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Quick guide to RPG professions

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This guide is not a comprehensive list of all the recipes in the game, neither is it a guide on how to find the best materials. This guide simply explains the basics of how professoins work for players new to our game. Let's get started.


The different professions

When you click on your RPG Handbook and go to "Professions", you will see a list of all the professions available and how skilled your character is in each. Profession skill ranges from 1 to 100. Every character has access  to every profession by default. Leveling up a profession is done the hard way: Learning by doing!



Woodlander: Gatheres wood and related plant stuff.

Trapper: Gathers wool, leather and related animal stuff.

Prospector: Gathers metal, gemstones and related stuff.

Salvager: Gathers bits and pieces, relics and related stuff.

Fisherman: Gathers fish and anything anyone might have ever dumped into the ocean!



Weaponsmith: Crafts every possible one-handed, two-handed or off-hand item in the game. That means swords, bows, torches, wands... if it goes into one of your hand slots, he can craft it.

Armorsmith: Crafts every armor item of the Mail or Plate category for every slot. Shoulders, chest, gloves, belt, etc.

Outfitter: Crafts every armor item of the Cloth and Leather category for every slot. Shoulders, chest, gloves, belt, etc.

Mystic: Crafts enchantments and magical scrolls that give temporary buffs during combat.

Provisioner: Crafts food, potions, a limited selection of portable objects like bedrolls or campfires, and some other useful everyday things.

Architect: Crafts placeable objects, such as tents, walls, furniture pieces like wardrobes, and so on.


How do I learn crafting recipes?

The very basic crafting recipes can all be bought for free on the starter ship. There are also vendors for every crafting profession on Silver-Eye Island that will not only sell the basic recipes, but also more advanced ones. To buy advanced recipes, you need to pay with [Productivity Token]. You can get these Tokens at any time by opening your [Coin Purse] and clicking on "Claim Productivity for Vendor Purchases". The game then asks you to enter a number of how many tokens you want to buy. Each token will cost you one point of Productivity.

Finally, after you have bought a recipe, you need to add it to your Crafting Manual. Simply right click the recipe and then left click on the manual in your backpack.


How do I craft an item?

Open up the Crafting Manual in your backpack. Navigate the shown menu to the item you want to craft. It will show you a list of reagents needed for the recipe. If you have all the required materials in your backpack, simply click on Craft and you will get the item. Mind you that crafting an item will cost you 5 or more Productivity, depending on the item you want to make!


There is Major and Minor armor items and they are all random? What is this?

This only applies to the Armorsmith and Outfitter. Major means, the item will be for your head, shoulder, chest or leg slot. Minor means the item will be for any of the other slots, like gloves or boots. At the first level, the armor crafting recipes, as well as the weapon crafting recipes, will only give you a random item. But at a crafting skill of 5, you can buy a crafting recipe from the trainer that will actually let you choose exactly what item you want to buy!


How does this work with crafting recipes that let me choose exactly what armor or weapon I want to craft?

It's rather simple. The recipe will tell you that it will craft a "Token" for you. This token is like a currency that you can exchange for the item you want. For example, a [Common Plate Major Token] will let you buy any plate armor piece for the chest, head, leg or shoulder slot. To buy the item, simply type in the command ".buyitem <item ID>". You can get the item ID via the command ".lo it <itemname>" or you can look for it on wowhead.com.


Alright, now I only need materials! Where do I get those?

You can gather them yourself or trade with other players. Gathering materials is rather simple!

Go out into the world and find a spot that looks like it might have the materials you want to gather. If you are looking for wood, for example, just find some trees. To find out if you are actually in the right spot, open up your RPG Handbook, click on More Actions and click on Examine Local Resources. This will give you a list of which resources are available in this spot. Once you have confirmed that wood is available, simply click on "Start Woodcutting" in your RPG Handbook. Now all you have to do is wait. The game will notify you once you have found something. It does not take long, and you will keep on gathering as long as you stay in this spot or until you manually end it by clicking on End Gathering in your Handbook. Each "tick" of gathering will cost you 3 Productivity.

These actions exist also in command form, best to make a macro for them if you fancy gathering a lot:
.gather info - will display the information on the local nodes
.gather start <woodlander/trapper/prospector/salvager/fisher> - Will start the related gathering attempt
.gather stop - Stops the current gathering attempt


How do I get better in all these professions?

Like mentioned earlier, it is learning by doing. Just keep on gathering and crafting and it will happen automatically!

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