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New Moonbrook

[Event] New Moonbrook Supplies Sale

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New Moonbrook's Supply Sale




Where: Haven. West's Charcuterie (Marketplace)

When: Wednesday 29th April, 20:00 server-time.

Who: Anyone allowed into Haven

Event Type: Trade

GM Assistance: No GM assistance required unless NPCs wish to visit to buy goods.



Along the middle-most 'tier' of Haven a flurry of activity brings the recently silent town to life.

Wagons laden with goods deposit their supplies adjacent to Baron West's charcuterie and start to assemble them into some sort of 'storage space'. When these workers are questioned by anyone passing by they continue working but talk at the same time.


"Wha's this? Oh, th' Baron's bringin' a load o' goods from New Moonbrook to sell to th' folks of the Doldrums."


When pressed further as to what goods are available, the workers happily respond:

"Oh, all sorts. Food, fabric, arms, armour, metals, gemstones, and more! Ought to pop by and give the stuff a gander yersel'!"


The peasant smiles and returns to unpacking crates and stockpiles of timber.




Hi All


To help break the current monotany i'm going to host a small trading opportunity.

Its effectively a means to get shot of some of New Moonbrook's assorted materials in exchange for gold to pay for some more bounties that are due to go up as well as a few other overheads.

All sorts of gear is going to be available and not just resources.

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