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[Storyline Event] The Fall of the Razorbranch

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The cool night air blew across the docks of Haven. Brushing a few loose, graying strands of hair from his face, the Captain pulled out a well-used gnomish lighter. It took him a few tries, before he managed to get a flame going long enough to light his pipe. Taking a long pull, he glances to his right. Sears and Captain Thompson were arguing the logistics of this endeavor. To his left, Abigail was staring at the Tidesong, as Sotoran shipwrights, and Haven's labor force worked around the clock to refit it into a proper warship. He hesitated a moment, before his feet decided he needed to go right. Coming to stand next the small woman. He took a pull of his pipe before speaking,
"She is coming along nicely, isn't she?" 

It took several moments before Abigail responded, her voice tight. Filled with anger and bitterness, "I sat in Silver-Eye. I scoffed at Urdo's call for aid, as we had our own home to reclaim. I thought his troubles would never become mine."

A sigh escaped the Captain's lips as he rolled his shoulders, "Hindsight is perfect, Lady Springfield. This has been a test of the Light's making. To forge you into a leader of your people."

She scoffed, before frowning, "I should've been this leader before they razed my town. We dragged our feet, Captain. So afraid of the cost in lives finishing this fight would cost us, and we only bled the worse for it. No. I dragged my feet. I did not want to see one more sotoran die with our home still under my father's corrupt reign."

"The realities of leadership are never so cut and dry. You did what you thought best for your people. You can't judge yourself on that merit." 

"I can, Captain. You built your Guard and this town because you stood up to the Razorbranch. I let the oldest Port in the Doldrums burn because I wouldn't make the hard choice." She moved a hand up to her eyes, wiping a tear of frustration and anger away. "But, I will not let Haytham's sacrifice be in-vain. We will finish this."

The Captain shuffled a moment, before nodding and taking another pull of his pipe. Letting the smoke lazily float from his nostrils, "Come Friday, we will hang Sal'do from the front of the Tidesong."



This is the last event in the Razorbranch's storyline. Since the server's launch the Razorbranch have been an opposing force to players. And finally, through the actions of many players, we are finally at the end of this chapter of Shores. It has been a long, difficult road. Both ICly and OOC, as the server has undergone many changes since then. I hope those of you who are still around, and those new enjoy this.

When?: Friday, Febuary 21st. 8PM ST

Who?: Anyone not banned from Haven.

Where?: Players will meet at the docks of Haven to board the Tidesong.


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Cold, bitter air blew across the Doldrums, bringing with it a strange, but no unheard of occurrence.. Snow. Children in Haven squealed in delight as they received a day free from chores and any education they were receiving, to enjoy it. The Jolly Otter was packed, even more so then usual, as the guards and soldiers who ventured on the Tidesong were given a few days off. The dead were given pyres, or sea-burials at Haven's port. Even Tordala's people celebrated, with drinking and sweets at the news of Sal'do, and the Razorbranch's defeat. Many across the doldrums felt a weight lifted off them, and those who fought and slew Sal'do's names were praised for their heroics. 


But, the mood was bitter-sweet for some. The sacrifices of those who brought about this great victory fresh in the minds of some. And it was on this note, that the next day Lady Abigail found a place to speak to her people. A stern, driven expression on her face.

"People of Sotoras, my people. We have avenged Drustgarde. And saved those who we could. Sal'do's reign of terror, of failed conquest and needless bloodshed is at an end. But, we must not forget the people who made this possible. The sacrifices made. From the Ironbound, who first defended Drustgarde when it was a camp and a tavern in a wrecked ship, to Sir Haytham Kendrick, who gave his life to open the Razorbranch to defeat. For every soldier, civilian and adventurer fallen to their blades, they paid a price much greater. Time will wipe the Razorbranch from history, and they will be nothing but the echo of the past. Only spoken of in defeat.

And with them gone, I turn my gaze to our home, to Sotoras and my treacherous father. The day will come where we wash over it like a tide of divine fury, we not just reclaim, but revive the pride and greatness of our home."

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Admist the crowd gathered back to welcome Lady Springfield, a lone cloaked figure stood at the back of the crowd with a large rifle slung over his shoulder and a large grin upon his mustachioed face.


"Well done, Lady Springfield." he mutters to himself. He observes sailors embracing one another on the shoreline. Fathers and mothers returning to families, lovers embracing each other for the first time in what may seem like years.


He observes Lady Springfield walking through the crowd taking the time to talk to injured sailors bearing the marks of Razorbranch weaponry

 "Time may wipe them from history, but hatred can be a driving force to greater things" 

He reaches into his satchel and produces a small grotesque heart which appears to have undergone some basic taxidermy and preservation; Sal'do's heart.


Looking on at the crowd, the leader of the Sotoran people pauses and there is a solumn moment as she approaches grave markers around the back of the Sotoran encampment in Haven

"I will watch you from a distance, Lady Springfield, you may have now matured into a leader but your greatest test lies upon Sotoras. I shall see if you have what it takes to take the fight to what was once family, but do not forget you have friends and allies upon whom you can count."


As he turns to walk away he makes one final look up at the crow's nest at the aft of the Tidesong... was someone up there?

"Hrm. A trick of the light?"



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