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  1. Hex

    A wild Kitteh joined

    Welcome to the server. Everyone above me is a filthly liar, but you can believe me. Have fun on the server!
  2. Hex

    Player Questgivers

    I think there's a buff for it, or the least I certainly saw a player the other day with the classic yellow ! above its head.
  3. Hex

    Goodbye, farewell, and amen.

    Rip, see you soon
  4. Hex

    The Scions of Tordala

    Keep it on topic please, or I'll start handing out warnings. Thank you.
  5. Hex

    BFA didn't kill me

    Good bye, thanks for your contribution and for playing here.
  6. Hex


    It was nice to have you around, thank you for your RP and your service! Should things change, we'll be always happy to have you back!
  7. All Praise the Jani, Patron of Lootgoblin and Stoolclimbers. (I love this)
  8. Hex

    Caveat Emptor

    Guild went through some changes to suit the current IC situation. Check out the first post if you are interested!
  9. Hex


    Interesting choice of name. I like it, were US more alt-friendly I'd certainly drop here a character. I wish you good luck and fun times though!
  10. Hex

    stay a while...

    Hi! -.... gh elf.
  11. Hex


    In Unknown Shores, roleplay comes to you. Welcome to these forsaken Isles
  12. Hex

    Re Sourcing

    Here's what I got, allow players to convert some of the resources into more refined versions or degrade them into lower quality. A player can do this either through the Exchange Lady on Silver-Eye (You bring the material you wish to convert and some silver) or ask a craftsman to do so. (Armoursmiths further refines the Simple Metal into a Sturdy one) For craftsmen the refining/degrading should be tied to a certain level of the skills, 30 maybe? For the moment this is alll the example I could think of, but I'm sure you guys manage to come up with a few more: 3 Rugged Timber -> 1 Hardwood 1 Fine Timber -> 4 Hardwood 4 Simple Metal -> 1 Sturdy Metal 1 Sturdy Metal -> 3 Simple Metal Update: Make the process of refining/degrading to require the use of a Smelter or a Sawmill object (like the same way an armorsmith needs to use an anvil) That's all. Share. Like. Discuss.
  13. Hex


    You had me at me Peek and Fun. Welcome!