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    Brief Update - November.

    Hello Community! I’m sure you have all noticed a shift in the server as of late. This is a brief update to let you all know that the entire staff team is currently working on various issues across the server which include: Gathering feedback from players and creating a plan to address recurring points is being put in place. Organisation of storylines, lore and Keepers and looking at ideas to make things more immersive using tools such as the Dmkit. Balancing of the RPG system. We have a new island in the works courtesy of Bonkle which we are all excited for. While this will be a fun and interesting addition in the new future, we don’t want players to feel like any progress they make will be hindered or disregarded, so please continue to roleplay as you would. Some more information and screenshots will be released regarding this soon! The dev server is currently up and a patch is being worked on to be released in the next couple of weeks. This will address some issues already raised by the community. It will include: Experience gain overhaul. Training - A new command to gain XP rather than buying it directly. Mentoring - The chance for new players to be “mentored” and gain experience. Progression overhaul - Attributes will be capped and you gain a point to spend for an attribute at specific XP thresholds. Professions - Profession recipes will give exponentially more XP for high prod recipes. Gathering nodes now show which materials they will yield rather than a rarity. Above is a snippet of the full notes which will be released along with the patch. If you have any feedback, suggestions or need any help with anything on the server feel free to contact staff, through PMs or Discord. Please make sure you also check the forums for updates and information.