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    [Haven] Gift Cart

    Another sunrise brought up another surprise. This one for Haven. With the darkness cleared out, it didn't take too long for the guards of the town to notice a seemingly abandoned, loaded cart by the east wall and not far from the Baron's Highway. It came with two barrels loaded and a straightforward note: "For the denizens of Haven. I hope this helps. - Sir Alistair Roux" The contents? A hundred meat shanks and a hundred pieces of leather ready to be turned into clothing. There are some that could find such a "gift" rather suspicious, especially when it is evidently coming from a Death Knight, one not on great terms with Haven on top of it all. Further examination of any kind would find nothing wrong or malicious with the items. There are no traces of poison, dark magic, any magic and etc. The meat is well and still fresh, burried in salt within the barrel. The leather; one of satisfactory quality. All in all, it checks out that this is truly nothing more or less than what it implies or claims to be - a gift. One of good will, perhaps? It could very well be a form of gratitude for the bounty that was just recently lifted. Maybe there's a deeper political agenda at play, as well. No one knows, not yet, but the denizens of Haven have just gotten less hungrier and a bit warmer.

    [New Moonbrook] Hanged Bandits

    As soon as the sun rose over Opej'Nor, the denizens of New Moonbrook were greeted by a troubling, to say the least, sight. It all started with a woman's scream. An ordinary citizen just out the gates to pick up some flowers. Throughout all the commotion and guards running out to her aid, something more than fauna was discovered. The entire treeline by the east wall of the settlement was riddled with hanging bodies. Roughly two dozen of them. Further investigation determined the victims to be some of the bandits that plagued the Baron's Highway. It also judged that all of them died in horrible pains. Someone went out of their way in order not to grant these men and women an easy way out. All of them with multiple wounds scattered all over their bodies from blunt hits, slashing and piercing. Some missing fingers, a leg or an arm. Each one however, missing an ear. A long sword was likely the weapon of choice, despite the brutal manner it was used in. None has yet come forth to claim some of the bounty that New Moonbrook had put up for said bandits, although "eyewitnesses" speak of seeing "glowing blue dots" in the dark a couple of hours earlier. Either way, someone or something put up quite the effort in order to evidently send a message on the town's behalf.

    The Flamespire Clan

    Very good, take this far!

    The Knight's Journal (First Impressions)

     Sir Alistair Roux (Character Profile) The Knight's Journal (First Impressions) The Knight's Journal (Kill List)- COMING VERY SOON The Knight's Journal (Sotoras) - COMING SOON The Knight's Journal (Family) - COMING EVENTUALLY

    Sir Alistair Roux

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  6. (( Yes, you've got that right. Sir Alistair Roux writes. The Knight of Death maintains a journal in order not to just keep track of things in the unfortunate event of brain rot, but also to try and occupy his mind with something other than violence and murder. "The Knight's Journal" is going to be a series of threads representing exerts from the Ebon's book. I'm doing this in order to showcase some of the thoughts and doings of Alistair, which he normally wouldn't tell you about in person, since a man's business is his own damn business. Right? With that being said and nothing further to do - enjoy reading! )) First Impressions I've been in the Doldrums from more than a month now. This is a strange place. I remain severely weakened compared to my Azeroth state, even though I have seen massive improvement since I have first washed up here. It would appear that what people told me is true, and that you can get used to the magical behavior here overtime. The "drain" still worries me, however. I feel that whatever it is fueling, will not take forever to fuel up and blow up in our faces. I don't think I will be able to retain my magical prowess and unholy strength as they were on Azeroth. I'll have to make do with what's available to me. Good news would be that I have completely gotten rid of the ceremonial attire I arrived here with. Several specialists have helped me equip myself with the near best weaponry, armour and runes that The Doldrums have to offer, for all I know. It's not Saronite, but it's not bad either. Fatigue remains a problem of mine. It's been far too long since I've felt my legs tired before I arrived here. So long, I couldn't even recognize that I was indeed tired the first night. I sometimes wonder if a third of my power and the lack of saronite armor, combined with my weary bones will be enough to make a difference when it matters most. I must persevere. If a Death Knight couldn't handle the trials and tribulations of this cursed place, then how could anyone else? I've already seen numerous evidence of the an Old One's existence here. I am yet to determine wether that is their domain, or their prison. The existence of titan technology would hint to the latter. I thought that if this is indeed a prison, then it must have a way out. An elderly Orc has told me of the Magical Seals of the Doldrums keeping us here, therefore implying that we can indeed get out. The issue is that should we break them, we would also unleash an unthinkable evil on Azeroth. We must either defeat it first, which is a long shot, or we must seek out alternatives. I've heard of the stones of Tordala and the immense power they hold. Perhaps, in combination with the existing titan technology and engines around the islands, a weapon could be created to strike a fatal blow in the heart of evil. That's also a long shot. Why? I have mixed feelings about the people here. At first glance, they all seem friendly and less holding on to old grudges a-kin to the politics of Azeroth. They are usually willing to work together, or at least help each other, but that's far from the full story. Rumours, gossip and plotting behind each other's backs is somethings that I have first hand seen to happen on daily basis. Everyone appears friendly, but also seems to be working on one-upping everyone else in the long run. Typical living behavior, if I'm honest. Backstabbing, gossip and manipulation is nothing new to me, unlike most things in the Doldrums. My biggest concern is the people's unwillingness to act on the things that truly matter. The entirety of the Doldrums, and especially Opej'Nor seems to be at a massive stale mate. It strikes me as if the population is more interested in playing township and petty politics, or if you will, bury themselves in their holes, as pretty and as decorated as they might be, as opposed to finding their spines and then attempting to find answers. I have encountered a paradox that prevents us from truly uniting against the evil that looms above our heads. No major group, or faction is willing to pick up arms or pledge themselves to a cause unless they see the rest of the island do it first instead, which, therefore, puts us in a rather uncomfortable situation. What's worse, most seem content with such situation, and this quite frankly disgusts me. Their wooden houses will burn, their loved ones will succumb to insanity and go for their heads. If things remain as they are, sooner or later, we will all face a very unfortunate faith. It may take years, decades, or even several lifetimes, but eventually, we will all, or at least whoever remains, succumb to the will of the Old One. It is inevitable. We must act, and we must act as fast as possible. Occupying each's arms with trivial issues there and there and using that as an excuse that you are actually trying and doing something will not cut it. I've managed to visit and explore the major hubs on Opej'Nor. Haven. I'm not going to trust them, nor their leader. Like Krazzix has once put it; Haven seems to have the most manpower on Opej, yet are always the ones that are the least inclined to jump into the fray. Why? Another question is how did they manage to get so many soldiers in a first place, how do they even feed them? Where do these soldiers sleep? It's all very shifty and doesn't make sense. For a settlement that tries to be neutral, I have first hand seen racism on behalf of other refugees towards the Forsaken being tolerated by the local forces, even if they later on issued an official statement that they do not endorse such behavior. There's also the "secret" library that they have claimed, and aren't willing to let anyone inside. What's in that library, and why are they so eagerly hiding and guarding it? From a tactical point of view, Haven is a joke. It barely has any defenses excluding their man power. Their excuses of walls aren't even connected, therefore are literally pointless. I would have a word with whoever designed these. The place can be very much attacked from every direction, and there's hardly anything they could do to stop it. I suspect Haven would be the first to fall should a real war break out on the island. Drustgarde is an interesting case. Unlike Haven, they have actual proper defenses and a ship that can be very handy, even with the tides in the Doldrums. It makes me wonder why they elected to keep their Church outside of the walls and fortifications... As if their faith would protect them from a dozen of faceless ones. Quite arrogant, if one were to ask me. I haven't had much dealings with Drustgarde, and don't know much of them either. There's just something about them that doesn't inspire too much trust either. The Drustgardians seem to be the kind not to care of anyone else, that are just doing their own thing without notifying or caring for others. At least they aren't giving anyone any trouble, for now. I'm quite certain that they have their very own agendas that they are secretly pursueing, and for all we know they may end up with not the best of intentions towards everyone else at the end of the day, especially the Horde. Which is a shame, because we will need everyone to have a chance in the wars to come. Grom'Goshar, or what's left of it, is easily the best location on Opej'Nor to establish a base of operations on. The mountain's peak and the terrain it provides makes up for phenomenal natural defenses, and the Horde seem to so far be doing a great job in additionally fortifying the few existing paths up there. Then again, the elements at the peak are clearly unstable, evidence of the destruction of Grom'Goshar as people used to know it. They better make steps to assure it does not happen again for the sake of their own, as well as everyone else. In the worst of cases, I can see Grom'Goshar becoming the final point of defense against whatever evil seeks to eradicate us. I am not a fan of Bloodfury throwing away his Horde colours and essentially giving up on combat in order to lead his people and turn them into a more peaceful and shamanistic tribe. I fear that Grom'Goshar might turn into exactly what everything else has become, or is on the way to become - A settlement and a group that seems content with themselves and the "hole they dug themselves in", while deluding themselves that they could indeed peacefully and safely exist in an Old God's prison. Egtown is extremely promising. Master Eg himself appears like an absolute wild card, but you cannot take away what this single Gnome has managed to achieve in such short time. He has nearly, if not actually surpassed the other settlements in less than a month by himself, whereas the others have been here a while. One can only wonder how far Egtown can go and expand. Unlike Haven, Eg actually seems to care about proper infrastructure and defenses. The shipwreck that it was is already far more fortified than Haven itself. All the living necesseties and commodities for a township seem to be on display, and I can only wonder why are so few people showing interest in it, if any at all. Eg appears to be extremely active in the development and the doings of the town, unlike the Captain with Haven. He is always looking for more people to put to use, and rewarding them for such use. It is surprising to me also, but I must admit, that little Gnome seems to know what he is doing. I look forward to helping him with whatever I can. I have also managed to visit the Isle of Menhirs, and Tordala itself. Tordala, just like Grom'Goshar has been gifted with phenomenal natural defenses and they also have a ship. They have a solid ammount of man power as well as a great energy source they can use for a variety of shields and wardings in the case of an attack. The island is relatively small, so only but so big of an army can fit in there to besiege Tordala itself. Most threats have been dealt with there on top of it all. All of this makes Tordala one great base of operations, and the Elves have so far shown great hospitality and willingness to help people of all kinds, including myself. Then again, they are Elves, and they are sitting on a powerful energy source, as well as being in possession of various powerful artifacts that they seem intent on keeping for themselves. I'm not one to hold on to old grudges, but Elves tend to have a poor track history when it comes to things such as these I mentioned. I can only hope they will be reasonable and not turn into something that has to be dealt with and disposed of. I wouldn't want to see another Icath'ya situation or anything a-like. Latest rumours are troublesome. I met many individuals that left an impression on me during my short stay. Krazzix is one of the first people I've met on the island. Some people have negative opinions of him, but I am still to see why. I consider him a friend and someone I can trust. He has helped me a good lot during my stay here. If anyone in the Doldrums is worth saving, or we could only save one, then Azyria would be the clear cut choice. She's a great friend, a brave person and with a heart made of gold. I've never spoken to him directly, and only through Azyria, but from all I've gathered thus far, Vaxandris is just a good a person as his wife is. He's definitely someone I can consider an ally, and someone I can rely on. Tsolvia took me under her shoulder when I just got washed up here, and had gone to great lengths in order to help me get back up on my feet. I will be forever in her debt. She has a noble heart, but a reckless youth, however she should be mentored, and not shunned like most people resort to when it pertains to her. Montague and Verduun I've barely spoke to, but merely fought alongside once. I don't have much to say, they seem alright. Montague should reconsider his shadow casting, especially in an Old One's domain. One day, it will backfire on him greaty. The very first person I've met on the island was Meredith. She seems like a nice lady and has always been nothing but kind to me, which I appreciate her for. There's something awfully shifty about her, however. As nice as she may seem, she has shown to have a temper at times, and I cannnot help but wonder why she choses to live in near complete solitude all by herself. Wizards in secluded towers don't exactly have a great history. I would keep an eye on her. Aziphale happens to be an Elven Ranger just like you expect one to be. Straightforward, elitist, capable. I haven't had the chance to speak to Haytham much, but he has always been respectful to me. He has a mixed reputation throughout the island, and I still haven't made up my mind on which side of that I would be. If nothing else, all that he has made for Drustgarde cannot be ignored. Eamane and Iniine have always been nothing but kind to me, and they have also helped me a great deal with improving my equipment. I consider them friends and I owe them, and I will answer the call should they one day require my help. That being said, I still don't trust them. There's all kinds of controversy about Tordala both from the past, as well as rumours currently, and whatever is going on there does not happen without their permission. As friendly and as nice as they are, I would never completely trust them. The last time there was a Highborne on Tordala, things didn't end up quite well to say the least. It is only even more worry-some that Dothrel has shown his face to the world short after the rumours of unrest in Menhirs, and the Elves being up to something. Tordala is up to something again, and I don't think it will end up well. That being said, Dothrel helped me obtaining knowledge in how to possibly create my own shadow abomination, that will come of great use if it works. Even though, that kind of confirms his recklessness, as most people wouldn't have as much as flirted with the idea. Dragor I had great aspirations for. He was the one man who not only seemed to know what needs to be done in order to help our unfortunate situation, but he fully knew the risks. Of course he did, he had experienced them first hand. I was hoping it would be him spearheading an appropriate campaign against Black Finger one day, but all of that recently changed. It would appear to me that Dragor has given up. I can't blame him, he has lost a lot, more than most people on this island, and he has barely gotten any outside help ever. I can't say I'm not disappointed, but I understand. I hope that one day he might come back to his senses and become the Bloodfury people know. Gruk is a wizened elderly Orc. Literally that. He seems to often be the voice of reason within Grom'Goshar. A good Orc. Mik'turok is a young and naive Orc with a heart of gold. He has helped me a great lot with my weaponry, and I will always use such weaponry to have his back from now on, for I owe him. He's a great soldier, but a bad leader, even with his good intentions. He has potential however, under proper guidance. Zorku I haven't had much dealing with, except for buying rare materials off of him. He's been a good supplier for the time being. That a-side, he's a capable fel caster but an awfully inexperienced combatant. If integrated into a proper force and given proper orders, he can be a valuable asset should he elect to follow such orders. Otherwise he may be a liability and a danger to himself and those around him. I have never disliked a Tauren for some reason, and Rothan is just the next example. Just a good man, and a reliable soldier. Eg, as I wrote earlier, is an absolute wild card, he has however managed to achieve a lot on his own, and in short stretches. That deserves my respect. I have always fancied people that just manage to get things done. The little Gnome seems to indeed know what he is doing, and I'm willing to help him. Wilbur I don't know very well, but he has expressed interest in my Sotoras expedition, unlike most of the population here. He has a reputation of a great engineer and a capable ranged unit. I'm sure he will be of use. Who would have thought that of all people, the Gnomes would turn out some of the most courageous ones in the Doldrums. Mel has actually found a way and succeeds to be really useful without picking up arms and crusading against the Old One and its forces, unlike most if not everyone else that isn't. I don't know her too well, but she seems like a good person. She has donated four bottles of Ethereal Oil to my Sotoras expedition. It isn't much, but it's four items more than anyone else. I hope she joins the expedition, we need her. Elle I'm not very fond of, for some reason. She hasn't done anything to me directly, but it's just personal observation. The Draenei strikes me as one arrogant hypocrite, and on top of it all I've heard worse things about her and the credibility of anything she says. I don't mind her, but I definitely do not trust her. If anyone embodies the reason why people dislike the Sin'dorei, it would be Agnar. That's one bloody arrogant Elf. I don't like his personality one bit, but I cannot take away what he has managed to do for himself overtime in the Doldrums. He is likely a capable fighter as well, however I doubt he could work in a proper military structure. I think he's too high on himself to follow a chain of command, which makes him a liability as well. I wouldn't want Agnar on my force in the times of war, but I would like for him to be around and contribute. Just... Don't involve me. Isesi seemed to be a friend of mine, and then the news of his betrayal and true allegiance broke out. I'm curious as of to why he would have do such a thing... That druidic Treant might be the one individual in the Doldrums that is fully honest and open about their intentions. That itself is worthy of respect. It is still one stupid treant, however. Rejecting help from a death knight, because of my undead nature, while most others ignore him and it is some of the living it has problems with. Stupid treant. I never fancied people that judge others by appearance. Baron Timothy West is another wild card. On one hand, his semi-reasonable hatred for the Forsaken, combined with his general stupidity turns him into a troublemaker with a clouded judgment. On the other hand, he has done a lot of good for the people in the Doldrums. I wouldn't kill him, but I wish someone educates him on morality a bit, as funny as that may sound coming from a Death Knight. Blaming all Forsaken for the actions of Sylvanas is the same as blaming all humans for the actions of Arthas. The Sin'dorei merchant outside Haven going by the name of Daydra has been of great use to me. She remains my primary source of both income as well as materials. I would protect her and her shop should the need a-rise. Raelyth is a good kid. I find it interesting that she was raised by her Forsaken brother. Her gutterspeak needs work. She tailored my cape, I owe her for that. Megan is what the Forsaken would call a brain rot. She's just unable to take anything seriously, and that may one day be her demise. I also have suspicions that she may be a witch. Either way, she signed my document and agreed to donate her remnants to the Ebon Blade in the event of her unfortunate demise. One day, she'll make a fine Ghoul. Perhaps a better Ghoul than she was a living person.

    Server Toxicity


    [Player Complaint] - Dascombe

    Clearly you want to turn this into a public discussion by making a public forum report. I'm not defending Dascombe here, at all. I just find the manner in which you handled things rather silly.

    [Player Complaint] - Dascombe

    Okay and why do we have to be involved

    [Player Complaint] - Dascombe

    Is this an issue about a questionable location to start a camp fire at, or that Dascombe called you a CUNT? Don't say the "c-word" that's kinda lame. I mean, I get it, Dascombe is a fucking toxic asshole, but is what happened really worthy of a forum report? Just call him a cunt back, or a niggerjew, that always helps, and move on with IC. Edit: ^ That's the mature thing to do, not more forum drama. Edit 2: You can't advocate for maturity while causing a major ruckus and demanding formal apologies over being called a cunt in the same time.

    [Issue] Haven Troop Deployment

    So... You're saying that Dawnforge's Argent fetish, who also happens to be the head keeper, is overpowered as hell? I'm shocked.

    [Staff Complaint] - Pallas

    The only issue that I might have with this situation, or any other situation like it has nothing to do with the points Dascombe mentioned, so I'm kind of going off topic here. I think either the strength/numbers of the enemy have to be considered/laid out according to the playerbase size (small), or friendly NPC support has to be used more often than not. The point is, because of the overwhelming odds (compared to the small playerbase thay is, not purely OP) much of the content is red taped. (Like black finger/etc). So... 90% of the existing main characters are XP capped, yet we can barely beat real odds even if we come together, because of our purely low server pop numbers. Food for thought.

    [Announcement] McDankus' Fiasco

    If the guy was banned for being toxic, but was being a contributing role player - then why don't you just ban him from the forums and discord, but keep him able to remain with his character in game and IC. If he misbehaves in game as well, you can always ban him from there as well. We recently had a discussion about character killing in discord. If you can make a "sacrifice" by not killing a character at your feet to hopefully contribute to a better narrative, why not give the guy a chance to do the same if he only broke ooc common courtesy rules and not role playing fundamentals? EDIT: I read posts above about people leaving over the toxicity of people like McDankus and Dascombe. I find that hard to believe, I'm not sure if I remember McDankus, but Dascombe is one of the best role players I have met during my time, and he always brings a hella lot of reasoning and constructive criticism during an argument/debate.

    Sir Alistair Roux


    Sir Alistair Roux

     Sir Alistair Roux (Character Profile) The Knight's Journal (First Impressions) The Knight's Journal (Kill List) - COMING VERY SOON The Knight's Journal (Sotoras) - COMING SOON The Knight's Journal (Family) - COMING EVENTUALLY