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  1. Elle

    A Tyrant's Fall

    Word quickly spreads across Opej'nor and Menhirs. The Tyrant Queen has been killed. A brave group, led by the Mad Hunter, Timothy West, slew her. Taller tales speak of the battle cries of orcs, the sound of gunshots and the horrifying roar of the Tyrant Queen were so loud, the island itself shook. A few small celebrations happen, especially for those who tend to work or travel the jungle. Some speak of how this marks an end to the untamed nature of Opej'nor, and ushers in a more 'civilized' time, but far more pessimistic souls, and those who have been in the Doldrums the longest; Merely think that while a great decrease to the troubles of the Doldrums, it is merely a new hole to be filled by something worse...
  2. Elle

    Settlement Rules

    Settlements are hubs of activity and large groups of people living and working together daily. For a player created, and run settlement, however, we have a few guidelines one must adhere to. Settlements require at least three active players. Settlements established before this post's original date are exempt from this. You must also have 4 worker NPCs, and 3 Guard NPCs at the least. Settlements must have at least one active player within 45 days. If there is no player activity in the settlement leadership roles, it will default into the Keeper Team's hands. Players will be unable to step right back in and take their previous positions in a settlement after being inactive for 45 days. The form below must be filled out. You can post it publicly, or in a private section of the forums. This is the bulk of the criteria, as it is information the keeper team needs to be able to handle your settlement at all. Once all criteria is met, a member of the keeper team will give the thumbs up to settlement status. This means NPCs may be given their own generic dialogue, quest and merchant NPCs may move in, aswell as some unique ones. You will also be given your own guild tag and such. Beyond this, there are not many 'benefits' for making a settlement, other then for the joy and desire to create RP around it. Keep in mind, NPCs are their own characters, and they may come and go from your settlement normally. Some of this criteria may change, depending on server population and major changes to the server.
  3. Elle

    NPC Changes

    As many of you are likely aware, an announcement was made a few weeks back about changes coming to NPCs, specifically, play owned ones. Due to real life time limitations and my own school work, I've been slower on getting this out then we wanted. What we are doing, is changing both, how the keeper team handles NPCs and how players interact with them. Up to this point, recruiting NPCs has required a keeper ticket, where then a keeper DMs the interaction with the end goal being the recruitment of said NPCs to work for the player character. This has put a severe strain on our small team, as it ends up requiring us to be rather lack luster in the name of consistency, and fairness, while respecting a player's ownership of the NPCs, like a building or possession. This has led to a great deal of NPCs feeling lifeless and generic. The major change, for players to understand, is recruitment will now work much differently. If a player character wishes to start a business, or recruit workers for one, instead of seeking out the NPCs, or going to a place to 'shop' for specific races, you will work with a 'help wanted' system. This means, you will post a 'help wanted' poster up in the Doldrums. This can be done with our writables, through the architect profession, or noticeboards. Once this is done, a player may then make a keeper ticket to notify us of the placement and its location(s). The ticket will be closed when a keeper has checked these posters, and logged its contents for the team. When a keeper has time/npc are available looking for the work, they will approach a player character, either at an agreed upon date by the keeper and player, or when the keeper next catches the player on. The interaction will be DM'd out and if the NPC agrees at the end, they will work for the player. However, another major difference, is currently, once an NPC is 'hired' by a player character, be it guard, or worker for a business, they have been treated as 'possessions' of the player. This will change, while not every NPC will be given a unique name, they will all have goals, ideals, morals and opinions tied to them. And their general attitude for the player character they are employed by aswell. What does this really mean for our players? Well, this means that if you hire a group of devout, naaru-fearing draenei and they hear you summoned a gaggle of imps, and took up warlocktry, the draenei may decide to quit. This is in an effort to make consequences for a player character's actions, and for NPCs as a whole to feel more 'real'. Starting from this point forward, all NPCs who work for a player will follow this. Meaning, once their information has been logged, your character's actions will have positive or negative consequences. NPC behavior, once owned, will apply to ALL NPCs, including those in settlements. Speaking of settlements. We are going to also be rolling out some new rules for them as well. These will apply only to PLAYER run settlements. A post will be made in the guild sections of the forums with a more detailed outline on all the rules and information we will require from players. We will also have requirements for a place to become a settlement. Current player run settlements will be grandfathered in, meaning they will maintain their status. The requirements, as a quick preview, will be... 1) A settlement must have at least three players active in it. 2) There must be one business present in the settlement. 3) There must be four workers for the business. 4) The settlement must has at least three, NPC guards. 5) The players must fill out a form with required information for keepers on the settlement. Once these requirements have been met(again, the rest, including the form, will be in another post.)the 'place' or 'camp' or 'base' of the player characters will become a settlement. This will change how recruitment works. Based on the information filled out, NPCs will randomly approach settlements. Either looking for work, a place to stay or live. Notices to 'move to X town' will be automatically removed by staff in other settlements, unless said settlement specifically allows it. Again, this will depend on NPCs in the Doldrums, as well as keeper time. To give a quick example, a group of elves recently arrive in the Doldrums. Highborne, use to posh, comfy living conditions. They hear of a town that has a bathhouse, and being dirty, uncomfortable and miserable, they go there. But, along the way they are accosted by some danger, and a group of gnomes save them. The gnomes hear of their plight, and say, that while they do not have baths, they have working plumbing, and warm showers. A few of the highborne go off with the gnomes to check this out, finding a likely warm source of water more appropriate, while the rest continue. Then, those who went with the gnomes, find out the showers broke a week ago and still are not fixed. Maybe they stick around for a bit to see if they are fixed, or feeling lied to, leave to rejoin their friends. Once they do, they find the bathhouse was a lie, and leave again this time deciding to form their own camp and try to eek out a comfortable living. Of course, it could be simpler or more complex. Perhaps a group of desperate dwarves demand a player proves their ability to ply them with decent alcohol, or a group of humans wish for swords to defend themselves. These both can incur more people to a settlement, and things player character do can incur them leaving. To summarize our end goal with this method, we wish to make the world feel alive, while also releving the keeper team from handling bog-standard work during the hours we have to DM, and hopefully freeing up time for more interesting events and things to be done, both for players who wish to pursue building settlements and businesses or not. I would also like to state that NPC upkeep for workers or guards, will still remain as -silver-. The reason for this is ease on staff and a consistent, fair upkeep cost for all players. In-Character, this silver can represent food, clothing, weapons, armor, mead, or your character is paying the NPC in. And to wrap this up with a revival and addition rather then just a change... we are going to be working on adding in quest giver NPCs, merchants who sell Common Request Tokens and adding dialogue to your average citizen NPC. I'll break this down a tad below. Quest Givers - Anyone who has been on shores from its initial launch in the summer of 2018 may remember there use to be an orc on Menhirs who asked for mana shards and rewarded silver. For all intents and purposes, it was a repeatable, daily quest. I used this idea during the Razorbranch Invasion event chain. We'll be bringing this back, and trying to make it a little more interesting. Each settlement that we are able to, will have a quest giver that is looking for something different and rewards different things. Some will be much like the orc I mentioned, wanting an item for silver. Some may send you off to a more dangerous task, and ask for proof of your deed for something greater. We will be starting small on this, to test it out and see where we can go with it. The idea is these are tasks that need to/can be regularly done in an In-character sense. So, if you do one of these, it is valid In-character, even if someone else did it too. Basic Gear Merchants - This is something I've been wanting to add for awhile, merchants who sell items for silver. Specifically it will be common request tokens. This allows newer characters and players the ability to earn some better looking cosmetics without the need for finding a player crafter. We are starting with commons as they are not something a player can specifically craft in the current professions. If it goes well, we may continue down this path, we may not. NPC dialogue - During the time Silver-Eye was around, all the NPCs in it had dialogue, some of it amounted to 'screw you' or 'go away', but it set the tone for how the NPCs in Silver-eye were. We plan on working to bring this back. These last changes will be rolling in as we complete them. We'll make announcements in the discord as we get them out.
  4. Elle

    A wild Kitteh joined

    Man, and ya'll say I'm bad. Welcome to shores! We have some amazing cookies, for the price of your soul.
  5. Actually, kind of something that has bothered me for awhile. I do not want people to be forced off the boat to only have a choice between one or two very low res, ugly sets per armor type. That said, I don't want new characters to pop in wearing shiny, grand marshal gear. But, considering we have a town and it is viable to make a new character who has been in the Doldrums for a bit, I'd like to provide atleast something slightly better. Atleast a few higher res grey items. That is just me, though. I'll see what we can come up with when I got some time to talk to people on it.
  6. Now that I have internet back, and have had a few days to take in the information, I would like to say a few things. I’ve thought about Shores and some other things in my time away and I would like to outline my thoughts here. - - - Firstly, I apologize to those I have been angry, rude and short with over the last couple of months, like Dascombe, Greg, McDankus and others, I am sure. I was having a hard time balancing real life and Shores and I should’ve taken a few weeks off to avoid a fiery burnout and get my house in order. I did not and it made me far more aggressive and angry then I might normally be. I’m not going to go into details, as I do not want to make excuses or seem to beg for pity. This is merely owning up to my rather lackluster behavior. - - - Secondly, we are going to unban McDankus. While I do not think the situation is as cut and dry as it may seem on either side, I did not handle it as I should have and therefore, we will not enforce it, as it would not be right to do so. Ever since the incident, we’ve revised and completed the Peacekeeping system, as well as the Curator role more properly, as to ensure that something like this will not happen again. It is up to the Staff, via the Curator, to keep the guidelines and rules up to date as well as their enforcement, amongst other things. - - - Thirdly, a few words on the situation with Langkjaer: He is an exceptional DM and a wonderful storyteller and if any of you have the chance to be in something he runs, I highly recommend taking the opportunity if his vein of storytelling seems to be up your alley. I honestly believe it and I’ve never told him or anyone that I think any less of his skills. The issues with him being on the Keeper team stem from a clash between his style of DMing and the current world of Shores. There is a lot of information to take in, as the server is almost a year old now, with things happening daily or weekly. From my point of view, Lang would have definitely fared far better being on the storytelling team from the onset of the server’s launch, where he would’ve had a clean slate to work with. His ideas and plans were not the issue in and of themselves. Rather, it was the clash between those ideas and the lore already established on the server. I greatly appreciate the work he did and I am sad we could not work things out. He is a great DM and I wish him well in whatever he pursues. - - - Lastly, I do plan on eventually stepping away from the position of Head Keeper. I always have, and I still do. That said, it will be when Varen and I feel the transition will be easy and Varen has someone he trusts to continue working towards the vision we have for the server. I would like to clarify how I obtained this position. It was offered to me by Varen after Antioch quit both the staff and server, and the only two active staff were the both of us. I took it because it was something the server needed and there was, at the time, literally no one else to take it. If I had felt that anyone else on the server at the time would have been better, or were active enough to provide the help and work Varen and Shores needed, I would not have taken it. Keeper alone is a demanding position, especially when you try and cover a timezone roughly 6+ hours ahead of your own. The post made by Varen about the server and community is the direction we have both had for a long time. We’ve both put a great deal of time and ourselves into Shores. There were times I answered tickets for 5+ hours in a single day. Varen has put a great deal of time into coding, bug fixes and changes to the RPG system. At the end of the day, we are not paid in any way, shape, or form, nor does anyone pay to be here. The vision we have for shores is far different from what it was upon the initial launch. It is galaxies different from how Legacy was, and it is not something everyone will enjoy. We are well aware of this and at the end of the day it comes down to the fact that is our decision. There may be people who will not like the transition to our end goal, nor the end goal itself, and I understand that. I’ve come to accept this and I will not fight to keep anyone here when they are not happy with it, because at the end of the day, for each and everyone of us, this is a hobby. I’m certain there are more productive and boring things to do in real life, but we all choose to do this. Everyone has different tastes, and things they like from RP. We’ve a set goal in mind and a point we wish to reach with everything. Once we are there, then certainly, we will be able to take much more of the criticism and ideals into far more careful and public consideration then it has been done so far. - - - To wrap this long post up: to those who choose to play on here, I will do my utmost to be at the very least neutral in my dealings with people. To those who chose to leave, I wish you the best regards in wherever you go and whatever you do. I do not hold any ill-will towards anyone in this community and I hope I’ve been able to make that clear.
  7. Thats just something thats programmed into weather effects, then.
  8. I don't get what you mean by 'fog of war'. If its the night time buff, as stated above you can remove it. Anything further we'll need a screenshot of what you mean before a proper answer can be given.
  9. Elle

    [Query] Ice Island - Transition

    1) There will be two possible places for characters to hide away during Ice Island's foray as the play area. But, I have not put any thought into it. As it stands No, characters can not hide away on another island. This could change before the launch, and if it does it will be included in the launch information. 2) My current plan for actually launching the island is a build up that lasts anywhere from one week, to three. I'm giving it such a big gap because there will be a lot to work out that I simply can not plan for, as my plans have to be flexible enough to take player characters into count. There may also be a week of 'downtime' for the OOC moving of a players inventory, as I am going to allow architect objects to be taken. And we will be providing a way for players to be able to move all that without having to build or buy a bunch of storage chests for themselves. That is all I can say without giving away things more in depth.
  10. Elle

    EU Dungeon Master por favor

    All of the current Keeper and DM team are US timezone, yes. And I know this sucks for the EU players currently. However, I can not magically change this. It requires someone from the EU timezone to apply and be accepted as part of the team. There has yet to be any EU people to apply for keeper that I think would work well in the current team and all that the job requires. But, applications are always open unless we state otherwise.
  11. Elle

    May Update

    Well, its been another month roughly, since the last update. I've a few major updates here and not all of them are likely to make people happy. But, after a discussion with Varen and the rest of staff, we've come to a decision of what we feel is best for the server in the long term. Ice Island is moving forward and closer, albeit at a slow pace. I really can not find a way to express the workload this has on the team and myself. As such, we've come to the decision that currently maintaining the workload we have will only result in a massive staff burnout. So, what does this mean? Well, for starters, we will be trimming back on several things we've had open for players to do lately. Primarily, world edits and gob building(such as spawnable garrison buildings). We will no longer be providing them for players until Ice Island. All player building will now rely on the architect system for the time being. To make up for this, we will be releasing a few housing updates for Haven, specifically to offer some form of player character housing for those who wish it. There will be a small cost in silver to be paid every month for these. Businesses, will still be available. But, other then that, no gob or world edits will be provided by staff. We apologize for this, but its something we need to do without if we will ever release Ice Island in a reasonable time frame. Secondly, I will be scaling back required keeper support on projects. These are the tickets that normally end in a player character doing something for a paybox. NPC hiring(aside business workers), custom weapons, magical projects and experiments, ect. I am hoping this is a temporary measure, and for those of you with tickets currently open for related things; We will be finishing those up. It is only new ones that will be denied. This is a temporary measure while I work on a few guidelines for both Players and Keepers to make the normal process far more RP and player-driven then it currently it. We will still allow things like languages, healing permanent injuries and a few other things that are heavily linked to rules or minor things. I'm sure many of you by the time you reach this point are curiously what we are doing that requires such cut backs? Well, below I will provide a general list of the current checklist I have for things we need to work on and fix for the server. 1) As previously mentioned, I am working on a set of guidelines to streamline and change how staff handles player character projects and NPCs. I am very unhappy with how it has been handled under my time as Head Keeper, and I know this place would be more enjoyable if we moved away from a dull, mat grind paybox to solve everything players would wish to do on here. 2) Forum updates, much of the lore or system information on the server is on our forums and much of the older information is both heavily out of date and hard for new players to understand. We will be going over it all and getting things both up to date and easy to digest. 3) Ice Island, the mysterious 'soon' update. This last month has been terribly slow on the island's progress, however we are moving forward. We still have a few dozen locations to finish up, and a great deal of lore to write. This is a large reason for the above cut-backs. As we are unable to move forward at a reasonable pace and maintaining the current workload we have. 4) The RPG system. Anyone who has played for at least a month on here will know it is a flawed system. We are not ready to really talk about the direction we are going with this, but we are in talks on a large scale overhaul for the system. I've no eta or any date to give on this, only that we -are- working on it. Anyways, that is just a third of the workload and things we are working on in the background. We've things like building rules, wrapping up current narratives and still providing an enjoyable place to Role Play on our plates. Be assured, we will still be holding small events, finishing a few current major storylines and providing a place to Role Play, albeit a little less in staff support for a bit. Please, enjoy yourself on Shores.
  12. Magic in the Doldrums Magic in the Doldrums does not act quite the way it normally does on Azeroth. Everything feels off, different or harder. This document is merely a baseline for what player characters dabbling in each type of magic or rather, how each class or magically inclined race would feel in general. Keep in mind this does not provide the reasons for WHY magic works this way, merely what your character would be able to easily tell. The reasons for why and more things in particular must be found out through Role Play. DISCLAIMER: You are not owed an OOC explanation for the reasons as to why. Just know there are actual reasons for this. Also, keep in mind currently this is all fluff for your role-play experience and the reasons behind this may play into your experience here, such as events and the like. There is no heavily enforced negative for this in the RPG currently. Non-Magic Classes/General: As all living things in Warcraft’s setting have life and spirit energy, they to would feel this very essence be drained from them. Their strikes weaker, their resolve against a blow harder to muster. A warrior may be especially affected by this, but even a commoner or a mage will feel their strength be lesser than it would otherwise be. Arcane: None can sense or find the leylines of Azeroth in the Doldrums. It is as if they don’t exist. Arcane has to be pulled from different sources. Be it an object full of mana and arcane energies, or from the ambient arcane magic in the Doldrums. Upon washing ashore, any mage worth their incantations would notice this, and part of the journey is finding out how to more effectively do what you need. Spells, rituals, everything requires more power in the Doldrums to accomplish compared to Azeroth. Upon casting a spell, an arcane user would ‘feel’ something pulling at the energies. Teleportation does not work. Portal magic simply fails, as this relies on the use of leylines. Blinking, however, does work. Including long distance blinking(though this is -extremely- dangerous and, due to high inaccuracy, can easily result in death.) Holy: Upon calling for the Light, any user of it can tell that something is off. It is harder to call the Light to you and use it, and while on Azeroth using the Light would empower and reinvigorate one, here it does not. You still feel fatigue from casting with it. The important thing to note, is any light user could tell this is not the Light’s doing. It is being pulled -from- them forcefully. And one must work harder to maintain its use, just like Arcane users face. It can still be called upon anywhere in the Doldrums. Shadow: Much akin to Holy and Arcane, it is harder to cast and use shadow magic in the Doldrums. Users would note it is being -heavily- pulled from them, specifically in the direction of Black Finger. Necromancy - Necromancers would find all their attempts to raise undead be futile. All the ways one would raise a corpse into undeath upon Azeroth merely do not work here. This does not mean it does not work at all, but it must be ‘discovered’ how it works. Nature: Nature magic users, druids is particular would be able to tell something is off drastically for them. The Emerald Dream in the Doldrums feels off, not quite right. Still retaining the blessings of their patrons(i.e. Can still use cat form), nothing else feels right. One can not simply enter the dream and it requires more effort to use nature magic then it did on Azeroth. Elemental: Right off the ‘boat’ a shaman can tell something is wrong. The links with elementals one had established is clearly gone. It is as if an Azerothian Shaman went to the outlands to try and summon the powers of their elemental patrons on Azeroth. However, it is important to note that minor shamanistic magic still works, though it is harder to summon just like every other type. Even a beginner shaman could tell that perhaps the magic that does work is a welcoming gift. Fel: Fel and demonic summoning is a tad different on the feel. Much like every other type, there is a strong pull working against the character casting a fel spell or working a fel ritual. Upon casting a spell, the pull is a tad stronger. And summoning demons, even ones that were tied to the warlock on azeroth is impossible. Much like necromancy, the way one did it on Azeroth merely does not work. Playable Magical Races Undead: Undead in the Doldrums feel fatigue. They get tired. This is a completely different feeling from what they would be used to. The shadow magic used to keep an undead’s body together is being pulled from them. See Shadow. Night Elves: Kaldorei, or night elves would not play much differently here, but they would notice they have -no- connection to the tree on mount Hyjal. All the boons granted(protection against disease, ect.) are gone. Blood/High Elf: Quel’/Sin’dorei do not feel any connection to the Sunwell. However, they do feel the pull of arcane from their bodies, meaning the need for arcane of fel to feed their addiction is stronger here and requires more than they would’ve had to deal with on Azeroth. Highborne: A combination of Night elf and Blood elf. The connection Highborne from Kalimdor had to the Hyjal tree is gone, and on top of that, they face a magical addiction that is harder to deal with here. Oddities Tides and Stars: A keen eye and observant person would know that the Doldrums has no tides and the stars change every night. Current, wind, gravity all still exist, but these two things are an odd and easy to discover bit of information. Credit to the original artists for the pictures. I don't own them, I just have no money or artistic talent. Yay, google.
  13. Elle

    March Update!

    Hello, everyone! Your wonderfully evil Head Keeper here with an update about Ice Island. First off, I’m sad to say that my initial estimation of Ice Island being released by the end of this month is not going to be feasible. Our initial and current desire for Ice Island requires far more man-hours of work then we originally thought. The great golem, Axis, has been hard at work on populating the overworld of the island with wildlife and various other NPCs. Making NPCs that are balanced to be challenging, fair and realistic for what they are is a long process, but he is doing a wonderful job. There will also be far more locations and small ‘dungeons’ and encounters out in the world set up with DMkits that you will be able to solve and enjoy without needing a keeper at all. This requires a great deal of creativity, ingenuity and time. Coupled with providing for players on the current islands, this takes time.This is a lot of work and perhaps quite ambitious, but it should allow for things to flow more smoothly and at a reasonable pace for both players and staff to handle, while also giving our staff a chance to continue being players if they so desire. It’s important for us to be able to ground ourselves at a player’s level to avoid becoming murderous on PCs. Or, maybe that’s just me. On top of that, we are also writing detailed lore for the setting. While it is mostly for DMs, some of it will be released for players to view, like the magic lore we’ll be writing. To elaborate on that, any veteran WoW rper can tell that WoW’s magic lore is… all over the place. But, that’s what we get from Blizzard. However, with the setting we are playing in, we have a unique position to make things… more consistent. This will allow DMs and players to understand -how- magic works and provide a consistent experience for that. But, this allows us to build off a stable platform with more powerful rituals and spells and other magicy things, in a consistent way that both players and DMs can work off of. To note, we’re not reworking the basic of WoW’s magic, but rather, expanding them with the changes put onto them by the unique situation of the Doldrums. And perhaps, this will give players some tips on finding out why these changes happen! We have a few other things we will be working on to release with Ice Island. New building rules and clarifications. Territory and node control, and several other things. Ice Isle will have -one- neutral, mostly NPC controlled hub at launch for players. This will provide all your important NPCs and be the -only- safe area of the island at launch. The good news is! Players will be encouraged to change things up and build upon this foundation. I’ll release more information as we complete certain things to apprise you of our progress. But, know that while it is taking us a while to do it, we are taking our time so that the experience is fun out the door, rather then a few weeks or months down the road. Avoid tall grass, and slam that bottle of wine! You’ll need it.~
  14. Elle

    [Quest Chain] A Razor's Bite.

    Rain poured heavily down upon Opej'Nor as the first shots of Haven's Ballista echo'd in the air. Landing in the Razorbranch Encampment, killing trolls and setting the place aflame. Undeterred, the trolls gave a last, to the man defense of their camp, while the Captain led his forces against the trolls. The better equipped and led soldiers of Haven suffered minimal losses. Thanks to the help of a group of adventurers and allies, Haven managed to destroy the trolls and capture one of their leaders. The Invasion has been stopped, the threat of Kolai has been diminished once more, but some scary rumors and thoughts have come to the forefront. In total, around thirty people who occupy Opej'Nor normally have perished since the start. However, hundred of trolls have died. And yet, they kept coming and seemed to not care for the losses. Something else churns at the heart of the Razorbranch tribe... OOC: This concludes the quest chain for a 'Razor's Bite'. Its been a long one, and not terribly event heavy, but I hope everyone enjoyed it all the same! Thank you all for participating!
  15. Elle

    RPG starting XP revamp

    Mhm! This was one of the biggest issues we had from new players, the fact that you started so far below veteran players, and progressed so slowly on an 'infinite' scale of power stat wise, that you may never actually catch up to them. We've been working on improving both the RPG and DM side of things the last few months, even if it isn't incredibly fast a lot of older issues like the starting XP you brought up have been addressed. We appreciate that you thought of the server and how to better it, still.