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  1. Soyaman

    Expectaction vs Reality

    Greetings, old time player who quit after some time. I'll try my best to outline why I personally feel disconnected from the server and what really keeps me from returning. My biggest issue is that what you'd expect from the world set up by roleplay is entirely different from the actual reality and while "IC" and "OOC" should be kept seperate, the reality has bled into expectaction and warped what people now expect. I'll use some references of old characters and scenario (for my own sake) I hope the new players can follow, I'll try my best to outline what is what, but most of the remnants are still found on the Forum. Emyisia - A high ranking spellcaster of Silvermoon. Leader of her own blood elven band of warriors. - Expectaction : Powerful Frederick - An excellent warrior that runs his own company (Ironbound) of grizzly battle hardened combatants. - Expectaction : Much stronger than average. Relivanth - A Kirin Tor Reject and Aspirant Spellbreaker - Expectaction : Average Iniine - An ancient druid in a deep slumber recently awoken without no real experience outside the Emerald Dream - Expectaction : Below Average. Mel - Kitchen waifu. - Expectaction : Weak. Much of early days of US had an air of roleplay and expectactions set up by that. The Ironbound of which both Relivanth and Frederick was part of would march the streets and tout how they'd protect the weaker citizens (See : Mel) This illusion was quickly shattered.. Reality: Frederick was seen as somewhat more dangerous due to OOC min-max. Relivanth and Mel both formed as a backline. While this isn't that big a blow the troubles grew higher when player conflict emerged. When Relivanth switched to join Emyisia and the two big guilds of blood elves and ironbound was facing off each other, the two most capable, experienced and trained warriors ultimately was turned off of fighting each other for one reason.. The presence of weaker characters. Expectaction : The two guilds fighting over control of the neutral civilian group. Reality : The civilians became the great unequaliser, not only by sheer number as both guilds had a relatively similar number, the experience of these characters were not represented in any way. What realistically would've been a slaughter (if the civilians chose a side) instead became the winning side. Status Quo was upheld. While the roleplay ended fantastically (thanks to all participants!) I and many others were sadly turned a little off by this. Earlier before this happened, a tournament was ongoing and several "warrior" players lost to civilian players due to mechanic restrictions. In other words. Their strength wasn't represented. This however goes both ways. I don't personally feel like characters are allowed to be represented the way they should be. The system in built in the game is excellent and is no way a hinderence by design. It is simply too rigid. In terms of "exp" I do not see why characters such as Emiysia, Frederick and Relivanth couldn't have started on Veteran, Veteran & Trained for example whilst letting for example Mel take the 0 exp route. Progression doesn't have to apply to all. I personally often create characters as a support cast, my character would've started relatively powerful but ultimately would only be a vessel for the "Adventurer" whose potential might grow even higher than mine, say Iniine, who could be trained by and protected until she grew more powerful (again, even exceeding my own). This dynamic would allow players to create the characters that they want to actually play. Pre-made powerful characters are only a problem insofar that the players of said characters expect the same level of progression and attention as everyone else. People roleplaying often give attention to the characters that facilitate the best roleplay and the "power progression" should in my opinion be a lot more rapid and loose (Read, less rigid) to allow the adventurer characters with lofty ambitions, a lot of focus or just sheer (un)luck to attain great status. By allowing rapid growth of characters and a quick entry you also allow player characters to tell and finish their own stories much more dynamically. Instead of worrying about "progressing" so you can reach where you feel your character would be IC or trying to find IC justifiable reasons why your character suddenly became one of the most powerful people in the Doldrums. These two situations doesn't lead to very interesting RP IMO and I think keepers could be a lot more liberal about handing out EXP and let players spend it as they wish (if they even want to) Like a game of dungeons and dragons. If the rules or game mechanics are in the way of telling a good story, a good dungeon master will disregard the rules & mechanics to make a good experience for their mate. I think we should try to have a server by that same line of thinking.. I hope I made a level of sense. I'd be especially interested in hearing from some of the older characters on the server but also the new ones! Do you feel like a loosening of the system would undermine your current several month progression? Do you think you ever progressed too fast for your story? Is progression too slow? Would you be more comfortable creating a new character if you could choose your own starting level? Do you want a bigger divide in power and crafting capabilities between player characters? Answer below!
  2. Soyaman

    Dascombe's Armour & Weapons Thread

    Mail is better against slash-like attacks. But it is still vulnerable to piercings. Being, you know, rings. A snake can quite easily fit a fang through it. Now if you had a mad amount of padding on you, yea you could make the arguement it'd be impossible but hey.
  3. Soyaman

    Grave Wounds

    The idea would be not to scour the land on your own, even if OOC. It'd mean you know the place in and out without never having set foot there ICly. While I do agree it's a long time to spend doing nothing. The 8 hours you have to sit on a bed roll is a day or two worth of roleplay for most people who end up RPing at base. It's hard to have a world that is supposed to be "dangerous" and yet allow people to walk headlessly around without any sort of rebuke. It's very likely the server is simply not for you. It seems to cater more to the sandbox players than those who want a strict storyline unfold before them.
  4. Soyaman

    Discord External Emoji

    I genuinely can't think of any emoji which are going to cause any big reaction. Considering they're like 16x16 pixels it's barely noticeable
  5. Soyaman

    A Warrior's Beginner Guide.

    Indeed. Bludgeon is a fine medium DPS ability. However my suggestion is mostly revolved around acquiring Battle Cry to use it every other turn. If you wish to replace Basic Attack with Bludgeon you're more than welcome as it'd still work. It's all about experimentation and finding your niche and your suggestions are indeed very good options if you don't simply want to be a two hander slammer.
  6. Getting started in a semi complicated RPG like this amongst veterans who have both more knowledge and stronger seems daunting. However, I wish to offer a few pointers for newbies, even crafters to be useful in fights which involves more than themselves. We'll use two reference points. The equipment guide and the ability guide. Do not be fooled by the vague text. The text all has meaning. Today we'll bring in two abilities that will be the core of your character, being the most efficient and helpful currently available. Abilities like Bludgeon which has a high percentage number has the text "Melee Action Check" before hand. This indicates that it will use your highest attack stat (Strength or Dex) with your weapon being irrelevant to the damage equation. This means it rewards higher stats, making it useless for a beginner character. Therefore your core attack ability must be chosen on the Abilities which uses the term "Weapon Damage". "Basic Attack (14) (Martial) Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * 100% as Physical Damage " This is a standard ability that everyone has from the get-go and will serve as a fine entry point for DPS. 100% weapon damage. While this doesn't sound like much, it is significantly higher amounts than say Bludgeon. The key thing to note for Basic Attack is that it costs 14. Your first ability should thus be "Battle Cry" Battle Cry (6) Ranged (Tactical) Party Buff, Increases Physical Damage done by 3.5% and Critical Strike Chance by 1% for all members of your party, this effect stacks to a maximum of 10- lasts for 8 Rounds The damage increase and critical chance increase will be a significant boon to your friends who has played for longer. This also costs 6. Your standard energy gain a turn is 10, thus you will have 4 remaining after casting Battle Cry, allowing you to on your second turn strike your opponent with a Basic Attack. (Assuming you are engaged to your target) This pattern of repeat will ensure you do a fair amount of damage and buff your friends. So let's talk about why Weapon Damage is so important. Common Weapons have high base damage. A two handed sword for example has the stats "Common - Claymore(2-Handed Sword) - 15-75, 10% Crit, Strength Scale 5.0" which means it does between 15-75 damage plus your strength times five. So if you have 2 strength you do minimum 25 and at maximum 85. The more rare the weapon the less base damage and the more stat scale. The "Uncommon - Barbarian Blade(2-Handed Sword) - 15-45, 0% Crit, Strength Scale 12.0" would on a 2 strength character therefore at minimum do 39 and a maximum 69 damage. While more relaible it is also potentially lower. As you can clearly tell your stats will benefit you greatly later on but initially they don't mean as much for a warrior. Feel free to experiment, just make sure you properly consult the threads so you understand the full meaning of an ability.
  7. Soyaman


    I actually was planning on making a character that'd fit perfect in this theme but with the way the current system works it'd be purely for RP and not to assist in combat as I already have another character who takes up the exp. I'm not sure if that counts as a pledge, but I might be interested.
  8. Soyaman

    The Ironbound

    El pledgerino
  9. Soyaman

    Robed figure

    The night is bright, the moon shining through the fog and the cloud. A storm appear in the horizon, the wind is harsh and loud. The faint sound of thunder in the distance and waves crashing against the island at the beach can be heard from atop the hill. The robed figure stands before a small flat stone altar, adorned with tiny skulls carved into the side. The figure kneels before it, legs collected, he humbly bows before it, resting his head ontop of the stone altar. He whispers quietly to himself, the words deafened by the wind the carries sound of storm and ocean. "The time is nigh, yet you bring me here. Show me my purpose." The figure reaches into a small leather pouch attached by a simple rope at his waist. A small black-ish purple rough shard is pulled out. It looks as if cut out from something larger, a tiny piece of something leathery is dropped on the altar just as the shard is gently placed on the altar. Afterwards he reaches in once more to pull out what looks like a scale which is put next to the shard. At his waist opposite his pouch hangs a knife with several curvatures, a handle in purple, straight, but with no real guard to protect the hand. A knife made for cutting rather than fighting. Slowly the knife is pulled out of the fragile roped ring that is holding it in place. Meanwhile he raises his arm forward, out above the altar with his palm facing the sky. He forms a fist and with a quick motion he cuts through the air above his head and into his wrist. His head is laid backwards, eyes closed, but his eye still flinches when the knife digs into his bone. With a jerking motion he pulls it out ever so slightly, just enough so it is no longer stuck in his bone. He drags it downwards whilst inhaling deeply. His blood begins to surge and run down his arm, his hair begins dripping the blood ever so slowly onto the various items placed on the altar. An odd language is being spoken in the process. Suddenly the wind halts. The incantations stop. "More?" He pulls the knife out of his wrist and places it on top of the altar next to the bloodied items. Both hands on his knees he takes a deep breath before returning a nod to the altar. "I understand."
  10. Soyaman


  11. Soyaman

    Robed figure

    Foam crawls up the beach, the waves beat against a small boat, the distant fog slowly settling, the skies dark, a robed figure sat silently lets the water carry him towards the dark isle ahead of him. Looking down, almost as if meditating he sits, letting the boat bob from side to side. Then a crash. A creak, the boat is stuck on the beach sands. As it stops, he looks up. His face half covered, he glances over the terrain ahead of him. A dark land, the smell of humid fog, the sea water and death enters his nostrils. He sits unmoving in the boat for a minute, glaring across the new landscape before his head rises slightly as he mutters quietly to himself. "Why have you brought me here, master." his voice is croak. He hasn't spoken for a long time. He stands up and exits his boat, his foot falling into the soggy sand. He begins striding up the beach at a seemingly slow pace. He moves in a distinct direction, up the hill. Looking down, it seems he wouldn't know where he is going, he doesn't explore his surroundings. But he seemingly walks towards a distinct goal. He walks up the beach and reaches a lesser hill. As he steps atop the hill his eyes shoots side to side, shocked by his discovery, strange structures sticking out of the cursed ground before him, his breath gets increasingly heavier, his forehead gets slightly damp, he shakingly walks forward, falling to his knees after a few steps, he's gasping for air, wheezing, he drops his hands on the ground, a single drop of sweat drops from his forehead as he stammers. "My lord.. What is this? Why?" he stares into the cursed ground waiting for an answer. A small wind whistles pass him. His eyes opens and he sits up straight. Looking around the camp before him. "I understand."