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[Event] Jungle Regicide

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Where: Meet at the entrance of Drustgarde

When: Wednesday 16th October 9:30pm 10:30pm server-time

Who: Anyone except those affiliated with Kolai, Sotoras or the Twilight's Hammer. Horde & Scarlet Crusade welcome.

Event Type: Boss fight

GM Assistance: @Elleconfirmed DMing. Multiple GM-approved items are to be used both during and prior to the fight


For many months the denizens of both Drustgarde and Grom'Goshar would have likely had to put up with the unholy roars of what is likely to have been the mighty devilsaur who gave birth to the Golveldbarad or 'Thunderstomp' as he would name it.

The creature, huge and monstrous as it is, had somehow become afflicted by the fel-taint left behind when someone had carelessly slain a fel-corrupted crab by the pond previously named 'The Sanctuary'

For months it had gone unchallanged, left to obliterate the wildlife across south-eastern Opej'nor uncontested, unchallanged, unopposed.




The sound of the rifle safety flicking off would now be a familiar sound to not only many keen trappers on Opej'nor but also to a number of warriors, adventurers and explorers who had embarked on quests with the 'Mad Baron' of Opej'nor. He stood by the entrance of New Moonbrook with a crude cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth as the rain lashes down heavily upon him and the gathered hunters nearby: Orcs, Draenei, Elves, Dwarves, men and women of every colour and creed all sharing a single thing in common: the urge to hunt.


"Listen up all of you!"  The baron yelled to those present. A number of paladins, mages and even heavily armoured warriors were amongst those present.


"Today is the day we pack our bags, clean our rifles and fletch our arrows! Come next week, Queen 'Methrine' or 'Feltooth' as i've called her will be dead. Those of you who survive this venture will take home with you a trophy from the beast as a sign of your worth as hunters of this untamed land! Should any of you perish: your names will go down amongst the great hunters of Azeroth and you shan't be forgotten!"


A few unnerved faces look up at the Baron who swaps from a grim look on his face to a large grin


"Of course I do jest! No hunter goes into such a foray unprepared! I have with me traps designed to help us in defeating this beast and possibly the most powerful venom known in the Doldrums of my own making which will cripple the beast and make hunting it a less threatening venture! If we do this right then we all get to come home with our hearts filled with glory and our bellies filled with Devilsaur steaks!"




Ahoy folks

As a quick parting gift before I disappear for nearly a month (wedding present to myself) I think its about time a certain blight on Opej'nor got the Black Golem treatment.

Thats right, on the date above we'll be going to attack it, now for the sake of it I shall point out we have a few items at our disposal which we intend to use:


1.) [The Scepter of Rezan] - The plan is to use the scepter to pacify the devilsaur to allow the party's healers a chance to expunge the fel taint from the creature.

2.) [The Baron's Venom] - A very potent venom nearly 6 months in the making from nearly every single poisonous or venomous creature on Opej'nor with a few little 'extras' added.

3.) [Spiked Trap] - A huge wooden trap rigged up to a large steel spike, the intention is to lure the Devilsaur into its path to deliver a huge strike that will give the attackers an advantage in the fight

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