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  1. foogleman

    [Announcement] McDankus' Fiasco

    Clearly, there must be more to Dankus' ban than him saying a few bad words to Elle. Clearly, he must have done worse things to warrant a 3 months ban. If only we knew the extent of his failings. But from what I have gathered, it seems the only way Dankus can redeem himself in the eyes of staff is, by keeping his mouth shut and letting this discussion die. I believe that is the only way to absolution. Staff wants proof that Dankus has learned his lesson and will be a good christian in the future. The more he keeps kicking and screaming, the more it tells staff that he isn't quite there yet on his way to being a good community member. Disclaimer: I may be wrong. This is me guessing. Please be merciful with me, because guesswork is all people outside staff chat have nowadays.
  2. foogleman

    [Announcement] McDankus' Fiasco

    A more clear guideline on punishments has been made public a while ago, and when I go by what's written there and what I personally know of McDankus' ban, it's long overdue that he gets unbanned. As far as I am aware, the reason for his ban was that he had a bad day, said some bad things during a heated argument. It happens, we are all human, we all get passionate about our opinions every now and then. This is not the first time I see someone flipping a table, but it's the first time I see someone getting slapped a 3 months ban on it. A lot of people have chimed in, voicing their opinion that the harshness of this punishment is over the top for what harm was actually done. Saying that a final decision can't be made because Elle is unavailable at the moment feels like an excuse at this point. We have all been patient enough. I'm only a community member with a subjective opinion, but here is my advise: Unban him and end this drama-train. The guy's tongue slipped, it happens. We've had people that multi-accounted to abuse the system receive less of a punishment.
  3. foogleman

    [Staff Complaint] - Pallas

    As far as I know, several locations for this "invasion" had been put into a random number generator of sorts and then it was rolled which places on Opej would get hit by it. The fact that it hit the Grom'Goshar summit was just random. You are also not the only one who was hit by this. This afternoon I helped Eg clear out the ship wreckage between Haven and Drustgarde of insanes, because he wants to build New New New Egtown there. Literally 10 minutes after we were done clearing it out, a server message popped up warning about "flying shadows in the sky" and a minute later, a whole bunch of those hostile NPCs were spawned all over the wreckage. So Eg's plans got cockblocked by this hostile invasion, too. Thirdly, yeah I see you are salty. But I personally, I am excited! I like danger and I like when there is "stuff to do". Let's just gather up some allies and make an event to destroy the invaders. Another point is... you are acting as if this was an attack on a guild base. It is not. The top of Grom'Goshar is not a guild base. The current Horde guild base is further down at the lumber mill, and the hostile NPCs are still far away from that. No attacks on that base have been made, so it's fine. At least in my book. I don't know why you are reacting so salty about this. Five hours ago or so when I heard about this "event", I quickly logged in on Krazzix because I was worried about the lumber mill. But it was fine, no enemies no nothing. I then went further up to check out the summit and saw.. yeah alright, there is some hostile NPCs up at the old G'G ruins now. Whatever. That was literally my reaction to it. Just a *shrug* and a "Gotta find some people later to go clean up." (On a side note, the hostility with calling Gruk a cuck etc. was really unnecessary)
  4. foogleman

    [Announcement] McDankus' Fiasco

    Afaik Elle has internet problems and can't be here for this whole discussion. It's unfortunate, but we should wait until Elle can get a word in, too.
  5. foogleman

    [Announcement] McDankus' Fiasco

    I guess I'll chime in as well, even though I would prefer not to, since what I am about to say will further cement me never being accepted back into a staff position. But fuck it, I prefer honesty over asslicking. In my eyes there is only one reason why Dankus got slapped a 3 months ban, and I already told him that: It's because he can be so fucking annoying. As a person. Not saying that he is a bad guy. He is not. I can think of so many other people that are downright cunts or malicious, little rats. He is not one of those. The only crime he is commiting is a combination of three things: He is honest, he is loud and he is persistent. Three qualities that can prove to be very nervewrecking for people on staff, especially if staff are very convinced of their "highway". I so much want to leave Varen out of this whole discussion, because we all have to agree upon that Varen is the pillar that keeps US standing and is, in my eyes, largely not to blame for a lot of the things that go wrong here. He is a programmer with the right ideas, but he does not have the nerves, the patience or the expressiveness to truly deliver these ideas in a way that everyone can acknowledge. If you ask me, he is simply in over his head with running this show all by himself and the people that are closest to him right now, mostly referring to Elle here, are making it worse. I don't want to say Elle is a bad person. But it is easy to say "If you don't like it, leave" when you live in the castle and the rest live in the stables. I was living in that castle once. Never did I argue for a bigger bed for myself, or more silver on my paycheck. I would like to believe that I stayed "humble" in my staff position. But very politely telling community members to "leave if they don't like your paradise"? I would not say that's humble. I consider that bad attitude. When I applied to be a staff member again a few weeks ago, I was declined and later told that nobody wanted me back on staff. Because I had a "bad attitude". Apparently, staff is no longer hired based on competence, but rather on how well they "fit into the clique". Because if a few snarky comments I made are reason enough to keep me out, then how about you look at ya'll in the mirror? I shouldn't generalize like this, it's mostly just Elle to be honest: Someone that keeps alienating player after player off of this server, since they quite frankly can't tolerate the attitude they are getting from him any more. And that's the person telling me I won't get back on staff because of my "bad attitude"? If you guys want to turn this server into your own little paradise where you foster community members that fit well into your own little clique, while alienating everyone that has rebellious thoughts, then yeah... keep Dragor banned. If not, maybe let someone handle bans and other community-related stuff who has a tougher skin, more tolerance and more understanding for other people's feelings, someone that is good at listening and is more compassionate. Someone that doesn't sperg out into arrogant "don't like it, leave" responses because some guy is disagreeing with him.
  6. foogleman

    Expectaction vs Reality

    To keep this short: I'd love a clear divide between crafters and adventurers. I like the idea of each character filling a specific role, be it a woodcutter, blacksmith, adventurerer, salvager or a mix of some of those. Instead of the way it currently is, where each character can fill every role given enough time. I like loosening of the system. I think it would be best if you allow a new character to reach a veteran-level quickly, but then slowing it down and leave much room to grow past that for the long-term. I'd not mind character death at all if I could just roll a new character afterwards with a higher starting level or profession level and not having to start from 0 again as a usless scrub.
  7. Everyone likes when they can do something unique. The concept of making a weapon or piece of armor that is "special" or unique to your character is always appealing and often a goal of some players. So here is a concept idea on how this could work. Guidelines: 1. Fair chances for everyone. This means that if there is a concept for crafting unique items, it should not be the case that there is these unique opportunities for just one or two persons out there, but for every person. So the concept should have this in mind. 2. Preset rules must apply. The properties of a unique item, how to craft it and the acquisition of it's components must be set in stone before players even know about it's existence. To realize this, I came up with the idea of basing the crafting of unique items on unique components. To give an example: Name: Black Dragon Scale Location: Can be acquired from a fully grown black dragon Usable for: Armor (Leather, Mail or Plate), Shields Properties: +10% Physical Damage Resistance, +25% Fire Damage Resistance Requirements: Profession Level of at least 75+ How does it work exactly? First a player must be able to identify the properties of the special ingredient. Then he must have the proper profession level to work with it. When he is ready, he can combine the special ingredient with an already existing crafting recipe in order to make the unique item. For example, an Outfitter could apply the Black Dragon Scale onto the crafting recipe for Nature's Armouring, thus giving him a unique item that has the same properties as the Nature's Armouring Token plus the properties from the Black Dragon Scale (more physical protection and fire resistance). The materials for crafting it are the same as the materials for the uncommon token plus the dragon scale plus, due to the nature of working with a special ingredient, a higher productivity cost. This could be handled by a paybox. Now all the balance taskforce has to do is come up with crazy ideas for special ingredients that could be worked into a unique item. A few more examples: Name: Void Essence Location: Can be acquired from Atropos the Stalker (Unique Boss-Level NPC at location XYZ) Usable for: Enchantment (Sigil or Aegis), Trinket Properties: Sigil (+20% Bonus Damage as Shadow Damage), Aegis (+50% Shadow Resistance), Trinket (+20% Shadow Resistance, 25% Chance on dealing Shadow Damage to deal an additional 15 Shadow Damage), Global (10% Chance on dealing Shadow Damage to hear whispers of the void, increasing willpower by +1 for 2 turns and raising fatigue by 5%) Requirements: Mystic Level of at least 80+, Can not be combined with other Sigils or Aegis, fixed crafting cost for Enchantment and Trinket (10x Loose Scroll, 5x Runed Carving, 2x Bottled Magic, 1x Void Essence) Name: Star Metal Location: Impact Crater of the ancient Meteor at location XYZ (guarded by Arcane Entropies) Usable for: Trinket, Weapon, Armor (Mail, Plate), Shield Properties: Trinket (+1 Energy per turn, increases maximum energy by +3, +25% Arcane Resistance), Weapon (+20% Bonus Damage as Arcane Damage, +1 Energy per turn), Armor/Shield (+30% Arcane Resistance, increases maximum energy by +5) Requirements: Profession Level of at least 80+. Must be smelted under extreme heat, a normal forge won't do.
  8. foogleman

    Character Creation Revamp

    One last addendum to this to further explain my point. This might be a bit of a read, but I implore you: Please, read it. I played a good few years on what many people remember as Legacy/Prologue. A private RP server project from the past. They had no RPG system there. They had no crafting or gathering of any sort. You could create any character you wanted. The good thing about that server was, that it was so easy to quickly get into the RP that you wanted to do. No matter if new player or old veteran, it didn't make any difference. A new player's character had all the same possibilties and abilities as that of an old veteran. You could decide for yourself if you wanted to be a civilian, a trader, a thief, a skilled mage, a priestess of elune, a troll witch doctor, an old tauren shaman, a greedy goblin... everything was possible. And you'd always find your place in the world, no matter who you decided to be. All of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms was available with plenty of opportunities to pursue your RP goals or play out your character the way you wanted. And if you were in the mood to play something else, making an alt and jumping into something new was as easy as snapping your fingers. Now Legacy/Prologue wasn't a paradise. It did have its flaws, and back then I already began discussions on the forums about how to fix those flaws. One big flaw that many people were unhappy about, for example, was the GM Nepo. Since there was no gathering or crafting system in place, no skills system or any of that sort, who was to decide what a character can and can't do? Sure, you could play a dwarf and venture into Silithus and roleplay out that you fight your way through a silithid cave until you find a precious vein of thorium, you mine it and take it back to Ironforge where you forge it into a new armor. That was your RP that you could do. But would you actually get the armor? Only if a GM was very nice to you and "validated" the RP you did. You had to take screenshots of the RP you did, show them to the GM and hope that he would approve of it and give you your armor. As you can imagine, the experience there was wildly different from player to player. Some players had good ties to some GMs and got a lot of stuff and progress. Other players didn't even get their tickets looked at for weeks. The RPG System of Shores fixed a lot of those issues. There now is no need for a GM to validate anything. You can go out, gather ore, craft your armor and get it into your bags with the system alone. And it is 100% fair. The system treats every player equally. Problem solved! The same goes for when it came down to events and combat on Legacy/Prologue. Two massive problems where there. The first problem was the amount of time it took. In a Legacy event, players took turns with writing down an emote and then rolling a d20 for their emote, then a GM had to read the emote and decide if the emote was any good and if the roll was any good, then give the player an answer to how successful his action/emote was. As you can imagine... even a small fight of 5 players versus 5 NPCs could take HOURS. The second problem was, that no matter who you were and what you did, you always had to roll a d20 to see your success. Rarely, very rarely, did a GM actually look at your character and take into consideration what skills he might have. You were playing a seasoned Kaldorei Archer and were trying to shoot a deer in the distance? Well, good luck! Literally. Because if you rolled below a 10, it probably did not matter in the least if you were a skilled archer or not. The GM would tell you that you miss, especially if the GM did not like you. Next to you stands a big, brutish Ogre with a hand-crafted bow that he never shot in his life and he rolls a 18. Wham, a hit! Who is the master archer now? The RPG System fixed this problem, too. No longer is your success chance of any action entirely dependant on luck. You have actual attributes and skills now that weigh heavily on your success chance. And the GM Nepo was removed from the equation entirely, as well. Problem solved! But what about the "good" side of Legacy? Remember how I said that you could be anyone, go anywhere? Do the RP you want to do? And just as easily roll an alt if you were in the mood for a change? Well... when it comes to this one good quality that Legacy had, the RPG System of Unknown Shores actually did not fix anything... in fact, the opposite. The RPG broke that. No longer can you just "be" who you want to be. No longer can you roll a Priestess of Elune, oh no. You will start out as a character with 0 XP that is not really "good" at anything, and to reach that point where you are who you wanna be, you need to spend several months on the server. And rolling an alt? You can entirely forget about that, unless you are content with that alt simply being a guy that is not really good at anything and all you do with it is socialize all day. Which brings me to the next point. I have spent a few years on a german private RP server that is vastly different from Unknown Shores. They do not have any systems there. They play on a large, custom island that holds a large, custom city. Think of it like Stormwind, only in pretty and big. The island is neutral, every race can live there. They have no PvE or PvP. They have no real events. You can still "try" to do PvP there, by emoting that you punch that one guy in the face. But it is pretty much like retail. It is emotes only and you can't force anyone to do anything really. So in the end... in those few years I was there I have never really seen anyone do conflict-RP or PvP of any sort. And the only events they ever hold are purely social in nature, for example a Hunter's Festival where players could participate in an archery contest and stuff like that. You see... on a server like this, I don't mind at all playing a character that has no particular skills. I can be totally content with playing a civilian that is good at nothing, really. Walking the streets, meeting and greeting people, socializing and (you know it) ERPing can be a lot of fun IF you have the right platform for it. And this german server does. They have a big city, they have player housing where you can have your own house (with lockable door much like Shores has) and you can decorate the inside of your house any way you want (the inside of each house is phased and you basically get GM building rights from the Admin so that you can build what you want in your own house-phase). The server does everything right to provide a very enjoyable "social RP" experience. But Unknown Shores is not that. If you play a purely social character on Unknown Shores, how much fun are you really going to get? You are stuck in a harsh survival setting, surrounded by hostile NPCs. The focus lies on PvE and adventuring. And there is no real "social" hub anywhere. You have Mel's small tavern, yeah. But aside from that, there is no player housing, there is no "town" of any sorts that provides a basic social structure for you to live in. Unknown Shores is a setting that heavily supports characters that are "good" at something. A skilled lumberjack, a weaponsmith, a skilled fighter or adventurer... those are characters that have plenty of opportunity for RP and live out their dreams in the Doldrums. But... a new character does not start out as any of that. A new character starts out as a guy that is.. not really good at anything. Especially compared to all the veterans that are around. I firmly believe that this needs to change. How can you expect any new player that comes here to have a good time, when they are so limited in who they can be? How can you say "just go and RP, you don't need to be a veteran to just RP?" if there is no real foundation for a new player to do the RP you ask of them? If they are not good at adventuring, at building, at crafting or at gathering.. what are they supposed to do in this setting? A setting that is made for builders, crafters and adventurers? They are more likely to just log off again and forget about the server. Why go through months of work and hassle and "waiting on productivity" to finally be who you want to be, when on other private servers out there you can achieve the same within just a few seconds and jump right into the RP you want? As explained at the very top... the RPG already fixed all the glaring issues that Legacy ever had. It really has! The only thing that it really doesn't need... is this gamey leveling system.
  9. foogleman

    Character Creation Revamp

    I want to suggest a drastic change in how character creation and progress works. Reason: The way Unknown Shores works right now is not very appealing to new players or returning players. Most of our current population is made up of decked out characters that have reached their desired max level or XP threshhold, a point that takes several months to reach. Some characters are even so advanced, they have reached a point of growth that would take a new character more than half a year to reach, if not longer. This is very disheartening and discouraging for new players or returning players. It puts a very noticeable pressure on people to stick to that one character they are playing, log in on them every single day and pump every point of productivity they have into it's growth, but even then they know that they will never really catch up to the veterans. Creating an alt and spreading your productivity over two characters will make it even worse. I brought up a simple question on the discord recently where I asked: "If you would play on retail WoW, do you feel that need to level up your character to max level first and deck him out with the transmog you want, before you actually go into roleplay with him?" It is true, even on retail, most people like to level to max first before they think about roleplay. Most people don't like doing roleplay while being some low-level character in leveling gear that doesn't have access all the areas and possibilities the game has to offer. And on Unknown Shores, we are currently suffering the same problem. You create a new character and you feel like you are not "ready" to really play him yet. Because compared to most others on the server, your character isn't really good at anything. He is a low level guy in leveling gear. And due to how productivity works, you can't even get him really into the game with power-leveling. You are stuck with literally "waiting" 3 months or more until you get to the point where you feel on a level playing field with all the others. The other day I made a new character with the intention to just roleplay with him. Not care about productivity or leveling or any of that sort, just roleplay. Since currently, I am putting all my productivity into getting my Panda to max level. So I made this troll. He is supposed to be a hexxer, witch doctor, that sort of deal. Since I was going to stay at 0XP with him for many months due to how the system works, I gave him a supportive build for combat. At least then he can be a bit useful, healing and buffing. Combat was never going to be his focus anyways, his focus was to be roleplay. Act out his role as witch doctor and spirit speaker. I got my chance to play out my character later that afternoon. I was asked to speak to the spirits and do some divination to find something. Perfect. I even had put points into the new Skill system for divination, since that is the purpose of my witch doctor. I got a Keeper and then did my thing, emoted out the ritual and stuff. Then I got told that for proper divination or scrying, there are rules. For example, I need a minimum of 5000 XP to do it. And my immediate reaction to it was "You are basically telling me that I have to afk-park this character away on the beach for over a month, log in on him every day to push my 70 prod into his XP pool, until I reach 5k XP and then I can finally play him?" It is not only me. A lot of other players feel the same problems with the RPG. So here I am with a proposition. Proposition: TL;DR: Spreadsheet Example for new Character Creation Every new character starts pretty much maxed out. There will be no further progression, leveling or any of that sort with productivity after character creation. This means that new characters will always be on a level playing field with everyone else, even with the veterans. Of course veterans will still be stronger than a fresh, new character since they will have better equipment and things like that. Progression may also be possible in the form of special events or special items from events. Other than that, think of "progression" the way it was back on Legacy/Prologue. You progress your characters story, the friends and enemies he makes and the name he makes for himself in the world. That has been a recipe for success in the past, I don't see why it shouldn't be here. And the RPG can continue to be what it does best: Bring some form of order and balance to the game. It is a good "ruleset" of what a character can and can't do and it makes combat events that much faster and more enjoyable for everyone. Those were always the true, biggest weak points of Legacy/Prologue, where the question of what your character can and can't do mostly dependet on GM nepo and your performance during combat was entirely based on luck (/roll 20). What about veterans / old characters? Will they be reset? Here is what I propose: Leave every old character as it is. They can keep their attribute points and profession levels as they are now. In some cases, that will make them permanently more advanced than any new characters, but since we are speaking of only a few select individuals here I don't think it'll be that big of a deal. Besides, I guess they have earned it. Naturally, every old character will also have the option of a reset to make use of the new character creation. What about people making crafter alts / gaterer alts? Yes, this is an entirely new problem that would come up with this new character creation. This can be solved in a few different way. In the past, account-wide productivity was the safety-measure here that prevented people from abusing the system with gathering alts. This new character creation however would require some slight alterations. What I would propose here, and I believe that would be the easiest solution, would be to make productivty "per character" instead of account wide. Come to think of it, with this new character creation you would no longer need productivity to level up or raise skills. The only purpose of productivity with this new system would be... to spend it on gathering. Or learning a language. So if someone doesn't have a whole lot of time to play every day, that wouldn't be that big of a deal. It's not like they would fall behind in combat XP... or raising their crafting skills or anything. That means, we could change it so that a new character starts with 0 productivity and he gains 3 productivity every hour he spends being online. No more offline-productivity gain. Maybe raise it even to 6 prod per hour. Who knows, the numbers can be tweaked here. The general idea is, that a character only gains productivity if he is actively played. Some other alterations can be made as well. In any case, I firmly believe that there is ways to make gathering or crafting alts "not viable".
  10. foogleman

    RPG starting XP revamp

    I was not aware. That's great to hear.
  11. foogleman

    RPG starting XP revamp

    A wild foogleman appears. So this was a thought that's been going around in my head for quite a while now. While progression is fun and all, I now firmly believe that the best course of action for this server would be, if the character creation gets a little overhaul. I believe it would be more fun and definitely more alt-friendly if new characters could start out with 3-4 months worth of XP to freely distribute at character creation between their combat skills and crafting skills. That way, a new character doesn't have to start out as a nobody and people, especially new players, had a lot more opporunities in what they wanna do right off the bat. Someone could start out as a veteran combatant, a skilled magic user or a seasoned craftsman. Or a mix of anything, really. And there could still be progression, only that progression would go slowly and more focused. How do I even get to this idea? Well, I thought back of the old Legacy days and about other private server I have been on. The matter of fact is.. none of these past servers had what Unknown Shores has. The RPG system and all that. Still, people had a lot of fun on them, character variety was great and ideas and concepts were thrown around everywhere. And I believe that it was mostly due to the fact that you could start out as any character you wanted. There was no RPG system holding you back. You wanted to be an adventurer? No problem. You wanted to be a skilled blacksmith? Sure thing. But on Unknown Shores, you can only start out as one thing: Untrained Scrub that is good at nothing. Which is ultimately very limiting for new players. The one thing that I believe is the best thing about the RPG system is, that it brings order and fairness to the RP environment. Which is the one thing that was always missing on Legacy RP. We don't do a simple d20 roll here to see if that seasoned Kaldorei Archer hits the mark or shoots herself in the foot. We don't "pretend" that this one blacksmith guy over there is a master in his craft and has 150 Thorium Bars in his backpack to craft that very special armor for an event. Those were all Legacy problems that the RPG did fix. But starting out as a untrained scrub, that is not a problem that the RPG system fixed, it is rather a problem it created. Progression can still be a thing, even if players would start out as "someone". There is many ways someone can progress, as there has always been. Just throwing that thought out there. I do believe it would improve the experience, especially for new players.
  12. foogleman

    Maliki Haluz'Ehk's Death

    I didn't see the whole thing personally, only some logs. There's just two things I wanna throw out there. 1. Yes, the situation could have been handled differently. Players could have just given Ehk grave wounds and a warning that if he ever shows his face again, they will kill him. I think that would have been the appraoch I would have made in that situation. No need to murder a dog for just barking too loud and snapping at you when you get too close. 2. I still feel the death is reasonable. Ehk was a character that had, over several months, shown a lot of aggression and unruly behaviour. On top of that, I've seen him throw death threats at other people rather frequently. It was only a matter of time until he would bark and snarl at the wrong person. Our community and our server is based around player agency. It is up to the players, for the most part, here to hand out justice and retribution. If a character is so antagonizing over such a long time, it is understandable when some people at some point don't want to take his shit anymore and decide to get rid of him... permanently. Farewell, Ehk. Hopefully we'll see you again on another character.
  13. foogleman

    Provisioner Suggestions

    Out of Combat Potions: That's what food already is for. If you make potions like that, there would be no need for food. I like that potions are more of an "in combat" thing while food is out of combat. On the topic of the "cosmetic" potions, I'd rather not. I only see a lot of memery going on with that. Transmute: Would rather have this on the Mystic. Balance Pass: We are overhauling the Fatigue and Injury system at the moment and will push that out soon. I'd wait with a balance pass until that is out. Poisons/Oils: Roughly the same effect than potions. They simply buff you up with more damage. Cross-Profession Crafting: I would want more of this, too. Worth thinking about.
  14. foogleman

    The Adventurers Guild