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Found 6 results

  2. Spring 2018 As we move closer and closer to the Beta and Launch of the Unknown Shores Project, we've been ironing out and completing the mechanics and systems that will form the backbone of the immersive feature suite that is our RPG System. Players will be able to throw themselves into the setting and feel like they have an impact on our world! I hope you'll take some time to watch the videos and link it to your friends! We're getting an idea of the interest level and we hope to be able to deliver on the expectations you have for us! The Videos are linked below, for a Playlist, use this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eF3NxLMnGc&list=PL2z6h3QrgfNVamkJB3v-Af9d1qCWS0cga INTRODUCTION RPG HANDBOOK RPG PROFESSIONS RPG CHARACTER CREATION RPG COMBAT
  3. UNKNOWN SHORES 2018 We're very happy to announce the launch of our forums as part of the Alpha Experience for our upcoming Roleplay Server! As we continue to build up the server in preparation for a full release, we'll be using these forums as a launchpad for opportunities to learn, participate, and prepare for a unique RP experience! Except lots of updates, patch notes, and information! Things might be slow for the next few days as Christmas comes and passes, but consider the forums an early Christmas present from the staff here at Unknown Shores! Please enjoy and start thinking about your characters, guilds, and RPG builds!
  4. RPG ABILITY DICTIONARY The RPG system has a long list of abilities and spell effects for players to use in game. This document will list those abilities and the terms associated with them. Discussion, questions, and suggestions can be made in THIS thread. RPG TERMS RPG ABILITIES
  5. RPG System Primer - Intro The RPG System is a fascinating system that is integrated into your base character and allows you to develop your character your way, without a heavy focus on AFKing or split second skill. While the system does encourage intelligent play, devotion of time, and risk management, the system is more even handed and staggered, so that everyone has a ‘chance’. The system uses a series of commands to function, almost all of them reached via the ‘.rpg’ command, found in your RPG Handbook, or RPG UI. Simply typing this ingame will give you a huge breakdown of commands and extensions, allowing you to see the vast list of things you can do in the system. We are, however, discussing combat details today. An index is available to control+f to all the topic at any time, topics can also be condensed for easier viewing. 1. RPG Character 2. Making a Character 3. RPG Combat 4. RPG Equipment 5. RPG "Terms" RPG Character Making a Character RPG Combat RPG Equipment RPG "Terms"