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  1. noddy

    Mystic variety

    I don't speak with any authority, but I feel safe in saying this just isn't feasible. While it's INTERESTING and actually would put a unique spin on it, there are some glaring issues. 1: The population is so tiny that we can't really have mystic be split between 5 different specs. 2: Many non-casters have probably dabbled into mystic already.
  2. noddy

    Gnomish Greetings

    Another gnome for my blood elf to PUNT. 😏
  3. noddy


    oh you were the ones that jumped off the tree house and ran around claiming that people were 'looting' things interesting
  4. noddy

    Cooljaw, Surfing Master

    "Better than a Horde ripped from EU4" -IGN 10/10
  5. noddy


    woo i am so excit to play shores unknmown it be so fun this cannt possiblie end poorle
  6. noddy