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Quick suggestion RE: the new gather check function


For those that don't know, .rpg csheet when targeting a player will flash up a big green message telling you if a player is gathering, far more useful than the waiting around for the 2second long animation clip to cycle around.


Only issue (and it's a minor one) is that it doesn't tell you -what- a person is gathering.


EG: you are in a gathering zone where the local much needed ore supply is about to become decimated

However the animal supply is completely untouched

A person walks in and you see that they are starting to gather, they are -actually- gathering ore to try and get some rares at the cost of annihilating the supply but when confronted they innocently state they are just hunting for animals.


In a normal situation, you would be able to spot what the individual is doing an act upon it, instead you are provided with the situation of having to believe them that they are hunting animals whilst swinging a pickaxe into the ground, a situation which sounds rather absurd.



Would it be possible for this check system to also highlight what actual gathering profession they are performing?

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