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    'To ignore a chance at learning something new is to be truly ignorant.' [PHYSICAL AND CHARACTER DESCRIPTION] Full Name: Eleanor Pierce Pronunciation of their name(first, middle/middle names and last): Elly-ay-nor Pi-er-ce. Nickname(s): Elly. El. Sex: Female Race/species: Human Age(and how old they look): Eleanor appears to be in her late teens, going on how she looks. Height: 5 foot 2 inches Eye color(s): Cyan Contacts?: None Glasses?: None Face shape: Slim jawline Eye Description: To say that her eyes were blue was like saying that the sun was yellow. Sufficient but not accurate to capture the burning. Nose Description: Short, not stumpy. Lip Description: A deep curve on her lips makes the world stop around her. A smile that brings back a million memories in a split second. The precious dimple that crinkles skips a beat.. She has a smile that makes you feel happy about being alive and just a bit more human. Body build(slim, muscular, etc.): Slim, not toned. She's clearly not a fighter. Hair color: Eleanor's strawberry blonde hair tumbled forwards over her face, bleached ever-so-slightly whiter by the sun and appearing more pale against her summer tan. With her longer hair she'd been in the habit of flicking it back or else tying it up, but with the shoulder length bob it simply moved all on its own. Skin color: Spring arrived with a gentle heat that promised a hot summer ahead. As the days passed Eleanor became a soft shade of brown right through the sunscreen, giving her skin a gentle hue that brought out the blue of her eyes. Scars: No scars can be located to Eleanor's body. She's clearly not seen very many fights in her young life. Birthmarks(and what they are/were): Eleanor's body is unmarked by birth, quite the lucky occurrence. Tattoos(what they are and where): The girl has decided to not mark her body with ink, preferring to keep her skin tanned and unmarked. Piercings(what they are and where): She has, in a similar state to the tattoos, chosen to keep her body free of piercing. [PSYCHOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION AND PERSONALITY DETAILS] Mental state: Stable Personality snapshot: Herbalist with the inability to sense danger. Most prominent personality trait: Will to learn and constantly adapt to the surroundings that she places herself in. Best traits of their personality: Always ready to learn, able to adapt to situations and constantly derive positive habits from others. Worst traits of their personality: Too curious and lacks the ability to sense danger. [ALIGNMENT] True Neutral. [CHARACTER EQUIPMENT(As of making this sheet)] Arcanist’s Robe - A uniformed robe and cowl, with a plated covering, protecting her shoulders, chest and midriff. Designed to take the impact of sharp strikes, yet not designed for blunt impact. A number of pouches and vials can be seen around her midriff, tied to the plate. The cowl hides her face in dark conditions, yet allows those near her to see her identity in plain daylight. Small-Arms - A small mace, with a spiked end. Used for smashing into armoured targets, when imbued with the holy power of the Light. Deals more damage than your average rolling-pin. Located around her waist, wrapped there by a thin binding. - Easy to steal, should a thief wish to test his luck. Main-Arms - A large steelforged poleaxe, with many dents and damage to the metal - It’s due a trip to the blacksmith. Eleanor has found that using such a weapon, while not completely adhering to the common stereotype of an average arcanist, can be extremely useful. Used for slicing unarmoured foes to pieces and if not, remove limbs if able. Heavy and not easy to maneuver with deft strikes. Used for slashing and thrusting and is nearly always tied loosely to her back, able to be yanked from the simple knot if required. [OOC NOTES] Hey hey, folks. - This is pretty lazily done and lacks any formatting skill, but eh. - Whatever. Here you go. To tl;dr this, Eleanor Pierce is an arcanist that'll get up close if needed. - She'll help those that'll help her. Her main goals are locked around the mass-collection of knowledge, from any source. She's unwaveringly curious, to a fault.