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Peacekeeping System

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Unknown Shores Peacekeeping System

The intent of this document is standardizing the usage of warnings and punishments, and so that we may better categorize and deal with actions that have broken the rules.
Please be aware that OOC behavioural guidelines apply on every platform, whether it is Discord, the Forums, or in-game channels.

With the inclusion of this system, being banned in-game also implies being forced the 'Revoked' role on Discord for the same amount of time.
Issues that affect other players or the community as a whole will receive harsher punishments. As an example, a punishment for out of game hostility towards other players will be harsher than abusing architect to climb around a mob's aggro in game.

Not all warnings will result in punishments, but warnings will be logged for future reference.

In lighter cases, An informal warning will be issued for a player to cease unwanted behaviour. Persistance will result in formal warnings and punishments.
In heavier cases such warning will be skipped and directly step to punishment.

Interactions relating to warnings, punishments or unbans will be properly logged in the forums, in a private staff section. A summary will be added on a private channel in Discord. The purpose of these logs is so that Staff can review previous issues with the player, so that they may carry out a proper judgement. 

Punishment progresses as follows:

  • 24-72h Ban
  • 1-3 Weeks Ban
  • 1-3 Months Ban
  • Permanent Ban

The amount of a punishment to start with will depend on the severity of the offence at hand, increasing with repeated incidents. The previously mentioned architect abuse would begin with a 24-72h ban, but repeated could move up to weeks or even months. The exact duration of these bans is up to Staff.
Otherwise, something like hijacking a staff account would result in an immediate permanent ban.

No matter the duration, the rulebreakers are free to appeal it, although there is no obligation to unban them, and the decision will mainly hinge on the severity of the infractions that causes the ban.


Final Notes

In order to emphasize an objective and fair judging, incidents that pertain to other communities previous to joining Unknown Shores should not be used as an extra reason to increase punishments.

The decisional source for punishments will be properly logged material, to ensure that the player was warned and/or punished for the previous behaviour being taken in account.

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Users' Privacy

In the event that any of the players desire to know why something was the way it was, they might be given some transparency, but not all.


An example so that it is better understood:

Player A is banned. People are outraged, and they ask why this was so. They might be allowed to know that he was banned for harrassing people OOCly, but the victims of this harrassment or what it entailed are not to be divulged by Staff.

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