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New Moonbrook

[Event] Guardian Angel

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Artwork: Piotr Krezelewski


Where: Start at New Moonbrook

When: Tuesday 23rd July 8pm server-time

Who: New Moonbrook citizens and those of Alliance races

Event Type: Investigation / rescue (possible combat)

GM Assistance: Required unless DM kits can be set up to make it feasible? Reasoning for 'required' is mentioned below


The Baron grumbled... the workforce, whilst it was a start, was not enough to truely get New Moonbrook off the ground, there was also somewhat of a lull in the amount of refugees turning up at Haven


He looked out at the coastline, the Kul'tirans had a phrase that he recalled from his youth... 'the ocean always provides'... perhaps the fishpaste-swilling sailors had somewhat of a point considering whilst certainly not -all- refugees did but many of them ended up in the Doldrums either washing up ashore or being shipwrecked.

He climbed down Baron's Watch and took out a map of Opej'nor, scanning it quickly, he eyed the coastline from east to west covering almost three-quarters of the edge of the isle save for the sharp jagged rocks to the south that would be impossible to rescue survivors from even if there were any

"Hrmm, a patrol in two day's time going along the coast... we would need bandages, food, healing potions and several flasks of fresh drinking water" he mumbled to himself

A settler of New Moonbrook walked by and the Baron collared them before they could walk off "You there, go gather up what supplies we can spare, we're heading out in a couple days to see who we can rescue from these... these Unknown Shores."

The settler blinked for a moment

"But Baron, what if those who wash up are not of the Alliance?"

The Baron hesitated for a moment, he had no particular desire to see conflict flare up, but at the same time he could ill-afford to feed the mouths of members of the Horde especially as many who joined him did so expecting an -Alliance- settlement

"We shall drop them off at the Zandalari Embassy afterwards, I shall send a runner to Bloodfury to pick them up whilst we return our own to New Moonbrook"

The settler saluted before running off to go gather the aforementioned supplies, the Baron returned his gaze to the sea which lapped up so gently against the hull of egtown that it looked as though it were scarcely even moving.


"Let us see if the ocean truely does provide..."


Event Objectives

Main Objective:

  • IconSmall_Varian.gif?version=450a31d29c5 For the King!

Rescue at least 5 Alliance refugees

Failed. Only X2 refugees recruited.


Bonus Objectives:

Find and rescue an Elven bard

Success. Recruited an Elven bard

  • 24px-IconSmall_Dwarf_Male.gif?version=0e24px-IconSmall_DarkIron_Male.gif?version A blast to the past

Rescue two mortar crewmen

Failed. No mortar crewmen recruited

  • IconSmall_Murloc_Male.gif?version=01d2e1 You'll do!

Capture a Murloc to work in the mine

Success. Two Murlocs captured


Hi folks

Quick event for newcomers to Unknown Shores who have joined New Moonbrook, though people wishing to join up New Moonbrook are more than welcome to join up this way by having their character lying somewhere on the shores of Opej'nor to be rescued.

Event duration is somewhat unknown, we will start in the south-eastern corner of Opej'nor due east of the Trailblazer's camp and then we will follow the shoreline anti-clockwise stopping before we bump into the Black Dragonflight forces in western Opej'nor. The time limit will be how long it takes (potential fights included) to walk from one side to the other.

The ultimate goal of this will be to not only provide additional refugee workers / guards for New Moonbrook but also to give the new members of the guild some idea as to the scale of the isle and to help them get their bearings, this will also hopefully act to establish the Zandalari Embassy just between Drustgarde and Egtown as a spot for 'Horde' refugees to gather and not necessarily just Haven.

Whilst the mission is expected to be relatively low-risk, it is likely there will be combat as not only do hostile forces sometimes wash up on the shores of Opej'nor but normally-peaceful Alliance soldiers will likely become insane upon arriving here due to the influence of the Old God.

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