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  1. Eleanor

    Gnomish Greetings

    g r e e t
  2. Eleanor

    Forum's trash

  3. Eleanor

    A new autist approaches

    Me not that kind of Orc.
  4. Eleanor


    Suh duuh.
  5. Eleanor

    Death Knights

    Something along the lines of [12,0] -Death Knight, Unholy, Death Grip: Call upon shadowy energies to latch onto a target and bring them hurtling toward you. The target is forced to engage you immediately.
  6. Eleanor

    Death Knights

    Ebon plague is batshit nuts in group content where you're helping your other magic users out. Ebon Plague + Amplify Magic = Flat 30% more magical damage. Then you add Marks to that from a suppport helping you out and it becomes even nuttier. Death Knight just isn't insane solo, which most things aren't. You're not meant to be insane solo. You're meant to be insane as a group.
  7. Eleanor

    Daggerfin Corsairs

  8. Priests also fatigue really fast, because their main heal chunks 18 energy.
  9. Oh. I forgot to mention that Druids become a more utility based healer. - You stack the sigils that grant the target energy on a heal, then use rejuv and mender. With 2 of them dual-wielding quivering daggers, you have a base chance to restore 4 energy a turn to someone.
  10. Good job. Giving the healmains some love. Druids also scale the best into the lategame, due to the sigils. That's about it, though.
  11. Eleanor

    New Abililies

    18/1 Spell Reflect, Tactical [Warrior]: Buff self: Reflect the next spell cast on you within two turns to the caster.
  12. Eleanor

    King's honor, friend.

    POGGERS, Glad to have you on-board! Let's try to sail this ship as far as we can before it crashes!
  13. Eleanor

    Daggerfin Corsairs

    Seems like a good setting for it. :ThOnk:
  14. Eleanor

    Generic Introduction?

    Hey all. - Just a brief GREETING. No, but really. - Nice project. Looks cool. Hype!