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    RPG Equipment Document

    Added an enchantment section for equipment enhancements.
  2. Where: Meet in Haven, outside the Jolly Otter. When: Saturday the 7th of March, 8pm ST/20:00 ST. Who: Anyone on a non-hostile level with Haven. Event Type: NPC clearance. GM Assistance: Not Required A horrible disfigured man stumbles into the Jolly Otter, helping the Baron West carry a wounded man through the door. He shouts "HEALER!", startling nearly the rest of the patrons. The Matron of Haven emerged from the staircase, a roll of cloth under her arm. "Mh? - Went on a hunt for our sniper friend. Found a shell, and a crystal fragment. Killed a mutated dragonflight-thing." The cool, calm and collected magus that was with the group explained, while the men of New Moonbrook tended to their wounded man. An anchorite, a patron, didn't seem quite spooked by the event. Rather, her interest was piqued. Could a threat such as this lie so close to Haven? She would have to investigate. Later that evening, she left to the south of Haven to scout the beach that this creature emerged from. These monstrous, disgusting creatures littered the southwestern beach of Opej'nor. They appeared deadly, with massive sharp claws and thick leathery hides. Some kind of draconic mutation - the source of which was unknown to the healer. "This must be dealt with, for the safety of Haven. If they have been seen so far north, it is only a matter of time before they push further." She turned her back on the beach, and hoofed her way back to Haven. "I will issue a call to arms." Event Objectives Main Objective: Securing the Beach Eliminate the drakonid threat from the beach. Bonus Objectives: New Knowledge Obtain information relating to the drakonid monstrosities. Who, what, where, when, why, and how. OOC Hello there! I am running an NPC clearance event for the "Blackwing Monstrosities" on Opej'Nor. For those new to the server, these creatures began appearing around the island known as Silver-Eye was burnt to a crisp. They are quite deadly, and are quite difficult for a single person to handle without extreme levels of optimization. One of these creatures were seen recently encroaching towards Haven, which has caused a bit of a stir with some of its citizens. Astra is a draenei priestess who sees an opportunity to rally the disparate souls for a cause of good. All loot will be distributed equally, except in the case of a conflict, which will be resolved via a dice roll.
  3. I could see a little more variety of trash added, as long as it's trash. I must admit, I've had a few character concepts that I wanted to go with that I couldn't manage to build a trashy set for.
  4. So, what are skills? Skills represent some of the most basic and yet most fundamental abilities your character possesses. As your character advances in experience, they can gain new skills and improve their existing skills dramatically. This post describes each skill, including common uses and typical modifiers. Characters can sometimes use skills for purposes, and with other attributes than those noted here, at the GM’s discretion. To roll a skill with its standard modifier, click on a skill in the Skills section of your [RPG Handbook]. There are currently four levels a skill can have. When you perform a skill check, the roll is 2d10 + (Attribute / 2) rounded down + Skill Bonus. If you are rolling a raw attribute instead of a skill, the check becomes 2d10 + Attribute. You may also roll skills with alternative attribute modifiers using a command. For example, to investigate something in a magical way, you might roll an Investigation (Willpower) check. To make a roll as such, you would type in .rpg check <attribute> <skill> <advantage/disadvantage>. Advantage and disadvantage are modifiers that are also used by GMs to make rolls easier or harder depending on your current status. The bonuses for training in a skill are as follows. Untrained: +0 Trained: +3 Expert: +6 Master: +10 You gain skill points at the following XP levels. Expert skill points are used to upgrade Trained skills, and Master skill points are used to upgrade Expert skills. 0 XP: 2 Trained Skills, Expert Skill 2000 XP: +1 Trained Skill 4000 XP: +1 Trained Skill 5000 XP: +1 Expert Skill 6000 XP: +1 Trained Skill 7000 XP: +1 Expert Skill 8000 XP: +1 Master Skill Therefore a character with 10,000 XP will have a total of: 2 Trained Skills, 2 Expert Skills, and 1Master Skill. The generally expected Difficulty Classes(DCs) you will have to pass are as follows. Easy (12), Medium (14), Hard (18), Very Hard (26). Note, these are subject to change depending on your GM, and are used as a general guideline. Skill Use Example: Billy is an untrained Human Rogue with access to two basic skills. He places them in Athletics and Stealth. There's a large devilsaur that a GM is piloting, currently devouring anything that it happens to come across. Billy, being the spry lad that he is, decides to try and hide behind a tree. The GM then requests Billy to make a Medium difficulty stealth check, which is a DC14. He clicks the skill, and ends up rolling a 15. He gets 11 from his base roll, 1 from having 2 Dexterity, and then another 3 for having Trained his stealth. If he hadn't trained his Stealth skill, he likely would have been spotted by the towering beast. PHYSICAL SKILLS Acrobatics involves the flexibility of the body. Say you wish to walk across a tightrope, do a few flips or maintain your footing in a tricky situation. Athletics involves the endurance of the body. Running, jumping across gaps, swimming. Observation is a character’s ability to, well, observe. This could be their peripheral vision, actively observing and noticing more details, or simply their awareness of what is going on around them. Investigation is different from observation, as it encompasses a character’s ability to actively discover information and details. For example, a character stumbles into a murder investigation and is tasked with piecing together clues and discovering who the killer is. Or, a person is searching a ancient tome for knowledge on how to open the door of a ruin. Medicine is pretty self-explanatory. This skill covers all NON-MAGICAL healing. But also medical knowledge. As in, bandaging, surgery, knowledge of the body. (Aka, you know where the patient's lungs are.) And their ability to discover the illness and apply appropriate treatment. Stealth is a character's skill to sneaky-sneak their way around and remain undetected. This is pretty easy to understand the applications it would have in context. Engineering represents a character's and comprehension of how things work. For example, building, planning and getting a water-tower to work would fall under this category, but so would being able to craft an arcane construct fully. Survival is the knowledge and ability to live off the land. Being able to recall the way you came in and need to back-track to leave, in a maze-like dungeon would be using this skill as the check. So would foraging for food, or building a camp in a hostile place. Martial is you capabilities with Blade and bow. Being able to stab an enemy in a weak point on their armor, or shoot a foe in the head from a tree. Anything really physical focused combat wise would fall under this skill. MAGICAL SKILLS (Note: Magical Skills are currently separated into different 'schools'. The definitions may change or be worded differently in the future.) Destruction encompasses almost all directly offensive and destructive spells of all magical types. Those versed in this skill have high offensive power and masters can pull of extremely devastating moves. This covers destructive ability on all magical classes: Mages, Warlocks, Druids, Shaman, Priests, Paladins and Death Knights. Any spell that has the sole purpose of damaging a foe calls into this category. Examples: Firebolt, Frostbolt, Felfire, Shadowbolt, Wrath of Nature, Moonfire, Holy Fire, Smite, Consecration, Ebon Plague and so on. Alteration encompasses spells that directly alter an object or person in various ways. This is a fickle and versatile school, spells from which cause changes on their target, encompassing magic used by all magical classes. Examples by classes of magic: Arcane: Polymorph, transmuting silk to iron, earth into quicksand or mud. Slowing the fall of something by making it light Elemental: Various environmental effects, causing storms or lifting pillars of rock from the ground. Divine: Purifying corruption and removing various unholy taint. Those skilled in the light can alter the weight of their weapons or their armor by infusing them with enough right. Unholy: Conversely, tainting the soil or objects with unholy energies. Molding bone or flesh. Raising undead and manipulating souls also falls within this school of magic. Shadow: Manipulating void energies, infusing something with shadowy energy. Fel: Curses and various other cantrips. Curse of Weakness, Tongues, Exhaustion etc. Enhancement is the school of imbuing people or object with surges of -temporary- power. The effects vary from what type of magic the caster is able to wield. Infusing allies or weapons with magical power and generally bolstering something already in the world falls within this category. Examples by Magic Type: Arcane: Arcane Brilliance, temporary weapon and armor enchantments Elemental: Windury, Rockbiter, Flametongue Weapon, Elemental Blessings Shadow: Shadow protection, infusing a weapon with shadow energy, mind protection Light: Various blessings, empowering weapons and armor, protection from evil magic, inner fire, etc. Fel: Fel Armor, Imbuing weapons and armor with fel magic Planeshifting: The magic of manipulating the planes of reality, space and time. Spells from this School include all sorts of teleportation: both short range and long rage, as well as the summoning and conjuring of entities and elemental forces. Skilled users of these magics can also use them offensively. Note: Keep in mind that Teleportation is not such an easy feat. See the Doldrum's Magic Lore post. Examples: Teleport, Portals, Blink, Summoning Elementals, Demons or other entities. Rituals of Summoning, Summoning Souls from the Pit. Domination: The magic of influencing others through charm or brute mental force. Domination is the school of mind influence. Causing fear, hysteria, Bloodlust, lust, heroism... that is what a good manipulator is adept at. In addition to the influence of the mind a skill Dominator can create visual, auditory or sensual illusions to confuse or cripple their enemy. Examples: Mind Control, Mind influence, telepathy, all types of illusions, binding and enslaving elementals, demons or undead, as well as wrestling control over them if they already have a master. Preservation is the school of magical protection and/or healing. No matter from which source a skilled preserver is able to infuse magical energies in ways beneficial to them or those around them.The school of Preservation encompasses all types of healing and certain types of protections. Examples: Holy, Shamanistic and Druidic Healing, Magical shields and wards that cover a wider area as well as magical protections around buildings and sites. Divination spells reveal information, whether in the form of secrets long forgotten, glimpses of the future, the locations of hidden things, the truth behind illusions, or visions of distant people or places. Example: Scrying, Visions of the future, magically discovering traps, treasures or hidden objects. You get skill points to put in various skills based on your total XP. Said skills are used in various regards when a GM is present as well as with locations that they create.
  5. This thread serves as a list of the various guides and staff information available for the players. Think a thread should be added to this post? Just ask! Getting Started Official Introduction to Unknown Shores, Character Creation, the RPG System, and Combat - A great resource for learning about the server and how things work. Rules and Regulations - Everyone should read these. It's important to understand the policies and rules that the server is built upon, as well as more intricate rulings on specific issues. Staff Organisation - The list of staff ranks and what each rank is responsible for, as well as information on applying. Unknown Shores Connection Guide - Need to figure out how to connect to the server? All the information you need is here. If you have problems, feel free to contact staff in the #it-helpdesk channel on the Discord! Join the Discord! - A lot of information and technical support is available here. The Doldrums Lore Primer - Basic information regarding the setting that server takes place in. Foogleman's Quick Start Guide to the RPG - A great resource for brand new players that are completely unfamiliar with the RPG system. Foogleman's Quick Start Guide to the RPG Professions - Another great resource for beginners, this time regarding gathering and crafting. General Information The Lore Forum - There's a Q/A thread in here, as well as posts for each of the individual islands. They're each described from the point of view of the people of Silver-Eye, the neutral hub island. Disease in the Doldrums - Information regarding the various diseases that can be found, contracted, and cured. Death and Resurrection - Information regarding The Pit of Souls, death, contacting the dead, and reviving the dead. Learning Languages - It is possible to learn a language, and this thread provides information on just how you can go about doing that. Standstates List - Various animations you can play with the ".mod standstate ###" command. RPG Information RPG Patch Notes - A list of all the changes that are made to the RPG system. RPG Combat Primer - A long form introduction to the combat mechanics of the RPG system and how everything works when it comes to battle and statistics. Ability Dictionary - A list of all of the abilities available on Unknown Shores. The in-game book item has all of this information available as to the abilities and their current states. Equipment Document - A list of all of the different weapons and armor that you can acquire on Unknown Shores.
  6. Base Actions These are available to all characters regardless of class or ability choice. Quick Attack (quickattack) (8) (Martial) Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * .5 (50%) Physical Damage. Basic Attack (basicattack) (14) (Martial) Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * 1.0 (100%) Physical Damage. Full Attack (fullattack) (20) (Martial) Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * 1.35 (135%) and Offhand Weapon Damage * .7 (70%) Physical Damage. Ranged Attack (rangedattack) (6) (Marksman) Target Attack, Ranged Weapon Damage * .4 (40%) Physical Damage. Cannot be used while Engaged. Precision Shot (precisionshot) (16) (Marksman) Target Attack, Ranged Weapon Damage * 1.4 (140%) Physical Damage. Cannot be used while Engaged. Wand Attack (wandattack) (14) (Marksman) Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * .85 (85%) Magic Damage. Cannot be used while Engaged. Change Weapon (changeweapon) (5) (Generic) Self Utility, Changes the current Equipped Weapons to what is equipped on the Paperdoll. Flee (flee) (10) (Generic) Self Utility, Attempts to escape the current fight. All remaining Energy will be consumed when using this skill. Can not be used until your Second Turn. If you remain near the active fight for the next 2 hours, you have a chance to gain additional injuries and fatigue throughout. Move (move) (10) (Generic) Target Utility, Attempt to Engage a Target. If self targeted, you will attempt to break all current Engagements via a Melee Action Check versus engaged targets Melee Action Check. Guard (guard) (10) (Generic) Target Buff, Any ‘Move’ Action taken to the target is redirected to the caster instead, you will also engage all characters currently engaged to the target. Can not be used while Engaged. This effect will be removed if you move or break engagements. Lasts until canceled. Execute (execute) (20) (Generic) Target Utility, kills a target when they are at 0 Health. Alchemage's friendly tip: remember reengage after the target is incapacitated. Injure (injure) (15) (Generic) Target Utility, injures a target player when they are at 0 Health, can specify the injury. Alchemage's friendly tip: Remember to reengage after the target is incapacitated. Use Potion (8) (Generic) Self Utility, Consumes a potion and grants its effects to your character. This ability is automatically triggered when clicking a potion in your inventory on your turn. Use Scroll (12) (Generic) Self Utility, Consumes a scroll and grants its effects to your party. This ability is automatically triggered when clicking a scroll in your inventory on your turn. End (end) (0) (Generic) Ends your turn. Martial Actions Marksman Actions
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    Caveat Emptor

    Some company restructuring has occurred. Also, check out beautiful Port Sabela.
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    Welcome! Most of the fun happens in discord. I think the forums could benefit from some more use, though!
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    Provisioner Suggestions

    New Suggestion Mass Production for Provisioner: There's a lot of materials that can only be bought with productivity tokens. This sways the productivity costs for recipes to be generally higher than what it says on the tin. I think that it'd be wonderful if there was a way to for example -- turn glass into glass vials -- or break down greenery+rock salt to get spices. Other ideas would be to mass produce some of the tier 1 food items or bandages. But since they each take an inventory slot, might not be the best idea.
  10. Val

    Provisioner Suggestions

    Much of the Provisioner profession is focused on utility. I'd like to see that utility expanded past simply just buff foods and in-combat potions. Here are just some of my thoughts and ideas on the matter. Out of Combat Potions: While Gem-Trader Haseej offers some potions that might be useful, he doesn't have it all. Why not let us make some of the neat cosmetic potions found throughout the Alchemy profession in WoW? There's stuff ranging from the Sylvan Elixir (which hilariously turns you into a tree), along with oils which can temporarily petrify your character or make them lose their color for a short period of time. Deepstone Oil - Self-petrification. Desecrated Oil - Turns you grey-scale. Potion of Petrification - Turns you to stone. On top of that, food and first aid offer some ways to heal your character in short bursts, but why not some kind of out-of-combat rejuvenation potion, where it could functionally work similar to how alcohol can lower your fatigue? Transmute: As someone who enjoys a lot of what Provisioner has to offer, perhaps something could be done within this profession to offer the utility of changing some materials into other ones. Perhaps it could be equal to a 1:1 exchange (Sturdy Metal for Soft Material, with Productivity being the true cost). If swapping materials back and forth to grind XP is a concern, perhaps it might be possible just to make these recipes not level your craft. Balance Pass on Food: Basic food items seem to be more worth crafting than some of the higher tier items. Small buffs are nice, but it's the idea of making things which reduce fatigue and restore health that really draw me to the profession as a whole. The utility. Currently, there exists a recipe for an item called Perfect Dinner. One hour after consumed, it removes 1750 Fatigue and 350 Health. However, just crafting this item alone takes over fifty productivity worth of other crafted foods (and the provisioner goods that are required to craft those ones). This seems a bit... bad. Food could use a bit of an overhaul. Buff foods seem okay, but I'd rather have different tiers of food that reduce more fatigue / heal more and see the long-term buff side be passed off to the alchemical side of the profession. Poisons/Weapon Oils: This one doesn't rank too highly on my list of "wants" out of the profession, but I'd like to list it just for the sake of getting the idea out there. There exist potions that can increase your damage output, damage reduction, and healing. These short-term in-combat buffs could be expanded to buffs that could alter your combat style further. Contact poisons which deal extra damage on hit for those flurry builds or a short term critical hit buff with a weapon oil. Cross-Profession Crafting: Something that struck me as a smart move was to lock First Aid behind Mystic, but the Medical Kits deeper within Provisioner. This encourages people to work together to gain access to something that they otherwise wouldn't have: The almighty Surgery ability. While this mainly exists between Mystic and other professions (such as providing sigils and runes for weapons and armor), I'd like to see this expanded a little deeper. Perhaps recipes that create intermediary reagants might fulfill this role. Like for instance, perhaps a Provisioner needs an item only a Mystic can craft in order to brew a potion, or a weaponsmith might need a particular weapon oil or elixir to craft a higher tier weapon. Magic and all that. A lot of these are non-specific in detail, but these are just my thoughts on how it could be expanded further in the future. Or perhaps even splitting it in half it the bloat grows to be too much. I like making utility items and I like what's already in Provisioner so far, but I always want to see more. Let me know your thoughts and your own ideas! Perhaps you can help flesh out some specific concepts that I have here.
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    Caveat Emptor

    A message is pinned on multiple noticeboards around the islands. A notice to all denizens of the Doldrums; The Caveat Emptor Mercantile Consortium is now offering the following services for all individuals who inhabit the lands such as Menhirs, Silver-Eye Isle and the surrounding locales; - Bounty / Contract Kill Intermediary - As a service to those on the island who have a bone to pick or have been wronged with no other course of action. The Caveat Emptor will be accepting bounty submissions. We will handle the posting, payout and confirmation of completion as well as guarantee secrecy to your listings on our Contract Board. Contracts will be displayed on all noticeboards in the surrounding isles, including those held by The Adventurer's Guild. - Courier / Postal Service - The Caveat Emptor now offers Parcel and Postal delivery, sending messages for the low rate of 5 silver and only charging a modest 10 silver per parcel when delivering bulk or material cargo. Insurance available for high-value jobs as well as confidentiality clauses. Transactions will deal in all materials and now offer delivery services for purchases made with the Consortium. A small note penned in big block letters is added as an addendum on this parchment. NOW HIRING PARCEL COURIERS. WILL MAKE SALES IN SILVER-EYE ON COMMISSION.
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    The Ironbound

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    Caveat Emptor