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  1. Potato

    Automated Macros

    Requires players to know to do it, how to do it, it's not user friendly and it's something that can be easily automated. Consider it part of a suite of improvements that can be made to make everything more user friendly.
  2. Potato

    [Feedback] Critique and Suggestions

    I will say that desiring parity of DPS across all classes is an unrealistic and frankly boring expectation and archetypes have much more to offer the system than their raw damage potential. Even DPS archetypes in this system do not need to deal the same damage provided the one that is weaker in that aspect provides sufficient support or etcetera in other capacities. Designing with this in mind also enables people to hybridize when design philosophy is not focused on damage. I will say, the argument that fighters deal more damage than wizards in other roleplaying systems at higher levels is incredibly flawed - the opposite is generally true. In terms of an actual suggestion, I would like more hybrid abilities. It's possible I do not understand the system enough and what I desire is already possible but, some abilities designed for, for example, melee healers would be nice! Don't limit it to Paladins either, let Shaman and Druid types get in on the fun. Maybe play around with the engaged mechanic, some sort of melee strike that deals limited damage but heals the next person engaged with the enemy for a significant amount when they land a strike, or fun stuff like that. Maybe a healing "cleave" where you hit the boss and it heals a number of other people who are also engaged with him. Also, let class specific abilities be flavorful, and not necessarily required for certain builds - though there may be a case to be made for them being optimal.
  3. Potato

    Automated Macros

    Elle suggested I stick this on the forums, regarding making everything more user friendly, particularly the RPG system. One small suggestion I had that I did not see suggested or discussed by anyone was perhaps an addon that would automate the creation of macros, to a small or large degree. There are addons that exist for the game that create macros for various purposes, so it should be possible. It can be as simple as - You learn an ability, a macro is created to coincide with that ability. Perhaps with an icon already selected (You can of course customize it afterward), perhaps also the addon can populate your action bar with it (like when you learn new abilities, in retail). However, if it was literally just as basic as making a macro with the actual macro commands in it and nothing else was done, this would be a worthwhile investment/first version I think.