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  1. ram3n

    Window shopping

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay here with us.
  2. Yeah, that could work.
  3. This isn't an addon, moreso a basic game for anyone wanting to make a couple silvers without addons if they don't want them or if they don't know how to play Hold'em. All players playing will bid their choice of silver. Emote rolling two dice, and roll out of 12 (/roll 12). Continue to roll until somebody gets a higher number. The winner gets the rest of the player's bids. Again, it's a pretty basic game for players who don't want more addons.
  4. ram3n

    New Abililies

    0/1: Conjure Effect Conjures a random effect that is applied to yourself. Notes: -Should have the chance to be Gravely Wounded (albeit a low chance) or be Polymorphed.
  5. ram3n

    New Abililies

    14/0: Arcane Blade Enchants your main hand weapon with a temporary enchantment, which adds [Strength + Willpower * 2.0] extra magical damage. Lasts 3 turns. 0/2: Jeshan's Lock Unlocks any locked object Notes: -Cooldown should be 1 day
  6. ram3n

    New Abililies

    18/0: Mirror Image Summons an illusory copy of yourself which deals [Willpower * 3.0] damage, every turn for 5 turns. A few notes: The copy spawned should have low enough health that they can be destroyed with 1-2 attacks, maybe 100 HP? The copy spawned should attack only targets that you have attacked.
  7. ram3n

    Abrogael Luthion

    ck2 icons, nice
  8. ram3n

    The Adventurers Guild