N has gathered an abundance of energy! Therefore the first party of five to make arrangements and come meet me shall embark upon another quest! Failing that, Sunday evening should suffice for a pre-arranged adventure!" No sooner than this is said, he heads back into his workshop. Moments later a few peasants can overhear him mumbling to himself "I don't know... maybe a 'quantum' gathering of energy for the device? Those adventure idiots will believe anything technological"
  13. Hi all It can't have escaped many people's eyes that the server is in somewhat of a lull and I would argue it has been for at least 9-10 months in terms of server population and the activity of the players (and to a degree, the staff) There's been multiple lines of chit-chat across discord about why this is and a small amount of people have been working on trying to solve this as I would argue that the current real world circumstances would likely mean we should be getting a larger influx of players coming to the server when frankly new players seem to spend no more than a week in the discord and by week two their characters are seemingly gone and cease to log in (I do not have access to personal data regarding log-in times so this is merely my observations based on my no-life levels of being logged in myself) To whit i'd like to make this post regarding solving the server's woes and ultimately seeing about making Unknown Shores great again(tm) I would like as many of you as possible to contact me either by dropping me a message here on the forums or PMing me on discord (Dascombe#3685) where I would appreciate you messaging what you think is wrong with the server and ideally with your solutions on how it could be fixed. This will be 100% confidential as my previous 'agony aunt' posts have been and I stick to that firmly. The feedback will be heading back directly to the server admins and staff and i'll move hell or high water to solve these issues myself if need be. However if you wish to have your name known, please state so in your correspondence otherwise i'll relay the feedback confidentially by default. This is not aimed at -just- newbies or -just- vets, this is aimed at everyone as there is issues retaining both veterans and newbies alike. I would also appreciate it that when players contact me do NOT hold back with your gripes with the server and do NOT hold back with your recommendations with how to fix this server. I don't have all the answers and the staff certainly don't so creative responses are welcomed and encouraged. As with past gripes i'll be collating all this feedback into a single document and bullet pointing it to simple and sharp reasoning: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dvzA9w__5PKEBcrfPdEOPZkqOswtSDz-0pyq1e_UKWk/edit?usp=sharing This document is where I shall be collecting all the information pertaining to this feedback so do check back to it from time to time.
  14. New Moonbrook

    New Moonbrook

    OOC: We've had one or two queries regarding the population demographics of New Moonbrook pertaining to racial makeup. We'd like to stress that due to constraints with the NPC models cycling through a limited amount of options we only have a 'set' amount of models for the guards, and workers etc. Please consider reading up on the 'New Moonbrook NPCs' section to find a more accurate breakdown of NPC racial makeup. This applies to CIVILIAN npcs however due to the guards models it is assumed that unless specified through named NPCs (such as Sgt Thorne) these NPCs are comprised of -ALL- Alliance races: Gnomes, Dwarves, Humans (of varying kingdoms), Night Elves, High Elves, Worgen and Draenei. If you have further questions regarding this, don't hesitate to PM the New Moonbrook account (this one)
  15. New Moonbrook

    [Notice][Bounties] New Moonbrook Current Bounties

    Some of the bounties appear to have had alterations made to them: The bounty for Sir Reginald has had a line drawn through it and gone from '55' to '30' The bounty for the eredar demoness has a line drawn through it and gone from '80' to '50' Blackcreek's bounty has also had two lines drawn through it from '100' to '60' for his death and '150' to '110' for his capture. These relevant bounties seem to have the same note attached to them: "By decree of Baron West The bounties for 'Sir' Reginald, 'Lord' Blackcreek and the Eredar demoness have been reduced. This is in most part to these percieved threats having not presented a threat to New Moonbrook or generally to allies and friends thereof recently as such whilst the threat is present it is considered 'low' in the faction's priorities. Those seeking larger payouts for bounties should draw their attention to more recent bounties or check back from time to time."
  16. New Moonbrook

    [Notice][Bounties] New Moonbrook Current Bounties

    "Wanted Dead or Alive Individual(s) responsible for the murder of the Zan'Watha embassy occupants, theft, and usage of dark magics. Following a recent investigation after silence from the embassy, it was discovered by Baron West that the previous occupants of the Zan'Watha embassy had been seemingly assasinated by what is likely to have been a group effort before the embassy was robbed of all valuables and the remains of the trolls were desecrated then used in some unholy ritual which resulted in hostile abominations rising from the remains. Whilst the threat has not been aimed at New Moonbrook or any of its inhabitants, this threat is on the settlement's doorstep and has targeted what was once a close ally to New Moonbrook and so this bounty serves as a preempative strike against those who would consider harm to the friendlier denizens of the Doldrums. The individual(s) responsible are wanted on the following charges: Murder Desecration of corpses Grand Theft Use of forbidden magics* As well as the above atrocities, a single letter has been found stating 'I am back' and signed by 'Heinrich's Bane' Although this has incurred a significant amount of rage from Baron West, it is entirely possible that the perpetrator is utilizing this former knowledge of the warlock known as 'Heinrich's Bane' as a means to lead the investigation down a false path. Those who are undertaking this bounty would do well to consult either Councillor Dothrel of Tordala or Priestess Emily of High Hearth as both have expressed experience and skill in dealing with unholy magics and come highly recommended by Baron West of New Moonbrook. A large amount of supplies at the embassy were also stolen during this incident. This is a large amount of goods which cannot easily be hidden so those looking to investigate should see if any group(s) or other individuals have acquired a large supply of Troll goods as of late. The Baron is intending to cordon off the Zan'Watha embassy until the threat is secured. This area will be an active crime scene and only those who are assisting in the investigations may be allowed access to the settlement. Those wishing for access should speak with Baron West directly. A sum of 100 gold pieces is offered for the head of the individual(s) responsible for the slaughter of the Zan'Watha embassy occupants. A sum of 150 gold pieces is offered for the capture of the individual(s) responsible for the slaughter of the Zan'Watha embassy occupants so that they may be executed publicly in Haven or New Moonbrook. Additional gold is offered on a case-by-case basis for anyone who can provide additional information to Baron West which leads to the capture or execution of the culprits. Alternative rewards can be made via prior arrangement with Baron West of New Moonbrook *Baron West states that even though he is magically numb he was able to sense the strength of the dark magics used during this foul ritual which permeated the building. In addition the abominations appeared to he comprised of parts of the previous occupants of the embassy. Those who ascertain the location of the murderer(s) should inform New Moonbrook post-haste prior to dealing with the threat(s) themselves as New Moonbrook will lend assistance with the bounty with no claim to it.
  17. New Moonbrook

    [Event] New Moonbrook Supplies Sale

    New Moonbrook's Supply Sale Where: Haven. West's Charcuterie (Marketplace) When: Wednesday 29th April, 20:00 server-time. Who: Anyone allowed into Haven Event Type: Trade GM Assistance: No GM assistance required unless NPCs wish to visit to buy goods. Along the middle-most 'tier' of Haven a flurry of activity brings the recently silent town to life. Wagons laden with goods deposit their supplies adjacent to Baron West's charcuterie and start to assemble them into some sort of 'storage space'. When these workers are questioned by anyone passing by they continue working but talk at the same time. "Wha's this? Oh, th' Baron's bringin' a load o' goods from New Moonbrook to sell to th' folks of the Doldrums." When pressed further as to what goods are available, the workers happily respond: "Oh, all sorts. Food, fabric, arms, armour, metals, gemstones, and more! Ought to pop by and give the stuff a gander yersel'!" The peasant smiles and returns to unpacking crates and stockpiles of timber. OOC: Hi All To help break the current monotany i'm going to host a small trading opportunity. Its effectively a means to get shot of some of New Moonbrook's assorted materials in exchange for gold to pay for some more bounties that are due to go up as well as a few other overheads. All sorts of gear is going to be available and not just resources.
  18. Varen

    RPG Patch v3.3.5

    Ability Change: Guard +Can be used during the fight invitation period. - This change allows characters AND NPCs to guard during the fight invitation phase. The 10 energy cost of Guard will be paid on the first-turn starting energy when used this way.
  19. Dascombe

    [Event] A.N.T.M.A.N 2.0

    A whirring noise starts to cover the lower part of Haven along with a new flashing green beacon atop the workshop belonging to Tinkmaster Gizwhip. Similarly, a small device over on Tordala starts to flash green as well, indicating that the Tinkmaster requires adventurers! He starts to head out down town spreading the word he requires a group of five pluckly adventurers this coming friday at 19:00 hours.
  20. Varen

    RPG Patch v3.3.5

    Proposed AI Changes A rework planned on how the AI chooses its targets in turns, rather than just going for whoever has the lowest HP, the AI manager will look at the stats of the NPC and make an informed decision based on the available targets. NPCs with worse stats will be "dumber" about their decision making process, as they have less information to work with, while stronger NPCs will try to be more optimal. This would allow variation between NPC types and perhaps even changing of their tactics during the fight, if conditions change.
  21. Varen

    RPG Patch v3.3.5

    -Removed "Then engage target" from intervene. This allows the ability to be used on both allies and enemies to clear engagements. -Added Tower Shield Changes: Rare - Tower Shield [0-5, Str 4.0, 0% Crit] Damage Taken -15%, +200 HP, -1 Energy Regen Requires 8 Str - An option for shield users who wish to focus on tanking even more damage above other utility.
  22. Hi one and all. As one of your resident event monkeys (both as a player and as a DM) one of the more frustrating elements of running events is working out when to put them on. Many of us here on Unknown Shores come from some, frankly, quite wild time zones which makes it difficult for people to attend events. A solution to this could be simply asking people what time zone they are in however this takes up far too much time and isn't exactly easy to quantify that information to work out what 'peak' hours generally are and what suits people's busy lives. As such i've decided to slap this poll up to try and work out what time zones people are in and when they would prefer events to be typically held. This is for several reasons: To allow maximum event attendance and to see if anyone is being 'left behind' to fall through the cracks. For staff to potentially use to find out from what time zones they might want to recruit additional staff like storytellers etc To work out when is best to set event times for To work out when 'peak' RP times are so people can synchronize to get together for more RP be it social or combat. The first option is naturally a single choice however the second one is a multi-choice question
  23. Dascombe

    [Event] A.N.T.M.A.N 2.0

    Tinkmaster Gizwhip makes a point of going around Haven and actively telling passerbys and members of the populace he requires adventurers. Any who wish to heed the call should head to his workshop on the shorefront on this sunday coming at 20:00 hours! The machine over in Tordala lights up and flashes a faint green colour.
  24. Stenqvist

    RPG Patch v3.3.5

    With the update to 7.3.5 getting closer, we have a moment to alter the current version of the RPG, before resuming work on V4. In this list of proposed changes, we've chosen to address the most glaring issues we could without reworking large portions of RPG. We mainly focused on the viability mixed stat builds, rebalanced a few options that were out of line, and reworked shields as something with a specific purpose. These changes come from a team discusson on what we think are the most glaring issues. However, we'd like to hear the thoughts of the community before we move to implement them! This thread will remain open until the changes are finalized, and we'll edit the main post accordingly. Changes AI A rework planned on how the AI chooses its targets in turns, rather than just going for whoever has the lowest HP, the AI manager will look at the stats of the NPC and make an informed decision based on the available targets. NPCs with worse stats will be "dumber" about their decision making process, as they have less information to work with, while stronger NPCs will try to be more optimal. This would allow variation between NPC types and perhaps even changing of their tactics during the fight, if conditions change. New Abilities Intervene - 15 Energy Charge and try to break Target's other engages via Contested Strength Check. Counts as a Move action. Requires a shield. - Intervene is an ability used by Strength-focused tanks to pull targets off of their allies. Works especially well if you guard the round before. Retaliate - 10+X energy, 3 round cooldown Consume all remaining energy, then Self Buff, retaliate all attacks for (X+DEX)*2.5 damage for 1 turn. Requires a shield. - Retaliate is an ability intended for use by Dexterity focused shield users, returning damage to anyone that hits them. Works incredibly well against targets that attack many times, and the energy scaling rewards planning ahead. Vigilance - 14 Energy, 5 round cooldown. Ranged Cleave Debuff, All damage done by those currently engaged to Target is reduced by (Strength + Dexterity) * 3% for 2 turns. Requires a shield. - Vigilance is an ability that can be used by either Strength or Dexterity focused tanks, but performs optimally when used by a mixed Str/Dex build. It provides a strong damage debuff to targets that are engaged on someone you're aiming to protect. Focus Strike - 15 energy, 4 round cooldown. Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * 85% as Physical Damage, this attack gains your Ingenuity * 3 Percent increased chance to Critically Strike. - We wanted to give Melee builds a strong Mainhand ability at a middling energy cost. As it stands in the current system, the only interesting choice a melee character can have at 15 energy is "Basic Attack". While it is good, it shouldn't be the only focus of a build. The cooldown offsets its relatively high strength. Shield Changes Common - Kite Shield [10-15, Str 4.0, 6% Crit] Magic Resist +15%, Armour Rating +10%, +5 Initiative, Requires 6 Str - The go-to for Strength-based characters looking to increase their defensive capabilities. Yes, it's better than Magnetic Shield. Uncommon - Buckler [5-20, Dex 4.0, 12% Crit] Dodge Rating +4, Dodge Mitigation +2, +5 Initiative, Requires 6 Dex - The go-to for Dexterity-based characters looking to get the most out of the Dodge statistic. Common - Round Shield [0-5, Dex 4.0 + Str 4.0] Physical Damage +6%, Damage Taken -5%, +10 Initiative, Requires 4 Str, 4 Dex - An "all-round" option - Heh, get it? The shield for the character who mixes between Strength and Dexterity, or the person who really, really wants to go first. It also deals the most damage of the shields, and offsets some of the damage lost by choosing a mixed build. Rare - Tower Shield [0-5, Str 4.0, 0% Crit] Damage Taken -15%, +200 HP, -1 Energy Regen, Requires 8 Str - An option for shield users who wish to focus on tanking even more damage above other utility. Class Ability Changes Warrior Devastate 15 Energy --> 14 Energy - Along with the shield changes, Devastate is being shown some love too. This allows a more constant use of its function for characters with <10 ingenuity. Enraged Regeneration 15 Energy --> 18 Energy 1 Essence --> No Essence - With more energy cost but no essence cost, it gives Warriors a proper choice for in-combat sustain that doesn't require a healer. Keep in mind, it still has a long cooldown. Recklessness 2 Essence --> 1 Essence - Recklessness was overcosted, but is still a very powerful ability. Paladin Holy Shock Magic Action Check * 385% as Healing or Damage --> Magic Action Check * 500% as Healing or Damage - Holy Shock has been a historically weak ability. By bringing the scaling up to match a similar ability (Icy Crush), it should serve as a decent offheal or mid damage nuke for Paladins. Judgement Target Debuff, Every successful Attack Action made against the this target restores 6 Health and 1 Energy- lasts for 4 Rounds --> Target Debuff, Every successful Attack Action made against this target restores 4.5*WP health up to a pool of 13.5*WP then restore 1 energy - Lasts for 4 rounds - Judgement has always been an unique ability in its rewarding quantity rather than quality of attacks. This should open it up to more builds while keeping its energy restorative properties. Hunter Aspect of the Dragonhawk 1 Essence --> No Essence - Aspect of the Dragonhawk is not used in its current state. By removing its essence cost, it may make for a more attractive choice. Druid Rejuvenate Willpower scale 4.5 --> Willpower scale 5 - Rejuvenate was slightly weak considering it being a class ability. Mage Ice Block Cannot be purged. - Given the cooldown, the class restriction, and the essence cost, Ice Block shouldn't be able to be purged. Warlock Fel Armour 10 Energy --> 14 Energy 1 Essence --> No Essence - Fel Armour is a very strong ability, but unused as a mainline class ability. By removing its essence cost, but increasing its energy cost, it can serve as the strong long-term buff that it should be, and the signature ability for a demonic-fueled combatant. Generic Ability Changes Bludgeon 16 Energy --> 15 Energy - With the reduced energy cost, this becomes viable for any build with a decent melee action check. Bolster Target Buff, Reduces Incoming Damage by Self Dodge Rating * 4 Percent- lasts for 2 Rounds, Can only be used on a target with the ‘Guard’ buff, Can not be used on Self --> Target Buff, Replace an ally's armour rating and magic resist with your armour rating and magic resist, if higher. Lasts for 2 rounds. Can only be used on a target you are guarding. - With our changes to shields, along with the changes to Iron Skin and Magic Barrier, this becomes the choice ability for those with high defensive statistics who want to protect a guarded target from ranged abilities. We've also clarified the guarding requirement. Guard +Can be used during the fight invitation period. - This change allows characters AND NPCs to guard during the fight invitation phase. The 10 energy cost of Guard will be paid on the first-turn starting energy when used this way. This hopefully will help tanky characters to be more useful from the get-go in a fight! Dark Vestiges 1 Essence --> No Essence - By removing its essence cost, this normally unused ability makes for a more attractive choice. Disengage 1 Essence --> 0 Essence - An unused ability given its essence cost to counter a simple move, this makes it a viable option for ranged martial characters. Holy Strike Target Attack, Melee Action Check plus Magical Action Check * 350% as Magic Damage --> Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * 90% as Magic Damage. The Damage of this spell is increased by 2% for each point of Willpower you have. - To help melee builds which dip into willpower more viable, we've reworked Holy Strike to fit the same niche as Focus Strike while incentivizing Willpower investment. Iron Skin No Cooldown --> 6 Round Cooldown Self Buff, If your Armor's Armor Rating is less than Willpower * 5 Percent, it becomes that amount - lasts for 6 Rounds --> Self Buff, Mitigate physical damage equal to (WP*5)% up to (WP*40) damage - Lasts 6 rounds - To bring Willpower defensive abilities in line with other classes, we introduce a cap on the amount of damage this ability can reduce. With the added cooldown, they're naturally countered by high amounts of damage, or purges. Kill Shot 1 Essence --> No Essence - By removing its essence cost, this normally unused ability makes for a more attractive choice. Light Spike Target Heal, Magical Action Check * 275% as Healing --> Target Heal, WP*5 as Healing - At a very low energy cost, Light Spike will never be an extremely powerful heal. With a flat healing, it helps its purpose as an economic ability while setting up for a larger one. Lightning Rod 1 Essence --> No Essence Then cleave Attack, Magic Action Check * 950% --> Then Cleave Attack, Magic Action Check * 1050 - Lightning Rod is weak when considering its energy cost. By adding a little bit of damage while removing the essence cost, it helps its purpose of a situational ranged cleave. Magic Barrier No Cooldown --> 6 Round Cooldown Self Buff, If your Armor's Magic Resistance is less than Willpower * 5 Percent, it becomes that amount lasts for 6 Rounds --> Self Buff, Mitigate magical damage equal to (WP*5)% up to (WP*40) damage - Lasts 6 rounds - To bring Willpower defensive abilities in line with other classes, we introduce a cap on the amount of damage this ability can reduce. With the added cooldown, they're naturally countered by high amounts of damage, or purges. Obliterate 1 Essence --> No Essence - Melee players rejoice. Obliterate has more easily accessible counters than the mage ability Pyroblast and does more damage. By removing the essence cost, it becomes a highly attractive move for all 2h builds. Pierce 16 Energy --> 15 Energy - Pierce has a rare and powerful debuff that reduces a character's armour rating. By lowering the energy cost, it becomes an attractive option. Point Blank Shot Target Attack, Ranged Weapon Damage * 120% as Physical Damage --> Target Attack, Ranged Weapon Damage * 80% as Physical Damage. Make a contested Melee Action check to disengage from the target. - With its energy cost and scaling, this ability a stronger melee option than most melee builds. Lowering its damage while also adding in an effect that helps disengage from foes changes it to favour the gameplay loop of a hunter keeping distance from their foes. Revenge 1 Essence --> No Essence - By removing its essence cost, this normally unused ability makes for a more attractive choice. Shadow Consumption 20 Energy --> 18 Energy 1 Essence --> No Essence - Between the damage and the healing, this ability moves less health than fiery burst, and since fatigue affects both damage output and healing, the new cost is more in line with its effectiveness. Shield Block REMOVED - Shield abilities have been reworked into more interesting choices, as outlined above. Shield Slam REMOVED - Shield abilities have been reworked into more interesting choices, as outlined above. Vital Spirit 3 Essence --> 4 Essence Reduces Fatigue by 550 --> Reduces Fatigue by 2500 - A previously weak ability, It may not be an attractive ability for every single character on the Doldrums, but it will fill a niche for the player that wants to participate in an obscene amount of RPG combat. 2500 fatigue is 50% total fatigue. Wand Attack 14 Energy --> 6 Energy Mainhand Weapon Damage * 85% --> Mainhand Weapon Damage * 60% - In an effort to make wands a more attractive option, we've turned their basic attack into a decent "filler" ability. It may seem like a huge buff on the surface but wands do not deal a substantial amount of damage.
  25. Dascombe

    [Event] A.N.T.M.A.N 2.0

    A plume of smoke and the chugging of a machine inside bursts to life as a distant machine upon Tordala lights up a vibrant green colour. It would seem that Gizwhip seeks a team to embark upon another 'dive' on a perilous mission! He asks that those wishing to do so arrive at his workshop on the 1st of next month at 19:00 hours!
  26. New Moonbrook

    [Notice][Bounties] New Moonbrook Current Bounties

    "Wanted Dead or Alive Lord Blackcreek Wanted for assault upon Alliance soldiers, siezure of king's property and a litany of other crimes! This false Lord is believed to be the one responsible for assaulting Haytham's Landing and ultimately the leader of all the bandit groups based upon Opej'nor and quite possibly others who have yet to be identified. Lord Blackcreek (and by extention those who serve under him) are wanted on the following charges: Murder Attempted Murder Membership of a Hostile Faction Grand Theft Treason Inciting War Waylaying Usage of forbidden magics* Lord Blackcreek has until now been considered elusive and an enigma with not even his name known to the denizens of the Doldrums however thanks to the efforts of a adventurers too many to list here, his name has been revealed and his intentions are slowly becoming unravelled. It is worth noting to any who embark upon this bounty that Lord Blackcreek was seen leaving Haytham's Landing during the assault in which Corporal Osbert of New Moonbrook shot the bandit leader clean through the head and yet this individual seemed uneffected by such. Further to this arcanists who attempted to halt his boat's path found their icy barriers melted away which suggests that Lord Blackcreek is either a highly skilled arcanist himself or has one such individual under his employ. As of now it is assumed that Lord Blackcreek is in fact either a master illusionist or one of the undead and the bounty posted below reflects the perceived danger of this foe. Those who wish to seek out Lord Blackcreek would do well to start with interrogating his own bandit comrades and working up their 'chain of command' until finding relevant information on him. The Bandit Insignias which can be handed in to Sergeant Thorne at New Moonbrook are believed to be the Lord's own personal insignia and he is believed to be a Lord of the northern kingdoms of Azeroth (likely Alterac) rather than that of Stormwind. *During the assault on Haytham's Landing, what were believed to be New Moonbrook prisoners turned out to be dopplegangers of a magical nature. These creatures, when slain, appeared to decompose rapidly into a gooey black substance. One was also seen lighting an explosive device whilst in the presence of Lord Blackcreek's own men which suggests these creatures have -zero- self preservation instinct and an ability to impersonate whosoever they choose. An additional bounty will be posted regarding these foul creatures. A sum of 100 60 gold pieces is offered for the bandit leader's head. A sum of 150 110 gold pieces is offered if the bandit leader is brought back to New Moonbrook alive to face execution. Proof of it being the real Lord Blackcreek will be ascertained upon delivery. Alternative rewards can be made via prior arrangement with Baron West of New Moonbrook Those interested in undertaking this bounty are encouraged to inform Baron West as to the movements of this bandit leader as they will receive the full support of New Moonbrook in ridding the Doldrums of this pest.
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