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[Notice] Opej Defenders

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A number of notices end up on noticeboards in Tordala, Haven, High Hearth, New Moonbrook and the expanding settlement of Shimmerpond Village bearing Baron West's handwriting:




By decree of Baron West, this notice hereby serves as a request for adventurers to heed a 'call to arms'.

Specifically I seek a party of at least four willing to undertake a 'guard duty' of sorts in protecting the Baron's Highway from all manner of threats that would seek to bring commerce and communication between the various factions on Opej'nor and beyond to a grinding halt.

The requirements for such a party is as follows:



  • One individual to act as 'leader' of this appointed group.
  • At least one individual from one of the 'Horde' races.
  • At least one individual from one of the 'Alliance' races.
  • Some seasoned experience in fighting on Opej'nor (('Veteran' level exp))
  • Individuals on at least a 'neutral' basis with High Hearth, Shimmerpond Village, Haven, New Moonbrook* and Tordala.



  • Group comprised entirely of combatants (see below for 'supply drops'**)
  • Different skill sets per individual within the group.


As part of this arrangement you will not be working directly -FOR- Baron West, New Moonbrook or the Alliance however the Baron will see to you being heavily supplied** with provisions, armour, building materials for outposts and an initial pay settlement until a wider 'taxation' policy can be agreed with other settlements.

*Horde individuals within this party may be subject to a special badge to allow for reports on highway attacks to be delivered to New Moonbrook.


Primarily the group will be tasked with keeping the roads clear with bandits and hostile beasts however should there be an agreement between all settlements on Opej'nor with regards to 'Highway Law' there may be laws issued for them to enforce.


Parties interested in this should seek out Baron West at New Moonbrook to discuss arrangements for initial supply caches to be deployed.


- Baron Timothy West of New Moonbrook



Hi peeps.


A quick offer of 'interest' which is specifically aimed towards new players who join Unknown Shores. As the Baron's Highway (see the above link) nears completion, its come to the Baron's attention that with the bandit presence to the east having been culled (but still remaining) that the entirity of the highway will effectively need 'policed' or 'guarded'

Very much in a similar vain to the Adventurer's Guild that previously existed this is aimed to be a small gaggle of individuals who effectively operate independant of any one settlement on Opej'nor and grants the following opportunities:


1.) Not tied down to any one settlement. A good opportunity for a group of individuals who like to wander and explore.

2.) Supplied and backed up by Baron West. No need to worry about food buffs, medical supplies or even building materials with the Baron on hand to assist (and likely other players too)

3.) A drop-in drop-out opportunity with no long term commitment required.


Effectively this is an offer of a small guild / group idea should individuals wish to take it up. It is however more aimed towards new players joining Unknown Shores!

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