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    The Upheaval: Date: 06/27 Year: 30 Shortly after the rediscovery of Pandaria on Azeroth, the Doldrums underwent drastic changes and its denizens were given reminders of how dangerous the islands could be. Those living on Opej'Nor first noticed the rising of the tide, which was a strange occurrence in itself as the Doldrums had no natural tide. They could only watch as floods slowly swept across the coastline, threatening to swallow both Egtown and Haven's port and forcing those living there to abandon their homes. Thanks to the efforts of Haven's guard and the Palm Rats, panic was kept to a minimum, though reports of looting still occurred. As things began to settle and fear gave way to curiosity, Opej'Nor was suddenly rocked by a massive quaking of the land. Once more panic had to be contained as the sturdy earthworks of Haven buckled and gave way, burying whatever remained of the now flooded port. As Egtown began to collapse into the sea, a deep rift tore open, swallowing the shanty town before ripping through the heart of New Moonbrook all the way to the foot of the mountains. High Hearth saw cliffs shear away, toppling the iconic zeppelin into the ocean. Believing the end was upon them as they bore witness to the cliff face creeping closer and closer to their encampment, the Scarlet Crusaders mustered what supplies they could and fled for the safety of Haven. In the aftermath, the various powers and people of the island scrambled to aid each other however they could, but it wasn't until the Scarlets arrived at the gates of Haven that the magnitude of what had happened could be realized. What appeared to be a marshy island with fungus as tall as the highest treetops of Ashenvale had collided with Opej'Nor. Some reported that it must have been the mysterious island of Salt Mire, but so few had ever been to the island it was just speculation. What all agreed on was that it had moulded into Opej'nor, twisting the jungle and absorbing it into the mysterious bog. These events were only the beginning of the changes that would sweep across the Doldrums. This is the first blog post revolving around the events that happen to the Doldrums during the shutdown. We'll be periodically releasing these as more events are finalized.