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  1. Trip

    Maliki Haluz'Ehk's Death

    It was ICly done, not through the Rumor.
  2. Trip

    Maliki Haluz'Ehk's Death

    Ehk was also jailed for sexually assaulting someone on Silver Eye, so. Whether or not it happened IC, it's what's spread around.
  3. Trip

    Gather Check

    Then attack them and call them a liar?
  4. Trip

    Forum's trash

    Update your forums and make is usable. Prologue/Legacy Forums which was like 2 years ago was more conducive for people to use and organize their posts and edit them. Your whole forum's a mess and over bloated. Finding lore and rules and everything would make a new player lost. I wouldn't blame them for not knowing anything about the server and leaving just by the fact you sideline your damn forums where all your information but almost everything is done through discord. How about this either overhaul and make the forums useful or make it into a blog with links to create a account, patches, and RPG info and put a link on Discord THEN redo your Discord to be a quasi forum with locked text channel where your rules are and etc.
  5. Trip

    A Warrior's Beginner Guide.

    What? Bludgeon being bad for lower statted characters because of it's damage and only rewards high statted characters? Alright lets start this off. Bludgeon (16) (Martial) Target Attack, Melee Action Check * 800% as Physical Damage Melee Action Check is (2d5) + STR/DEX[Whichever is higher] - LOOK AT THE FORMULA IT'S VERY IMPORTANT LATER ON Average Dice Roller 2 4.00 3 8.00 4 12.00 5 16.00 6 20.00 7 16.00 8 12.00 9 8.00 10 4.00 So on average, you'll roll a 5 - 7, but we'll take 6 in this case. At 2 STR, your average damage of a Bludgeon is 64, which is a lot higher than the average damage of a Common TWO hander basic attack. Seems to me on a raw Damage comparison, Bludgeon is better. But you're not taking into account for many other different aspect too! Like the person with Bludgeon's weapon. Common - Warden’s Staff(Staff) - 5-45, 0% Crit - Reduces Incoming Damage by 7% Common - Fighter’s Staff(Staff) - 10-20, 4% Crit, Dexterity Scale 4.0, Strength Scale 5.0 -Increases Physical Damage by 10% Warden Staff reduces damage and Fighter's will increase damage. Hey lets grab fighter since we're comparing damage. 10% of 64 is 6.4 added together and rounding, you get 70 AVERAGE damage. Still a lot higher than that common two hander using Claymore at 2 Str who's average damage on a basic attack is 55. But lets say he uses Heroic strike instead of Basic. At a whopping 2 STR, he's dealing 57 Damage. Bludgeon is not bad because of it's damage doesn't help low STR/DEX character it's INEFFICIENT (No ability is bad, they all have uses in some aspect or another) because of it's high energy cost which require at least 4 ING to make use of effectively whiel Basic can be used effectively with 0 ING. Cause if you just wanted to the damage, You're not taking into account of many aspect of the fight and the players themselves. Beginning Armor, as well as their character's Theme. I don't like the "most effective build X Class Build guide" because it doesn't fit with some character's theme. What if we have a pugilist type of character? Bludgeon would be a great ability for him, but you just told this guy it's bad and he shouldn't waste time. Reason why I like sitting down with players and asking them on a one on one to see what they envision their character as and helping them out that way. Cause overall this Guide is very misleading. A guide on mechanics would be better served than one for Warriors. Oh remember the formula? You start off with a base of 2d5 average 6 at 20%. 6 * 8 = 48 Damage. Even with 0 STR/0 DEX you can do some decent damage with Bludgeon.
  6. Trip

    The King of the Pit

    When: 27 - May - 2018, 1200 p.m. (EST)/0600 p.m. (Server Time) Who: Anyone willing to put their pride on the line. What: TOURNAMENT IN SILVER EYE ARENA The King of the Pit A chance for Glory With the influx of heroes and adventurers, a benefactor had a question in his mind. Who was the strongest? Who was the greatest? Obviously a tournament with prizes to lure those hungry enough and those seeking glory. Rules? Restrictions? No outside help. Just You, Your Equipment, and your Skills. OOC: I want to see you people fight each other. I wanna see the Baddest Person Out There, I wanna see the chumps who thought they were cool, get smacked down. Send me a DM through Discord to have your character Sign Up 1st Place - Mok'Nathal Battle Axe (Uncommon - Battleaxe(2-Handed Axe) - 15-75, 6% Crit, Strength Scale 7.0) OR Totemic Staff (Uncommon - Stalwart Staff(Staff) - 10-20, 0% Crit - Increases Dodge Rating by 5, Increases Dodge Mitigation by .5) OR Retainer's Blade (Uncommon - Wicked Kris(Dagger) - 0-5, 6% Crit, Dexterity Scale 10.0) / A lesser Sigil Attached / 175 Silver OR 60 Glimmering Gems 2nd Place - Valient Sword (Uncommon - Broadsword (1-Handed Sword) - 0-5, 6% Crit, Strength Scale 10.0) OR Oreknuckle Gun (Uncommon - Gunslinger’s Long Pistol (Gun) - 10-20, 2% Crit, Dexterity Scale 8.0) OR Shield of Control (Uncommon - Buckler(Shield) - 5-10 , 12% Crit, Strength Scale 1.5 - Increases Dodge Rating by 1, Increases Dodge Mitigation by 2.5, Requires 4 Strength) / 150 Silver or 45 Glimmering Gems 3rd Place - 100 SIlver or 30 GLimmering Gems
  7. Late game is around 10, even though you can go up to 20 but the amount of exp exponentially rises past 10 and becomes inefficient. As for healing, I believe it's a bit too strong right now, especially with in between fight healing.
  8. Trip

    New Abililies

    Specifically the Mind Control. And by Anything I mean you don't get a turn. Just because you can't use a certain ability doesn't mean you have other options to use that turn.
  9. Trip

    New Abililies

    Anything that stops a person from doing anything is something we want to avoid.
  10. Trip

    The Adventurers Guild

    Honestly, don't stress over adding more to it. It seems like a quaint small group of adventurers. Guild or not, y'all will continued to adventure. It'll probably get made.
  11. Trip

    A couple of suggestions.

    Not sure about the First suggestion but the Second one isn't really necessary. It's already locked behind perception as the more perception you have the more detail you get of their stats and eventually their raw numbers. At that point you can just compare your stats with theirs.
  12. Trip

    Collection of tips and tricks for the RPG

    The effective hp might be messed up
  13. Trip

    Collection of tips and tricks for the RPG

    What were their stats? What items were they using? Sure 80% is achievable if someone had better stats than their attacker.
  14. Trip

    Collection of tips and tricks for the RPG

    The Best Tanky Build will use Plate armor. While it reduces your Dodge Mitigation, it's a flat guaranteed Mitigation that Dodge doesn't give you. Not to mention you'll be splitting up your EXP between two stats of STR and CON, while the Dodger if they want to keep up with the Plate will have to split between DEX-PER which doesn't really increase tankiness since they'll have low HP. So the STR-CON has a better effective health, but of course that's only with Physical damage. Magical damage, DEX-PER have the advantage since dodging reduces both Physical and Magical damage and save for a few armor, Plate mainly reduces Physical. Night Elf Rogue (800 EXP) 4 STR - 1 CON - 6 DEX - 5 PER | Rapier + Round Shield + Nature's Armoring Dodge Rating vs 6 STR (2d5 + 5[PER] + 1[Rapier Dodge Bonus] + 2[Round Shield Bonus] + 2[Nature's Armoring] + 1[Night Elf Racial Bonus]) - (2d5 + 6[STR]) = (Average of 17) - (Average of 12) = Average 5 5 * (6[DEX] + 1[Round Shield Mitigation Bonus]) = 35% + 5%[Nature's Armoring Physical Damage Reduction] = 40% 300 HP * 1.40 = 420 Effective HP Against Both Physical and Magical Dwarf Warrior (780 EXP) 6 STR - 1 DEX - 6 CON - 1 PER | Broadsword + Kite Shield + Half PLate (2d5 + 1[PER]) - (2d5 + 6[STR]) = On Average Will Fail 0%[Failed Dodge] + 25%[Half PLate] + 5%[Dwarven Racial] = 30% 550 HP * 1.30 = 715 Effective HP against Physical = 550 Effective HP Against Magical While Dodge Tanking isn't a bad option, and is absolutely Viable, STR-CON is more effective because you spend less resources to make yourself tankier. Not to mention it's a CONSTANT Damage reduction and not RNG which can mess you over if you roll low and they roll high. So it's consistent. But in the end I believe Dodge will be on par with STr-CON at high levels of EXP and eventually STR-CON tanking will be able to take advantage of dodging mitigation due to the fact the better shield and armor require high STR ratings.
  15. First and foremost; tell us about yourself, as a roleplayer/gamer: (This can be anything. We like to get a feel for those that will be integrating themselves into our community.) Give How did you find us? Did anything in particular draw you to the community? As we are a roleplaying community, what kinds of role-play do you enjoy? (Some enjoy relaxing tavern roleplay. Others enjoy fighting, action and danger. Some in crowds, some in pairs. What appeals to you the most?) Me What sorts of games do you generally play? Tell us a few of your favourites! access What are your expectations of this community? to Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our community, which appeals to you the most? (Feel free to review our rules listed here.) the Show off some of your role-play skills with a story, if you'd like! (This is not required, but it may help you get your RP gears rolling with this community!) connection Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify? (This can be anything. Questions/Comments are always welcome.) guide