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    New Moonbrook

    Half a year Half a year it has been since the founding of the fledgling settlement of New Moonbrook. Whilst the Orcs relocate to Haven, Drustgarde burns and strife seems to fill the land around them, the golden lion of Stormwind and the Grand Alliance endures. It has not been an entirely smooth sailing so far and this missive in the annals of the settlement's history is somewhat of a 'recap' of events so far as well as highlighting some advances the settlement has made (these are by no means in chronological order) Rescued a large chunk of the Alliance Combined Arms Brigade including their acting commander Corporal Jeremy Thorne. Leo-Lupus pact formed in retaliation to unchecked influence of Haven in terms of possessing artefacts. Currently disbanded. A magus from the Opej magic academy on the north-western shore has been stationed outside the town to observe and work on the arcane rift. Construction of an outpost on the Isle of Kolai following Haytham's destruction of the Razorbranch has commenced, it has been named 'Haytham's Landing' in his honor. 'Sir' Alistair Roux of Egtown has been working hard to complete a number of bounties aimed at dealing with threats to New Moonbrook. Coporal Thorne is now a questgiver within the town dealing with the bandit problem on Opej. Haytham's Landing lost to bandits. Multiple wounded, no dead from New Moonbrook. Corporal Thorne received a promotion due to his loyalty to New Moonbrook and persistence in taking action against local threats. He is now Sergeant Thorne Private Garret stationed at Haytham's Landing was promoted to Corporal Garret for quick thinking in escorting his comrades and covering them whilst they fled back to Haven. Construction has begun on a foundry intended to produce firearms en masse for protection as well as producing cannon for defence. Construction on the New Moonbrook bathhouse has been completed, allowing residents access to hot water and bathing facilities.
  4. Dascombe

    [Event] The Grand Haven Market I

    Update: Given the presence of 'preexisting' market stalls at the market, the first FOUR (bar Timothy West who has his own) vendors to book their places at the market will be granted usage of one of the plots bearing a stall already. Folks who get one of these stalls are more than welcome to add architect objects to them for the market day as long as, with the others, they are cleared out after the event.
  5. Dascombe

    [Event] The Grand Haven Market I

    List of Stalls- Baron West's Opej Charcuterie Vendor Type - Food The legendary hunter himself will be on hand throughout the day selling food made from creatures roaming the lands of Opej'nor! Got the hankering for some bandicoon sausages? How about some sharptooth raptor pâté? There will be something for every budding carnivore be they simply wishing to put on a feast to impress or seeking food capable of rejuvenating and restoring vitality and fatigue! Samples will also be available!
  6. Where: Haven Market Square (in front of Daydra's shop) When: Saturday 11th January 21:00-23:00 server-time. Who: Anyone currently not banned from Haven Event Type: Merchant / Economy / Social GM Assistance: Not required unless they wish to DM NPCs wanting to buy goods. A crier would make their way around the Doldrums from High Hearth and Grom'Goshar to Tordala and Hafthor's Keep bearing the colours of New Moonbrook yet upon their arm would be a band bearing the colours of Haven "To the esteemed denizens of the Doldrums! By decree of Baron West of New Moonbrook and bearing the authority from Matron Mel of Haven there is to be held a Grand Market within the township of Haven! This shall be upon the 11th day of January at 9 tolls of the bell in the evening! Those wishing to attend will be required to pay a fee of ten silver pieces upon entry to the market and a sum of 25 silver pieces should they wish to erect a stall, all proceeds from this venture shall go towards the people of Sotoras currently residing in Haven who have lost much at the hands of the vile Razorbranch Trolls! Unless merchants already own or rent a spot within the marketplace, a plot shall be put aside for the duration of the market with attendees bringing their own stall. It is required that any who wish to set up a stall for such an occasion should contact Baron West with details such as who shall be manning the stall and what goods are to be plied! Any questions of the occassion should also be directed to the Baron!" After his announcement, the crier would roll up the parchment he read from before making his way to the next town with a pair of burly guardsmen flanking him. OOC: Ahoy folks A nice new-year's event to get you all into the swing of things and encourage some mercantile RP. The event is being held at Haven's marketplace: Those wishing to set up stalls are required to drop me a PM either via the forum or through discord with who is running the stall and what is being sold. Please please please try to focus on something special rather than just being a junkyard salesmen trying to make a quick few silver off any old crap you have in your bags, i'd strongly advise either using one of the existing RPG professions or perhaps even Gryphonheart Items (the blue backpack icon on your screen) if you are competant with it. Those wishing to attend as merchant you will be granted a designated plot and you'll be allowed to come decorate it as you see fit on the day of the event so you've got hours beforehand. If you already have an arrangement with Mel to rent a plot there then you may do so as and when you see fit (as Tim has done in the above screenshot) The event entry fee is 10 silver for attendees and 25 for those pitching a stall with all proceeds to be donated to the Sotorans after the event. Any questions, drop me a line! - Dasc
  7. Opej'nor Jungle In the late evening, a roar can be heard. It cascades across the jungle, raising the heads of the local fauna. It carried on for quite the time, before being cut off. - Leaving the jungle in a relative dead silence. The Young Devilsaur had been slain, yet no evidence past a frosty sigil left behind remained to show as proof of who managed. The tip of the tail was missing from the thing, alongside a number of teeth, and an eye. Any guards or scouts able to observe during, or had come running after the roars, would have seen an individual clad in black, freezing sections of the Devilsaur to the ground, and launching lances forged of some cyan material at the thing. The very air lingering around the corpse was freezing, and the grassland had become frosty. The flames of the Black Drakes had ravaged the Drustgarde, and a cryomantic magus had risen to meet them. The sigil left behind on the ground, seen above.
  8. New Moonbrook

    [Notice][Bounties] New Moonbrook Current Bounties

    No sooner had the news reached Baron West and the rest of New Moonbrook, a call to arms in the form of a poster was released to all settlements from High Hearth to Haven all the way to Tordala: "Wanted Dead or Alive Leader of as-yet named bandit group which have assaulted Haytham's Landing upon Kolai. Wanted for assault upon Alliance soldiers and siezure of king's property. These bandits have seemingly appeared from thin air and are currently believed to be unaffiliated with both the 'Rat Pack' and the unnamed bandit group operating in Eastern Opej'nor. Currently this group on Kolai are wanted on the following charges; Grand Theft Grievous Assault Attempted Murder Tresspass Membership of a Hostile Faction These bandits are responsible for chasing off the garrison stationed at Haytham's Landing and as of now it is considered occupied territory. The safety of those visiting Haytham's Landing cannot be guaranteed by Baron West at this time. As well as the bounty on the leader of this band of knaves, Baron West welcomes any information as to the identity of this faction of bandits in addition to any clues as to how they may be brought down, those with the relevant details should speak to Baron West personally. A sum of 15 gold pieces is offered for the bandit leader's head. A sum of 20 gold pieces is offered if the bandit leader is brought back to New Moonbrook alive to face execution. Alternative rewards can be made via prior arrangement with Baron West of New Moonbrook Those interested in undertaking this bounty are encouraged to inform Baron West as to the movements of this bandit group and any attempts made to defeat, route or otherwise remove them from Haytham's Landing and / or capture / kill their leader. Final reports from those who fled Haytham's Landing suggest approximately a dozen bandits who are surprisingly well armed and are not to be considered common brigands!

    [Haven] Gift Cart

    Another sunrise brought up another surprise. This one for Haven. With the darkness cleared out, it didn't take too long for the guards of the town to notice a seemingly abandoned, loaded cart by the east wall and not far from the Baron's Highway. It came with two barrels loaded and a straightforward note: "For the denizens of Haven. I hope this helps. - Sir Alistair Roux" The contents? A hundred meat shanks and a hundred pieces of leather ready to be turned into clothing. There are some that could find such a "gift" rather suspicious, especially when it is evidently coming from a Death Knight, one not on great terms with Haven on top of it all. Further examination of any kind would find nothing wrong or malicious with the items. There are no traces of poison, dark magic, any magic and etc. The meat is well and still fresh, burried in salt within the barrel. The leather; one of satisfactory quality. All in all, it checks out that this is truly nothing more or less than what it implies or claims to be - a gift. One of good will, perhaps? It could very well be a form of gratitude for the bounty that was just recently lifted. Maybe there's a deeper political agenda at play, as well. No one knows, not yet, but the denizens of Haven have just gotten less hungrier and a bit warmer.
  10. New Moonbrook

    [Notice][Bounties] New Moonbrook Current Bounties

    A collection of posters make their way around various settlements, this time though a few end up specifically around Tordala on public noticeboards "Information Wanted Information sought on a magical firearm henceforth known as the 'Hellbane Rifle' supposedly responsible for the death of the warlock known as 'Heinrich's Bane' Baron West has a desire to procure a firearm which, in the wrong hands, could be an extremely deadly weapon that could be employed against any of the settlements here in the Doldrums. A reward of 20 gold is given to any information which leads to the magical weapon being recovered by New Moonbrook. Those who bring the weapon itself to New Moonbrook will be rewarded the handsome sum of 50 gold pieces. This is a deadly weapon which was capable of killing the aforementioned warlock in a single blast It is expected that multiple individuals will be coming forth with an assortment of information, the reward will be granted upon retrival of the weapon to who offered the most u seful information in acquiring this weapon including (but not limited to) Where the weapon resides Who the owner is or who possesses it Specifications of the weapon The affiliation of the weapon's owner Those with information regarding this bounty should seek Baron West directly.

    [New Moonbrook] Hanged Bandits

    As soon as the sun rose over Opej'Nor, the denizens of New Moonbrook were greeted by a troubling, to say the least, sight. It all started with a woman's scream. An ordinary citizen just out the gates to pick up some flowers. Throughout all the commotion and guards running out to her aid, something more than fauna was discovered. The entire treeline by the east wall of the settlement was riddled with hanging bodies. Roughly two dozen of them. Further investigation determined the victims to be some of the bandits that plagued the Baron's Highway. It also judged that all of them died in horrible pains. Someone went out of their way in order not to grant these men and women an easy way out. All of them with multiple wounds scattered all over their bodies from blunt hits, slashing and piercing. Some missing fingers, a leg or an arm. Each one however, missing an ear. A long sword was likely the weapon of choice, despite the brutal manner it was used in. None has yet come forth to claim some of the bounty that New Moonbrook had put up for said bandits, although "eyewitnesses" speak of seeing "glowing blue dots" in the dark a couple of hours earlier. Either way, someone or something put up quite the effort in order to evidently send a message on the town's behalf.
  12. Varen


    What's your operating system? Which program are you using to extract the files? I know that winrar sometimes causes issues, so I suggest using 7zip. Do ping me on discord too if you can, it makes it easier to back and forth about the issue.
  13. Lazyman


    Sorry in advance, since English is not my first language. when I use the USPatchData to patch the game, I get that "7z.dll is not designed to run on windows or contains an error. Try installing the program again by the original means of installation, or contact the system administrator or software manufacturer for help " I have already downloaded it again and it is still happening, I think I need help.
  14. New Moonbrook

    [Notice][Bounties] New Moonbrook Current Bounties

    A new glut of bounty posters appear to be doing 'the rounds' The poster itself reads: "Wanted Dead Bandits found committing acts of rampant highway robbery, grievous bodily harm and murder along the Baron's Highway These bandits, seemingly part of a well-oiled and prepared 'gang' have seemingly sprung out of nowhere to cause chaos in the eastern reaches of Opej'nor waylaying those who travel between the Wizard's Enclave, Grom'Goshar, New Moonbrook any many other settlements which is causing trade to stifle. Multiple counts of Grand Theft Multiple counts of Assault Multiple counts of Grevious Assault Multiple counts of Waylaying Multiple counts of Attempted Murder Multiple counts of Murder These bandits can be found as far south as the 'Pond' previously known as 'The Sanctuary' and as far north as the road leading to New Moonbrook and Zan'Watha Embassy. They are in various numbers from small isolated bandits to larger and deadlier groups of three to five. In addition to the bounty listed, Corporal Thorne of New Moonbrook has been tasked with ending this bandit threat. Should any individuals find useful information as to where these curs are handing, the Corporal has been tasked with rewarding those who provide such relevant information appropriately. I have received information from those who have launched preliminary hunting parties for these bandits that they are not only armed with coshes and simple leather jerkins but a number of them seem to be semi-competant magi and a further number of them appear to be archers. As a warning to those travelling, it is STRONGLY advised and recommended that you hire a bodyguard or mercenary if you intend to frequently travel the eastern regions of Opej'nor especially along the highway until such a time as this threat is neutralized. Men and women of fortune can be found frequenting the streets of Haven or the slum-settlement of Egtown. As it currently stands, the rewards for the bounties are as follows: Each bandit ear brought to Corporal Thorne will be rewarded with 50 silver. Those who have been hunting many bandits can turn these in at 5 at a time for 250 silver. Anyone who finds the insignias that these curs sometimes possess can turn in two for an armour token, these can be redeemed for 'uncommon' equipment at the Haven blacksmiths. Corporal Thorne will not be dealing with Horde races who are not allowed into New Moonbrook except under exceptional circumstances, therefore Horde adventurers wishing to claim the bounties should find an Alliance mediator willing to turn them in.
  15. New Moonbrook

    [Notice][Bounties] New Moonbrook Current Bounties

    A cross is put through the poster for Heinrich's Bane. Although it remains up, the following words have been scrawled under it bearing the Baron's signature: "Brought in dead, claimed by Master Alistair Roux for 25 gold"
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    Unable to login

    The acc is right, If you can't remember your pass, PM me a new one and I can set it for you.
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    Unable to login

    It says I can't connect to unknown shores, been a while since I played. My accountname is nip.cat@hotmail.com right?
  18. Dascombe

    [Notice] Warding the Walls

    A number of notices appear to make the 'rounds' around the Doldrums, specifically they are put up on public noticeboards (where allowed) in Haven, New Moonbrook, Tordala, Egtown, Hafthor's Keep and High Hearth. "To those whom it may concern. My name is Baron West. I write this notice to seek out those skilled in the arts of runecraft and warding. Specifically I seek those who are able to magically ward structures with defensive magics, something I am not particularly well versed in. Those who have been by the settlement of New Moonbrook will notice the mighty settlement walls which offer substantial protection to the citizens who I am charged with protecting. Whilst it will take nothing short of an army of ogres to bash these walls down, they are susceptible somewhat to powerful magics which would be capable of blasting the walls apart as though a siege engine would. As such I seek to pay well those who would be capable of warding the entire walls of New Moonbrook to be highly resistant to any offensive magics employed against it. Those willing to undertake this task should either come visit or write a letter to Baron West of New Moonbrook and have a runner bring the message to the settlement east of Haven. - Baron Timothy West of New Moonbrook"
  19. Dascombe

    [Project] The Baron's Highway

    Updated. Highway has come a -LONG- way now. As it currently stands a fair few roads have been added to now and many have yet to be named. Naming of these will be done by Baron West and will be done on a basis of the following (in no particular order) Based on those who donate to additional construction / structures along the segment of road to be named (rest stops, lights, better roads) Likely to be named after dead or alive characters who have a prominent impact in the area. As Eg has made a few structures along the route, i've added a segment into this thread on buildings, towns and other structures along the route made by players as well as info about them such as the function of said structures, weather they are publicly accessible or not and whereabouts they are.
  20. Where: Opej'nor (meet at Haven) When: TBA. Event date / time announced following completion of Siege of Drustgarde event Who: Anyone except those affiliated with Kolai, Sotoras or the Twilight's Hammer. Event Type: NPC Capture GM Assistance: Can be done without GM assistance. GM's able to observe / make requests for RPG checks if needed. It has been nearly two weeks since a blinding flash was visible from the Razorbranch home of Kolai, those who scurried over to the island found naught but silence from a land now devoid of life. Slowly but surely it would become apparent to his many friends and allies of Haytham's sacrifice to wipe out one of the greatest threats to life in the Doldrums but in doing so the land has been rendered barren and lifeless. Those who arrived found scenes of trolls, raptors, panthers and all manner of aquatic life stuck in a state of suspended decay. Neither 'dead' nor seemingly 'alive' but at the same time unreviveable by conventional means. It would seem though that the settlement of New Moonbrook have taken advantage of the opportunity presented to them and set up 'Haytham's Landing' as an outpost upon the isle to watch it for other more hostile opportunists. The problem is, although they are able to rely upon fish for sustenance and occasional supply drops by Baron West himself, there are no beasts to hunt and no herbivores of any sort. Although many would be quick to dismiss their importance, the wildlife upon Kolai kept overgrowth of vegetation in check whilst the predators ensured that the herbivores did not decimate the local flora. Perhaps Haytham may have been overzealous in his actions? Who can judge what the man's thoughts were at the time or his motivations, what was done was done and it was up to those who survived to live up to the governor's legacy. Amidst a large gathering of hunters, trappers and rangers in Haven, the Baron stands atop a podium to address the crowd "All you who have gathered here, hear me out: Kolai, whilst open for the collection of resources, is barren! Hunting there is moot for there is naught to hunt! As honor-bound hunters it is our moral duty to solve this dilemma! Therefore, as soon as the siege of Drustgarde is over, I invite you all to participate in a grand hunt of sorts for what many would call 'mediocre' beasts; bandicoons, deer, lizards and more! We'll repopulate Kolai firstly with the more docile beasts of the land to allow them time to repopulate the isle before ultimately capturing some far more hunt-worthy predators and reintroducing them to Kolai! We shall make it, once more, a hunter's paradise!" The Baron grins, many of the hunters seem confused at the idea of incapacitating beasts rather than outright killing them. Although some seem concerned with how they do this, many others seem to light up in joy at the idea of a new hunting experience! Event Objectives: Main Objective: Critter Conundrum Capture at least 150 herbivores in total for transport to Kolai Bonus Objectives: The Bandits of Kolai? Capture at least 30 Stripetail Bandicoons for transport to Kolai Karma-karma-karma-karma-karma chameleon Capture at least 30 Spiked Lizard for transport to Kolai Behold: MOTHRA Capture at least 4 moths for transport to Kolai Doe...a deer... a female deer Capture at least 10 deer (does) for transport to Kolai A 12-pointer! Capture at least 10 deer (stags) for transport to Kolai Bananna Control Capture at least 10 Opej'nor monkeys for transport to Kolai The Big One Capture a breeding pair of Direhorn for transport to Kolai Capturing the Unknown Capture a previously unseen species of herbivore from Opej to relocate to Kolai* *This one requires the event to have a GM monitor. OOC: Hi guys As many of you may know by now, Kolai is lifeless bar a handful of New Moonbrook troops and a rather troublesome warlock hiding there. With absolutely zero wildlife hanging around there, i'm willing to bet that its only a matter of time before the staff swoop in and remove all those tasty hunting nodes that many of us like to use our trapping skill on to acquire Soft Material. As a result the idea of this event is a two-parter. The first one will involve gathering herbivores and other critters from Opej'nor (and possibly the Isle of Menhirs) and relocating them to Kolai. Once this has been done there will be time given for them to repopulate and grow on the isle before another event is hosted where we take over some bigger more predatory animals over to control the herbivore population effectively making Kolai self-sufficient; The herbivores are kept in check by the predator population and the predator population will not be able to overgrow based on the herbivore population. Due to the nature of current BBEG's, this event will not take place until the Siege of Drustgarde has reached a conclusion.
  21. Dascombe

    Haytham Francis Kendrick

    Well this looks a bit silly now
  22. Ahoy one and all! As many of us are already starting to feel the bite and chill of winter be you in an NA or EU time-zone or anywhere else in the world on this server, we look towards spending time with our families and friends outside of the Doldrums (the only -true- way we can escape!) Given we are fast approaching this festive season, it came to my mind the other week that there are few if any objects in the architect system that allow for individuals to spread a bit of festive cheer around the various settlements and campsites in Unknown Shores. Due to this I am making the following available to players with the conditions attached below as a thank you from the staff (us) to the players (you) and hoping that you have a wonderful Winter's Veil in real life as well as in-game: Players can make a ticket request for seasonal decorations for their base / campsite in the Doldrums. Restrictions are as follows: Can only be requested for settlements / campsites that have existed since November 20th. Due to the climate of the Doldrums, no items with snow on them can be requested (Unless suitable means to provide snow are present. Eg: you have a frost mage) These items are free however they will be removed around the 4th / 5th of January. These items serve purely as decoration and as such offer no IC 'advantage' Players will be served on a first-come first-serve basis and added to a list which will be worked down gradually. Please look up and ideally itemize what you are after using the wow.tools link (See below). The more easier it is to read and understand your request, the quicker I can build it and move onto the next one. When making a ticket requesting seasonal decorations, specify wishing to speak with the 'BUILDER' in your ticket. Please use the following means to identify what objects you are after. This can be found pinned to the top of the 'architect requests' channel on the server discord:
  23. New Moonbrook

    [Notice][Bounties] New Moonbrook Current Bounties

    The bounty notice for Heinrich's Bane appears to have had a new addition pinned to it at the various settlements it now seems to be visible at: "To those still seeking to claim the bounty on Heinrich's Bane: Reports have come in from the outpost Haytham's Landing on Kolai that a Warlock, possibly Heinrich's Bane, has assaulted the soldiers stationed at the outpost with a pack of imps and is believed to be employing powerful magics to confuse and spread fear. As of writing this addendum, the bounty still stands and will be honored however it is noted that the target is to be considered EXTREMELY dangerous. - Baron West"
  24. Stenqvist

    Launcher does not run as any program?

    You're talking about the USAutoPatcher, correct? Could you take a screenshot/snippet of your WoW folder please.
  25. It is asking me for a what to run the Launcher with etc.
  26. Elle

    A Tyrant's Fall

    Word quickly spreads across Opej'nor and Menhirs. The Tyrant Queen has been killed. A brave group, led by the Mad Hunter, Timothy West, slew her. Taller tales speak of the battle cries of orcs, the sound of gunshots and the horrifying roar of the Tyrant Queen were so loud, the island itself shook. A few small celebrations happen, especially for those who tend to work or travel the jungle. Some speak of how this marks an end to the untamed nature of Opej'nor, and ushers in a more 'civilized' time, but far more pessimistic souls, and those who have been in the Doldrums the longest; Merely think that while a great decrease to the troubles of the Doldrums, it is merely a new hole to be filled by something worse...
  27. New Moonbrook

    New Moonbrook

    Salutations all! With New Moonbrook well underway to becoming a steadfast fortress-settlement it's somewhat time to look inwards to the settlement's slowly growing numbers of troops. Having recovered men from both the shipwrecked vessel upon the Isle of Menhirs as well as rescuing captives from Sotoran frigates, there is a time more than any to establish some order in which the chain of command is followed. Being a settlement which takes inspiration from the Alliance, the current list of Alliance military ranks (also known as PVP ranks) are the means by which the settlement will establish the chain of command. Simply put: the higher you are on the list, the higher you are in administering orders to the rest of the settlement. As it currently stands the highest ranking position on the list is the ruler of the settlement (at the time of posting: Baron West) working its way down. At this current moment in time the second highest authority in the settlement is that of Corporal Jeremy Thorne (marked in game as 'Alliance Corporal'). https://wow.gamepedia.com/Alliance_Military_Ranks Promotions up ranks will depend on a number of factors: Settlement size. We will shortly be implementing what settlement population size is required for each rank. If the settlement consists of 5 people it seems somewhat daft having a 'Grand Marshal' in command. Actions in-game. This applies to both players and NPCs. If an NPC guard goes above and beyond in the line of duty then they will be marked for a promotion. If they perform poorly they will be demoted. Same can occur to players. As well as increase authority, promotions may also include factors such as nicer accomodation, a new suit of armour, a shiny new weapon or other perks such as increased pay. Ranks for individuals will be marked in this thread either beside their player name or their NPC name (even if players are just civilians, they are considered 'privates' if drafted into a militia)
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