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  1. Elle

    Story Team Changes

    Hey, everyone. We just wanted to update you guys on some fundamental changes We’ll be making to the Story team here. Recently, Varen and I had a discussion about Shores and reoccurring issues the server has been having. We came to the conclusion that one big issue is how the server presents itself, versus how it runs when you get in-game. In other words, the server presents itself as a sandbox, but when players get in-game they experience a setting where Keepers are required for a significant amount of your progress. It is our intention to correct this discrepancy, and part of this correction will take place in the form of a restructuring of the story team. Moving forward, Keepers and Dungeon Masters will be replaced and redefined with the new roles of Loremaster and Dungeon Maker, respectively. While the exact details of these roles are still being fleshed out, we'd like to give you a preview of how they will work. As it currently stands, Dungeon Masters are very much what you would expect. In the style of a Tabletop RPG, a Dungeon Master creates campaigns or series of events and conducts it to a conclusion. Similarly, Dungeon Makers are exactly what you would expect from the name. Dungeon Makers will be granted access to a set of tools that allow them to create dungeons and exploration based areas for players to find and experience without the need of Keepers or staff oversight. Random encounters, puzzles, dungeons, and other quests are all a part of what Dungeon Makers will be able to create for their fellow players. These can be one off events, such as an encampment of bandits that, once cleared, will stay cleared. Alternatively, this could be a repeatable thing such as a dungeon full of Virmen. There is a lot of potential and flexibility in the tools Varen has made for us. The content we will be rolling out with the 7.3.5 update will showcase some of what these tools can do. This system is not without its flaws. You won't be able to interact with these dungeons as you would a Keeper led event. We acknowledge these flaws and at present, do not intend on ending staff led events altogether. Rather, this is an important step that will allow us to move towards a more sustainable model for the Doldrums. One focused on exploration, adventure, and true player control over the world. As we work to provide more content for the players, we hope that we can lessen player dependence on the limited staff that we have, while keeping things fresh and interesting.
  2. Cold, bitter air blew across the Doldrums, bringing with it a strange, but no unheard of occurrence.. Snow. Children in Haven squealed in delight as they received a day free from chores and any education they were receiving, to enjoy it. The Jolly Otter was packed, even more so then usual, as the guards and soldiers who ventured on the Tidesong were given a few days off. The dead were given pyres, or sea-burials at Haven's port. Even Tordala's people celebrated, with drinking and sweets at the news of Sal'do, and the Razorbranch's defeat. Many across the doldrums felt a weight lifted off them, and those who fought and slew Sal'do's names were praised for their heroics. But, the mood was bitter-sweet for some. The sacrifices of those who brought about this great victory fresh in the minds of some. And it was on this note, that the next day Lady Abigail found a place to speak to her people. A stern, driven expression on her face. "People of Sotoras, my people. We have avenged Drustgarde. And saved those who we could. Sal'do's reign of terror, of failed conquest and needless bloodshed is at an end. But, we must not forget the people who made this possible. The sacrifices made. From the Ironbound, who first defended Drustgarde when it was a camp and a tavern in a wrecked ship, to Sir Haytham Kendrick, who gave his life to open the Razorbranch to defeat. For every soldier, civilian and adventurer fallen to their blades, they paid a price much greater. Time will wipe the Razorbranch from history, and they will be nothing but the echo of the past. Only spoken of in defeat. And with them gone, I turn my gaze to our home, to Sotoras and my treacherous father. The day will come where we wash over it like a tide of divine fury, we not just reclaim, but revive the pride and greatness of our home."
  3. The cool night air blew across the docks of Haven. Brushing a few loose, graying strands of hair from his face, the Captain pulled out a well-used gnomish lighter. It took him a few tries, before he managed to get a flame going long enough to light his pipe. Taking a long pull, he glances to his right. Sears and Captain Thompson were arguing the logistics of this endeavor. To his left, Abigail was staring at the Tidesong, as Sotoran shipwrights, and Haven's labor force worked around the clock to refit it into a proper warship. He hesitated a moment, before his feet decided he needed to go right. Coming to stand next the small woman. He took a pull of his pipe before speaking, "She is coming along nicely, isn't she?" It took several moments before Abigail responded, her voice tight. Filled with anger and bitterness, "I sat in Silver-Eye. I scoffed at Urdo's call for aid, as we had our own home to reclaim. I thought his troubles would never become mine." A sigh escaped the Captain's lips as he rolled his shoulders, "Hindsight is perfect, Lady Springfield. This has been a test of the Light's making. To forge you into a leader of your people." She scoffed, before frowning, "I should've been this leader before they razed my town. We dragged our feet, Captain. So afraid of the cost in lives finishing this fight would cost us, and we only bled the worse for it. No. I dragged my feet. I did not want to see one more sotoran die with our home still under my father's corrupt reign." "The realities of leadership are never so cut and dry. You did what you thought best for your people. You can't judge yourself on that merit." "I can, Captain. You built your Guard and this town because you stood up to the Razorbranch. I let the oldest Port in the Doldrums burn because I wouldn't make the hard choice." She moved a hand up to her eyes, wiping a tear of frustration and anger away. "But, I will not let Haytham's sacrifice be in-vain. We will finish this." The Captain shuffled a moment, before nodding and taking another pull of his pipe. Letting the smoke lazily float from his nostrils, "Come Friday, we will hang Sal'do from the front of the Tidesong." OOC This is the last event in the Razorbranch's storyline. Since the server's launch the Razorbranch have been an opposing force to players. And finally, through the actions of many players, we are finally at the end of this chapter of Shores. It has been a long, difficult road. Both ICly and OOC, as the server has undergone many changes since then. I hope those of you who are still around, and those new enjoy this. When?: Friday, Febuary 21st. 8PM ST Who?: Anyone not banned from Haven. Where?: Players will meet at the docks of Haven to board the Tidesong.
  4. The Doldrums, aptly named, if I do say so myself. I've been here many more years then most. Before the great Cataclysm on Azeroth. Many more now call this place their home. Even if they still try to find a way back to Azeroth. But, for now, we are trapped. In this land of mystery and adversary. The clever and strong will thrive here along side the psychotic. I welcome you, newcomers. Where my friends and I failed, I hope you succeed. Remember, nothing is as complex as it seems. -Devon the Simple, Arch-mage of the Doldrums What is the Doldrums?: The setting of Unknown Shores is a large ocean, dotted with a half dozen islands. Common Knowledge and thought is the Doldrums is a titan facility of some kind. Some people think a prison built to hold dark forces, and others think it is merely some strange place the Titans built. Once a completely wild and untamed place, several groups and individuals have left large marks on the Doldrums, establishing and aiding towns that have sprung up over the time the server has been up. When does this take place?: Our timeline started on server launch, May 11th, 2018. The day Shores was launched, is the day Deathwing caused the Cataclysm on Azeroth. Currently, we near year 30, and the launch of Mist of Pandaria. Our days are at a 1:1 ratio currently, and as such if we will In-characterly be at the closest patch. How do characters arrive?: How and why the Doldrums pulls people, objects and land into itself is not yet known to the population at large. But, the most common ways are traveling in the air, by sea or by magic. Despite our start time being Cataclysm, people have been pulled here even further back. Though, they are few and far between. It is acceptable to have a recent arrival, or someone who had been in the Doldrums for some time. We leave it up to players to make the choice and come up with the details on how their characters arrive. Below, is a quick summary of important, but common knowledge in the Doldrums based on each Island we currently have available. You are free to have your character know any degree of this. Be it nothing, or everything. Map credit: Kumorineko, former Keeper on Unknown Shores Opej'Nor is the largest available island, and most heavily populated. It contains several locations of note, and two settlements. Haven: The largest town in the Doldrums. Haven is led by Matron Mel(player) and the Captain(NPC). It has humble roots, as a Halfway point to a defunct settlement called 'Tentown'. But, after the Razorbranch Invasion of Opej'Nor, it grew into a military outpost and again, ballooned into what you see today after the Destruction of Silver-Eye. Haven is currently made up of three factions. The Flamespire Clan, Haven and Sotoras. Haven(Faction) - The people of Haven, are diverse. Coming from every race and religion on Azeroth. Abet, darker ideals are heavily frowned on.(I.e. Necromancy(Banned), Warlocktry). Most have given up the ideals of Horde or Alliance. Focusing on unity as a way to not only get back to Azeroth, but to thrive. Sotoras(Faction) - Kul'tirans who once settled upon the island of Sotoras. They are refugees now, their home lost to a legion of Undead and their second home, Drustgarde, burned to ash by the Razorbranch and a surprising ally. Led by Lady Abigail Springfield, the Sotorans are hardy, stout people who revere Kul'tiran culture. Though, some old hatreds have been set aside in the name of survival and reclaiming their home. Flamespire Clan(Faction) - The proud Flamespire Clan were once a group of Horde loyalists that settled upon Grom'Goshar, Opej'Nor's tallest mountain. After many trials and tribulations, the Flamespire have set their allegiance to the Horde aside, though they cling to the culture of it. With a threat of annihilation from a Doldrums boogeyman, Opej the Awakened, looming over them, their last remaining leader, Elder Gruk Charrbone worked out a deal to relocate the Clan to the safety of Haven. Important Characters The Captain of Haven - An old, but still fiery Paladin from Lordaeron. He served in the Argent Crusade before arriving in the Doldrums. None know his real name, as he only goes by his title. He currently heads Haven's military and guards. Sergeant John Davis - A calm, cheerful paladin. Once a Knight-Lieutenant of the Alliance. After arriving in the Doldrums, John Davis met the Captain and became his second-in-command. Seen as the calmer, fairer half of Haven's military command. John handles bounties and judges crimes in Haven's sphere of Influence. Lady Abigail Springfield - A young priestess, Abigail has gone from sweet and naive to a battle-hardened and vengeful woman. She seeks the reclamation of her home, the Isle of Sotoras and the safety of her people above all else. She is the current Captain of the Tidesong. New Moonbrook: A small, but extremely well fortified, if not manned, settlement that still flies Alliance colors. Led by the Eccentric and some say, insane Baron Timothy West. New Moonbrook is the only bastion of the Alliance in the Doldrums, with a small military contingent led by Sergeant Thorne. Improtant Characters Sergeant Thorne - Sergeant Thorne, whom arrived to the Doldrums as Corporal, is a stoic, calm man. His men have never seen him lose his temper and he rarely yells except to be heard. He leads what is left of his men who arrived in the Doldrums after their ship crashed on Menhirs, and a warlock took control of his battalion. Ruins of Drustgarde: Drustgarde, or rather, its smoldering ruins, have been taken over by bandits. Perviously it was home to the Sotorans led by Lady Springfield, and before that Kul'tirans under Governor Haytham Kendrick. And again, before that Sir Moras of the Drustgarde. And again before that by the Caveat Emptor. As one can see, Drustgarde was once the oldest port and town on Opej'Nor. Humbly started by a crazed gnome called Eg, as a bar in the wreck of a ship, it changed hands and grew until the Razorbranch launched a suprise attack on the port and took it. Before being destroyed when the Zandalari and Opej'Nor's other factions, with aid from Tordala and adventurers, besieged it. It burned when to everyone's surprise, a Black Dragon arrived and killed off a great deal of the besiegers and what remained of the defenders. Grom'Goshar: Once the seat of Horde power, and later the Flamespire Clan. Grom'Goshar is the tallest and most easily defensible mountain on Opej'Nor. Now, time and a slowly bleeding series of trials have left it devoid of life. Though, still, many peopels can sense its importance and power. As if things remain buried there. Baron's Highway: Starting from Haven, a road made from planks and stones winds across most of Opej'Nor, built by the Baron, Timothy West, when finished it is suppose to encircle the whole island. Providing a safe road to traverse the jungles. Or as safe as one can be traveling on Opej'Nor. High Hearth: Once a bountiful place, and home to a few of the first groups to arrive. High Hearth now contains two points of interest. The Scarlet Encampment, led by Knight-Captain Gundarrson and the Shrine of Ulreich. Pilgrims to the shrine speak of a presence about it, as if the Light had reached into the Doldrums and touched the spot. The Isle of Menhirs is considered the safest island in the Doldrums. Though, that is not to say it is any more pleasant then Opej'Nor and its dangers. Demons, Ghosts, Elves and dark magics have plagued this island for thousands of years. The Oldest known island to arrive from Azeroth, Menhirs once was a Highborne Settlement called Tordala. While a group of Horde, led by Magistrix Emiysia Briarsong, The Talon of the Phoenix did much to tame this place, it is still not so. Menhirs has one settlement upon it, a new version of Tordala, that while primarily elves and draenei, contains citizens from most Alliance races, aswell as a few orcs. Currently led by a Council, Tordala is considered the center of magical knowledge and power in the Doldrums. Tordala - While Tordala lays claim to the entire island, the town itself is set in the 'Highlands'. Far smaller then Haven, it is much more open spaced, and primarily elven in theme and culture, it is influenced by the draenei and other races. The Enclave - Established by a draenei arcanist called Lun'ria, the Enclave was established in the Lowlands of Menhirs as a satellite settlement of Tordala. Primarily for draenei at the time. As its leader and vocal supporter has left for now, its left to those who live there to take it further. The Manawell - A font of primarily nature magic, and strong arcane influences. It was established a few months after the shattering by a crazed Highborne. Redwatch Sump - A swamp, with a cave that is home to basilisks. Not much is notable here, beyond a strange statue, half-buried and glowing red. Ikulyan's Betrayal - The Plateau on Menhirs, or 'Fel Plateau' as it has been nicknamed, is home to many ghosts. One especially deadly among them, and a broken altar with large stones surrounding it. The Island of Kolai was once the home to the Razorbranch Tribe. After being pulled into the Doldrums, their chieftain was ousted by Sal'do the Clever. Who launched a campaign of terror and conquest on the rest of the Doldrums, focusing mainly on Opej'Nor, with a couple of assaults on Menhirs. Not expecting the fractured people who called these islands home to band together, the Razorbranch created their greatest rival on Opej'Nor, the town of Haven. After the Zandalari arrived, the Razorbranch were pressed even harder, but despite this, they seemed endless. It was discovered through some sort of troll magic, that their dead came back to life on Kolai. This delayed invasion plans as without a solution, attrition would always side with the Razorbranch. That is, until Haytham Kendrick arrived with a powerful artifact. Avenging the destruction of Drustgarde, Haytham Kendrick sacrificed himself to use this artifact, destroying all life on Kolai that was not plant based, and taking away the Razorbranch's ability to resurrect their fallen. Now seen as virtually a lifeless island, with little but haunting ruins. Both Kolai and the Razorbranch Tribe are considered dead by the Doldrums at large. The Island takes its name from the long-decayed or buried bodies of Alliance and Horde soldiers, who fought against each other till none remained. Used as a stark reminder as for what Horde and Alliance, and their conflcits do to those who drag them into the Doldrums, it is now home to a large group of Fire Elementals and an active volcano. Below are links to a few other accessible islands and any other links deemed important for lore reading. Black Finger Sotoras(Only accessible via Events.) For any further questions, ping @keeper or @head keeper in the server discord!
  5. Elle

    A Tyrant's Fall

    Word quickly spreads across Opej'nor and Menhirs. The Tyrant Queen has been killed. A brave group, led by the Mad Hunter, Timothy West, slew her. Taller tales speak of the battle cries of orcs, the sound of gunshots and the horrifying roar of the Tyrant Queen were so loud, the island itself shook. A few small celebrations happen, especially for those who tend to work or travel the jungle. Some speak of how this marks an end to the untamed nature of Opej'nor, and ushers in a more 'civilized' time, but far more pessimistic souls, and those who have been in the Doldrums the longest; Merely think that while a great decrease to the troubles of the Doldrums, it is merely a new hole to be filled by something worse...
  6. Elle

    Settlement Rules

    Settlements are hubs of activity and large groups of people living and working together daily. For a player created, and run settlement, however, we have a few guidelines one must adhere to. Settlements require at least three active players. Settlements established before this post's original date are exempt from this. You must also have 4 worker NPCs, and 3 Guard NPCs at the least. Settlements must have at least one active player within 45 days. If there is no player activity in the settlement leadership roles, it will default into the Keeper Team's hands. Players will be unable to step right back in and take their previous positions in a settlement after being inactive for 45 days. The form below must be filled out. You can post it publicly, or in a private section of the forums. This is the bulk of the criteria, as it is information the keeper team needs to be able to handle your settlement at all. Once all criteria is met, a member of the keeper team will give the thumbs up to settlement status. This means NPCs may be given their own generic dialogue, quest and merchant NPCs may move in, aswell as some unique ones. You will also be given your own guild tag and such. Beyond this, there are not many 'benefits' for making a settlement, other then for the joy and desire to create RP around it. Keep in mind, NPCs are their own characters, and they may come and go from your settlement normally. Some of this criteria may change, depending on server population and major changes to the server.
  7. Elle

    A wild Kitteh joined

    Man, and ya'll say I'm bad. Welcome to shores! We have some amazing cookies, for the price of your soul.
  8. Actually, kind of something that has bothered me for awhile. I do not want people to be forced off the boat to only have a choice between one or two very low res, ugly sets per armor type. That said, I don't want new characters to pop in wearing shiny, grand marshal gear. But, considering we have a town and it is viable to make a new character who has been in the Doldrums for a bit, I'd like to provide atleast something slightly better. Atleast a few higher res grey items. That is just me, though. I'll see what we can come up with when I got some time to talk to people on it.
  9. Thats just something thats programmed into weather effects, then.
  10. I don't get what you mean by 'fog of war'. If its the night time buff, as stated above you can remove it. Anything further we'll need a screenshot of what you mean before a proper answer can be given.
  11. Elle

    [Query] Ice Island - Transition

    1) There will be two possible places for characters to hide away during Ice Island's foray as the play area. But, I have not put any thought into it. As it stands No, characters can not hide away on another island. This could change before the launch, and if it does it will be included in the launch information. 2) My current plan for actually launching the island is a build up that lasts anywhere from one week, to three. I'm giving it such a big gap because there will be a lot to work out that I simply can not plan for, as my plans have to be flexible enough to take player characters into count. There may also be a week of 'downtime' for the OOC moving of a players inventory, as I am going to allow architect objects to be taken. And we will be providing a way for players to be able to move all that without having to build or buy a bunch of storage chests for themselves. That is all I can say without giving away things more in depth.
  12. Elle

    EU Dungeon Master por favor

    All of the current Keeper and DM team are US timezone, yes. And I know this sucks for the EU players currently. However, I can not magically change this. It requires someone from the EU timezone to apply and be accepted as part of the team. There has yet to be any EU people to apply for keeper that I think would work well in the current team and all that the job requires. But, applications are always open unless we state otherwise.
  13. Magic in the Doldrums Magic in the Doldrums does not act quite the way it normally does on Azeroth. Everything feels off, different or harder. This document is merely a baseline for what player characters dabbling in each type of magic or rather, how each class or magically inclined race would feel in general. Keep in mind this does not provide the reasons for WHY magic works this way, merely what your character would be able to easily tell. The reasons for why and more things in particular must be found out through Role Play. DISCLAIMER: You are not owed an OOC explanation for the reasons as to why. Just know there are actual reasons for this. Also, keep in mind currently this is all fluff for your role-play experience and the reasons behind this may play into your experience here, such as events and the like. There is no heavily enforced negative for this in the RPG currently. Non-Magic Classes/General: As all living things in Warcraft’s setting have life and spirit energy, they to would feel this very essence be drained from them. Their strikes weaker, their resolve against a blow harder to muster. A warrior may be especially affected by this, but even a commoner or a mage will feel their strength be lesser than it would otherwise be. Arcane: None can sense or find the leylines of Azeroth in the Doldrums. It is as if they don’t exist. Arcane has to be pulled from different sources. Be it an object full of mana and arcane energies, or from the ambient arcane magic in the Doldrums. Upon washing ashore, any mage worth their incantations would notice this, and part of the journey is finding out how to more effectively do what you need. Spells, rituals, everything requires more power in the Doldrums to accomplish compared to Azeroth. Upon casting a spell, an arcane user would ‘feel’ something pulling at the energies. Teleportation does not work. Portal magic simply fails, as this relies on the use of leylines. Blinking, however, does work. Including long distance blinking(though this is -extremely- dangerous and, due to high inaccuracy, can easily result in death.) Holy: Upon calling for the Light, any user of it can tell that something is off. It is harder to call the Light to you and use it, and while on Azeroth using the Light would empower and reinvigorate one, here it does not. You still feel fatigue from casting with it. The important thing to note, is any light user could tell this is not the Light’s doing. It is being pulled -from- them forcefully. And one must work harder to maintain its use, just like Arcane users face. It can still be called upon anywhere in the Doldrums. Shadow: Much akin to Holy and Arcane, it is harder to cast and use shadow magic in the Doldrums. Users would note it is being -heavily- pulled from them, specifically in the direction of Black Finger. Necromancy - Necromancers would find all their attempts to raise undead be futile. All the ways one would raise a corpse into undeath upon Azeroth merely do not work here. This does not mean it does not work at all, but it must be ‘discovered’ how it works. Nature: Nature magic users, druids is particular would be able to tell something is off drastically for them. The Emerald Dream in the Doldrums feels off, not quite right. Still retaining the blessings of their patrons(i.e. Can still use cat form), nothing else feels right. One can not simply enter the dream and it requires more effort to use nature magic then it did on Azeroth. Elemental: Right off the ‘boat’ a shaman can tell something is wrong. The links with elementals one had established is clearly gone. It is as if an Azerothian Shaman went to the outlands to try and summon the powers of their elemental patrons on Azeroth. However, it is important to note that minor shamanistic magic still works, though it is harder to summon just like every other type. Even a beginner shaman could tell that perhaps the magic that does work is a welcoming gift. Fel: Fel and demonic summoning is a tad different on the feel. Much like every other type, there is a strong pull working against the character casting a fel spell or working a fel ritual. Upon casting a spell, the pull is a tad stronger. And summoning demons, even ones that were tied to the warlock on azeroth is impossible. Much like necromancy, the way one did it on Azeroth merely does not work. Playable Magical Races Undead: Undead in the Doldrums feel fatigue. They get tired. This is a completely different feeling from what they would be used to. The shadow magic used to keep an undead’s body together is being pulled from them. See Shadow. Night Elves: Kaldorei, or night elves would not play much differently here, but they would notice they have -no- connection to the tree on mount Hyjal. All the boons granted(protection against disease, ect.) are gone. Blood/High Elf: Quel’/Sin’dorei do not feel any connection to the Sunwell. However, they do feel the pull of arcane from their bodies, meaning the need for arcane of fel to feed their addiction is stronger here and requires more than they would’ve had to deal with on Azeroth. Highborne: A combination of Night elf and Blood elf. The connection Highborne from Kalimdor had to the Hyjal tree is gone, and on top of that, they face a magical addiction that is harder to deal with here. Oddities Tides and Stars: A keen eye and observant person would know that the Doldrums has no tides and the stars change every night. The sun itself does not always take an east-west path, though it is hard to tell, as compasses are not constant either. In the water, as one gets slightly off the coast, the currents ramp in power unnaturally quickly, leading those who try to swim or move with light vessels relying on luck alone to not be lost at sea. Credit to the original artists for the pictures. I don't own them, I just have no money or artistic talent. Yay, google.
  14. Elle

    [Quest Chain] A Razor's Bite.

    Rain poured heavily down upon Opej'Nor as the first shots of Haven's Ballista echo'd in the air. Landing in the Razorbranch Encampment, killing trolls and setting the place aflame. Undeterred, the trolls gave a last, to the man defense of their camp, while the Captain led his forces against the trolls. The better equipped and led soldiers of Haven suffered minimal losses. Thanks to the help of a group of adventurers and allies, Haven managed to destroy the trolls and capture one of their leaders. The Invasion has been stopped, the threat of Kolai has been diminished once more, but some scary rumors and thoughts have come to the forefront. In total, around thirty people who occupy Opej'Nor normally have perished since the start. However, hundred of trolls have died. And yet, they kept coming and seemed to not care for the losses. Something else churns at the heart of the Razorbranch tribe... OOC: This concludes the quest chain for a 'Razor's Bite'. Its been a long one, and not terribly event heavy, but I hope everyone enjoyed it all the same! Thank you all for participating!
  15. Elle

    RPG starting XP revamp

    Mhm! This was one of the biggest issues we had from new players, the fact that you started so far below veteran players, and progressed so slowly on an 'infinite' scale of power stat wise, that you may never actually catch up to them. We've been working on improving both the RPG and DM side of things the last few months, even if it isn't incredibly fast a lot of older issues like the starting XP you brought up have been addressed. We appreciate that you thought of the server and how to better it, still.