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[Group] The Hunters

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The Hunters

The lands of the Doldrums are an interesting sort, all sorts of people found their way to all the different isles from backgrounds such as craftsmen, architects, soldiers and mystics.

Amongst those people came the hunters, those who thrived on the thrill of the hunt and the glory of the kill.

The jungles of Opej'Nor were the ones that attracted these people the most, for the prey on the other isles was arguably more docile, not worthy of the 'hunt'

Devilsaurs, rocs, panthers, tigers, gorillas and many more, each one more fierce than the last.

Out of this trapper's paradise has arisen 'The Hunters', an exclusive group that gets it's thrills not from coin, not from discovering arcane magics, but from the joy of the hunt.

The Hunters may have originated from all walks of life and different races yet they find solace in the loading of a gun or the knocking of an arrow to take down their prey.


Although they may not practice a code of 'honor'... there are similarities between their philosophy of the hunt and the Orcish philosophy of war.

Respect for that which you kill.

Respect for that which kills you.



The group seek to traverse the wilds of Opej'Nor for their fame and glory




The Gathering

The gathering consists of three individuals who organize the hunt, deal with internal matters of the group and cast votes based on the desires of the rest of The Hunters. They are usually full time hunters with no particular allegiance to other factions and dedicate themselves almost wholly to the hunt. If one of the Gathering dies they are ceremoniously buried according to their will and another is chosen from the ranks of the 'Hunters'


-'Baron' Timothy West (Nobleman)

One of the less sane and strongly pro-Alliance member of the ruling body known as 'The Gathering', he is a staunch traditionalist and detests most members of the Horde races on the grounds of them being nothing but barbaric savages. Although he has this deep-set distain of the Horde, he is known to turn an eye to them when proved wrong about their savagery on the odd occasion especially towards Blood Elves who he considers 'no damn different from High Elves or Night Elves, they're all dagger ears'


Position Vacant


Position Vacant


Seasoned Hunter

A 'seasoned hunter' of The Hunters is one who has dedicated a far greater time to their trade and has taken down a beast of monstrous proportions usually with the killing blow. For this there is a feast and celebrations are held when someone truly achieves the rank of 'Hunter'!

In the lodge and amongst their peers they are given the respect that is due and they wear their trophies with pride.



The bloodied are simply members of The Hunters who have completed their first worthy kill, they are considered with some respect by their peers and are granted access to the 'Lodge'



The unbloodied is just as it sounds, it is the initial rank into The Hunters and irrespective of hunting experience they are considered to be 'first time' hunters until one of the three on the ruling 'Gathering' have witnessed them hunting a worthy pray. Whilst not quite treated like 'dung' they are not seen as 'true' hunters until their ascension to 'Bloodied'. Until an 'Unbloodied' has been promoted to 'Bloodied' they are not allowed access to the 'Lodge'



Sometimes even the best of hunters slip up and find themselves with a loaded gun taking aim only to find a raptor leaping upon them from the tall grass.

It happens to the best of us, yet here is where the names of The Hunters who fell live on forever more.


Onihir Coldflayer - Believed deceased



Shadowclaw Panthers are one of the more commonly hunted within the group, highly prized for their velvety fur



The primary goal of The Hunters is to hunt down some of the biggest, deadliest, fastest and most elusive creatures on Opej'Nor for little more than glory and trophies. (It goes without saying that this group has a high and frequent risk of death associated with it, we don't sit at home whittling spoons)

The secondary goal is the construction of a 'Lodge' (as the guild title suggests) which will act as a sort of 'base of operations' for the group and openly and freely welcomes those who are members of the group. The lodge also intends to act as a recreational place for the hunters as well as somewhere to put all of our trophies on display.

The last and final goal of the the group is to ensure a suitable hunting ground for all. That means the group will actively ensure that trapping spots are not decimated and will take action against those who overhunt their hunting grounds (they likely don't care about salvage, prospecting and timber etc) and any who corrupt the wildlife in any way, shape or form.


Although The Hunters go on their own hunts, they can be called upon for a small fee to their organization for their expertise in tracking and eliminating pray be it taking part or providing expert advice.



The patron saint of hunters himself: Hemet Nesingwary. Although far from the Doldrums he is what many of The Hunters aspire to be.


The Hunter's Code

The hunter's code is a stricly adhered to code of conduit kept to by the hunters which is changed only by a majority rule of the Pack

1.) Ensure a clean kill of any pray, never prolong their deaths.

2.) Never overhunt your hunting grounds.

3.) Never intervene with a hunter's kill

4.) The Hunters are joined together in the thrill of the hunt. When someone intervenes on one of our hunter's prey they intervene on -ALL- of our prey.

5.) When asked by others to hunt a beast, it is customary to waive most or all of the fee if the prey is considered a worthy challange!

6.) Hunt for food, but when hunting for the thrill of the hunt ensure it is prey worth hunting! Those hunting bandicoons for trophies shall be eternally shamed!

7.) Magic is frowned upon unless what you hunt uses magic.

8.) If an animal wounds you, do not use magic to heal your wounds after the hunt! Rest and bandages suffice and the pain teaches you respect for the kill.

9.) No Hunter is to hunt prey around the area known as the 'Pond' (Previously: The Sanctuary), all hunters are to do their utmost to protect this area from both man and beast who would seek to disrupt its serenity

10.) If any of The Hunters are found to have dishonored the code, they face abandonment, shaming and being stripped of their trophies by decree of the Gathering.


The Trophy Room

The trophy room lists (upon construction of the Lodge) the more impressive and 'collective' trophies of the group. Whilst credit for the trophy may be ascribed to whoever landed the killing shot or blow they are considered a 'group effort' and are therefor collective trophies of The Hunters




The Devilsaur, a mark of prestige amongst The Hunters, those who attain one of it's teeth or eyes gain undying respect from their peers



The Hunters recruit entirely IC and entrance to the group is by invitation only by one of the Gathering.

This is done by a form of 'headhunting' and -asking- to join will likely have you turned away. The hunter's choose their kin, not the other way round.


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Feedback on this is appreciated btw.

For those who may be thinking: we are keeping this as a GROUP so as to not divide up the player base between the few guilds there already are. You -may- be asked to join even if you are a member of an organization already.

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The Great Ocean Hunt



Following the informal establishment of the organization known as 'The Hunters', Baron West and Onihir Coldflayer have set their sights on one of their first major trophy targets.

Spurred primarily by the madness in Baron West's mind, the duo have sought out the fierce beast known as the 'Kraken', this creature has been spotted on at least two occassions by the Orcs of Grom'Goshar close to the 'Black Finger' in addition to the Kul'Tiran men of Drustgarde who have spotted the beast swimming close to their small island off Opej'Nor.

The two men have split up with Baron West acquiring bait and equipment for the hunt and Onihir Coldflayer looking for eager hunters wishing to participate in the great hunt.


The one thing the two are severely lacking is a boat.

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That Which Slithers Upon The Shore



Due to hitting a metaphorical bump in the road in his hunt for the Kraken of Black Finger (namely finding someone to craft a harpoon) Baron West has turned to hunting down similar pray yet ones not requiring such a... large material component... in order to take down.

As such, it cannot be stated how insanely overjoyed he was to learn that the vicious sea beasts known colloquially as Naga or 'Snake-Men' have set up a small base camp upon the shores of Opej'Nor.

Investigating the camp, he noticed that whilst there were only three of the beasts for now, the amount of supplies they had gathered at their fortified camp meant that they intended to not only further fortify their position in time but very likely bring MORE to these shores.

The mad baron cannot abide such rude behavior, especially when he's trying to hunt a Kraken.


So rumor would have it that his little hunting club has gained a bit of traction and is actively seeking new members, new members into the ranks of the Unbloodied include Mayor Eg of Egtown and his faithful 'manservant' Kuz, it would be in the keen hunter's best interests to find him at his new abode at the Egtown Bar.

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The Big One: 'Golveldbarad'




Following a brief hiatus over in Kolai to wrestle sharks, Baron West has had some R&R in between slaughtering vast quantities of the Opej'Nor ecosystem and decimating the wildlife elsewhere in the Doldrums.

However, word has reached him of vast herds of beasts that terrorized ground, sea and air alike and so he has packed his ammo, put back on his pith helmet, and made his way back to Opej.


Stalking through the jungle, he came upon the creature he sought to kill. At a distance he could spot the coloration and signs of sexual dimorphism: a female. 


He came to name her "Golveldbarad" which, in High Common, meant 'Thunderstomp'. An appropriate name given her demenor when thundering around the part of Opej she frequented.


Though he has the know-how, skill, and expertise to take her down... what the baron lacks is numbers...

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The Spirit of Prey


Deep within Opej, the esteemed Baron Von West has come across a rather unlikely ally: An Elf by the name of Lethorian Nightbreeze who was once one of the Elven farstriders of the ill fated expedition into Outland, the two shared a brief exchange over some target practice.

Although the two had drastically different hunting styles: Nightbreeze choosing the bow and aspousing the practices of preservation of the wilds whilst West chose the gun and the reckless abandon of the endless hunt, the two none the less got on extraordinarily well.

Taking the Baron to the area previously referred to as 'The Sanctuary' and known across Opej as 'The Pond', the baron was amazed to discover the amount of wildlife living in harmony in the area. Most of the creatures present represented herbivores, prey and other creatures far down on the food chain... but it is astounding how so many had survived so long on an isle renowned for it's incredibly hostile and predatory wildlife.


Then the answer appeared in a flicker




'Leafety' it called itself... and although West was wary of the creature, Nightbreeze reassured him that the being was likely that of a trickster... a forest sprite.

The creature informed them that it was the one responsible for the creation of the haven, going so far as to shock West by imitating a perfect cry of an adolescent devilsaur, when queried as to their presence the two hunters informed the spirit that they meant no harm... after all Tim had bigger fish to fry and the animals around the pond did not present a worthy challenge or even a threat.




The sprite then offered a deal to the duo, stating that it would grant power in exchange for a gift. Seeking initially to humor the creature, Baron West was curious and this curiosity led him to do the unthinkable: part with one of his trophies. He offered the creature his treasured [Devilsaur Eye] which he had claimed from the first devilsaur he shot on these isles.


Seemingly within a glimmer, the sprite produced in it's hands an [Ancient Seed] which he granted to the hunter, a gift seemingly wasted on the magically deaf and ignorant Baron. Though his new hunting companion Nightbreeze could sense the power within the ancient seed and spoke of the tales of the great World Trees that elven kind lived upon.

Realising what he had come across, the Baron safely stowed it away, thinking of what he can do with it next.




Though one thing is for certain, the Baron and his compatriots have now pledged to not only avoid hunting the creatures of the area known as the 'Pond' but also to protect it from those who would seek the annihilation of the creatures seeking sanctuary there be they man or beast.





((OOC: Lethorian Nightbreeze has joined 'The Hunters' as one of the bloodied. The hunter's code has been updated to reflect the pledge made to defend the area previously known as 'The Sanctuary'. The acquisition of the rare and powerful [Ancient Seed] has left Timothy wondering what to do with it, perhaps individuals may be able to persuade him to use it in a particular way? Though he is careful not to keep it on his person for obvious reasons.))

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All Hail The King



Ripples emanated from the edges of Opej as it strode, trees creaked and groaned without it even touching them, and the sand upon the beaches left craters where its feet and hands had once trodden.  Machompa' was his name, and 'King' was the title he had falsely claimed.




The brave Baron West had woken, managing somehow to sleep through the creature's stomps as it approached Egtown. As the beast communed in a basic and simple tongue with Governor Haysham who was attempting to placate it, the Baron made his threats known to the beast and let fire a warning shot to try to scare the beast. The creature, as tall as a stone keep, simply lobbed insults at the Baron... though the Baron would wish it were only insults it lobbed, as the vile being reached down and plucked one of the palisades making up the town wall as though it were but a splinter and flicked it over to the Baron who, much to his fortune, got away with the chunk of fortification smashing into his left arm and shoulder leaving it shattered in several places.

As the Baron left through the side door of Egtown, clutching his arm, the Kul'Tirans of Drustgarde attempted to salvage the situation the Baron had left behind, though this huge beast was not fooled and with his peripheral vision spotted West leaving Egtown towards the jungle. The beast bounded with unnatural speed towards the hunter who, upon turning around, simply fell backwards as 'Machompa' brought his mighty fist into the sky. The beast demanded that the hunter recognize him as King of the Jungle which west promptly refused, almost bringing ire and instant death upon him, until he (unwittingly) pointed out that Golveldbarad was the true king (or rather 'queen') of the Jungle.




This caused the great ape to pause in hesitation, he queried the hunter in broken and basic common as to who this 'Golveldbarad' was, to which Timothy told him it was a great Devilsaur which roamed the western reaches of the isle. Still refusing to admit to the ape's claim to kingship, Timothy thought he had simply annoyed the creature into storming off... until about half an hour later the beast returned to Egtown only to drop a monumental carcass in front of the town for all to witness:




There she lay, Golveldbarad, stripped of her majesty and glory whilst bruised, cut and gored by the beast's horns and fists.... seemingly to make a point the great ape tore off Golveldbarad's head with his bare fists and proceeded to devour the head in it's entirity, a feat which made Timothy sick to his stomach. Much though the image was worrying for many: the creature having slain a Devilsaur single-handedly, he did not do so without injury. Many would notice that one of the beast's large horns was snapped off and large bite marks covered his body, the Queen of Opej had clearly put up a savage fight... much so that the usurper 'King' was severely-wounded rather than healthy as he was earlier


Realizing earlier from Miss Thistleton that the townsfolk had been placating the creature and playing along with the ruse of being it's 'subjects' so they could better formulate a plan to defeat it, the Baron simply stared at the bloody corpse of the devilsaur as 'Machompa' repeated his earlier query if he was king. The Baron gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw so hard that one of his rear molar shattered and bled profusely... admitting reluctantly to the creature's claim of Kingship over Opej'Nor.


The great ape made a final demand of the people of Egtown before he left: for his 'subjects' to build him a shrine from the remaining carcass of Golveldbarad within the township.


Grasping his gun with his left hand which remained uninjured, he began to spread words amongst the people of Opej'Nor and beyond:


"The [Ancient Seed] I acquired a few days ago will go to whomever forms a hunting party that helps me -KILL- that monster... I care not if they are man or woman, Orc or Human, that 'King' needs to die"


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Local rumor around Egtown speaks of a new creature, one that causes hesitation even amongst the other beasts of Opej. A creature that haunts not the tall cliffs of Mount Opej nor the jungle canopy itself... but the once safe sands of the island's beaches.

"'Sand Reavers' they're called." Baron West says with disgust, casually waving around a cigar from his silver case

He points out towards the desolate beaches of Opej, specifically he highlights the stoney outcrops

"Large chintinous killing machines, there've been travellers and passer bys who've strayed to close to their little nests and see, they can feel you coming. They can sense what's going on through the ground. Probably why they stay clear of Egtown seeing as they know there's so many in here... but a lone wanderer? That's a nice little snack"


Lighting the cigar, he peers over at one rock in particular, short yet elongated. He takes a long drag on the cigar.


"See something like that one over there near the graveyard, good spot for one of them. Thing is going it alone i'll end up slaughtered myself. I enjoy a challange but I'm no fool"


He slings his rifle over his shoulder


"Tell them all, tell everyone. I care not at this point if it's an Orc or an Elf that brings a bow or a gun

This wednesday, at nine tolls of the bell in the centre of Egtown, have them bring their weapons... ideally at least one fully armoured up to take the brunt of the beating... and maybe a healer or two..."


He takes a long drag just as the interested party starts to walk and makes one last utterance


"Oh, and folks best claim 'bagsies' on trophies before hand... the creature's barb is mine"





[EVENT TIME. 9PM SERVER TIME IN THE MIDDLE OF EGTOWN. These things are CR43 so ideally we want at a guess 8-10 players minimum to take it down. Preferably with a healer and a tank in tow. If players have a specific trophy off the beast they would like to acquire (Heart, claw, eye etc) they are to inform the Baron beforehand]


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Protecting the Weak



Although protecting the innocent and safeguarding the weak is not a particuarly high priority amongst the members of 'The Hunters', it does however cross their minds especially when doing so involves the hunting of two particularly nasty creatures no weaker than the Sand Reaver 'Naraxis' that Timothy West and a few budding volunteers slew the other week.


The problem is, this time there are two of them, and these creatures operate almost like a hive mind if the Baron's memory of Ahn'Quiraj is correct, making them highly effective killing machines that work closely together.


Word would begin to spread amongst the refugees of the newly formed 'Tent Town' and possibly even amongst those in Egtown itself that Baron West and his compatriots seek to slay the two sand reavers who have been attacking and killing refugees on the western coast that stray too far from their camp.


"Tomorrow, at the zeppelin wreckage on the southern rise of Opej. Be there in the evening half way between when the bells strike 6 and the bells strike 7. You shall have your take of the beast's vile corpses afterwards, but consider that you are doing this to help the folks of Opej who are not as skilled at arms as you"


((Event at 6:30pm server time to wipe out two of the sand reavers posing a threat to 'Tent Town', meet at the zeppeling wreckage on southern Opej))

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The Daggerfin



Recently, the esteemed Baron West has come across a rumour of a particular species of aquatic life which would make a wonderful addition to his mantelpiece of trophies:


'The Daggerfin'


Described as a creature capable of swallowing a Gnome whole and luring in it's prey with a lantern-like appendage dangling in front of its mouth to lure prey to their doom.

As the name suggests, this creature also has a large fin upon its back sharp enough to cut through steel wire and even rend apart the armour of the strongest of warriors whilst its teeth are certainly no less lethal: considered to be sharper than even sewing needles. There is a reason these denizens of Azeroth's seas are known in certain fishing communities as "caught the wrong 'un" as they constitute about 20% of deaths of fishermen in exotic locals such as Tel'Abim and Tanaris despite their rarity.


But before the baron can seek somewhere to buy diving gear and reconfigure his gun to shoot darts underwater, he needs information on where the creature can be found....


"250 silver should be enough to get me that information."



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To Hunt a God



Contorted and corrupt, twisting and torn, distorted and dangerous, this is what Baron West saw all those months ago when the nightmare, a product of the old ones, started to corrupt the beasts of Opej into horrific aberrations which bore little semblance of what they once were.

Within her temple and domain, Death herself spoke to the baron: seeing fit to appoint him as her chosen champion... though the Baron did not realize it, he had been acting out her will all along with each kill he brought upon the isles... a rather grim and strange twist the huntsman thought.

He came to learn the truth of the Four Horsemen who had recently plagued the isles, why they were here of all times and how they were unleashed.


More importantly though, Baron West has previously dismissed this notion of a 'soul stealing being' as utter nonsense and the product of fairy tales caused by delirium from refugees drinking too much sea water, but the horseman of death made him see the truth in front of his own eyes... that this 'being' he had heard of was the cause for her grasp over the dead being loosened... that this -thing- grew evermore powerful with each soul held in its grasp in this foul place known as 'The Pit'


"If the taint is destroyed, many things will be made possible. That [the freedom of souls] is one of them, yes. But do not think you can slay such a beast easily" the spirit of death warned


The Mad Baron of Opej simply stared the spirit in the eyes

"I do not intend to 'slay' it like I would a wounded doe. I intend to -hunt- it" he stated defiantly.


Death's ghostly visage smiles eerily

"Hunt an old god. Without a pause to your pulse. That is why I have chosen you to be my champion"


Seemingly without a moment's hesitation, the Baron simply declared as if the old god itself were listening: 

"If it bleeds... we can kill it"

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An OOC post for folks (hence red)

A few people seem to think this is just a guide for Timothy West. It sort of is at the moment because he's the only hunter in the group.


If you are interested in joining, roll a hunter (doesn't necessarily have to be the -class-) and get hunting and make a name for yourself, or at least express your desire to hunt big game in Opej within earshot of Timothy.

Depending on how good you are (or Tim perceives you to be) will reflect what 'rank' you are in the group to start off with.


Remember: This is not a guild, you can still be a part of Grom'Goshar, Drustgarde, Tordala or any other guild whilst also operating within the hunters as long as you stick to the code


Cheers :)

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Following a local rumour from Egtown, Baron West made headway for the newly establish 'Halfpoint Haven' where he sought out the local folk hero known only as 'Captain'. Upon arriving, he found out that rather than bringing hides as part of some minor task, it would appear that a local pack of raptors have attacked the settlement and gone so far as to kill two of the refugees who live there.

After coming to the conclusion that the Opej Basilisk has caused no fatalities (yet) the Baron declared that he will bring proof of the death of the packleader to the Captain so that the local refugees might sleep easily. However this was no simple raptor, the Captain elaborated and stated that the packleader of these raptors was not only bigger and deadlier but worse it was intelligent, something about the captain's tone suggested worry to the Baron... strange considering the apparent strength of the man.

The baron insisted half of his cost would be waivered for a trophy from such a worthy kill... but he also insisted on the other half being relinquished if the Captain revealed to the Baron who he was and his real name... on account of the Baron's suspicions of the man. Regardless of the outcome... the Captain made clear that this raptor and its pack would be too much for the Baron alone who must now seek to put a crew together to hunt the raptor... but despite having scrapped his fee the Captain stated he would pay any crew that the Baron brought along to kill the creature.

The Baron set out into the jungle in the dead of night... but even darkness and the heavy snowfall would struggle to deter him from finding the tracks he was after... but before long he realized that the raptors were not heading -straight- back to their lair... but seemed to be criss-crossing and doubling back on themselves... quite clearly under instruction from this 'intelligent' raptor which had a MUCH bigger print left behind.


The seasoned hunter simply lit a cigar from his silver case


"Clever Girl"

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