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  1. dasdiddlydas

    Kasdroun Culgrakken

    2144 days and counting!
  2. dasdiddlydas

    Kasdroun Culgrakken

    Soon ™ 1742 days and counting!
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    Kasdroun Culgrakken

    Soon ™ 559 days and counting!
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    Your favorite weapon?

    My favorite weapon is a wall of pikemen.
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    Kasdroun Culgrakken

    MONIKERS Kas & Grakken AGE ~100 Years Old SEX Male RACE Mountain Dwarf OCCUPATION Master Cartographer, Third Level Enchanter RESIDENCY Transient, (Formerly) Southern Loch Modan DISPOSITION Neutral Good FACTION Ironforge, Alliance, Explorer's League, "Briar Godhart's Trinket Confoundery" APPEARANCE Although commonly adorned with a myriad of astronomical and prospecting tools, Kasdroun's utensils are purposely strapped across his person for ease of use. His clothes, if not already freshly pressed, are commonly adorned with marks of charcoal, splatters of dirt, moth holes, and a complex array of knitted patches. Although changing from day to day, the man often wears a pair of common cloth trousers under riding chaps with their cuffs tied around his leather boots under the shank. Other than his clothes, Kasdroun's face wears many a wrinkle from years of stress and adventure. His white hair is combed back over his scalp and partly stuck in place with a mild amount of sweat while his beard is finely styled with delicate care. TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Cartography & Astronomy Tools Kasdraun's toolbox contains a cracked and broken compass, a rather complete set of drawing utensils, a dearly in need of repair folding pillar compass, and accompanying case. The tools themselves are contained within a simple wooden box adjoined to what could only be described as a holster for a damaged sextant. Length of Rope, 50' Quite possibly the most useful tool for anyone trying to get anywhere in undeveloped land, this length of rope is usually strung across Kasdroun's chest. "Survival" Pick Although commonly lost, a replacement is never too difficult to come by. While he is usually strapped without a weapon, Kasdroun often keeps by his side a sharpened climbing pick for self defense and terrain movement. (Lost) Hellacious Hymns for Holding Horrors, Avenues of the Arcane, Embroidery in the Mystical: An Enchanter's Edification, & Other Magical Works A series of novels, pamphlets, and instructional tomes used for learning and casting any sort of magical spell that have now found themselves no longer on Kasdroun's person. How peculiar. HISTORY Soon ™
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    hi im das

    im okay with that
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    i am he who comes first

    you are fuck
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    hi im das