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    Haha thanks man, will do. Community seems pretty good from what I've seen. Hope to see you there
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    Cant get rid of these bars, sorry. First and foremost; tell us about yourself, as a roleplayer/gamer: I'm the shitposting kind of guy. I like fun rps. Nothing too serious, but deep enough to get lost in it. How did you find us? Did anything in particular draw you to the community? I looked up "wow rp servers" and after a bit of digging and clicking here we are As we are a roleplaying community, what kinds of role-play do you enjoy? Forgive me for being green, but I'm not that well-versed in the practice. Haven't become seasoned enough to dislike any part, or prefer one What sorts of games do you generally play? Tell us a few of your favourites! Tf2, gmod, lol, dark souls, animal crossing, most fighting games. Standard stuff. What are your expectations of this community? To have a good time, and to be fun. Maybe this community wont appreciate my brand, but i'll never know until i try Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our community, which appeals to you the most? The naming one. Nothing takes me out of it faster than seeing chuck testa try to kill me Show off some of your role-play skills with a story, if you'd like! Nothing i could write would be short enough for this forum. Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify? How do I make a character on the server? I've perused a bit but can't find an explanation. And are there any specific hotspots of activity anywhere?