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[Event] The Meat Feast II

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Where: Opej'nor (meet at the Jolly Otter)

When: Wednesday 11th March, 20:00 server-time.

Who: Anyone on a neutral reputation with Haven. -NO MAGIC USERS-

Event Type: NPC killing / resource gathering

GM Assistance: No GM assistance required


Overlooking the township of Haven from one of the guard towers, one of the few places he can smoke without being accosted, the Baron grumbles to himself.


"Many mouths to feed with more refugees turning up day by day and naught but a pig farm and a single field of wheat to sustain them... I suspect the Matron may have underestimated the numbers of this fledgling city..."

Turning his back to the township, he then looks out across Opej'nor. The sun was fading over the horizon and a cacophony of sounds emenates deep from within the jungle... to the untrained ear it would be the general mix-mash of assorted jungle beasts rolled into a single amorphous background noise but to the trained ear the very scenes themselves would unravel.


The sound of a feathered axebeak using its namesake tool to crack open walnuts

The failed attempt of a panther to lunge upon an unsuspecting doe

The deep and distant roar of a young devilsaur getting its first kill


The Baron nods to himself with a mighty grin "The jungle always provides"

And with that he slides down the ladder of the tower to the street level of Haven, pulling his cloak further round as he wanders down side-streets and alleyways but as he does so he passes numerous trappers, hunters, marksmen, rangers and even the odd warrior or thief to spread the news.



Event Objectives

Main Objective

  • IconSmall_Deer.gif?version=f707be861e82c The Meat Feast

Gather X300 [Meat Shank] to feed all those attending the feast.

Bonus Objectives

  • IconSmall_Roc.gif?version=2d4afc58d8da4d The Exclusive Diner's Club

Kill at least one 'rare' beast

  • IconSmall_Gryphon.gif?version=3b793dfd53 The -other- White Meat

Kill a gryphon

  • 24px-IconSmall_SeaSnail.gif?version=83eb Escargots à la Bourguignonne

Kill at least 20 sturdy whelks for a signature Alteraci dish snail shells with wine and garlic butter. 





Hi folks

Another event to go up, fortunately one that requires zero GM participation unless one is bored and wants to drop a surprise.

The plan is for this to be a large-scale 'gathering' event for a follow-up event in Haven. For those who weren't there for it, this event in question is a follow up of one that was held very successfully last year in which hunters go out into Opej'nor and hunt beasts which are brought back to Haven for processing by the Baron who will, in turn, serve up a mighty feast!

The follow up event plans to be a more sociable event where folks can gather up, sit down, have some grub and just chat to fellow players in a sociable setting, call it 'campfire' RP if you will but its something that everyone can get involved with regardless of gear or level.

Even those wishing to attend this pre-event may do so as the beasts on Opej'nor vary from the small and nimble bandicoon to the massive and mighty Devilsaur! Regardless, they all drop meat so every bit of assistance is welcome!

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