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[Project] Restoration of the Peak

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Location: Grom'Goshar Peak (Opej)

Players currently involved: Gruk / Treant

Type of project: Cultivation / Land Restoration


Quick project just to track current progress of both 'Treant' and 'Gruk' as they work to restore the land on Opej's highest peak after Smoulderon's escape obliterated most of it and left it with lingering signs of flame elemental damage.

Currently the main path the duo aim to go down is not so much to fully revert the damage done but rather to adapt to it by utilizing current plantlife which has grown hardy since the damage and taken on flame / heat resistant properties. Currently the duo have the following skills at their disposal:


  • Gruk - Moderate herb lore / pyremaster.
  • Treant - Is a treant. Proficient in druidic magic


Once again the duo do not intend to fully revert the peak back to what it once was but rather to adapt to its new situation. It is worth pointing out that Gruk intends to ward the peak as well so that the burning damages of the peak do not extend beyond it.


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