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  1. hotdog99

    Discord moderation is a joke

    If the rules need to be redefined for a player to understand telling another to go fuck themselves isn't appropriate, then that's another thing that should be advocated here. Hardly a hugbox. An example of a "hugbox" is saying someone is calling someone stupid for stating totally wrong facts then getting muted for it. The issue is inconsistency. Plan and simple.
  2. hotdog99

    Discord moderation is a joke

    It's definitely deserved. It's an unnecessary comment, because you could've just only done what you literally did - blocked him. Should Soyaman been muted in the past for the thing you're referencing (i.e. calling you a retard)? Yes, but because he was doing more than calling you a retard. The Discord does need more moderation. No one can deny that. However, a lot of players like to banter and it's difficult to differentiate between banter and toxicity. So, it's either banter in one channel and no where else, or banter everywhere.
  3. One does/did exist. She was a part of the Caveat. She ended up AFK-ing most of the time she was logged in, because it was a desperate attempt to stay logged in in-case work was available but also too boring. Even with this suggestion there still could be a market for literal couriers. I would hope to never see a NPC deliver a tangible package from player to player.
  4. May be my sole opinion but I think that's silly. There is only two ways to actually address that type of roleplay; be the one receiving that letter, or somehow know it exists and steal it. How is that letter getting to the other person? Does anyone know you're writing it? If robbed, are you actually going to remember to present the fact you have it on you? Sending a letter over the forums is borderline powergaming in my eyes, which is why I suggested this.
  5. Set a new NPC in each major hub (Port of Thousand Names, Silver-Eye, Menhirs, Drustgarde, and Grom'Goshar). Have them be strictly neutral faction. Permit players to pay this NPC (3-5 silver?) to send a message (enter message in a textbox most likely) to another player. An "illusion/image" of the NPC will be spawned at the message's recipient. NPC relays the message, then disappears. The NPC will not mention who the message is from. Players can disable the ability to have messages sent to them. What is the lore behind this? A mage has managed to wrestle control of the Doldrums' ley lines enough to be able to project their self anywhere within the Doldrums for a previously visited area or those he can scry. He, however, cannot see more than what he's seen before, whether through experience or the person he scries. Given that fact, he has trained apprentices to lead his business that will fund his continued research. These apprentices share the same power to project themselves. They choose to project themselves rather than seep into minds to send messages because of the confirmed rumors of a wicked being doing just that. The mage and its apprentices' neutrality and secrecy (both in clients and techniques) is maintained to confidently offer their services. What is the mechanical reason? Not needing to physically travel to other places to send a message is a significant breach of one's ability to spy on others. Given that fact, the messenger physically appears and relays the message publicly in the range of /say. Their neutrality is to avoid factions from abusing the lore, and trying to lazily uncover the beginning of the way out of the Doldrums. Given I have zero idea what the true lore of the Doldrums is, it can be changed to any degree to suit this suggestion.
  6. hotdog99

    [Group] The Hand of Unravelling

    Wish I had kept my character related to this. 😧
  7. hotdog99


    See ya, buddy.
  8. hotdog99

    Well, hello there.

    You may be beary disappointed.
  9. Happily willing to. Slightly broad question, but what's an average cost we can expect to pay for a wmo of that nature?
  10. hotdog99

    Hello and Hi

  11. I have a fondness for the normal-sized races. Given the inherent nature of most of the guilds currently in existence and IC events, you're either siding with the Horde or Alliance. There's little room for "neutrality" outside of Silver-Eye. I have two concepts in mind: Dwarves A neutral settlement (name still pending) specifically built by dwarves into the side of one of the mountains on Opej. It has the intent to utilize a carpus and/or world edit to expand itself in the future. Given its location and intended design, it will serve a safe hub for any merchants. Government will strictly be maintained by the founding dwarves until 1) Dwarven clans are developed, or 2) Another IC event that would see that concept undone. or Goblins A group of goblins originating from Silver-Eye with the sole intent to capitalize on IC events to push a communistic agenda. As with real life communism, the concept is rife with corruption, despite its intended facade. Group will be called the Democratic Denizens of (the?) Doldrums. The goblins (and any other races that come aboard) will be situated mostly in Opej until IC events push them towards other isles.
  12. hotdog99

    Dead Dwarf

    The stone. Its power. Its fate. None could grasp it without greed. It could not be hidden. A home was given to it, instead. One, despite its vile nature, could not equal the vileness those of Opej'Nor spew. I regret my decision in that it now serves as the heart of a construct; a construct that can be demolished, destroyed, and salvaged from. They will take it. Decisions. Choices. Failure. A crushing realization. They do not intend to make the hard choice. They too make one of greed. Bloodthirsty, vile. They have lied to my face. I will rectify that mistake. Trust. Honesty. Loyalty. All that remains. The currency of life on these isles. So easily given, and so easily stolen. I have few I trust, though I have betrayed the trust they return me. Lies, deceit. Less they know, the safer they are. I fear they will not see that if these lies were exposed. But I must make the hard choices, so they do not feel what I do - nothing.
  13. hotdog99

    RPG suggestion

    At most, half of the people around are players that have been around for a good while. Not stating that is. However, it would serve as a supplement to the overall storytelling. It's like getting good service at a restaurant that serves good food. Will you probably still go for the good food alone? Sure. But you would probably go more often if the service is great. Mind you, if it wasn't clear these noticeboards are meant to add to the storytelling. They're not just some random gimmick things.
  14. hotdog99

    Goldwolf Cartel

    While I'm all for more guilds, this seems a slight bit too one dimensional. The other only trading guild branched out to be one that sailed in political waters. I suggest trying to branch further out in concept, or you might find yourself getting burnt out. Hope it works! Would be good to see some well played gobbos.