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New Moonbrook

New Moonbrook

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Guild Type: Settlement

Affiliation: The Alliance

Guild Leader: Baron Timothy West (Dascombe)

Guild Officer(s): Sergeant Osbert (Haakonsson)

Accepted Races: Worgen, Kaldorei, Gnomes, Dwarves, High Elves, Draenei, Humans



Guild settlement form

(Please point out any inconsistencies with information below and it'll be corrected! This is a brief summary of the information below!)

Settlement Name:

  • New Moonbrook


  • Baron Timothy West (Leader)

Leader Positions and Powers:

  • Baron Timothy West - Settlement ruler. Lumber Mill  Manager
  • Vaxandis Dawnbinder - Alliance Citizen. Mine Manager

Important NPCs (named NPCs):

Alliance Corporal (Jeremy Thorne)

Population (All NPCs in the settlement):

Total of 18 NPCs

NPC Distribution (What NPCs are assigned doing):


Laws (What are NPC reaction behaviours to law breakings etc):


Housing (total beds):

18/18 (see bedding below)

Care (what is available to make surviving more bearable):

  • Tavern constructed to provide food, ale and merriment (X1 refugee currently operating as a 'bard' inside to increase morale)
  • First aid tent constructed to provide first aid (X5 beds currently)
  • 1:1 housing for civilians. Specific bunkhouse accommodation for guards / soldiers.
  • Herb patch / garden present.
  • X1 refugee currently operating as a 'tailor' to keep NPC's clothes repaired and in a good state.




For a long time upon the Doldrums the Alliance had never truely flown the golden lion of Stormwind upon these lands, to grant those who yearned for it 'civilization' in the heart of this untamed land.

There were those who were once known as the Ironbound: mercenaries, fighters and wizards without goal or direction and now a disbanded memory with one or two of their surviviors now wandering nomads in these isles.

The fortress-port of 'Drustgarde' rests as a smoking pile of ash and rubble, Haytham  its previous ruler having long now perished to defeat the Razorbranch Trolls. The closest semblence of the Alliance in these lands is the rag-tag band of still-living Sotoran soldiers and citizens who follow Lady Abigale Springfield to reclaim their lost homeland from the deck of their ship the Tidesong.

The esteemed hunter and nobleman Baron Timothy West sought to form a solution to this: a settlement in the Doldrums upon Opej'nor flying the flag of the Alliance high and proud atop the jungle canopy for all to see, providing rest and respite to those of the more noble races of Azeroth from the chaos and calamity of the politics of the Doldrums and its weary inhabitants.

The journey will be long and difficult, a great many obstacles and challenges lie ahead for the nobleman and his budding entourage as not only will the wilds of the Doldrums seek to devour them but the enemies of the Alliance lie around every corner.

Though there may be foes, friends also lie in wait! From the Elven Dawnbinder couple residing in Haven to the eccentric Gnome Mayor Eg and many other forces loyal to the ideals for which the Alliance stands for.

Should the madness keeping us all imprisoned here be vanquished, then let this be the first Alliance colony upon these isles!

And should we be bound here for eternity, then let this town stand as a pinnacle for all that the Alliance holds dear!




Salutations all.

Cheers for taking the time to read up this draft for 'New Moonbrook'.

For those who have skipped the relevant bit, this guild is an Alliance themed guild and will likely revolve around the focus of guild based conflict with those who are typically seen as enemies to the Alliance (or perceived enemies, we -are- in the Doldrums after all) this guild will act as a 'go to' spot for anyone wishing to engage in Alliance-specific RP and act very much in a counter way to the (predominantly) Orcish inhabitants of the Flamespire Clan. This is not to say it will result in a neverending case of red vs blue however do consider the common knowledge that an old god rules this realm and that their advantage is based around spinning conflict between mortals.

That having been said this guild will focus around settlement construction / expansion with a possibility later on for military / political themes to start to appear but initially there will be a sort of 'survial' element in play. 

If you have any questions about the guild don't hesitate to drop a message below in the comments section or PM this group account directly





The current goals of New Moonbrook may change over time and these are by no means a definitive list

Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 = Completed

Done2.gif?version=be7242ed974121bccf7d6b = In Progress

Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d = Not Started

24px-Achievement_pvp_a_01.png?version=16 Short term 24px-Achievement_pvp_a_01.png?version=16

  • Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Construct a road to another town / settlement.
  • Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Construct a basic settlement / camp (At least one building completed).
  • Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Construct a well for water.
  • Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Construct a mine.
  • Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Construct a lumber mill.
  • Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Construct a bathhouse or similar location to ensure basic cleanliness .
  • Done2.gif?version=be7242ed974121bccf7d6b Establish a small settlement / village (Total population of 30+ required) .
  • Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Construct a kitchen.
  • Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Contruct a Tavern.
  • Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Establish a 'Watch'
  • Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Build a wheat and grain farm.

24px-Achievement_pvp_a_07.png?version=be Medium term 24px-Achievement_pvp_a_07.png?version=be

  • Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Construct a road to three other towns / settlements
  • Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Construct a wall around the majority of the settlemnt (Over 50% of settlement surrounded by a wall) 
  • Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Construct a Tobacco Farm
  • Done2.gif?version=be7242ed974121bccf7d6b Establish a settled town (Total population of 100+ required)
  • Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Construct a Garrison 
  • Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Construct a Warehouse
  • Done2.gif?version=be7242ed974121bccf7d6b Have sufficient defence force protecting the town (20+ guards required) 
  • Done2.gif?version=be7242ed974121bccf7d6b Ensure pleanty of business employment (Four businesses built, owned and managed) 
  • Done2.gif?version=be7242ed974121bccf7d6b Construct a seafaring vessel and establish mooring rights with Egtown (Unlocks Navy)
  • Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Construct a foundry (Unlocks Cannon)
  • Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Construct a trading outpost
  • Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Construct a Town Hall (Unlocks Town Militia)
  • Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Construct a hunting lodge (Unlocks Riflemen)
  • Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Construct a workshop (Unlocks Gnomish mech tech)
  • Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Construct a black powder store (Unlocks Mortar Crew)
  • Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Construct a mage tower (Unlocks Magi)
  • Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Construct a church (Unlocks priests, paladins, vindicators)
  • Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Construct an ancient grove (Unlocks druids & shaman)


24px-Achievement_pvp_a_14.png?version=e7 Long term 24px-Achievement_pvp_a_14.png?version=e7

  • Done2.gif?version=be7242ed974121bccf7d6b Establish a thriving city (Total Population of 200+ required)
  • Done2.gif?version=be7242ed974121bccf7d6b Ensure sufficient and roomy dwellings for all citizens (player & NPC) consisting of a cabin for each (Total Population of 75+ required) 
  • Done2.gif?version=be7242ed974121bccf7d6b Have a small 'army' protecting the city (50+ guards required) 
  • Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Establish dominance as the 'defacto' Alliance faction within the whole of the Doldrums
  • Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Construct a large Alliance monument in the centre of the settlement 
  • Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Acquire contact with the Alliance back in Azeroth
  • Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Rejoin the Alliance back in Azeroth



When pledging please write down your character name, forum name and your professions if applicable. If you prefer to keep your character's identity secret then do PM us discreetly.


24px-IconSmall_Human_Male.gif?version=dc Baron Timothy West  - Dascombe

24px-IconSmall_Human_Male.gif?version=dc Sergeant Osbert - Haakonsson

24px-IconSmall_Human_Male.gif?version=dc Private Danwar - Danwar

24px-IconSmall_Human_Male.gif?version=dc Marius - Karthagas

Edited by New Moonbrook
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This lists the current assets through the RPG system controlled by New Moonbrook

  • Mine X1  - Managed by Vaxandris Dawnbinder (X4 workers)
  1. Stone - X1 Untrained Worker
  2. Simple Metal - X1 Untrained Worker
  3. Rock Salt - X1 Untrained Worker
  4. Glimmering Gemstones - X1 Untrained Worker
  • Lumber Mill X1 - Managed by Timothy West (X3 workers)
  1. Hardwood - X1 Expert Worker
  2. Rugged Timber - X1 Expert Worker 
  3. Fiberous Greenery - X1 Expert Worker
  • Tobacco Farm X1 - Not Managed




This lists all buildings and structures within New Moonbrook as well as any details:

  • Mine: X1
  • Lumber Mill: X1
  • Tobacco Farm: X1
  • Bathhouse: X1
  • Tents: X10
  • Cabins: X6
  • Infirmary Tent: X1
  • Wagon: X2
  • Watchtower: X1 (Under Construction)
  • Tavern: X1 
  • Garrison: X1 (Under Construction)



This lists the total number of NPCs living within New Moonbrook. It is broken down into workers, worker types, troops and troop types as well as any named NPCs of note that may come out from the population of town

Total: 28 (Prisoners + Military + Civilians)

Civilians: 13

24px-IconSmall_Draenei_Male.gif?version=24px-IconSmall_Draenei_Female.gif?versio Draenei: X1 (Worker Capable) 

24px-IconSmall_NightElf_Male.gif?version24px-IconSmall_NightElf_Female.gif?versi Kaldorei: X1 Worker Capable 

24px-IconSmall_NightElf_Male.gif?version24px-IconSmall_NightElf_Female.gif?versi Kaldorei: X1 Active Bard

24px-IconSmall_Dwarf_Female.gif?version= Dwarves: X3 Combat Capable -And- Worker Capable 

  • Miss Whitestone Combat -And- Worker Capable. Additional Info: Miss Whitestone. Drinking buddy of 'Sami'. Has preference to working in mine.

24px-IconSmall_HighElf_Male.gif?version= High Elves: X1 Worker Capable (Tailor)

  • Sami. Worker Capable (Tailor) Additional Info: Drinking buddy of Miss Whitestone. Can't handle his whiskey. Experienced Tailor.

IconSmall_Worgen_Male.gif?version=05d6b1IconSmall_Worgen_Female.gif?version=820a Gilneans (Worgen): X1 Worker Capable

24px-IconSmall_Gnome_Male.gif?version=dc24px-IconSmall_Gnome_Female.gif?version= Gnomes: X1 Worker Capable 

24px-IconSmall_Human_Male.gif?version=dc Humans: X4 

  • Jim Worker Capable  Additional Info: Out on a fishing trip before washing up in the Doldrums. Is from Stormwind. Lost wife in Northrend. Deckhand.


Military: 14

Ability_hunter_lockandload.png?version=a CR16 New Moonbrook Rifleman X1

Ability_warrior_vigilance.png?version=d4 CR18 New Moonbrook Guard X5

  • 24px-IconSmall_Human_Female.gif?version= Jane Hayle Combat Capable Additional Info: Out on a fishing trip before washing up in the Doldrums. Is from Stormwind. Dislikes Horde.

Inv_helm_plate_charcreatepaladin_b_01.pn CR18 Ironforge Brigade Footman X3

Inv_helm_plate_warfrontsalliance_b_01.pn CR18 Alliance Infantry X3

Inv_helm_plate_warfrontsalliance_b_01.pn CR18 Corporal Garret X1

Inv_helm_plate_warfrontsalliance_d_01.pn CR23 Sergeant Jeremy Thorne X1

  • Sergeant Jeremy Thorne Additional Info: Suriving leader of the Alliance Combined Arms Brigade (ACAB). Second-in-command to the late Captain Heinrich. Dislikes Horde.


Prisoners: 1 (Cages for X3)

X1 Nefarious Bandit captured by Grom'Goshar Docks


Home sweet home.

This lists the total amount of sleeping space as well as total numbers of civilians (including players) living within New Moonbrook, this is to ensure that there is a warm bed (or bedroll) for everyone in the settlement.

  • Sleeping quarters for a total of 19 individuals (bunkbeds for 22 in the garrison for MILITARY personnel only)
  • Number of citizens (players): 3
  • Number of citizens (NPCs): 13
  • Number of military (NPCs): 14
  • Total bed availability: 3

Current Bed Availability Situation:

Minor Excess Bed Availability


Here is a list of all current publically known New Moonbrook military assets including troop types, numbers, strengths and any military 'hardware'. This also includes any players who have taken the role of guardsman / watchman and details as well any defensive structures in place as well as their status.




Military Assets:

Inv_firearm_2h_warfrontshorde_c_01.png?v Crimson Cannon: X1 Functional

Spell_arcane_arcaneresilience.png?versio Arcane Shielding: X1 Functional


Military Structures:

X1 Watchtower Functional

X1 Garrison Functional

X1 Town Wall Functional

X1 Palisade Wall Functional

Additional Bases / Outposts:

Haytham's Landing (Kolai):

Abandoned- Bandits defeated however threat considered too powerful to re-occupy area.

New Duskwood (Black Finger Isle):

Under hostile control- Claimed by Baron West but never actually manned.


  • 24px-Achievement_pvp_a_14.png?version=e7 Baron Timothy West (Player)
  • 24px-Achievement_pvp_a_03.png?version=78 Sergeant Jeremy Thorne
  • 24px-Achievement_pvp_a_03.png?version=78 Sergeant Osbert (Player)
  • 24px-Achievement_pvp_a_02.png?version=08 Corporal Garret
  • 24px-Achievement_pvp_a_01.png?version=16 Private (Un-named) X13
  • 24px-Achievement_pvp_a_01.png?version=16 Private Danwar (Player)
Edited by New Moonbrook
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Salutations noble citizens of the Alliance!


You may have noticed we've upgraded the guild charter to also include New Moonbrook's military assets as well as our goals and current pledges.


Wish to keep posted on what we're up to? Then scribble 'Follow' at the top of this scroll:


Edited by New Moonbrook

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Thread updated to reflect departure of NPCs and restructuring of guild goals. Will be updating this at some point with current reputations / relationships / alliances with other guilds and factions.

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Job Opportunity

Job Title: Landlord / Landlady

Race Requirements: n/a

Class requirements: n/a

Job Type: Social RP / Merchant


Salutations, citizens of New Moonbrook and Beyond!


As many of you will have no doubt notice, the settlement's central tavern is nearing completion and is almost ready to start quenching thirst for ale and satisfying hunger for good food!

Due to this, the settlement is looking to hire a willing Landlord / Landlady to run the tavern and anything associated with the building.


Perks of the job include:

  • Full day-to-day authority of running the tavern
  • Naming of the tavern following a discussion with the Baron
  • A quart of ale a day free of charge
  • Free reign with interior decorating of the tavern
  • 5 gold pieces a month to hire additional staff (chef, bouncer etc)
  • Input into design of food menu and alcohol availability
  • Landlord / Landlady will be able to dictate opening hours and 'last orders'
  • Your own room constructed as part of lodgings within the Tavern


Responsibilities include:

  • Day-to-day running of the tavern
  • Ensuring both larder and casks are filled and stock is checked up on
  • Guests and visitors receive a warm welcome
  • Peace is kept within the tavern
  • Any workers taken on are kept busy and are paid on time
  • Informing the Baron of any repairs / additions needed to the tavern in terms of construction
  • Informing the Baron of any particular game / meats required for the menu
  • Ensuring anyone making use of the Tavern lodgings 


Should you wish to take up this position within New Moonbrook then do contact Baron West at your earliest convenience. Questions regarding the job are welcome.



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New Moonbrook grows day by day!


At the moment the tavern is taking a slight backlog in the final finishing touches (mainly some wooden parts to the top floor & decor) in order to focus heavily on defences:

The Garrison is approx 15-20% complete with the initial laying out of the -first- settlement wall being constructed (a later palisade wall will be added to protect exterior assets)


If anyone is interested in joining do note that as well as having a free tent space within the settlement there is also the option to get an additional building made for your own use based on your character.

Are you a diplomat? An embassy will be constructed.

A mage? Plans for a mage tower will be scrawled up.

Mortar Crew Duo? A black powder store will be built.


If you are interested in making a character for the guild, just drop Timothy West (Timothy in-game) a message to discuss any ideas for what you want to make!






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Following a discussion with the esteemed Baron of New Moonbrook, it would seem that due to the dissolution of the Leo-Lupus Pact that Corporal Jeremy Thorne and his entourage have returned to New Moonbrook along with their cannon.


The Corporal has made it clear to the Baron that he has no intention of being a petty law-enforcement officer, something which has been relegated to the New Moonbrook guards, but rather a soldier. And so he and his men have been positioned around the settlement's gates along with New Moonbrook guards who will enforce the settlement's laws whilst the Corporal and his men fight off any hostile forces which currently seem to consist of a large amount of arcane anomolies appearing from a rift on the north-eastern side of New Moonbrook


Those in or around the settlement would notice that the brigade's crimson cannon pointed directly towards the rift

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Job Opportunity

Job Title: Lumber Mill / Mine Manager

Race Requirements: Preference given to Dwarves for mine manager position

Class requirements: n/a

Other Requirements: level 20 in either prospecting or woodlander depending on business applied for.

Job Type: Merchant / RPG business management


Salutations, citizens of New Moonbrook and Beyond!


As work continues on with the settlement the mine is in full swing producing ample amounts of stone for the construction of defences for New Moonbrook however we have now completed our Lumber Mill. As Baron West is currently managing operations in the Mine, the settlement is looking for a manager for either the New Moonbrook Lumber Mill or the New Moonbrook Mine for the Baron is capable of managing either one but can only manage one such structure at a time!


Perks of the job include:

  • Full day-to-day authority of running the business in question
  • Limited command over guards stationed in / around said businesses
  • Free reign to carve out a subterranean office or sleeping quarters within the mine. Seperate dwelling available above ground for Lumber Mill.
  • 3 gold pieces a month
  • Authority over direction of business and operations within it.


Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring materials gathered are deposited within the settlement's stores
  • Workers are happy and looked after
  • Ensuring business is sufficiently protected from threats


Should you wish to take up this position within New Moonbrook then do contact Baron West at your earliest convenience. Questions regarding the job are welcome.

Edited by New Moonbrook

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Job Opportunity

Job Title: Tobacco Farm Manager

Race Requirements: n/a

Class requirements: n/a

Other Requirements: level 20 in woodlander

Job Type: Merchant / RPG business management


Salutations, citizens of New Moonbrook and Beyond!


As the lumber mill stands newly constructed and the sound of steel striking stone echoes from the mine we contemplate our next move in terms of production at the settlement.

It is somewhat of a personal vice of mine however it is quite clear that there is a demand out there for tobacco which is about as rare as hen's teeth as it washes up maybe once in a blue moon and as a result of this we have just finished construction on a somewhat modest farm immediately outside the main garrison of New Moonbrook dedicated to the growing and production of premium Opej'nor tobacco.

With other operations busy, the settlement is looking for a manager to run this Tobacco farm to roll in the savoury fragrance of Opej'nor tobacco leaves for those who desire them!


Perks of the job include:

  • Full day-to-day authority of running the business in question.
  • Limited command over guards stationed in / around said businesses.
  • Free lodgings within the farmstead.
  • 2 gold pieces a month.
  • Authority over direction of business and operations within it.
  • A pouch of tobacco a day for personal use free of charge.


Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring materials gathered are deposited within the settlement's stores.
  • Workers are happy and looked after.
  • Ensuring business is sufficiently protected from threats.
  • Selling tobacco on the market in Opej'nor to nearby settlements such as Egtown, Drustgarde, Haven and the Flamespire Clan.


Should you wish to take up this position within New Moonbrook then do contact Baron West at your earliest convenience. Questions regarding the job are welcome.

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Salutations all!


With New Moonbrook well underway to becoming a steadfast fortress-settlement it's somewhat time to look inwards to the settlement's slowly growing numbers of troops.

Having recovered men from both the shipwrecked vessel upon the Isle of Menhirs as well as rescuing captives from Sotoran frigates, there is a time more than any to establish some order in which the chain of command is followed.


Being a settlement which takes inspiration from the Alliance, the current list of Alliance military ranks (also known as PVP ranks) are the means by which the settlement will establish the chain of command. Simply put: the higher you are on the list, the higher you are in administering orders to the rest of the settlement.

As it currently stands the highest ranking position on the list is the ruler of the settlement (at the time of posting: Baron West) working its way down.

At this current moment in time the second highest authority in the settlement is that of Corporal Jeremy Thorne (marked in game as 'Alliance Corporal').




Promotions up ranks will depend on a number of factors:


  1. Settlement size. We will shortly be implementing what settlement population size is required for each rank. If the settlement consists of 5 people it seems somewhat daft having a 'Grand Marshal' in command.
  2. Actions in-game. This applies to both players and NPCs. If an NPC guard goes above and beyond in the line of duty then they will be marked for a promotion. If they perform poorly they will be demoted. Same can occur to players.


As well as increase authority, promotions may also include factors such as nicer accomodation, a new suit of armour, a shiny new weapon or other perks such as increased pay.

Ranks for individuals will be marked in this thread either beside their player name or their NPC name (even if players are just civilians, they are considered 'privates' if drafted into a militia)

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Half a year


Half a year it has been since the founding of the fledgling settlement of New Moonbrook. Whilst the Orcs relocate to Haven, Drustgarde burns and strife seems to fill the land around them, the golden lion of Stormwind and the Grand Alliance endures.

It has not been an entirely smooth sailing so far and this missive in the annals of the settlement's history is somewhat of a 'recap' of events so far as well as highlighting some advances the settlement has made (these are by no means in chronological order)


  • IconSmall_Marcus.gif?version=d2130f18c4c Rescued a large chunk of the Alliance Combined Arms Brigade including their acting commander Corporal Jeremy Thorne.
  • Horde_15.png?version=ece5bfd58dad1e79267Alliance_15.png?version=f0f5d84285e5eee6 Leo-Lupus pact formed in retaliation to unchecked influence of Haven in terms of possessing artefacts. Currently disbanded.
  • IconSmall_Alleria.gif?version=62b4819439 A magus from the Opej magic academy on the north-western shore has been stationed outside the town to observe and work on the arcane rift.
  • Alliance_15.png?version=f0f5d84285e5eee6 Construction of an outpost on the Isle of Kolai following Haytham's destruction of the Razorbranch has commenced, it has been named 'Haytham's Landing' in his honor.
  • IconSmall_ForsakenDeathKnight_Male.gif?v 'Sir' Alistair Roux of Egtown has been working hard to complete a number of bounties aimed at dealing with threats to New Moonbrook.
  • 24px-Ability_stealth.png?version=81ea45e Coporal Thorne is now a questgiver within the town dealing with the bandit problem on Opej.
  • Iconsmall-obj47.png?version=006a832a4f30 Haytham's Landing lost to bandits. Multiple wounded, no dead from New Moonbrook.
  • 24px-Achievement_pvp_a_03.png?version=78 Corporal Thorne received a promotion due to his loyalty to New Moonbrook and persistence in taking action against local threats. He is now Sergeant Thorne
  • 24px-Achievement_pvp_a_02.png?version=08 Private Garret stationed at Haytham's Landing was promoted to Corporal Garret for quick thinking in escorting his comrades and covering them whilst they fled back to Haven.
  • Iconsmall-obj27.png?version=a3da3857bd4b Construction has begun on a foundry intended to produce firearms en masse for protection as well as producing cannon for defence.
  • 24px-Spell_frost_frostbolt02.png?version Construction on the New Moonbrook bathhouse has been completed, allowing residents access to hot water and bathing facilities.







Edited by New Moonbrook
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We've had one or two queries regarding the population demographics of New Moonbrook pertaining to racial makeup.

We'd like to stress that due to constraints with the NPC models cycling through a limited amount of options we only have a 'set' amount of models for the guards, and workers etc.


Please consider reading up on the 'New Moonbrook NPCs' section to find a more accurate breakdown of NPC racial makeup. This applies to CIVILIAN npcs however due to the guards models it is assumed that unless specified through named NPCs (such as Sgt Thorne) these NPCs are comprised of -ALL- Alliance races:


Gnomes, Dwarves, Humans (of varying kingdoms), Night Elves, High Elves, Worgen and Draenei.


If you have further questions regarding this, don't hesitate to PM the New Moonbrook account (this one)

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