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  1. Loshy

    The exploits of Rick & Friends!

    Cyran tended to the small garden on Tor'dala, attempting to help nurture the flowers and soil to allow Kayana's spirit to hopefully remain peaceful and tied to the plane without entering a state of eternal suffering as the other spirits appear to suffer.
  2. Loshy

    New Abililies

    16/0 - Holy Shield [Paladin] Increases dodge rating by 2 and dodge mitigation by .5 for two turns. When struck you deal magical action check * 100% damage to your attacker. Requires a shield equipped to use this ability. Notes: Might give it an essence cost and make it 14/1 lasting three turns might make it a bit nicer. Dodge can be toyed with however.
  3. Loshy

    The Adventurers Guild

  4. Loshy

    A couple of suggestions.

    Hi all, so this is a couple of suggestions from the test a few hours ago. Suggestion 1 In black finger, there was a corpse of a twilight cultist with an empty bottle on top of it; my suggestion is to have some sort of way to inspect corpses to see what may have happened to them. This could require one of the non-combat skills already available. Suggestion 2 When doing .rpg csheet on a creature you're able to see the enemies CR; my suggestion add a line that gauges the difference in power between you and the creature (similar to that of everquest) such as "creature_name appears weaker than you" or "creature_name appears to be incredibly more powerful than you". This can be locked behind higher perception just like being able to see more details.