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The Ironbound

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The Ironbound are a company of Alliance patriots, united under a dream of home and an escape from the wicked, cursed isles of the Doldrums.

But for some, different dreams surface; dreams of power and glory, and a towering, wrought iron spire of black.







It came to him in a dream.


    Sir Frederick de Guesclin was never truly a spiritual nor faithful man, and inwardly, even he knew how dubious it must’ve sounded to his companions when he called for the voyage to Northrend. They were good men, some, and loyal, but most came swayed only by the promise of riches and glory.


    He sat upon a throne of darkest iron, basking in the shadow of spires and towers that touched the skies, extending as far up as eyes could see, but it was unsettling. Unholy. Undignified. Frederick felt that, even in the calm of the dream world, his ancestors scorned him.


    The vision spelled out a future of power and prestige for the young boy knight, but at what cost? Regardless, he called to friends and those loyal to him to set sail for the frozen north, unbeknownst to them, to embark on the foolhardy quest of laying claim to Icecrown.


    Frederick’s ambitious dreams played a cruel jape on him, a curse, some say; the vision would indeed take from him before it ever rewarded him. The knight's ship did not reach Northrend as he’d intended, nor was it ever seen again. It sunk, whisked away in a vicious storm that tore sail and hull asunder. As a last insult the sea spat them out, binding him and his to a place where reality seemed to hold no sway.


    Coming ashore in a strange, foreign land, with nothing to his name save for a title that meant nothing in these isles, Frederick was lost and without purpose. He wandered, for days a few, before he happened, in a marvel of good fortune, upon his companions, but more importantly did he spy over the horizon the looming castle of Black Finger.


He knew then what had to be done.






    All among the Ironbound are seen as equals, and the word of a brother is measured just the same against another of his own. However, Sir Frederick is far and beyond the most ambitious of the lot, and as such, it has naturally fallen upon him to conduct matters of leadership. Beyond that, there is no set hierarchy in the company; an individual is judged based upon his or her own merit, and what they provide for the company as a whole and towards the fulfillment of their ultimate goal.







    The Ironbound’s goals are known only to them and those who choose to associate with them; be they members of the company or business partners. However, whispers speak of the black prince of the prophecy with eyes that look towards the Finger, and many are left to wonder how he intends to fulfill it. For the others, that same ambition translates into a want to rid the Doldrums of the curse that keeps its denizens from escaping.









    For the company, relations with the Horde tread a fine line between tolerance and outright hostility, but in the case of many, it leans towards the latter. That, paired with the patriotic and loyal nature of most of the Ironbound, limits any recruitment to members of the Alliance only, but rare as they will be, exceptions are possible in the case of the Horde's more noble races. Individuals of merit are to seek out the fair-faced Sir Frederick should they wish to take up arms with the Ironbound.


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I really like the writing, and even if right now I don't feel too invested in making a human character, I wish you all a good luck.

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