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    im a centrist who believes in the warcraft horseshoe theory, i have no favorite race
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    Uron the Exile

    "Few live a life long enough to tell of the past. Fewer, still, remember it in truth. Truly, to be blessed, is to have an honest memory." Uron the Exile, son of Hakon, is a testament to the fortitude of the dwarves. In his youth, he was an avid scholar, renowned amongst his kin for a keen mind. Like a tomb sealed away beneath the earth, it was inescapable, brimming with knowledge of yesteryear. For this reason, he was chosen to study under a human wizard; a harsh man, his tutor often chastised him at the end of a belt or switch. To this end, discipline was foremost in his learning. Each morning, in chilling mountain air, he hiked a three-mile route to the tower of his mentor. His diet was strict, comprised of bread and light meats like chicken. He drank only wine and finely-brewed ales purchased by his master. To this end, he grew fit and slim. His temperance followed him after five years of study. Proclaimed to be a proper mage, Uron emigrated to the great city of Ironforge. He found employment under a dwarven senator; a noble with a vast estate, Uron served as his personal librarian. He also tutored the senator's children and grew closely attached to the family. For six decades he served this role, until the senator passed. His services were inherited by a headstrong young dwarf, brimming with hatred for the Horde and a lust for battle. Appalled by this, Uron and his new employer frequently clashed. Tensions boiled, and a rivalry was born. Uron found less and less welcome within the household. As war broke out in Northrend, and the Senator struck out across the sea, Uron was sent to Gol'bolar Quarry to document the happenings within. Uron did not trust this new position, and rightly so; he was far more vulnerable to political intrigue out of earshot. Shortly after the return of his lord, he was received by two dwarven housecarls. He was found guilty of treason, and banished from the realm of the dwarves. In shame and shackles, he was dragged to the Deeprun Tram, placed aboard, and sent to Stormwind. His life was to begin anew. Mage Uron is an experienced wizard, well trained in the arts of frost and adept in other fields. Adventurer Having traveled extensively following his banishment, this dwarf has become something of an explorer. Scholar At heart, Uron's ultimate goal is to learn. With a long history as a librarian and an avid reader, he has a vast wealth of historic knowledge. Servant of Nobility Though not born into a wealthy family, his time serving a Dwarven senator would garner respect from his folk.