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    Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here!
  2. Zorku, of the Dragonmaw Clan Race: Orc Occupation: Warlock (Former shaman) Allegiances: Dragonmaw Clan, Grom'Goshar, Horde Languages known: Orcish, Common, Eredun Age: 31 (Image provided: 17) Another orc is born Zorku was born in Gorgrond, while most of the orcish clans had the blood curse in their veins. Despite the fel magics that permeated Draenor and his parents, he retained the characteristic gray skin and yellow eyes of what would later be known as the "Dragonmaw" clan, but the same could not be said for his rate of growth: even though he had not earned the green skin many other orcs carried, he did obtain the astounding rate of growth that many other orcish newborns carried, to fuel the war machine that was the Horde at the time. He went with his clan when it received the order to reach Azeroth through the Dark Portal, and there he first saw a thriving world, instead of the decaying one that was Draenor. War and peace He underwent the training any other orcish youngster would receive, but his call was not the one of a warrior. Although they had been overshadowed by the powerful energies of warlocks, there were still a few "rogue" shamans. And so, fascinated with the elements that thrived in Azeroth, he sought the training of one: he wanted to be a shaman of Earth and Water, to help his clan, protecting and healing. But his calling would not be heeded until after the second war: after Gul'Dan's betrayal while sieging Capital City, the Horde's loss forced the clans to scatter, and many orcs were captured. Zorku managed to escape to the Twilight Highlands with most of his clan, and him being around 10 years old, he began his training as a shaman, after a good part of the clan had forsook the teachings of warlocks and had begun to scorn and isolate them. Future Untold Isolated, the Dragonmaw Clan fended by themselves the Wildhammer Dwarves. They had lost their dragons in the aftermath of the Second War, and they'd been chased out of Grim Batol. The situation was dire, but they were orcs, and they were going to hold out until the very end, if need be. Years passed, and Zorku's connection with the elements deepened. His clan managed to fortify against the dwarves' attack, but so many years of fight had left a deep prejudice and mistrust against the stunted humans: if not all of his clan, Zorku developed one. But his world would eventually change completely one day. He was contacted by some of the few warlocks that his clan had left: they had chosen him to join them, soon after becoming 17. Although Zorku hadn't trusted them an ounce, whether it was truth or lies, they struck a deep wound within his heart: he would become a Warlock, but not to bring forth conquest: to protect his own people, as the demons were sure to come back one day. Waking up The fel had tainted him. He knew it. Perhaps not as much as others. Maybe it was his conviction, or maybe it had been the connection he'd previously felt with the elementals. It didn't matter. It was all gone now. The first days had been the worst, and from time to time, those days came back to him: a wracking feel of void where once the elemental powers were, that now only the fel and shadow energies could sate. His life had never been the same after that day, but his conviction remained clear. Most of the time, at least: he'd become a Warlock to protect his people, and protect them he would, even if he had to risk his life gathering materials or summoning demons. He'd learn Eredun, the demon's language. He'd learn to parlor and deal with demons. He'd learn to make them submit to him: that's why he'd become a warlock. He went to sleep after one of those days. He woke up elsewhere. A strange island in the middle of nowhere, where his magics didn't work properly. He felt less… void… He'd adapt and overcome.
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    The Rumor Mill

    Some beasts stir uneasily, as the air within the jungles of Opej'Nor grows humid, the climate unsuitable for them anymore. Yet they refuse to move to a different island, something or someone giving them a reason to stay at the lush ecosystem.
  4. Terra

    Special Items

    I had this idea today: add "special" items. With this, I mean you could create them somehow (maybe class-specific, so not everyone can make everything?) and it allows you to power-up in combat or you could, for example, exchange it with a Keeper (if they so desire) for some special effect. A few examples I thought of were: soul shards / soul gems for warlocks, vision gumbo for shamans (Like those things they drink to get visions), whetstones for warriors… As always, I do not expect it to be implemented in any way, but it's not bad to give ideas, yes?
  5. Terra

    Special Items

    Ooooh right. Thank you for your time and information!
  6. Terra

    Mystic variety

    I have just thought about this: I know it would be a lot of extra work (possibly even a whole revamp), but maybe Mystic could later on be "specialized" based on classes? Make it specific to caster classes? (Would make lore sense idk) I say this because this just struck me today: no matter how mystic both of them are, a warlock or mage isn't going to make a rune or potion the same way a shaman/druid does: their principles vary greatly.
  7. Terra

    Special Items

    So you are saying that trinkets actually have effects in the RPG System…?
  8. Terra

    Mystic variety

    Ah, the ruthless reality. Well, I was so enthralled by the idea that I did not stop to think of the population. But I did not think of it being… 5 different specs. Rather, two only (At least for now). One that gives pure benefit but they're lower and one that gives good benefit but also high risk or side-effects (For example Order VS Disorder kind of thing), since it offers a bit of a twist. Anyways, even if it does not come into being, at least the idea is there. 😆
  9. Though I must admit I have not quite thought about the negative implications it may bring with it, I have pondered about the Productivity Tokens, and I have reached a conclusion: Allow them to be reimbursed (1 productivity per token, of course. Or 0,5 so it's got a consequence. Or something, you decide what). Maybe only until a certain condition has been met, so that you can't accidentally buy more than needed and be stuck with them.
  10. Terra

    Reimbursing Productivity Tokens

    That is why they are unique, though, no? And that's exactly why I said they're only reimbursable under certain conditions: IE after 2 hours have passed, you can not turn them back and they must stay as they are. Yet I understand that may be hard to code.
  11. Terra

    Grom'Goshar [Guild Draft]

    There are already six, are there not? Or does it have to specifically mention we pledged?
  12. Hello! New player here. I have encountered a problem. (I think) You see, while I was messing around with abilities, it let me forget them. So I picked a few to try them out, but when I decided I did not quite enjoy them, it did not let me forget them! When I click on them, no option is there. Either it is completely unexistant, or it tells me I have already learned the maximum class abilities. As such, I was wondering if this is intentional. On another note, how does one gain back Essence? I unknowingly spent it all, and it does not seem to come back.
  13. Terra

    Help required: Abilities & Essence

    Thank you a lot for your time! It's a great help.
  14. Terra

    Grom'Goshar [Guild Draft]

    Definitely interested in this Edit: Pledged