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  1. ♫ Word quickly begins to spread like wildfire that the second coming of the annual Drustgarde Hordefall festival is slated for Sunday evening. It is said to be a night of rememberance and celebration in honour of those that fought and died fighting against the fel-corrupted Old Horde. Festivities will include a feast, including a large variety of seafood. Following the feast, a traditional dance contest will be held, with the victor standing against the champion of the last Hordefall festival - Gilthaniel Wildheart at a later date. To conclude with, an effigy shall be burned to commemorate the end of the Second War and the festivities. All are invited to attend! OOC INFORMATION Date: 11/08/2019 (Sunday) Where: Port Drustgarde, Tidesong (Galleon) Time: 10PM ST
  2. Scorpio

    [Event] Into The Depths

    Just bumping this to let you all know that the event will possibly be HIGH RISK so please bare that in mind!
  3. ♫ Following the concealed convocation held by the various parties and factions of the Doldrums within the depths of Thor'modan, a plan of action has been orchestrated with its main objective entailing the rescue of the lost prisoners that dwell within the confines of Opej's grounded vessel. Should the party fail to discover any lucid prisoners, sabotaging the ship will take precedence to ensure that the odds are tipped in our favour when the inevitable day comes where the forces of Darkness are to be vanquished by a strengthened unified force. In addition to this, other key matters were brought up, discussed, and delegated including the resurgence and evolution of the Sand Reaver threat; and a fair amount of Drakes nestled on the beach north of Drustgarde and the Trailblazer settlement which were the very same beasts responsible for the destruction of Silver-Eye. Furthermore, it has been agreed upon by the present parties that a weekly gathering to touch base on the progress made on their delegated tasks would be necessary as the Doldrums is once again poised with a host of threats that if left unchecked will spiral out of hand and ultimately serve as their reckoning. OOC INFORMATION Date: 26/07/2019 (Friday) Where: Port Drustgarde, Tidesong (Galleon) Time: 9PM ST
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    New Moonbrook

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    [Feedback] Keeper Events

    I wholeheartedly agree with the aforementioned posts. To add to them, I feel like there's too much "world ending band together now to fight this powerful person/being" threat thing going on to the point where it actually becomes kind of annoying when you're trying to do something else like hold a simple conversation. At often times I find myself with far too many plots to pursue and none of them deliver satisfying conclusions, only lead to more of the same thing - as if they are purposefully meant to be done that way. Either way, you can only see so much spooky crap before it loses its value and just becomes a regular thing, which is kinda what it has become right now on the Doldrums. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be intentional, I personally would rather have meaningful interactions as opposed to something that becomes a regular occurrence e.g different hallows end horsemen popping up every day as opposed to maybe once every so often. Why not introduce more 'regular' threats? Kind of like I don't know murlocs blocking the road to x/y or maybe refugees becoming tired of being pushed around band together and make their own settlement somewhere in the jungle which collapses into a crazy sacrificial cannibalistic society or something. You can't tell me all refugees are a waste of space and dumbasses, there has to be at least one person amongst them willing to be proactive in their own survival. TL;DR less world ending stuff, more 'normal' threats like bandits etc; I did like the whole slavery thing going on in Silver-Eye we were investigating before all the other world ending stuff overtook it all and ever since then it's been left under the shelf because there's too much "big evil stronk villain that wants to kill you and everything you own" going on.
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    [Feedback] Forums vs. Discord

    Gunna have to agree with this one. The forums should be the place where all information on the server is catalogued and easy to find. Even IC rumours. That's just one man's opinion, though.
  10. Scorpio

    [Event] The Festival

    ((Festival rescheduled to Saturday! (08/09/2018) at 7pm))
  11. ♫ After experiencing a bitter 'victory' on the Isle of Sotoras and returning home with naught but three survivors. The people of Drustgarde have seen better days, recuperating slowly to muster up their strength to lead another incursion into the heart of death itself. But that will come in due course, once the Governor deems it fit. Rumours tell tale of an upcoming festival intended to commemorate the union between the people of Drustgarde and Sotoras. A multitude of festivities shall be held including the second coming of the fabled Battle of Dance contest. All are welcome to attend and partake in the festivities. A feast shall be held within Fort Beoveld to conclude the festival afterward. OOC INFORMATION Date: 08/09/2018 Time: 7PM ST Location: Port Drustgarde
  12. ♫ There within the confines of Fort Beoveld a union is born. The Lady Abigail Springfield brought her people over to Drustgarde to work in conjunction with Governor Haytham Kendrick for the Port to serve as a the staging ground for the reclamation of Sotoras. The Governor and the Lady spoke at great length along with several others, and it was decided another incursion will be made into Sotoras a day after. For what purpose? Only those present at the meeting would know. Though, rumours tell tale of a window of 'opportunity' to recover more of the native denizens while the main Undead Horde of Sotoras remains distracted elsewhere. Drustgarde calls upon the aid of its allies and friends once more should they wish to accompany them. OOC INFORMATION Date: 26/08/2018 Time: 7PM ST (mustering time) Capacity: 15 PEOPLE (15 GOOD MEN)
  13. ♫ Word quickly spreads like wildfire about how Governor Haytham Kendrick of the Port of Drustgarde intends to launch a voyage in an effort to survey the Isle of Sotoras and perhaps rescue as many Sotorasi survivors as possible - should they still draw breath - and offer them lodgings behind the secure walls of Fort Beoveld. He summons all of his friends and allies to join Drustgarde in this endeavour, however, spaces are limited due to the current capacity of vessels under his disposal, while taking into consideration the amount of space needed to carry any potentials survivors found on the cursed Isle. OOC INFORMATION Date: 18/08/2018 Time: 8PM ST Capacity: 15 PEOPLE (15 GOOD MEN)
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    Activities of Drustgarde

    Making the Useless into Useful Haytham instructed his two hardened Dwarven Wildhammers companions to go about teaching the refugees in Port Drustgarde the basics of combat. It resulted in several motivational speeches and demonstrations. Their reaction shall be left up to the DMs to decide... https://imgur.com/a/rglBVVW
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    Activities of Drustgarde

    The purpose of this thread is to record the activities of Drustgarde with the aim of providing a concise method in which the staff are able to follow along easily. Any and all Drustgarde members are encouraged to make use of this should their actions relate to Drustgarde and desire to receive staff attention.