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  1. Antioch

    [Announcement] McDankus' Fiasco

    I will just add my two cents on the matter as I see it's kicked up some dust. While I would be inclined to agree that McDaknus's behavior was inappropriate, I would like to point out that the Head Keeper's response on the whole matter is just downright unacceptable. "My way or the high way" is just such self-entitled, venomous and childish that is beyond my words. Recently I quit my position as a Keeper on the staff, and I feel this is a great opportunity to shed some light on the situation, as it has some similarities to what happened here. I made an inquiry with Elle about a certain thing I wished to do with the Zandalari trolls, mainly use the newly accessible .wmo objects to give them a ship, as per their lore they arrived into the Doldrums with a fleet, and Zandalari are known as strong sailors. Elle rejected it, and when I supplied logical arguments as to why he should give it some consideration I was given the reply "You heard me, no." At this point in the conversation it broke down to the lack of respect Elle has when speaking to people. Being the Head Keeper does not mean you get to talk however you want, or be uncivil in a conversation that is about...well anything really. Bottom line I told Elle that I will not be able to work with him if he can not speak respectfully and not treat me like an underling. The response I got was "There's the door" so I simply left. The point I am trying to make here is that both incidents reveal a much deeper rooted problem. We've all seen the fate of servers where the gap between staff and the players is too wide. I don't believe the stance "My way of the high way" should be acceptable from any staff member, especially one of high rank. It sends a very bad message about the server as a whole and the staff team that you represent. The whole situation above is too complicated for me to get into and I feel it has already been chewed out enough. I simply believe that the root of this problem is one individual's inflated ego and that this entire situation could have been resolved much differently without pointless dust kicked up everywhere.
  2. Hello ladies and gents of Unknown Shores. You might have noticed things have been picking up lately, but I realize some things may still seem unclear and off, so I thought it was time to clarify what it is we're doing and how we'll be moving forward. 1. Systems : Varen has been working hard to update the RPG system running our servers, with more updates yet to come. We hope these new additions will add to the overall fun of actually participating in the system and address the concerns many of you have pointed out. You have been heard, fear not! What we can expect in the coming days: - An overhaul of how experience and progression of combat XP works, tailored to let lower-XP players catch up, those who've put in hard work so far to still bare the fruits of their labor and overall increase player progression across the board. -New additions to RPG professions to make each profession more individual and grant more benefits to the player putting in productivity into them across the board -A way to hire NPC's to "work for you" for massive projects requiring a lot of materials. Putting all those refugees you've been feeding to some work! -Balance updates yet to come.(edited) 2. Story: The story team has been working hard to address the feedback raised against the narrative on our server being unorganized and too focused on one thing. What you can expect from the upcoming storylines and events and generally the story part of the server as a whole: -A reorganization of the narrative and updates on the Lore of the Doldrums, how they function, which specific rules govern over them and all those questions you've been asking that have lead to confusion or frustration. -Many more minor events to influence the world and make it feel alive. This will be the main focus of all the Keepers, that and resolving player tickets. -The main narrative will be progressing at a regular pace as we strive to tie many loose ends created in times past through IC means. This means rather than solve things off-screen, we still want to get players involved in the resolution of these stories as many have invested a lot of effort in them. -Many and I mean many upcoming changes on the server setting as a whole, one meant to scale content based on the available population as to not have a giant swath of islands that are empty and lifeless. 3. Player Communication With the help of the newest addition to our team @Community Manager @Cudn we seek to greatly improve how the overall player base communicates with the staff team. We're all here to enjoy ourselves and communication is an integral part of making an enjoyable atmosphere. What we seek to improve in particular is: -Feedback and how it is addressed. -The general feel of the server, and which points does the player base think we can improve on the most. The means we will be going about this are several fold: 1. @Cudn Will be doing her best to make sure the entire team hears a complaint when it is raised. Systems related, player related or staff related, you have a voice both in the Staff team and the Council. 2. I will be holding Bi-Weekly Q&A's for any more delicate questions and concerns. While we always strive to listen to feedback and such, this will be a time where we set aside specific time ONLY for addressing these concerns and talking with the players on how to solve them. 3. Incentive for anyone to bring forth any ideas they have on how we can improve what is currently out there and make things more fun for everyone! 4. Clarity A major issue I've seen brought up in the past is people not knowing whom to turn to for what. Therefore I will outline the purpose and tasks of each member of the staff team. This notice will also be pinned and on the forum: @Antioch Anything regarding the current events, lore and narrative of the server. Tickets, events and general questions, don't hesitate to PM me. @Varen Systems, to be short. RPG combat, professions and the new systems we'll be adding, he's the guy to poke. @Cudn Community relations. Feedback and complaints in general. Have a problem with another member of the community, regardless if they are staff or another player? Think you've been treated unfairly - she's the person to turn to. @Keeper Tickets, minor requests or actions and reactions your character does in the world on the day-to day basis. Keepers are the main people who will be handling your tickets and the smaller scale story lines, so don't hesitate to contact them. Preferably through the ticketing system so we can all keep track of it. @Helper If you need anything minor helped with requiring GM access including: Help with bugs, XP transfer, Character retirement and so on. Again, preferably through the use of the ticketing system
  3. The Skittering Horror of Opej It has been some time since new fauna has appeared on Opej. Many new predators run through the teeming jungle in search of pray. Yet few are as sinister as Venomfang. A vile spider broodmother that has set her nest up in a cave high in the mountains of Opej she spins her wicked webs through the forest and unleashes her venomous brood upon unsuspecting animals and travelers alike. Rumor has it she hails from an old Nerubian lineage and could perhaps even be sentient. One thing is certain: Her venom is the elixir of death itself and would be desired by many alchemist and magicians. Rumor also has it she has made quite an impressive hoard of items in her cave from the unwary adventurers.
  4. The ground of Opej shakes with a new presence. A horrific, red scaled hydra has made its nest shortly off the shoreline and its brood has already begun to infest the waters. Venturing through the coast has become more and more dangerous, and many travelers have been found missing, their half-devoured corpses washing up on the shore some distance away from the hydra's nest. If nothing is done soon, the beast and its vile spawn may overtake the waters around Opej'nor entirely. Will anyone amount to the task of slaying the mighty beast? Time will tell. For now, Typhon's tyrannical reign over the Northen coasts of Opej'nor has begun.
  5. Antioch

    [Feedback] Unkown Shores Brainstorming Thread

    This is EXACTLY why I posted this thread. These are some amazing and creative ideas and I will see about making some, if not all of them happen. I advise everyone to keep stuff like this coming.
  6. Antioch

    [Feedback] Unkown Shores Brainstorming Thread

    I support all of this. Something along those lines is in the works.
  7. Antioch

    [Feedback] Transparency and Public Disclosure

    Caid answered this question more or less but this is a progressive server. The people who have been here the longest and only have one goal are going to be the most progressed. It really is that simple. If you have questions about how Menhirs got to where it is, I would be more than happy to answer them as I (as a player) made most of that possible. Staff hiring I agree on, however, one thing to note is that it is not a position given lightly. With great power comes great responsibility, and I understand the team for questioning people's ability to handle said responsibility. I believe what Varen meant can be explained in my ^ post up there. Perfectly qualified in this case is about keeping a level head when things get rough and having the patience to hear everyone out. My own two cents. One thing to note is that being stuck in the past will accomplish us nothing. Why don't we look to improve the future instead? Dragging old complaints, old things done, yeah it can be done to make a point. But we're all human, we all make mistakes. Live and let live. As can be seen from the threads I am posting I am trying hard to get that "concerns being dismissed as crying etc" factor removed, so we can all sit down and have a nice conversation about the things that bother us. I don't think bringing it up again will be constructive. I am not here to point fingers or blame, but there are two factors in the case you pointed out. The first being that it wasn't due to an unlogged event, it was due to a lore secret. Only certain members of the staff are privy to certain information, such as the nature and Origin of the core and so on. Could it have been better explained? Yes. Should there be more lore available for keepers so they can run content? Yes and I am working on that. Should the Keeper in question have asked said loremasters before running the event it is alright? Also yes. When I became staff I did nothing for a few days other than get informed on stuff and go through old logs because I wanted to avoid exactly something like that. There's two sides to every coin and story. This one is no different. Caid answered this concern pretty well. Legacy used to have up to 200 players at a time online at peak hours. Its older incarnations at least 50. We have half of that at the best of times. Its also demotivating to lay out a story for everyone else why you stick to the sidelines. I for one have not seen a single staff character that has been overtuned, overpowered or overdone. If anything, other players have taken the spotlight numerous times, which is how things should be. If you have examples of what you are saying, I would be glad to hear it. Be concrete and give names and examples and I would happily go over them. Otherwise it's hearsay. I think people skimmed over this part of Varen's reply so I will just put it out there again. Personally I liked your proposals when I read them and I thought the server could benefit from it. I know we've had our differences but I've always talked about you as someone who is great at creating his own content and gettings things going. I was really frustrated when you left because you were one of the few players left remaining who had done so. I can not give an answer to this as I was not staff at a time, but I personally disagree with what has been decided. I believe the main issue is "attitude problems", and I will refer to my ^ post about staff being cautious about whom they allow to have power in the game. Just my take on the matter.
  8. Antioch

    [Feedback] Transparency and Public Disclosure

    - Cleaned thread from any implications of personal jabs. Please keep it civil and on the topic-
  9. Hello, fellow community members! Lately I have seen a lot of complaints about various issues on the server, mainly regarding staff, management, the RPG system and so forth. However w have to remember that no one is perfect, people make mistakes, even when they are pointed out. Its important to understand that the manner in which we offer our feedback and suggestions is just as important, if not more, than the feedback itself. Hence why I am making this thread. To allow people with genuine concerns to post them in a readable format and not get lost within discord spam. Post the things that bother your about what has been done so far, or what makes your experience on the server possibly not as enjoyable as it could be. This thread will be very heavily moderated. Be respectful, concise, to the point and avoid derailing. [Disclaimer] This thread is not endorsed by the staff team as a whole. I am posting this as a concerned player that is seeing large rifts in the community and wish to see them mended. I will personally respond to any concerns that I can address, but it is up to the rest of the Staff team to decide if they wish to partake in the discussion or not.
  10. In an attempt to start resolving issues cropping up within the server population about a large number of things, I am creating this thread as a public forum of discussion for players to bring up issues and seek for answers how they were handled. You suspect something hasn't been done correctly? Have an issue you wish to bring up? Post it here. To clarify, this is -NOT- a feedback gathering thread. There is a different thread for that. This is for public questions you believe are ignored, unanswered or are kept to a close group: Example - How does the death system work? Why was there a retcon of X event? And so forth. I believe improving communications will be the first step in all of us enjoying being on the server a lot more. I will be heavily moderating this thread myself: Be respectful, concise and commonsensical about your points. The more convoluted the question the more difficult the answer will be. [Disclaimer] This thread is not endorsed by the staff team as a whole. It is a part of my own personal effort to start bringing the community back together. Issues that I can personally address I will, for matters that I am not involved with it is up to the other members of the Staff team to decide if they will partake or not.
  11. Hello Dolrumeers, This thread is designed to allow players to brainstorm what they would like to see more of in the world. And I am not talking on a general basis but a concrete thing. Have a story or event idea that you think would be interesting but don't want to DM it yourself? Post ideas, and a keeper will talk to you about it. At the end of the day the people on the staff are only humans and are bound to run out of fresh ideas down the line. Which is why I think input like this could be beneficial to the server as a whole. [Disclaimer] For the moment this is not a post endorsed by the entire staff team, just my own personal take on the matter. If you have ideas that you think could contribute to the server I'd be more than happy to hear them out and see what we can do. You can either submit a freeform in the thread or just PM me and we can discuss it if you don't wish for anything to be spoiled!
  12. Antioch

    Through the Abyss - An Arcanist's journey of Death.

    Not at all. I asked Vrahn and he said I could place it here. Move it where it belongs.
  13. [This will be a series of posts done of my own RP in the deathzone. As much as for my own peace of mind to give the character some finality, also in an attempt to use the deadzone which we have. Who knows? She may learn something along the way.] Icath'ya awoke in a dark and desperate place, with nothing but the dead chill of the grave to keep her company. The pain tied to her demise still lingered closely to her soul, wracking her essence with every moment, yet she would not be denied. The last Scion of House Asha'thiel would not fall into death's clutches so easily. This... was merely a new journey, and a new opportunity to learn more and expand her presence of mind. Thus, her path through the land of bones began.
  14. Antioch

    The King of the Pit

    I want to see some magic items as rewards as well. There's no rules against using magic