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    Temporary Shutdown

    Unknown Shores will be going offline for a few months, starting from the 1st of July. We will be working on much needed fixes to our management style and the available content on the server. Shores has been up continuously since its launch in 2018, weathering tumultuous episodes that other servers would have closed under. Thus, it has accumulated many issues that need cleaning up both mechanically and story wise. We have chosen to go through this temporary shutdown in order to give us time to do more than apply some band-aids. During this downtime we’ll be working with temporary extra staff on revamps and additions to our islands for people to explore and roleplay in, as well as adding to and changing existing content to come out with the 7.3.5 update. As stated before; we're not just looking to place band-aids over old wounds, we are looking to remedy them and seek to give you, the players, the experience that you deserve. We will also seek to begin the highly suggested advertising campaign, create a brand new website, a new wiki board, and revise the role of the forums we currently have. We aim to keep the community informed with regular updates, showcasing the new systems being coded, teasers for the new areas to explore and the new opportunities that players will have available to them. We recognise that the server has been a daunting experience for new players and we seek to mitigate these issues by the time the server relaunches. We want this to be a community that welcomes both veterans and fresh faces to our story. We’re also looking to hire more people to have a larger staff pool when we reopen, so if you’re interested, do contact us! We look forward to welcoming you all back again soon and look forward to giving you our first progress report in the coming weeks!
  2. Varen

    RPG Patch v3.3.5

    Ability Change: Guard +Can be used during the fight invitation period. - This change allows characters AND NPCs to guard during the fight invitation phase. The 10 energy cost of Guard will be paid on the first-turn starting energy when used this way.
  3. Varen

    RPG Patch v3.3.5

    Proposed AI Changes A rework planned on how the AI chooses its targets in turns, rather than just going for whoever has the lowest HP, the AI manager will look at the stats of the NPC and make an informed decision based on the available targets. NPCs with worse stats will be "dumber" about their decision making process, as they have less information to work with, while stronger NPCs will try to be more optimal. This would allow variation between NPC types and perhaps even changing of their tactics during the fight, if conditions change.
  4. Varen

    RPG Patch v3.3.5

    -Removed "Then engage target" from intervene. This allows the ability to be used on both allies and enemies to clear engagements. -Added Tower Shield Changes: Rare - Tower Shield [0-5, Str 4.0, 0% Crit] Damage Taken -15%, +200 HP, -1 Energy Regen Requires 8 Str - An option for shield users who wish to focus on tanking even more damage above other utility.
  5. Varen


    What's your operating system? Which program are you using to extract the files? I know that winrar sometimes causes issues, so I suggest using 7zip. Do ping me on discord too if you can, it makes it easier to back and forth about the issue.
  6. Varen

    Unable to login

    The acc is right, If you can't remember your pass, PM me a new one and I can set it for you.
  7. Varen

    [Project] The Lethargy of the Elves

    The elf inspects the rune and, after some time calculating on the data he retrieved, came to the conclusion that a shard like these released a power equivalent of around 7 fully charged mana shields when shattered through overheating.
  8. Varen

    Server Toxicity

    Reposting for clarity: As casting a widespread net over every player wasn't what I intended, after a chat with Dascombe on discord I edited the text to the following:
  9. Varen

    Unknown Shores, RPG Patch Notes

    ##### Patch 3.3.2 ##### (Launcher required!) -Writable objects have been added! Architect made, they come in several page counts and shapes, such as single pages or books. You'll be able to edit and place them anywhere using the regular Architect rules. It comes with a fancier editor for the text too, which we may use for Noticeboards as well in the future. -Added a number of new architect objects from the last batch Mel put together. -Changed the turn arrow, now uses a green arrow that shows for everyone -Changed most food items to stop you from eating them if you're already under their effect (Big Sandwich, etc) -Fixed bug that could crash the server if negative damage was being dealt (e.g. The Cannon) -Fixed some commands crashing the server if given invalid parameters -Fixed Curse of Agony lasting 4 instead of 6 rounds -Fixed Tower Shield giving incorrect mitigation amount -Fixed Bladed Mail being bought with the wrong token type
  10. Varen

    [Issue] Haven Troop Deployment

    We'll have to see how we can fit it in the edit, it's a work in progress.
  11. Varen

    [Issue] Haven Troop Deployment

    No, we really genuinely picked the bigger building without accounting for wow's way to work things out, such as the towers of it being unaccessible etc. We just gotta take more care next time.
  12. Varen

    [Issue] Haven Troop Deployment

    Actually, we're world editing changes to Haven to add more housing in the next run of patches, I just said it in Discord and forgot to post it here. The point of the housing being inaccurate came up because we edited in the "upgraded" barracks without actually realising that upgrading in wow means "less beds" not more. But it is being looked into.
  13. Varen

    Unknown Shores Q&A!

    There's no statement made on the validity of these concerns. If they're valid, then you'll see change happen, if they're not, you won't. We won't be making statements on our decision making process however. As I wrote one line above what you quoted
  14. Varen

    Unknown Shores Q&A!

    As outlined in the thread, the issues that are being brought up fall in the categories listed. At its core, we have a set of things we offer. If we don't agree with changing them, and asking to change them, no matter how much, how often, or how hard, won't achieve any positive result. If your opinion is that the policies we follow are wrong, it is possible to bring them up, and if they don't abide to the intent we have for the place, we may change them. But there's no intent to change the server's ideology based on the people who happen to play on it. If that makes it impossible for you to play here, and turns you to behaviour that goes against our rules in an attempt to force the direction to change, you will be punished. The vision and goal of the server is not to service and give players what they want, but to provide a place for people who enjoy the place we're making to continue doing so. I can see why from your perspective, you think that's going to be an issue. But that comes from a matter of your expectations not matching the server's. The most we can do is outline what the server is about, and ensure that those who play here get the same idea. Issues that arose on other servers, and disagreements with the core of the ideology of the server are not issues we can resolve. Issues stated towards a staff member are a matter for staff, to discuss with the rest of staff. You may not demand us to take actions for your concerns. If those concerns are shared, seen as valid, or relevant, they'll be acted upon. Otherwise, you will have to accept the result. Insisting will not achieve anything positive. This is also not a place to discuss Jessica, Legacy, or whatever other place this is not. Refrain from it in the future.
  15. Varen

    Unknown Shores Q&A!

    The thread is not intended to name out individuals or give widespread blame. It is a statement on the policy we have, and there's a number of people who understand, and share these sentiments. There're a number who do not. In the end, the above line sums it up: We may talk, we may discuss, we may agree or disagree, but staff in the end decides what to do. We have a clearer set of guidelines to handle people that are demonstrating behaviour that isn't acceptable, and that'll be applied to them. But no, to reiterate, The thread is not a blanket statement on everyone being at fault, even if it points mainly to the issues, there're quite a few players who fall in the "not vocal category" that is listed in that post.
  16. Varen

    Unknown Shores Q&A!

    As Elle just got his internet back, I plan to go through the logs of what's been going on while he had no internet and work with him to plan our way onwards from that. Lang has given me some info extra-logs of what he planned to do / where he was going with the stories he was saying, so it's a matter of sifting through that material and pick our next move. There's no intent to "Retcon" the events, and we're going to meet to decide how to give the events that happened so far justice moving forward.
  17. Varen

    Unknown Shores, RPG Patch Notes

    Hotfix 20/05/2019: -Rewrote Energy Regen logic, should fix most / all energy bugs -Respawning code changed, better support for waypoints -Adjusted new character spawn for Haven -Fixed ManaShield giving mana instead of consuming it. (<_<") -Fixed Scream adding energy instead of ingenuity -Fixed crash with Shield Block being used without a shield equipped
  18. Varen

    Unknown Shores, RPG Patch Notes

    ##### Patch 3.3.1 ##### -Ironskin and Magicbarrier now replace your Armor's statistics rather than sum to them, and only if higher. As a result, Shatter effects now affect these spells too. -Fixed Devastate damage, it was doing 30% less damage than it said. -Changed Mana Shield's calculation to (EnergyConsumed * MagicActionCheck) / 1.6 -Fixed BeastialWrath doing something entirely different than what it said. -Fixed Fatigue not affecting damage taken or damage output at all. -GM: DMKit now has an interface for variables and links. This should cut down the time to make DMKit things to minutes from hours. -GM: DMKit Triggerers now can optionally use Line of Sight checks -GM: DMKit ObjectSpawners can copy model, rotation, position and scale from a pre-placed object during setup. (Not dynamically, though.) -Various fixes for DMKit oddities -Misc boat changes
  19. Varen

    Unknown Shores, RPG Patch Notes

    Hotfix 09/03/2019: -Fixed Identifying Glass being off by a factor of 100 (showing 0.0x% instead of x%). Hotfix 10/03/2019: -Fixed Dodge having no effect at all on damage. -Fixed Identifying Glass not showing Healing Received mod correctly ##### Patch 3.2.0 ##### - Implemented version 1.0 of skills, this may be subject to some revisions during the next few weeks. Skills are accessible from a new menu on your character sheet, you may also learn new skills from that menu as well. You will gain points as you gain XP and they are refunded in the event of an XP reset similarly to how abilities are. The mundane skills are fairly self-explanatory, the magical ones can be a bit more confusing. The intent is that the skill represents using your particular power to do a particular effect, rather than your competency with the Light or Arcane magic in general, etc. You can find the definitions here: http:// https://www.unknown-shores.com/index.php?/topic/486-rpg-skills-information/ Skills have a default associated attribute, but you may override this at a DM's discretion by using the .rpg check <attribute> <skill> <advantage/disadvantage> framework. RPG Checks now roll 2d10 + (Attribute / 2) rounded down + Skill Bonus. Raw attribute checks are instead 2d10 + Attribute. Untrained = +0 Trained = +3 Expert = +6 Master = +10 Generally speaking, expected DCs you will have to pass are: Easy (12), Medium (14), Hard (18), Very Hard (26) If you have feedback on the skill system please do not hesitate to discuss it in the system channel or also DM me directly. - Boss marked characters have more attribute points to spend. (This does not impact NPCs) - Cut one line from the ability page to prevent crashes with maxed out abilities. - Increased the free RPG XP reset threshold from 750 to 1500. - Fixed fast travel Menhirs silver option. - Moved spawn of Haven boat from the middle of Haven. - Fixed attunements trying to attune more than the max and breaking. - Fixed WellFed buff not stacking. - Fixed DistractingFlourish having zero effect due to rounding error, woops. Hotfix 26/03/2019: -Fixed Turn Order getting reset when someone dies in a fight -Fixed keys crashing the server in some cases Hotfix 27/03/2019: -Added Architect stuff of the latest @🅼🅴🅻 batch of goods. -Increased how much you must be drunk before you start being unable to talk normally. -Fixed yet another turn-order-reset bug ##### Patch 3.3.0 ##### - Overhauled RPG item internals, optimized to improve performance, and added new functionality to assist in creating future items and to allow for more interesting effects. - Overhauled RPG Skills to our new lists after feedback, everyone has been reset. - Added a mod essence command. - A number of small bugfixes. Hotfix 14/04/2019: -Code changes for performance increase up to ~90%, should mitigate the worst server-hitches we've been having. -Misc fixes including some related to items having a new token set on them and failing to recognize it ##### Patch 3.3.0a ##### -Server supports mmaps and vmaps with our custom maps: This means that NPCs will stop pathing through walls, trees, and the like. -RPG "aggro" now respects LoS: Npcs will not be able to see you (or call for allies) through a map edited solid object. You won't be able to start fights unless you have LoS either -Various changes to AI, especially to diminish cheese of some npcs too eager to engage everyone.
  20. Varen

    RPG Equipment Document

    Added profession rings.
  21. Varen

    Unknown Shores, RPG Patch Notes

    Hotfix 18/02/19 -Slightly increased tea fatigue regen. -Prod tokens are soulbound now. -Fixed scrapping of architect items. -Fixed some healing not being range limited still. ##### Patch 3.1.3 ##### -Added Bulk Orders. Bulk Orders can be acquired by profession-specific NPCs, and come in different level brackets. Once one is accepted and fullfilled, it can be turned in for a reward of coin, or something else. The 85 and 100+ brackets have rewards in form of RPG rings and legendary materials! Bulk orders cycle to a new one every hour, or sometimes as you get more XP. -Added new Architect tables and objects New architect tables have been added with plenty of new detail items, with a different method of categorization: Each table will specialise in a category (E.g. fishing) and have subcategories for various gameobjects. The old architect tables still exist, but will eventually be integrated in this system. Big thanks to 🅼🅴🅻 for all the legwork required for this! -NPCs now buff their allies as expected when using party buffs. -Fixed Obliterate Message -Fixed Engages failing -Fixed NPCs multi-cleaving a single target if it was guarding someone else. Oof. Hotfix 07/03/2019: -Fixed some party buffs crashing the server -Fixed keys crashing the server in some cases
  22. Varen

    Unknown Shores, RPG Patch Notes

    Hotfix 28/12/2018 -Fixed businesses sometimes slowing down their output -Mystic randomcraft of medicine books now crafts 7 instead of 1 if it rolls for that result. Patch 3.1.1b - Worldedits Worldedit-only patch, use the launcher to download. Changes include player-owned buildings that have been completed so far, plus a few fixes and other map features like a few names on locations. Hotfix 06/01/2019 -Fixed a crashbug involving using keys of objects that weren't loaded in the map. -Tweaked dodge calculation, slightly buffed back from the nerfs of oblivion. -Fixed a bug with weapons having -dam (slayer's etc) not taking weaponstones in account for their damage. -Fixed a GM command to set up businesses, new businesses won't think they need to catch up from a server downtime started in the 1970s. Hotfix 10/01/2019 -Changes to MeleeAI engagement logic -Changes to RangedAI attack logic -Fixes for healing sigils/aegises, now they should do exactly what they say on the tin -Fixed display of ability forget times ##### Patch 3.12 ##### -Changed basic provisoner foods. No longer heal or restore fatigue, instead apply an 1h buff that mitigates fatigue buildup. Can stack up to 5 times. -Added the Cooking Campfire to Architect, contains basic food recipes. Basic food recipes cost no productivity, but have a small fatigue cost instead. They do not increase your provisoning profession. -Added boiled foods to Cooking Campfire: Will heal to 100% hp over 1 minute. -Added relaxing tea to Cooking Campfire: Will reduce an amount of fatigue over 5 minutes. -Added the Stone Well to Architect. Allows to produce 1 fresh water per 4% fatigue spent. -Added Rare Scrapping Kit. Costs 250s. -Increased drop rate of meat from many animals. -Lowered chance of cuts for very low damage amounts -Removed spamming of "tipsy" message. -Fixed some healing abilities not having a max distance out of combat -Fixed some abilities causing cooldowns when used out of combat -Removed a lot of "You can never use that item" from various items that weren't wearable for a reason or another. Report if you find more! -WIP: Working on the database side of the bulk orders, they will be released in a download-less patch in the next few days with proper patchnotes on how they work.
  23. Varen

    Unknown Shores, RPG Patch Notes

    ##### Patch 3.11 ##### -AI Changes: -AI will try to make best use of engagements when cleave is available -AI will try to disengage when trying to be ranged rather than stand around and wait -Slew of crashbug fixes -Fixed Judgement giving energy/health to wrong target Hotfix 07/12/18: -Fixed crash from having too many abilities -Surgery now can remove long-duration wounds Hotfix 08/12/18: -Fixed weapon enchantments not displaying a visual effect when applied. -Removed selling of non-junk to the exchange master. ##### Patch 3.11a ##### -WoW healthbars will now display percentage of RPG health, both for you and others. -NPCs will now try to target (As in, wow target display) the last unit they used an ability on. (Go to interface->Combat->enable TargetOfTarget to make use of this) -Fatigue gain from fleeing greatly decreased -Fixed NPC hostility tag not updating correctly sometimes -Various fixes for states not reverting stats properly. Hotfix 14/12/2018: -Removed some old injuries for the ongoing effort to unify all the injuries to work with the same rules -Goodbye silver-eye, removed teleports from the defunct isle. Hotfix #2 14/12/2018: -Changed initial spawn location options for new chars: Drustgarde, Halfpoint, Menhirs -Dying now respawns you at the closest safe location available, with a few in Opej and one in Menhirs -Changed unstable hearthstone to teleport to Halfpoint Haven -Fixed Rotate To My Facing in Architect ##### Patch 3.1.1b ##### -FieldMedicalTreatment now removes all Trivial injuries and up to 2 Minor Injuries -Book of Medicine changed: Changed functionality to use Field Medical Treatment on self when consumed. -Changed wound descriptions to specify if they're Trivial, Minor, Major, or Permanent injuries. -NPCs will try to face fight creator on fight start and track it. -Internal crash-fixes. Hotfix 20/12/2018. -Fixed Book of Medicine consuming cooked fish instead of the book to use field medical treatment. -Changed text in Mr Smith's spawn to remove reference to grave wounds -Internal fixes Hotfix 22/12/2018 -Architect tables changs: *They now show the recipe level on the recipe name in brackets. (Red if level too low) *Added multipage support, so we can have unlimited recipes in a category. *Alphabetical sorting.
  24. Varen

    RPG starting XP revamp

    You currently require 5999 productivity to go from 0 to max XP. That's 83 days of XP focused on combat. I've the feeling that you've written this bit but haven't looked at what our updates did to XP distribution a while ago! And a few professions have received new recipes that make them quite a lot faster to level up as well. Plus there's an upcoming update that'll make it even more streamlined. Furthermore, with your starting stats, you can now take on most things that once required a veteran player to handle. The bar has been moved already!