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Silver Eye's Fold'em tournament

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When: TBD
Who: Anyone willing to pay the entry fee, 20 silver

Where: Silver Eye Inn

What: Dandred's Fold'em tournament ( Texas Hold'em Poker ingame via Addon, https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/holdem latest version just hit download )




In the wake of the successful tournament and the high activity around Silver Eye, the local champion, Shinkle Goldspritz, undefeated for over five years, has volunteered to organise a contest for the ages! With the meager fee of 20 silver, any poor refugee can hope to win the grand prize of 200 silver and 20 Glimmering Gemstones. But that is, of course, not all, for the winner will be able to challenge Shinkle himself for the title of champion. Such a bout would, however, require a proper dresscode and as such the winner of the tournament will be offered a proper outfit, fit for a gentleman. Should Shinkle be defeated, the new champion will receive an additional 200 silver. 


OOC: The addon we'll use is called WoW Texas Hold'em and you can get my own version here 


https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/holdem ( latest version, just hit download )

Each player will start with 500 chips and the game works just like a Pokerstars app or online Poker would. It uses the typical Texas Hold'em rules. The way we'll do it is that we'll treat the Addon game as IC and if you run out of chips you're eliminated from the tournament.

Depending on how many turn up, we might need more than one Table, case in which we'll use multiple and have the winner of each table go in a final with the other winners. All in all, it shouldn't take too long. The game goes pretty fast unless players are generally around the same skill level and don't really make mistakes. The champion will fight an ST character I created for this occasion in a 1v1 Hold'em match, starting again at 500 chips, but with higher Blinds to make it faster and more high-stakes. We'll be making a huge raid so I can offer assistance towards setting up the game.


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Shinkle gathered up the participants, pulling forth a table. The five people, namely Ulreich, Silas, Elizabeth, Jarreth and Maxwell, fought for their slice of the metaphorical pie arduously. At some point there was even a double elimination! The last two saw two Holy men fighting a battle of wits and Divinity-given luck. Alas, Ulreich defeated the Priest. Shinkle congratulated the dwarf, offered him his prize. And then Ulreich got to challenge the goblin, the reigning, defending, Silver-Eye Fold'em champion, Shinkle Goldspritz.

Through a mix of luck and incredible skill, Shinkle defeated the dwarf, but not before he offered him high praise. The champion remains undefeated, his Diamond-Tipped Cane and Elementium Ring safe and sound for another day.

Ulreich could not win the bonus prize, but he still walked away with 200 silver, 20 Gemstones and a new set of fancy clothes, worthy of a dwarf his stature.



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