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  1. AlexV

    [Feedback] Critique and Suggestions

    The Balance chat/team is still a mess, 2 months after the thing started. We have about a meeting a month during which Mers tells us why he's right and we're wrong, then he nerfs casters a bit more. There have been no buffs towards caster damage after their ranged advantage went to piss ( HP was doubled ), there are no spells planned to make up for the innate advantage of 3 spells melees have ( Quick/Basic Attack/Fullattack ), which allows a melee with 4 willpower to have as many utility spells ( Purge, Scorned, Battlecry and so on ) as an actual caster. Playing a caster is already miserable due to melee DPS doing 50% more damage, but to see casters nerfed 3 patches in a row is laughable.
  2. No XP grinding please and thank you, they did it on Legacy and it was abused to no end. Fatigue needs to take a huge hit to the amount you get from damage and either give a lot more when you get incapped or give little over 50% hp and a lot under 25%.
  3. AlexV

    [Feedback] Unkown Shores Brainstorming Thread

    Sotoras needs to be accessible again... it's not unknown shoreS if you can only RP on 2 isles, out of which you'll get kicked out of one by elves. As for plots I want to see more stuff like Wolfram. There aren't really random, believable characters out in the world. Some wizard that's doing X thing, this explorer, that hunter, apart from I'kuylan it feels like no NPC is important.
  4. I would like fatigue gain to be tied to HP. <75% minimal <50% moderate <25% high That way self heal builds aren't utter trash and you can use DoTs more freely, since burst loses its ridiculous power. Also recovery needs to be sped up a lot.
  5. So I'll keep it short and sweet. 1. Fatigue on damage vs Fatigue on incap; Fatigue has ruined DoT builds. First of all, I won a fight against a Warrior and he had less fatigue than I did ( he was about 19%, I was about 25% ), despite me winning at about 700/900 hp. This is... just mindblowing, really. It shows that fatigue taken when damaged is way too high and fatigue taken when incapped is way too low. Healing should reduce the fatigue taken in that round, fatigue increments should be added at the end of the round based on damage taken vs healing taken. If I take 50 damage in a round but heal for 70 I should take no fatigue damage. Otherwise you make Deathstrike/Siphon/DPlague builds straight trash as they do half the damage of a DPS build and you promote a playstyle where if you play DoTs instead of burst damage you're gimping yourself. Focused Burn is probably the best build for me right now. Why bother with DOTs that reduce damage when you can do damage that reduces the damage the enemy does via Fatigue? Do you want to see people spamming Focused Burn/Molten Blast/Basic Attack, doing as much burst as possible to stack Fatigue up on the enemy? Fatigue on damage needs to be dramatically reduced, you can make up for it with fatigue on Incap. The class fantasy of draining classes ( Warlock , DK, Shadow Priest ) isn't that they win the fight but are somehow in worse shape than the dude who lost, it's that they win by outlasting. If your fatigue is higher you didn't outlast anything, how can you be more tired than the dude you just beat the shit out of? Option 2 is to implement damage tresholds. You fall under 50% HP? You get fatigue. You fall under 25% ? You get fatigue. You fall under 5% ? More fatigue. You get incapped? Surprise, you di-- you get fatigue. But punishing players that are sitting at over 70% hp is just weird. It invalidates all self heal builds as they will never compete in damage with a burst build. 2. Fatigue goes down far, far too slow. When I read the draft for Fatigue (v2) I saw " Fatigue goes up rapidly in combat and goes away rapidly out of combat ". Something about 10 minutes after you'd be in 'Good' shape from 10%. Lol. It takes more than an hour to go from 10% to 0%, not to mention 25%. The fatigue you get from .rpg act flee takes more time to deal with than Grave Wounds. That's insane. You're better off eating a gravy than the fatigue. With the nerf to wine ( unnecessary ) that further increases down time, which does not please anyone. I fought 4 vipers in a row and I was already at 15% fatigue. Goddamn Vipers, that I was beating when I had 500 XP. And now my 4000 XP char got 15% fatigue after fighting 4, which will take over an hour to go back to 'Good'.
  6. AlexV

    coins and shit

    This is only useful to guilds, people who want to settle and train guards. The typical random player won't have any use for those. What the solo player needs, though, is a way to get more productivity/resources. That's why mats should be sold by silver.
  7. AlexV

    coins and shit

    I've proposed this before, but they want trade to be done mostly between players. I don't like it, either.
  8. AlexV

    RPG suggestion

    One would argue that if there's nothing keeping players keeping when they log in the issue isn't the RPG system, it's the RP or lack of it. This RPG system is a crutch to enhance roleplay. You log in and it COMPLETES the experience. But it is -not- the full experience, it enhances. If you have no reason to play other than logging in and getting XP something is wrong. You can find whatever explanation you want for why your death knight is weak, the setting allows it. If you come and tell me that your new character should compete with my old one that had 20 days played after a while then no sir, we're gonna have a problem. Roleplayers tend to want their characters to be the baddest mofos around, we have XP caps to limit that and keep it realistic and objective, just like we had RP PvP on Prologue.
  9. AlexV

    RPG suggestion

    Well yes that s the point, play longer be stronger
  10. AlexV

    RPG suggestion

    The Ironbound have been inactive due to infighting. The leader killed one of his men, causing 3 members to leave. Veteran is 3K xp. That is the main issue. The plots.
  11. AlexV

    RPG suggestion

    No, not really. The most active ones are Trained or Veteran by now.
  12. AlexV

    RPG suggestion

    Most of the people you see online daily. No need to add more fuel to that fire. If the only thing keeping players around is running around the jungle to find noticeboards the server failed. It's the storytelling that does that, not a grind. This is a role playing server not Vanilla WoW and people who nolife should not be able to get ahead by grinding.
  13. AlexV

    RPG suggestion

    Having arbitrary XP gains defeats the purpose of the XP cap and punishes players that played so far with a cap existing. And again, bias is a thing.
  14. AlexV

    Special Items

    There is ONE, right now. And it's very good. Hard to make though.
  15. AlexV

    Special Items

    There are trinkets and plot related items. .lo item Alchemist Stone