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    *Records of Scholomance Academy* Student Name: Susie Sinister. Student's Other Experience: Trained to be a psychiatrist among the Gnomeregan Exiles. Excellent cover, should the need arise. Reasons For Joining The Cult of the Damned: Lost all family in the fall of Gnomeregan. Disillusioned with life and its unending pain. Came to accept that life, with its endless consumption and demand for materials, was unsustainable, and that also undeath was a path to the closest possible equivalent to immortality - wishes to find and resurrect her family some day. Passionate but flighty, would trust with writing pamphlets over deployment in the field. Necromantic Studies: Passable. Basic grasps of necromancy, but nothing extraordinary. Diligent but not swift. Further Notes: Certain of the imminent victory of the Scourge, though more pragmatic in service than is ideal. *more recently written* As with the other students noted in this pile, possibly disloyal since the unmentionable events in Northrend. Press them all at AT ONCE into service elsewhere, let them die in the cause before their wavering continues.