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    Unable to login

    It says I can't connect to unknown shores, been a while since I played. My accountname is nip.cat@hotmail.com right?
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    Late arrival

  3. Kukri

    Daggerfin Corsairs

    As expected, you bloody quartermaster! Slapped some fancy titles I had laying around on it.
  4. Kukri

    Daggerfin Corsairs

    Post edited!
  5. Kukri

    Daggerfin Corsairs

    Ok will wrap something up 😄
  6. Kukri

    Daggerfin Corsairs

    We are a dysfunctional crew of individuals who follow the ways of piracy. We place selfish gain above anything else. As we are washed upon the shore of Opej'Nor, we seek to set foothold in this land creating ourselves a bar as settlement. Our ears are pointed into every direction we can get our hands on. Are pretty much open to any role play that comes and aligns with our group as pirates: Heard of a good treasure? Time for an adventure. Someone having deep pockets? Time to go for a visit. Someone throwing a party? That means free booze aye? 1.) Wash ashore, fetch resources, make name for ourselves. 2.) Create paradise from our hard-earned honest coins & material, an open-air sailor bar on the beach. 3.) Establish our branding named Shipwreck, a self-made moonshine we serve in our paradise. 4.) Root ourselves on the island, act as guides of Opej'Nor 4.) Expand to a shanty-bar, with an actual roof. A hub for ragtag minds alike to come along. Very simple ranking, we don't want to over complicate things as a small starting crew. Captain, the mastermind behind the entire operation, his ways may be either genius or insane! But he is Captain, so the crew follows. --------------------------- Quartermaster, second in command. A ragtag corsair who isn't stabbed by the Captain yet. He follows the insane, odd ideas of the Captain, even encourages it. --------------------------- Corsair, a full-fledged pirate, who can keep a secret and completely abandoned moral values. --------------------------- Deckhand, a fresh recruit learning the ropes of piracy. We accept any race & class that has a solid reason to join, which will be measured upon interacting with the crew itself. WARNING: To become a member, you might have to pass some ridiculous trails.