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Here's what I got, allow players to convert some of the resources into more refined versions or degrade them into lower quality. A player can do this either through the Exchange Lady on Silver-Eye (You bring the material you wish to convert and some silver) or ask a craftsman to do so. (Armoursmiths further refines the Simple Metal into a Sturdy one)

For craftsmen the refining/degrading should be tied to a certain level of the skills, 30 maybe?

For the moment this is alll the example I could think of, but I'm sure you guys manage to come up with a few more:

3 Rugged Timber -> 1 Hardwood

1 Fine Timber -> 4 Hardwood

4 Simple Metal -> 1 Sturdy Metal

1 Sturdy Metal -> 3 Simple Metal

Update: Make the process of refining/degrading to require the use of a Smelter or a Sawmill object (like the same way an armorsmith needs to use an anvil)

That's all.

Share. Like. Discuss.


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