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  1. Greg

    Maliki Haluz'Ehk's Death

    @Caid Heh, I dunno maybe Ehk was deranged. Followers of Kimbul are meant to suffer from a curse that causes ‘unending torment’. I’m sorry if I didn’t RP that well enough for people, but I gave it a shot! As I said maybe I will come back someday, just need a good few months break. @AlexV Ehk was Ehk, I wasn’t gonna change him, thanks for trying though. I genuinely had a lot of fun RP'n with Silas. @Elle I dunno… I still really feel that the reasoning behind killing Maliki was…. Weak sauce. Like, for Lanela to suddenly come out as the judge, jury and execution type character was lame… I doubt Lanela had even heard of Maliki ICly beforehand… I had definitely had even less interactions with his character than with yours. But, his IC claims for killing Maliki, were definitely incorrect. So, what Lanela’s purposes were for killing Maliki were, I would genuinely find interesting to hear. As of right now, all I got from that RP was that his toon is a murderhobo. Also Maliki only insulted people on that day after fireballs were being conjured up, and was in the process of walking away when Elle blasted him with magic… So I’m still not happy with that reasoning. Elle, maybe didn’t know Ehk that well, but she had witnessed him interacting with her friends on multiple occasions, supplying Mel with a lot of hardwood for building the sanctuary etc. So, he wasn’t a complete stranger. I found Royce’s order to kill Maliki strange too, like Royce and Maliki have been on a lot of missions together, fighting beside one another in the best interests of the Doldrums… So, when Royce was all “Maliki is gonna lead to the Nightmare entering the Doldrums”… It was a little disappointing for me I must say. At the end of the day I’m just trying to raise awareness. Character death should always progress the story, and not end it. Even if that character is an obnoxious troll.
  2. Heya guys, ((Sorry for this rant, I am upset with Ehk’s death… And in true Maliki fashion I have decided to have a drink… Sorry if this gets a little emotional.)) Let me just start off with saying I am cool with player death. It is a part of RP, and should 100% occur. I just always feel, that if you are going to kill another person's character, there should always be justified, warranted reason to do so. After all, we invest a whole lot of time into these characters, and one would hope, that the time invested into these characters has some kinda effect on the world that we're building together. So... For example, I feel one shouldn't be killed for simple conflict RP. Today Maliki Haluz’Ehk, a trol... a being that ((I feel)) has contributed a whole lot to the welfare of the Doldrums was slaughtered for having conflict with a person that he had spent many hours ICly with in the Doldrums, and considered his friend.. For trying to claim their fox, ((Which he didn’t take, and was in the process of walking away from said argument after he had clearly made his point, when he was assaulted, didn’t fight back, and eventually killed.)) Nonetheless, I’m not here to get my character back. Just to raise awareness.. Guys! This is a RP server first, stop being so trigger happy! Like really, I feel this community is one of the best WoW RP communities that I have encountered ((And I have been on many…)) Let’s keep it that way! Like really, I feel this server is onto something… Keep it going. RP first! Beautiful DnD rolling like mechanics second. Keep well friends, I hope that I will meet you all again down the road, maybe even return. Greg x
  3. Hey guys, I've collected a buch of file names for items that I would like put into Unknown Shores, can I kindly ask that you take a look into possibly adding them? King regards! :D Item file names: [trolltablet_nocol] [Troll_Supplies_03.M2 [PATCH] [Troll Bat Totem] [Troll_tikimask01.m2 [PATCH] [Book_Troll_03.m2 [PATCH]] [Troll_tikimask02.m2 [PATCH]] [SKULLCANDLE01.m2] [T’chali’s Hookah] [7nb_nightborn_floorpillow05.m2 [PATCH] [PA_Game_Tiles02.M2 [PATCH] [7fb_furbolg_stadingstonelarge01.m2] [7ne_druid_bowl_small02.m2 [PATCH]] [Troll_Archaeology Chest 03] [6AR_JunglePalmTree+B01.m2] [zandalalri_powder_bowl_1.M2. [PATCH]