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    • Introduction "We invite you, brave adventurers, to explore lands uncharted and locked away, cut off from Stormwind and Orgrimmar, from your friends and families. 
      Will you conquer the Doldrums or will you become another lost soul?"   Unknown Shores is a World of Warcraft roleplay server, built over Legion 7.1.5, with a plethora of custom crafted game mechanics centered on giving you, the player, the tools to bring the change you want in the world of the Doldrums! Grom’Thar. A player guild base with a mix of world-editing and player-spawned objects through the architect profession. Interactive World For anyone unfamiliar, private servers benefit from the ability to create anything that you can imagine, we have taken this a step further than most servers and given our players unprecedented abilities to interact with and roleplay within the Warcraft setting. Using a tool we call the DMkit we can create custom encounters in the world which can be anything from ambushes to puzzles.
        D&D Inspired RPG System Our professions are tied into a custom built RPG which replaces the World of Warcraft combat mechanics and professions. This means turn-based combat where you can truly build your character in a manner similar to tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder.   This extends to player professions, which are split between gathering and crafting.The former allows you to gather fish, meat, leather, timber, scrap metal, stone and more whilst the latter can help you make food, armour, weapons, enchantments, bandages and beer or building your own base.   Architect One of our professions is the ‘architecture’ which allows players to craft and place in-game objects. This can be anything from the construction of fortifications to simply adding a bit of clutter to a personal dwelling. This particular profession is an incredible tool that gives players the ability to directly edit and modify the world in building camps, forts or whatever they fancy, though be wary not to build your home-from-home somewhere hostile! Fort Drustgarde / Port Sabella / Egtown / Flotsam / The Port of a Thousand Names. A 100% player-made settlement using the architect profession.
      Custom Lore and Maps Unknown Shores takes place on a set of islands in an area known as the Doldrums, a strange place which is largely unknown in the wider world of Azeroth. Similar to the Bermuda triangle, it is a place which draws in those unfortunate enough to come to close and through mystical means prevents those trapped there from leaving. Using the map making tool noggit, our editors have built a set of islands for you to explore and exploit, with more islands in the works featuring new secrets, encounters and biomes previously not seen on the Unknown Shores. Whilst indeed many of the characters and locations will seem unfamiliar, organisations and banners will crop up on occasion, be it the golden anchor of Kul’Tiras upon the isle of Sotoras or the Zandalari of Bluegill Arch.   Dedicated Staff Unknown Shores has a dedicated staff team focused on various aspects of managing a roleplay server with our focus being on creating a friendly environment that reacts to your character's actions. Actions have consequences!   Create Your Own Adventure Beyond the tools described above, we offer anyone who wishes to the ability to become a Dungeon Master with the powers and support of the staff team to create their own storylines within our setting. Do you want to take the adventurers on a expedition into the jungles of Opej, or perhaps craft a dungeon for them to discover? Anything is possible and we’ll be here to help you in every way we can.  
    • Part 2:   As the Blood Warrior fell to the blades of adventurers, and word spread many thought yet another Kolai raid on Opej'Nor had been soundly defeated. But, Sal'do was not called 'the Clever' for no reason. He had been kind, in his mind, to the upstarts who refused to bend to the knee to him. Settling on -his- lands. Every chance he had given them to willingly fall in line had failed. There would be no more diplomacy. No more asking. Those on Opej'Nor would serve him in chains, or die.    It didn't take long for bad news to reach the ears of the people. Razorbranch Raiders had swarmed into the jungle. Preying on lone hunters and weak looking targets. Halfpoint Haven, once more was throwing off raids, and even the Gorgeous Boy camp just down the beach from Drustgarde was being raided on the daily. It was clear to all that this wasn't just a raid. It was something far worse.   [Quest 1] Bring me their h-Necklaces. The 'Captain' at Halfpoint Haven has posted up notes around various settlements. Saying that him and his people would pay for each troll slain. A necklace that all the Kolai raiders seemed to have was what he chose to have as proof. Offering Silver... and if fifty were brought, an item of rare quality would be rewarded to those who threw themselves fully into combating this menace.  OOC: I will be placing an NPC who can take these necklaces, you will be given 1xp and 10 silver per turn in. Once 50 are turned in, you will be rewarded with an item from the npc. You make a ticket asking to speak with the 'Captain' and he will give you a rare item of your desire.   If you turn in another fifty, you will get a special reward and a title.(100 total.)   [Quest 2] I have a Ballista. I Have some Gunpowder. Boom. Trolls Gone. Word spreads that the 'Captain' is looking for help making a Balista and a few explosive bolts to fire at the base camp the trolls have once preparations for an attack are finished. He is looking for at least an adept engineer of some sorts to help, and someone with access to gunpowder or explosives. Like always, the 'Captain' promises payment and rewards for the help.   OOC: The Captain needs 100 Rugged timber, 100 Hardwood, 150 Greenery, 100 Simple Metal and 50 sturdy. He will grant Silver for this, plus you gain reputation. Those who contribute the most will gain reputation, possibly a reward. Make a ticket to speak to an npc or the captain. Anyone with Architect 40+ will be given another task to help with for extra silver. People can ask the 'Captain' to point them to a place to find gunpowder to help aswell for silver.
    • The [Haven's Siege] quest has been completed. All that remains of Part One of this quest chain is [The Butchered Camp]. This is recommended at 5+. The deadline to complete this is 12/9. 
    • "There aren't many left from that time. Back when we lived in more squalid conditions then we do now. When the fear of troll raids." The gruff, dirty human male looked around his fellow refugees around the fire. The moon was high in the sky as he regaled them with heroics of men and women long dead or gone. "The first was when the Daggerfin Pirates owned this and it was simply a bar with a camp. The Ironbound did that. Aye. Them. Heroes, villains, greedy sods. Whatever ye' wanna call them. But, they were the first to stand against the Razorbranch from Kolai. I wasn't here for that one... But.."   Trailing off, the man fell silent. The fire cracking to cover the silence. A mild commotion could be heard on the other side of the Port, this wasn't terribly unusual, so the man finally finished his tale. "My brother and I were here for the second. When a large force of those blood-thirsty, beasts came back. In far larger numbers, shortly after Drustgarde purchased the Port and Caveat moved their men out. Oh, by the Light, was it a force to take the Port. They surrounded it. Defenses quickly organized. Luckily we 'ad a hour or two before they finally came ashore and started the siege. They were met with a daring attack. A few o' Lady Springfield's soldiers protected us in the bar while the majority of Drustgarde and its allies started the attack. And I never thought I'd say this, but the bloody orcs came to help aswell. Landed off a ferry, sounded the horn and rushed into the fight. A few of us were taken, my brother included. But, the trolls were almost routed, most of their boats destroyed. Since then, the trolls have not dared to return."   About half an hour after the man finished his story, news spread like wildfire. Like the pages of a story, the timing was incredible it seemed. The Razorbranch had returned. They butchered another camp of trolls on the old site of Drustgarde's base. A few hours later, a badly injured and near-death refugee brought even worse news. Halfpoint Haven had been besieged by a small force of trolls aswell they only had enough supplies to hold out for a week...   It seems Sal'do the Clever has decided to finally make another move on the board...      OOC: So, this is the start of a low-mid xp quest chain designed for groups and possibly some soloing at high xp.  Currently, there are two quests to do. [The Butchered Camp] and [Haven's Siege]. [The Butchered Camp] Can be handled without a DM present. But, it is asked you may a ticket afterwards about any special items you find and/or upon clearing the camp. Player's have a week to deal with this before the NPCs will progress. [Haven's Siege] requires some minor DM presence, so for that one you will have to make a ticket and schedule a time with me. Player's have a week to effect the outcome of this quest.   The purpose of this quest chain is to both test out a way for us to give players something to atleast be minorly engaged in, hopefully have a blast with, that doesn't require a DM being present due to timezone differences and absences caused by RL. And secondly, try out this formula. There are multiple stages to this, that will be revealed as each milestone is reached, either in time, or by players pushing for a conclusion one way or another. After this first stage, I will open a feedback thread to get people's thoughts.   Good hunting.~
    • The Clinic and the Book   Rumors of the old Silver-Eye Clinic being haunted, abound throughout the Doldrums. It seems the Captain has taken interest in it and gone to Silver-Eye to Investigate.(Make a ticket to speak with him and start the quest. Recommend party size: 2.) Progress: The Captain is outside the Clinic. Complete: Isabelle and Zoe completed this quest. Gaining basic rewards and also being granted a question to ask the captain about himself each. The artifact causing the haunting was kept by a player.
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